tears of the earth:
the thick wall of grey, of the rainy day,
in brisbane, the cars race,
squirming umbrellas all over the place,

the thick wall of grey, of the rainy day,
my mirror in the puddle,
the humidity chokes my lungs

as i wake up, the tears of the earth,
delay the daily ritual of dawn's birth,
knock knock, reminding me, how long has it been,
4 o'clock, it dirties my shoes and irritates my skin
i smell my heavy breath, haven't brushed my teeth or even bathed,
i scribble lyrics of a song in my memopad from yesterday,
the orchestra of the rain fills up this box of infinity,
only one path to work, a to be, for sake of clarity
until there is no more room and i choke
i can't breathe. it's too humid. in this storm i soak.
i find a solid beat out of nowhere in the storm
and i hum along. in this insanity i belong,
i smile, as i walk outside, i walk alone
the rain wants its existence to be known
am i someone who engraved, like the rain
my existence onto yours, maybe not, maybe i'm insane,
delusional and love-lorn,
the thought of you, my face sours, becomes dour,
we came and went like a rain shower

the thick wall of grey, of the rainy day,
still can't sleep as i fade away,
the rain's stopped and the air is clear,
and my misery is more visible with each day.

the rain subsides and the clouds dissipate,
though i still stand here, i am still the same,
i stare at the world, and the world stares me back,
he who lacks beauty and thought looks at himself

in this rain
in this rain