Zachary's are constantly struggling. While they have numbers they lack courage. Then we Aesir or Zackaesir as they call us arrived. I Woden arrived with my kind. I gave them courage and also gave them an afterlife. My wife taught them domestic skills and compassion. Tyr, Thunor, and Baldur lead a constant battle as generals. Freyja taught them medicine and magic. In this we fight in defending and retaking Zachary lands.

Within months of our arrival from the skies. We became gods and goddess among them. This land they call Zachgaland finally had true heroes they could look up too. Zackholmik was our first campaign. No longer afraid we fought both gods and Zachary's. The Zachary's now comprised into four forces. The Geneat (Gen-eat) They form the backbone brave, loyal, and skilled in hand-to-hand combat and guns. The leader of a squad is known as First Zachary.

The Scytta Corp comprised of hunters skilled in long range support and scouting. They know bad information gets their battle brothers killed. Wielding sniper rifles and grenades for support.

The Housecarls armed in armor that is blessed by us. Wearing pain resistant shielding and a temper to match. Only sent where the battle is thickest. Some join the Geneat for inspiration though they say just to brag.

Freyja Company the medics, doctors, and scientists. Only the smartest are sent to her company. Freyja herself even tends to the wounded at camps whenever she can. Her medics charge into hell and combat getting the wounded to safety. She also dispatches her valkyries to send the fallen who died bravely to Walhalla.

With these four forces and us Zackaesir we pushed the nightmares back. For once the Zachgaland banner rose above the cities tower. Now we fight to ensure the Zachary's fight, live, and grow another day.