Author's Note: Yooo this is a roleplay between my friend and I. Lex and Novarlo are my OCs while Knives is my friend's.

Lex was barely within earshot to hear the teacher's " the effects of music on the...due next week...!" as she ducked out of class. The smell of phys ed-induced sweat dissipated into a stagnant nothingness. Keeping a brisk pace, Lex made her way to the main stairwell and trotted down like a cloud of darkness was coming to eat her. The waves of fellow students worked as a decent substitute.

Lex blew freshly-dyed silver strands away as they tickled her cheeks. Almost there. Almost-

"Lex, over here!" Novarlo's voice was a gust of wind that couldn't have given less fucks about others as it echoed through the atrium. Lex counted her breaths until she'd crossed the distance between them. They stood face to face by one of the pillars.

"Oh my multiple gods, kill me." Lex heaved, shrugging her backpack off her shoulders and leaning in for a kiss.

"One day down, ninety-something left to go!" Novarlo chirped as they parted, Lex pulling back last. Novarlo smiled at her, his fake fangs glistening like he was in an ad for a dental clinic.

Lex stared him down with a soft gaze, the kind of gaze she knew drove him crazy in the best way. "I thought vampires don't care about time," she mused, running a hand through Novarlo's night sky hair. He straightened it again, but it still curled up at the back no matter how many times he did it.

"We do care when the sun will explode in five billion years and we're forced to spend any amount of time in our relatively short lifespans learning lines for a scene we don't even care about and why on Earth would you assign this, Ms. Francis?" Novarlo let out in a dying whale-esque exhale.

The two linked hands, Lex's black and Novarlo's brown skins complementing each other by virtue of them being them. Slowing her gait to let Novarlo move at his leisure, they made their way to their lockers.

Soon enough, the pair's ears would be met with the rhythmic screeching of an electric guitar. It seemed that after class had ended someone had set up an amp in the hallway and started jamming out. A small crowd of people gathered around the sound's source, a pale girl with long black hair and tattoos marking her skin. She was dressed in stylistically torn jeans, a shirt emblazoned with what appeared to be some obscure rock band's album cover on it, and she was shredding away at those strings. Not long into her solo though, right as she opened her mouth to sing, the music seemed to just stop. Confused, she looked to see a school authority had unplugged her amp.

"Hey, what the hell? It was just getting to the good part!"

The authority figure sighed."Look, I get you're enthusiastic and everything, but it's against school policy to make a disturbance like this in the halls."

The girl shrugged."I wouldn't call it a disturbance. Right guys?"

She raised her hands up, egging her adoring crowd on to cheer for school authority had to shout to make himself known.

"Look, if you want to play that devil music, just stay out of my halls! You have a warning this time, but next time you won't get off so lightly!"

He walked off through a door, slamming it shut.

Novarlo quirked both eyebrows at the abrupt cut in music. With him in tow, Lex crossed back over to the atrium. She scoped out the aftermath of the storm, finding a guitar-wielding girl standing in the wreckage of dispersing students. The sun shined down through the skylights above, giving said girl an angelic (or satanic, Lex guessed) halo. Caging the butterflies tumbling around in her stomachs and swallowing the bitter taste on the roof of her mouth, Lex asked the air around her, "Okay, what the hell's that guy's damage?"

Knives heard the outburst and turned towards the new girl.

"I've had a lotta annoying people like that in my life before. I bet they wouldn't be half as uptight about this shit if I played music they liked. It's probably all shit too."

Lex shifted weight between her legs, her thighs chafing thanks to the thin fabric of her galaxy-print tights. She didn't bother bringing up how spontaneous, public music-playing probably fell under "public disturbance." Not that she cared personally, but yeah.

"Wow, that's kinda really sucky," she replied instead, because it was. While pulling at a loose seam on her sleeve, she added, "You sounded really good, though! What song was that?"

"An original song by yours truly. You might not have heard of it cuz we're not very big yet, but I'm in a rock band."

"That's so...fucking cool?!" Lex exclaimed, using hand gestures to emphasize how fucking cool it was. "I play drums and wanna form a band someday but it's, like, way harder than six-year old me thought."

"And I play violin!" Novarlo chimed in, throwing his hands in the air like he was challenging Lex to a flail-off and winning. His black cape blew in the stray gusts coming from the entrance doorway swinging open and closed. It was fucking adorable, Lex subconsciously thought.

"And he plays violin," Lex parroted.

Knives let out a bit of a laugh at the vampire boy's enthusiasm before turning back to look at Lex.

"Well, all you gotta do is get friends that have the right instruments together, and boom! Band."

"Hey," Novarlo piped up, prodding Lex's shoulder and making an indent in the pastel yellow fabric of her shirt. And also spacetime. Lex mentally shuddered at where her thoughts were taking her. "My legs are getting super tired. Can we go sit somewhere?"

"I thought vampires..."

"I don't conform to stereotypes, Alexandria!" Novarlo exclaimed. "And I also don't like breaking character! Which you just made me do. Shame on you."

Lex smirked, and then faced the other girl. "Oh my god, I forgot introductions. I'm Lex, and-" Lex dramatically gestured to Novarlo as rehearsed, "-this is..."

"Novarlo!" Novarlo shouted with an accent that edged into German or Russian or some shit but didn't quite nail either one. "The greatest vampire alive! ...In a five kilometer radius."

Knives smiled at the quirky pair.

"I'm Knives. It's good to meet you. Hey, why don't I join you in wherever you're going after I put my stuff away?"

"Hell yes, new, unassuming friend with scary name!" Lex cheered. "Seriously, though..."

The college cafeteria was like if a high school cafeteria in a cheesy movie suddenly underwent a peaceful anarchic revolution. A blend of virtually every stereotype sat together in the same physical space, and no food fights were happening between anyone. Lex, Novarlo, and Knives encroached on the surreal space like the encroaching encroachers they were. Going with the theme of breaking stereotypes, every seat in the far back of the cafeteria was populated. One of the more centered spots had to do.

Lex dropped her backpack on the table like the dead weight it was. She stretched to prevent early onset of osteoporosis or whatever. "Y'all sit tight if you want; I'm gonna get some chocolate milk," she told her boyfriend and new-friend. New-acquaintance. Soon-to-be-friend. Hopefully.

Lex swayed the girth the gods gave her back and forth as she walked away.

Knives sat down next to where Lex would be sitting, waving the girl off before looking back to Novarlo."So, you're like a vampire?"

Over where food was being served was a surprisingly crisply dressed student. He looked ready to go to wall Street and play the stock market, what with his pristinely kept, but still dark clothes, and his short white hair being slicked back. The look on his face was one of indifference, and he just so happened to be occupying a space directly adjacent to the location of the milk.

Novarlo raised his hands, palms up and fingers curved like he'd created Frankenstein's monster, or was about to conjure a curse to place on someone who couldn't differentiate Frankenstein from Frankenstein's monster. "Yes!" he bellowed.

All eyes in the general vicinity glanced at him for a split second before their accompanying heads hastily looked away.

"I don't drink blood, though," Novarlo added, somehow not shrinking in his seat. "Just tomato juice. And the tears of my enemies. So you're in a band?!"

Lex strolled through the food-serving area's turnstiles with all the grace of someone hurrying hungrily for some nice, probably unhealthy chocolate milk. It was the perfect opportunity for the multiverse to betray her; she tripped, prayed to the luck god, and met her untimely demise at the cruel hands of physics.

Knives let out a little chuckle at his overly dramatic response, going silent and covering her mouth for a second in embarrassment upon accidentally snorting.

"Yeah, that's right. We're called Kicking Teeth. I'm lead vocals and guitar, and then we have a bassist and a drummer. The bassist is my roomie, and our drummer lives not too far from our dorm."

Malchior had obtained what he'd wanted, and prepared to move on, when he heard the thud of something heavy hit the floor. He took a glance and saw Lex laying there, sighing. These people were what he had to be around for the next four years... He would have no involvement with these oafs. He simply turned and prepared to leave with his food…

"Swee-eet!" Novarlo sang, shoving both hands between his thighs non-sexually. "What kinda music do you play? 'Cause I'm usually down with any kind of sound."

Lex picked herself up, almost wanting to hold a grudge against the guy right next to her but not having it in her to feel that way.

"Hey, are you ok?" some girl asked her from a few feet away. She had the word "valek" tattooed on her forearm.

Rubbing her limbs like she could scrub away the embarrassment, Lex replied, "Yeah, I'm fine, thanks."

"I've got band-aids if you need," the girl added.

"Really, I'm fine," Lex assured her, a promise she was breaking as she made it. She casually grabbed a bottle of chocolate milk from the open-air fridge beside her, slowed the shakiness of her breath, and settled back into an uneasy air.

Having put her guitar away in her dorm, Knives resorted to an adorkable air guitar solo.

"Rock music for life, baby. None of that pussy shit people are calling rock nowadays either, I'm talking actual music with a real edge."

Having heard enough, Malchior turned to look at the girl who had fallen.

"Denying aid only makes you look weaker. Remember that for next time something like this happens."

He then walked away for real, trying to find the least populated table.

What...the actual...heck? Lex cycled through a planet-sized amount of possible comebacks but came up with nothing. She transitioned to the cashier silently instead. And inhaled. Exhaled. Accepted the fact that that boy had some, like...whatever, damage or something.

Returning to the table, Lex plastered a smile on her face and shoved the frothing darkness in her mind back into its box. " friend with cool albeit scary name and affinity for guitar...!"

She immediately forgot what she was gonna say.

"She plays rock music!" Novarlo told her, mimicking Knives' air guitar with the precision of a square trying to fit into a circle.

Lex dropped into her seat and toyed with the cardboard flaps on her milk container. "O-m-g, sweet! I just play, like, indie pop covers and stuff with my drums. And Novarlo wants to get better at violin but he's a lazy butt."

"I am immooortal, darling," Novarlo drawled, waving a hand around like he was holding an invisible martini glass. "I can practice whenever I want."

Knives shrugged.

"That's cool. You guys do you. I wouldn't mind hearing you play sometime though."

She glanced at Novarlo, wondering if he actually believed what he was saying, or if he was simply lost deep in character.

"Girl, totally! " Lex replied. New, soon-to-be-friend had now been bumped up to new-and-almost-definitely-for-the-long-run-friend. A part of Lex's essence shined brighter than the glare of the microwave light whenever she heated pizza pockets at 2am.

"You know, I was kinda sorta intimidated by you at first," Lex admitted. She would've not admitted that had she had a filter. Which she didn't. Which was usually maybe hopefully for the best? "'Cause, you know, you were a super cool guitar hero terrorizing the halls with the sweet sound of Satan while I suffocated under the weight of my first day in fricking college."

Novarlo slipped his hand through hers under the table. Lex squeezed it gently.

"Hey. It's no worries. I've had a lotta practice being a rebel and hanging around places I don't go often. I've been in Kicking Teeth since high school, and we've had a lot of gigs... Small ones."

She then realized she was expositing and got to the point.

"Anyway, I get that not everyone is cool with starting a new year."

"Exactly," Lex said with her free hand extended. "Like, wow, I look around and there are so many cool people from so many backgrounds and it's like, wow. This is the real deal, I'm in college. It's like I'm out of my league, ya know?"

Lex took a deep breath and rested her head on the table, completely forgetting the milk container in front of her. She smiled awkwardly.

Knives took the hand and shook it.

"Mhm. We're all in this crazy place hoping it'll make our dreams come true. Might as well have fun with it."

Soon, a seemingly unassuming girl, one who looked like she could have been a student, walked past the table, hands in her pockets. No average person would notice the blonde looking around at people, as if judging reactions by her mere presence.

Lex pulled her hand back, embarrassed but enduring. "Yeah!"

"I concur with the yeah!" Novarlo sang. His dimples poked through his cheeks like... like cute little... things, Lex thought to herself. "Let the fun times begin!"

Knives gave a smirk, feeling like getting a little crazy and starting a food fight…

Once the girl reached the center of the room, she took a deep breath. Her eyes closed, and it seemed like a wind was blowing her hair and hoodie in a mild breeze. Pay no mind to the fact that she was standing under one of the cafeteria's AC units, this was completely different. She sent out a "pulse," a wave of strange force that only certain people would be able to feel…

Lex pulled her hand out from Novarlo's and clenched her stomach. "Wow, is it just me or does anyone else feel like ripping out their spleen or something?"

"Same!" Novarlo threw his hands in the air before mimicking Lex.

"O-m-g, it's like we have STD!" Lex mused. "I mean ESP!"

Knives nearly threw up from the feeling, now leaning against the table for support.

"What the fuck... It feels like I just got donkey punched right in the gut..."

The girl looked around and noticed the trio she had recently passed had doubled over. She glared at them, slowly approaching. As she did this, she gently started to pull her hands out of her pockets. If one would look, the skin looked... Not right. Like it was way too rough.

"Maybe it's like..." Lex would've put her finger on her chin if her hands weren't busy keeping her large intestine from erupting out of her like a jack-in-the-box. "...A really fast, simultaneous... infectious..."

She lost whatever thought she had as she glanced over at the approaching girl. Her stomach sank even more and she just couldn't understand why... gods…

Knives was still trying to hold herself together, and was too busy with that to notice shark skin over there with her piercing glare slowly approaching.

Speaking of that girl, she had finally made it to standing behind them.

"Sorry to interrupt," she said in a cold voice, an edge clear in her tone, "but were any of you sick before you walked in here?"

Truth? No. Maybe. Yes? Would it matter? …

"I'm sick in the head, but that's kinda normal," Lex chuckled nervously. "Why?"

Lex checked Novarlo to see his reaction. He looked like he was about to turn into a saber tooth tiger and snarl at the stranger. Lex trusted his gut feeling more than her own.

The girl narrowed her eyes, looking between the three.

"So that's a no then. Interesting."

She reached up and grabbed her own sleeve, ripping it off and revealing the mass of rough skin on her arm. It was a wonder how she had gotten the hoodie on really. She balled up a fist and threw a punch in between Lex and Novarlo, slicing up anything in her way just by the motion alone, which included scuffing the table something fierce.

"Seems like you're just the kind of people I've been looking for."

Lex's heart forgot how to function, and then acted like it was working overtime and waiting to get out from a late night shift. She watched the table go flying, taking her mil-...

Wait, no. The milk container was...hovering?

Lex turned back to the towering terror before her. She screamed. Or maybe roared. Or maybe died and came back to life.

All she knew was that a brown mass with a picture of a cow on the cover smacked into the other girl's face.

Caught totally by surprise, the girl was whacked in the face by the chocolatey goodness, and had forced to take a step back, which caused her to stumble onto the table behind her.

Knives had just managed to get herself together when she saw the scene unfold.

"Did... That just happen...?"

With newfound energy like she had 100% of her daily vitamin D intake in her body, Lex stood up. She eyed the refrigerators poking into view from the cafeteria shop, and knew what she had to do.

"Drink milk, bitch!"

A flood of literally chocolate-coloured liquid flew in front of her.

The entire cafeteria populace screamed and started to run.

The shark lady wasn't gonna get surprised a second time. With seemingly inhuman reflexes, she rolled away from the torrent of deliciousness while moving along the table. She then kicked off of it, springing towards Lex with the intent to play some hardcore Punchies.

Knives was too confused and enamored to react to anything properly. Like, she'd seen some trippy stuff the few times she'd tried smoking pot, but this was a whole other level.

Lex winced. When she opened her eyes again, her vision was clouded by Novarlo. It would stay with her forever, the image of him tackling the superpowered girl from the side. He bared his fangs and grew them 'til hoLY CRAP THEY WERE ACTUAL FANGS.

Lex refocused the mass of chocolate milk but couldn't get a clear line of attack with her boyfriend in the way. Meanwhile, Novarlo got into character and tried biting down on the girl's neck.

Not being sexually aroused by assuredly fatal and very bloody bites to the neck, the girl raised up her still sleeved arm and used his Fangs to tear that inconvenience off of her arm. She then threw a punch right at his jugular, see how he liked it.

Knives, seeing Novarlo also had crazy powers too, finally stood up and growled.

"Don't hog all the fun! I'm sure I can do something too."

That said, she had no idea if she even had anything she could do. She just felt left out.

Novarlo was sent to the floor a few feet away, whimpering like someone punched in the throat. Lex burned with a rage she never knew she could feel before.

The chocolate milk encircled the enemy girl's head, trying its best to infiltrate her throat and nose and eyes and ears and just everything, everything so she could suffer worse than Novarlo…

The girl performed a kip-up, which simultaneously caused her to get to her feet quickly and avoid the possibly now contaminated milk, which had been all over the tables and floor, it was probably gross now. Oh yeah, and the whole 'might die' thing.

"You guys are really annoying me..."She grabbed at the remains of her hoodie, ripping it off to reveal that she was wearing a crop top underneath to keep things PG13.

Knives let out a bit of a wolf whistle, drawing the girl's attention."If it weren't for that... Weird skin thing, you'd be kinda hot."

The girl blushed slightly and glared at her. "I-I'm not doing this to show off, dammit..."

Lex condensed the milk (and almost laughed at both that and the whole idea of lactokinesis) until it formed a tight mass, and then launched it at the girl's stomach.

Novarlo felt up his neck. The bloody cuts he brushed over were almost symbolic. But mostly painful.

He stood up, glowered at the girl, and felt his nails begin to grow. He didn't know whether he was in or out of character. Maybe both. Didn't matter.

The shark girl noticed the clump of yogurt flying at her and took immediate evasive action. She flipped behind a table and kicked it over, forming a shield for the goop to splatter upon like a bad blood Effect in a cheesy 80s movie. Besides, she was lactose intolerant anyway…

Having sat on the sidelines for a little longer than she wanted to, Knives just felt like trying stuff out. Maybe she had crazy kung fu powers of something, that'd be awesome! She ran over to the table shield, raising her arm and slamming it down in a karate chop motion.


Much to the surprise of both her and shark girl, the table was sliced cleanly in twain.

"...Woah, I know kung fu!"

Novarlo lunged, nails (now claws) ready to perform the most reckless of impromptu surgeries on the enemy. He strategically aimed for her lower torso.

Lex tossed a quick "Nice!" at Knives before propelling herself in the direction of the cafeteria shop. She felt around with a weird new sense that straddled the line between headaches and bugs crawling under her skin.

A rattling sound drew her to the counter. A row of ovens lined the other side. One of them was still turned on, a whole pizza left to burn inside. Lex was half-offended, half-thankful.

Shark girl jumped back, trying to say a less than friendly 'no thank you' to her eager amateur surgeon in the form of a smack to his wrists. Her intent was simply to create an opening by knocking his hands away. However, she didn't account for a certain punk kicking her right in the arm... Which hurt more than a regular kick should…


She tried jumping back again, hitting a wall... And hesitantly checking her arm.

"Oh...this is..."

A huge gash was present along the area Knives had kicked, blood pouring out like a Tarantino movie... Okay, not really. But there was still a lot of it!

Knives looked confused.

"Wait... I did that? Shiiiit, I'm like Guile from Street Fighter!"

Lex reappeared on-scene, pizza hovering in her hands, only to see the girl bleeding from her arm only it looked like everywhere but oh god blood blood blood blood bl-

Forcing her eyes to look slightly off her target (and honestly just anywhere but there), Lex launched the steaming pizza at the girl's face. Lex wondered if this would be the highlight of her existence. The very, very surreal highlight.

Novarlo dashed over to the enemy and tried forcing her against the nearby wall, hoping to leave any kind of claw marks at least and keep her primed for Lex's assault at most.

Shark girl panicked upon being cut, too deep in shock to avoid being painfully thrust against the wall by Novarlo. And then an overcooked pizza hit her face, and while it tasted pretty good despite the burnt-ness of it all her face was being fucking melted and it hurt like a bitch!

She screamed out into the pizza, struggling against Novarlo to try and escape.

The girl beat Novarlo in his nonexistent flail-off from earlier, knocking him to the ground.

Lex cringed at the thought of how the heat must've felt on the girl's skin and every substance entering every orifice on her face and she froze in place, against her will, and she tried to fight it but she lost control of the pizza and her life and just everything, everything, everythi-

The girl ripped the pizza off her face with her good hand, panting as the pain receded... Only to be slammed back into the wall by Knives, who was holding the girl there by her neck.

"So," She began, "what the hell is your deal? Why attack us like that?"

Shark girl winced as she felt the sharp fingers pressing against her neck.

"Tch... You don't know just how much of a service I was doing for you... Eves always attract trouble. Bad trouble."

Knives raised an eyebrow "Eves? What the..."

All of a sudden, shark girl tried to throw a kick at Knives, who in return squeezed harder.

"Don't try anything... Funny..."

She felt something warm and wet as she said that, realizing just what it was as the girl fell limp.


Lex wanted to bring her hands to her mouth in that prayer-like, shocked pose she'd seen in movies. She also wanted to rewind the past few minutes and start over, like nothing had happened. (Holy shit, they'd only been minutes?!)

Instead, she stood there and let her light-headedness wash over her.

Bells began to ring.

"Let's get out of here!" Novarlo exclaimed. It was almost weird to hear his regular voice. Mostly, it was just sad.

Knives stood there for a second, shocked by what had just happened... But then she realized that Novarlo was right, holy shit. She yanked her blood soaked hand away from the girl's corpse, letting it fall. She tried to shake the blood off, but there was too much… damn. She quickly bolted after them, trying to hide her right arm as much as possible.