Her day of solitude could not be enjoyed. Around the time a monster was spotted in the school, she kept having the feeling of being watched. It wasn't the usual fear feeling. More of the annoying stalker feeling. On her way to her next class, she passed by a boy who was really trying to get her attention. She stopped and narrowed her eyes. 'Is he trying to pick a fight?' She thought to herself. She kept a sharpened pencil handy. The boy caught up to her and smiled shyly. "H-hi Mel. U-um, my name is Erastis Agori though y-ou can call me Agori. Its easier to say." Mel's eye twitched and her head slowly turned to face the imaginary camera on her. She was done beyond doness. "Love Interest #1 right? Got it. Just... What's with these overly obvious names?! The art teacher is literally named Miss Dáskalos." The poor guy looked a bit worried. He didn't mean to upset her. He handed her a small card with a heart on it. Mel took it, eyeuing it suspiciously.

"I-I um... I'm new here. I came here on Thursday. I-I was too shy to talk to you. Plus your brother was always around- n-not that he's a problem or anything! I-its just I-"

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa... Is this a love letter?"


"Also, Leslie isn't my brother. Or a guy. She's just a weirdo. So please explain to me why you gave me this?"

Agori blushed and looked away. "N-no reason. U-um, is it ok if I hang out with you?"

"Sure, whatever. My idiot isn't here so."

His eyes lit up like fire works. "So what are you doing now?"

"uh, school I guess?"

"R-right.. sorry! I mean.. what subject A-are you working on...?" He seemed ready to jump out of his skin.

"Math. I don't even understand how this is supposed to work."

"Eeeehhhhh I'm sorry. I'm not used to talking to someone so cool and pretty and... I'm sorry... I'll just leave you alone..."

"Hold on there lover boy, I already said you could hang out with me. My idiot isn't around and for some reason her absence is uncomfortable. I need another socially awkward person to fill the void. Let me guess, we have the same schedule right?"

Agori shook his head. "We don't have last period together. Instead of gym I have advanced art." He smiled. Mel's eye continued to twitch. "Yeah, you fit Leslie's spot perfectly. Anyways, let's get to class before a blood vessel bursts in my brain." She went on her way. He stumbled trying to keep up with her. "Hey Mel, is your eye ok?" He asked. "It's not used to such high levels of Leslieness. It just started to calm down and then you popped up."

"Is that a back thing?"

"I learned that bad things no longer exist. Just Leslie things."

The whole day was spent listening to Agori stumble over his words and shyly follow Mel wherever she went. It was a bit annoying since people continued to spot a weird 'lanky creeper' around the school. It's not like she could do much about it without Leslie or the book but she could at least investigate. Well she could if Leslie 2 wasn't around. He had that kind of face she wanted to punch but reminded her too much of the twins to upset. She found an excuse at lunch time, telling him she had to go to the bathroom. When she got far away from the cafeteria, she walked around the school looking for the 'lanky creeper' but didn't really find anything. She was about to give up when she heard whispering coming from a hall she hadn't gone down yet.

"You can't be here Polly! What if somebody calls the police? Then they'll take you away forever and do experiments on you or worse!"

There was a whispy grunt and groan in response.

"I know but just because the window is open, that doesn't mean to leave. Here, put your blanket back over you and go home. School is almost over. I'll be back before you know it."

"There you are Mel!"

Mel resisted the urge to yelp in surprise. She looked over in the hall but the owner of the voice had already fled. She groaned in annoyance. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I was worried that you left me for being annoying. I don't mean to be..." Agori looked at the ground sadly. Mel sighed and reached up to pat his head. "I would have left you a long time ago if that was the plan. And even if it was, Leslie types always find me in the end. Let's get back to lunch. Unlike the cheerleaders here, I actually need food."

Mel went through the rest of the day without a hitch. All was fine say for the whispers here and there of the creeper. She didn't really get the chance to investigate since Agori trailed behind her like a puppy and leaving him behind made her feel bad for some odd reason. She was happy when the school day finally ended. Agori said goodbye to her and went on his way, his father was there to take him home. Looking around, Mel made her way to Cloud Gate to check on Leslie. Outside of the silver bean-like object, she could hear sneezing and coughing.

"Hey Leslie, you better not be dying in there."

She shouted. Cloud Gate opened up a door for Mel to walk in. When she did so, she saw Leslie spread eagle on the bed she didn't want to know how she got. She was groaning in misery, coughing and sneezing. "How did you even get sick?"

"You didn't give me a chance to dry off when you dragged me out the hot tub. It's winter Mel =^="

"No one told you to be in there."

"The pretty girls did Mel. Think about the girls."

"I really don't want to. When I do, I remember my unwanted discovery."

"Anyway, it's your fault that I'm sick! You're a meanie Mel. A big fat meanie."

"Quit acting like a child. It was your own fault for leaving me behind."

It was silent for a while, the only sounds being Leslie's coughing and sneezing. She curled up with a whimper.

"Well hurry up and get better. There might be a monster thing running around."

"Aw, you miss me Mel."






Then Mel leaves.

D: "Meeeeeelllllll..."



"I have to go home. And the twins get sick easily. I'm not bringing your sick home with me. Bye."

She goes home. As soon as she walks in, she jumps when a fist almost hits her in her face. Her mom blushed softly. "Honey I'm so sorry! Mikey has been having trouble in karate so I was giving him some pointers."

"I didn't know you took martial arts..."

"A long time ago I did. I have many trophies but they're in boxes at Grandma's house."

Mel rubbed her face. "Nice. Maybe you can give me some pointers?"

"Oh I'm not that good anymore. It was years ago."

"Mommy is so cool!"

"Yeah! Mommy flipped Daddy!"

Mel looked around for their father. "Where is Dad anyway?" She asked. "In the kitchen Mellow Bug. Your mom's demonstration reminded me how old I am."

"I'm sorry honey."

"No no, you still got it."

The twins began to kick and punch, trying to show Mel what their mom taught them. She laughed and watched them then looked around. "Alphonz! Come here boy! Or should I go to you?" Said dog let out a soft groan but didn't get up. His tail wagged a bit as Mel came over to pet him. Lulu and Mikey came over too and pet his side, trying to get him to let them rub his belly, but he didn't. "He's a old fart." Lulu giggled. "Ooooollllddddd poot!" Mikey added. Mel hugged him. "Yeah but he's my old boy."

That night, Mel spent the night next to Al. He was obviously happy, his tail never stopped wagging. Her attempt to stay up all night with him failed with her waking up earlier than usual. She decided that she might as well get ready for school. She slowly opened the door, not sure about what to say to the old dog.


She quickly turned her head and looked around for the unfamiliar voice that called her. Instead, she found Alphonz slowly walking over to her and nudging her hand until it was on his head. She pet him and smiled sadly. "I love you too big guy."

Agori's slightly annoying presence was a welcome distraction on Mel's part. She hadn't really been listening as he talked about random facts and began to talk about something that happened last night that everyone apparently knew about.

"... destroyed everything."

She stopped walking. "What happened?"

"You really didn't hear? Some crazy person destroyed the park last night, it's all over the news. They think they probably used explosives or rammed the place with a car but there aren't any tire tracks, just giant footprints."

Mel thought for a moment. She was going to have to check it out. "Hey Mel, do you think it has to do with that 'lanky creepy' everyone keeps talking about? I don't really believe that a weird adult guy has been walking around the school. It doesn't make any sense... B-but I don't mind if you think it's true... Hey Mel, do you maybe wanna-"

He was interrupted by screams from someone in the hallway outside the class. Mel hopped up and was the first one out before everyone else. She was moving faster than usual but didn't feel that she had time to question it. When she made it to the source of the screaming, it turned out to be two girls staring at a tall creature that had a blanket over it's head. It was frowning with confusion while a short boy stood in front of the creature with his arms out to protect it. "Please stop screaming. Please don't tell anyone!" He pled. The girls just ran away. Mel stood there fairly confused. "What is that thing?"

"H-his name is Polly. He's my pet. I've had him since I was five... Please don't tell anyone. He's been following me to school for a couple days now. The first few times was because I left my window and door open. The other times... He was just worried about me because it's a new school and my parents have been arguing... I promise I'll do better to keep him home."

"Can he understand us?"

"Kind of... He understands simple words. He doesn't cause trouble I swear."

Mel groaned. Even if she wanted to take the thing, she couldn't. It's not like it was causing trouble in the school... Ugh she was thinking like Leslie. With a heavy sigh, she rubbed her temples. "Look kid, just make sure it doesn't pop up anymore ok?"

The kid tried to smile at her "ok, thanks"

"Just hurry up and go I guess."

"Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you!"

"Okaaaaaaaaay go already."

The kid nodded and quickly led the creature away. Hopefully there won't be any more problems. And hopefully no one saw this-

"Mel, what was that thing?"


It was Agori.

"Uh... Nothing to worry about, just a really late Halloween costume."

"Really? Its almost Christmas though. I guess people really love Halloween. Why are they named Polly?"

"Why not be named Polly? It's like naming a tall scary dude tiny."

"A-ah... True... Why did he call him his pet?"

"Hey, kid, you, person, shut up."

"I'm sorry..."

Mel's eye went into maximum twitch at Agori's kicked puppy look. She turned and quickly made her way back to the cafeteria. Somehow the boy made it back before her. "Are you related to Leslie?"

"To who?"

"Leslie. The guy that's normally following me all the time."

"Oh yeah! Your brother!"

"Again, Leslie is not my brother. She's just some person who follows me... And you're like her."

"Leslie is a girl? ... Huh... Cool... But no I don't think we're related... Should we be?"

Mel groaned, giving up on this conversation. She just decided to go about her day like she normally did before Leslie came into her life. That was pretty hard since after being harassed by the usual idiots (who had gone to beat her when Leslie wasn't around) they would ask her where Leslie was.

"You know Leslie isn't going to hang out with you when she finds out about you guys. Not that I need her to fight my freaking battles."

"That won't be a problem because as always you're not going to tell anyone."

"Why would i want to tell anyone about you losers?"


The kids walked off, leaving Mel to her own devices. She growled and kicked her backpack. They never really used to get to her like this. They never used to get to her at all. All of the stress from the past two months was getting to her. She covered her face to try to calm down. She pulled her hands way when she felt something wet and laughed bitterly at the blood. A busted lip and her nose was bleeding. Great. She let out of cry of frustration. When she looked around, she frowned in confusion. The football field behind the school (her current location) was destroyed like a tornado hit it. The symbols from earlier was on her skin and her eyes were a bright yellow. The figure that had always been a thorn in her side was waiting for her in the middle of the field. She barred her teeth and thought about how much she wanted to drive her fist into his face. Before she knew it, she was closing the distance between them rather quickly. He moved out of the way, causing her to slammed into a tree. But that didn't stop her. She went through three trees before she was able to stop and turn around. She shot after the figure who she concluded was some monster guy, he looked like a regular guy but with the features of a wendigo. At the moment, she didn't care what he was, she just wanted him gone, either dead or far away. She went in for another punch, moving faster than anything possible, yet he easily grabbed her wrist and tossed her into the air over his shoulder. She landed on the ground and went for him again. And again. And again.

"You still aren't ready Melanie."

She went for a kick only to have him counter it and kick her away. She flew across the field, unable to stop herself and hit the field goal.

"You're too angry. Unskilled. Too impulsive. Come back and fight when you're ready. But why do you fight?"

"To get fucktards like you off my back!"

She had appeared behind him, ready to attack. He quickly got down and elbowed her in her stomach, swept her lags out from under her, then slammed her down onto the ground, his hand around her neck. "Melanie, why do you fight? They mock you. Bully you. You get nothing in return except a bumbling bafoon who leaves you for some booty call. Think about it. Maybe you'll join me."

The sudden strength Mel had was quickly fading, she was going back to normal.

"They are all beneath you. Until next time dear Melanie."

He disappeared in a poof of smoke.

Mel slowly limped home, wanting the whole day to end. As soon as she got in the door, her mother let out a surprised and outraged gasp. "Mel! What the hell happened?! Who the fuck did this to you?!"

"Mommy you said a-"

"Not now you two. Melanie Jamie tell me who did this to you now."

"I'm fine mom... Just leave me alone... Al! Alphonz?"

She looked around for the old dog then looked back at her mom. The poor woman looked like she was going to explode. The twins were tugging on Mel's messed up shirt, trying to get her attention.

"Mom... Mom where's Al... I need something good to happen today. I want my fucking dog."

"Mel... Go clean up and let's go."