1936 The Kaiser Thrown out of power in Germany putting in a stable goverment in Germany 1936 The Brazillian Empire after the July Coup throwing King Pedtro the 2nd out of Power, the Brazillian Empire falls apart peacefully 1936 The New German Republic recreates peaceful relations with the French 1937 The Soviets invade Persian occupied Afghanistan attempting to spread the revolution to Afghanistan and on to India 1937 The Raj, and Israel interveine in the war by sending supplies and vollunteers to the Persians 1937 The Muhajadeen form to fight the Soviet invaders 1937 The Russians take Kubal 1938 the Persians lead a massive offesnive pushing the Russians out of Kabul 1938 The Mediteranean Union dissolves, reforming Italy, France, and Spain 1938 The Union of Iberia was formed between the Kingdom of Spain and the Kingdom of Portugaul 1939 David Bengion is assissinated by Pan Arab Nationalist, the same year the Areas of Arabia, Jordan, Syria all rebel against Israeli rule 1939 In response to the Israeli chaos the Egytptians quckly take the Suez and the Sainai 1939 The Kingdom of Israel not being able to fight the Rebellions signs peace, the Treaty of Jerusalem 1940 The Japanese Empire invades the Peoples Republic of China 1940 Beijing falls within days, causing most of the Leaderhsip to be captured or killed sending China into complete Chaos.
1940 Petain writes Mon Combat; declaring the French are the superior people of the World.
1940 Petain declares him self Emperor of the French people declaring the 3rd French Empire.
1940 The 3rd French Empire demand the Province of Wallonia.
1941 Belgium denies the French demands.
1941 The Loon incident takes place resulting in 50 Dead Belgian Civilliansand 15 Dead Military Officials 1941 The British Empire seeing the Loon incident as a act of Agression declare war on the 3rd French Empire.
1941 The Republic of Germany mobilizes against the 3rd French Empire 1941 The 3rd French Empire invades Belgium quickly over running the unprepared Belgium military.
1942 The Republic of Germany demands the French pull out of Belgium or War 1942 The 3rd French Empire denies German Demands 1942 The Republic of Germany declares war on the 3rd French Empire 1943 The PRC no longer Exist and those fighting are remnants of the Peoples Liberation Army 1943 Mao Zedon attempting to escape to Russia is caught by the Imperial Manchurian Army; he is given no trial and shot and thrown into a river 1944 Communism fades quickly from China and the only remnant left of the PRC resides on the island of Hainan 1944 The Germans launch Operation Blue Strike, the Operation succedes partially but soon turns into a bloody mess of Trench Warfare, creating a hellish representation of the Western Front in 1916 1944 Theodore Roosevelt dies of a brain hemorage.
1945 The NKVD secretly sends communist Sympathisers to the United States to begin stiring the pot of Revolution 1945 In the South Major KKK movements pop up, to stop the communist. They lso want to bring back slavery 1945 The Second American Civil War when the American Syndicalist Workers State seccedes from the United States 1945 the Confederate States of America seccedes from the United States 1946 The Japanese Empire declares war on the 3rd French Empire 1946 The Canadians occupy Alaska 1946 The Imperial japanese Army lands in indo China scoring the first big Victory of the war against the French 1946 The French Imperial Army lands at the Cliffs of Dover 1946 The French Imperial Military launches Operation Alsace breaking the stalemate against Germnay pushing them back into German land and invading Bavaria 1947 Operation Breaking Door commences in Mainland Britain aiming to take London by the Summer of 1947 1947 The French Imperial Military invades the Kingdom of Iberia quickly pushing the Spanish back to Valencia 1947 King George the 5th declares order 227 "Not One Step backwards!" 1948 The Siege of London begins in the Spring of 1948 1948 The French Demand the Italians come under the Sphere of Influence 1948 The Italians accept and join the War on the French Side 1949 The Seige of London last for over a year,the British Army splintered and spread out use civillians in the Seige of London 1949 The 94th British Army Encircles London cutting the French 6th Army from supplies.
1950 The French 6th Army surrenders, over 280,000 men surrender at London.
1950 The French are quickly pushed out of Mainland England 1950 The Same Year the Germans launch operation Lorraine pushing the French back and out of German Territory and begin preparations for the Invasion of France 1950 The Spanish Push the French back to the Franco-Spaniard Border 1950 British begin Project Wales 1951 Grman paratroopers land in Brussels 1951 British Troops land in Brittany officially negining the Liberation of Europe 1951 Italy surrenders to germnay without a fight 1952 The Iberian Army marches into Southern France 1952 The Germans invade French Occupied Belgium 1952 The British push into France 1953 Orleans is turned into a pool of radition after the British dropped the Little Boy Bomb 1953 Paris surrenders 1953 The Treaty of Paris is signed 1953 Germany is given Alsace, Lorraince, Compte Champagne, Japan is given Indo-China, Belgium is given Normandy 1954 The Treaty of Bordeaux is signed : France can only have a Self Defence Force 1954 the Marseille Trials begin 1954 Petain is executed 1954 the French Fascist Party is outlawed 1955 The Treaty of the Trio Powers is signed between the CSA, American Sydicalist Workers State