I know what you're thinking. 'Why the hell did I get out of bed this morning?' If that's not what you were thinking, its what I was thinking. Anyway, you probably waiting to see and hear some epic story about why I'm punching a blob. As all stories start, well my story, it started at home. On Halloween two months ago.


"Mel, please get the door! Its the trick or treaters. I'm trying to get the twins into their costume."

"Fine fine..."

Mel walked over to the door, snatching the candy bowl up from the dresser in the hallway. She ate a few candy corns then opened the door, staring disinterestedly at the three little Elsa's on the porch.

"Trick or treat!"

With a roll of her eyes, she put a small handful of candy in each bag. Then slammed the door shut. Her siblings ran out of the living-room screaming, hiding behind her for protection.

"Scary clown! Scary clown!"

They squealed.

"Dad, stop. If they pee themselves again, mom's gonna have to change their costumes meaning I have to walk around little kids even longer."

With a chuckle, the large man took off the not-so-scary clown mask. "Come on Mellow Bug, you used to love the clown mask." he said, putting said mask down on the dresser. "Yeah, when I was 8. I'm not a kid anymore. Clowns are stupid."

"Ooohhh! Melly said the 'S' word!"

"That's a bad word! Mama said so!"

Mel picked up the two little kids who were dressed up as Batman and Super Girl. "Wanna know another 'S' word that mom will love? Its spelled s-h-i-"

"Mel! Stop trying to teach the twins to swear! Now, here's a bad, go as far as the school then come right back. Its already past their bed time."

Mel's mother nearly shoved a shopping bag into the girl's hands, giving her a firm look at her costume. Mel was dressed as a zombie with very convincing make up and a fake knife lodged into her neck. Her mother scowled.

"A little morbid don't you think? Especially for the twins, or any kid in general."

"Whatever mom, Lulu, Mikey, lets go."

"I'm not Mikey! I'm Batman!"

Halloween. Mel's not so favorite time of year. Well it kind of was because she could be rude to kids and not get in trouble for it. She just felt that dressing up as monsters was stupid, though she remembers the very convincing costumes she had as a kid that always got her the most candy just to leave the neighbors alone. This year the streets were full of Elsa's, Ana's, Christophe's, Hans, and little dogs dressed as Sven's or Olaf's. Thankfully she was the only one with normal siblings. She led the kids down the street, all the way to the school and back. Before they made it home, some little kids kept poking her and asking her if she was a real zombie, annoyed, she growled and groaned at them, scaring them. As they ran, she chuckled to herself. "Hey, you two stand where I can see you."

She felt a soft tap on her shoulder. Soon as she turned around, she felt a strong pull towards the book some weirdo was holding, the blank pages facing her. She felt herself get sucked into the book. She made a surprised sound and disappeared inside its pages. The weird guy looked at the book and tilted his head when no entry appeared.

"Weird, could possibly be a husk..."

Inside the book, Mel flailed around as the sense of falling overwhelmed her. The wind from the fall whipped her hair around. The void around her was dark with psychedelic colors flying around, then she landed in a strange world. So many weird looking creatures roamed around and screeched. Many were throwing themselves against an invisible wall. Behind the wall there was a stone book on a marble pedestal. Ignoring this odd world, Mel stood up and quietly made her way around the creatures to thr invisible area. She put her hand through the supposed wall, meeting slight resistant like pushed through a ton of spider webs. "Yuck..." she reached further and touched the book just as the creatures spotted her. She then shot upward in a beam of light, and shot out of the book she got sucked into.

"I have mace!"

"I should be the one saying that to you! What's the big idea?!"

Mel glared at the weirdo who flipped through the book's pages with a confused look on his face. "You looked like a monster trying to hide among children on Halloween, as usual."

"Dude! Its a costume! A costume!"

She took out the fake knife while the guy mumbled something about how it was impossible for her to be sucked in. "Wait, how did you get out? There's a barrier over the master book."

"Well its a sucky one. All I did was touch it."

"Sucky?! That barrier has been up for thousands of years! No monster has ever been able to get out."

"Well I'm not a monster."

"Huh... It must be broken then... But still!"

"So anyway, bye you weirdo. Because of you my siblings might be in some witch's cauldron. Thanks a lot." Mel walked away a bit annoyed. It wasn't hard to find her siblings. They had stood around, looking for Mel.


"I still don't see her anywhere."

"I'm scared."

"Don't be scared, I'm Batman!"

Mel picked up the twins and cuddled them. "Did I scare you?"

"Batman doesn't get scared! But... Mikey does..."

She smiled softly and walked home with the two. They didn't have much candy but they were happy with what they got. Mel mentally blamed it on that weirdo with the book. When she got home, she found that her parents weren't home and got the twins into bed. She read them a story and gave them goodnight kisses. It was the usual night routine. Once they were asleep, she went to her room and waited for her parents to come home from wherever they went. As soon as they did, she snuck out her room, climbing out the window and sliding down the gutters to the ground. She breathed in the night air and went for a walk.

As she walked down the usual alleys, the moon being her only source of light aside from the streetlights, the night was pretty calm and cool with that satisfying bite of first-of-November air. She had her earbuds in, the music on blast as she walked through. She slowly walked by an alley and had the urge to glance over then stopped in her tracks out of pure curiosity. She raised an eyebrow. In the alley before her, three large figures were talking in semi hushed voices. One had a large eye in the center of its head, almost like Mike from Monsters Inc. It was tall and furry with tentacles for hands. It was handing off a strange brown object to the second monster that was very large in size, about 7 feet. It had black shaggy fur with spikes on its back that were poking through its hoody, nearly shredding it. It had large paws with claws at the ends of them. The third monster was a bright blue creature covered in scales and had three red eyes. It had webbed hands and was holding out three slimy glowing orbs.

"I got the stuff. You got the Yormiks?"

"Shut up! I told you I got 'em."

Mel just stood there watching the whole ordeal actually interested at how this was going to end. A sound behind her got her and the monsters' attention.

"Oi its the cops! Go go go go!"

The monsters began to scatter. The weirdo from before chased after them with his book. While that happened, Mel was transfixed on a strange fourth creature that she hadn't noticed before. It was there just watching her. She took a step closer and it lunged at her.


She ran in a random direction trying to get away. She headed for the streets, believing it to be an easier way to get away.


She kept running until her foot caught onto a cable in the road and tripped. "God damn it stupid clichés! You just had to happen now?! Of all the clichés?!" She turned to face the creature coming after her and put up hers hands to cover herself. Something blasted out of her hands, sending the monster flying back. "Well that's a cool cliché." She quickly got back to her feet and ran back home. Instead of climbing back in through her window, she walked right into the front door with a blank look. Before her dad could say anything she spoke for him. "Yeah dad. I know its late. Yes I'm grounded. I think I would like to be grounded for like... Until high school is over. I think I've had enough night walking. Good bye." She walked right up the stairs to her room and collapsed on her bed with a groan.

"Well that was interestingly anti-climactic."


Mel hopped up and stared at the figure sitting crosslegged on her dresser.

"Y-you?! How did you get in here?! What were those things?! This is your fault! Get out of here!"

She started throwing stuff at him. He yelped and used the book to block everything. "Hey, I would explain myself if you would stop trying to murder me with... With..." he caught one of the stuffed animals. "Nightmare Moon? You like My Little-"

"Shut it! I don't like the show. Its stupid. Nightmare Moon had the right idea and it sucks that she was taken down by a bunch of little lesser creatures with magic rocks. Give her back, explain who you are, then get out. And leave. Please. You have five seconds." She got up and snatched the dark pony from his hands and tossed it onto her bed.

"So my name is Leslie, I come from a family of monster hunters, recently a bunch of monsters have started showing up and I'm the last of my family so I decided to take up my family's job and hunt monsters."

"That doesn't make me want you to stay in here. Hurry up before I grab the bat I keep hidden in my room."

"I don't have a good reason to be in here I just followed you because I saw you blow that monster away and it was interesting and cool!"

Mel's eye twitched. "Get out."



She grabbed him and pushed him out her window.

"Ok... I'll just... Stay out here... And wait for you... Maybe we can be friends... Fighting monsters..."