Where it all began

Present day: October 2017

The girl on the couch was a mess, a pretty mess however a mess none the less. Her platinum hair shinned with grease, hanging lifeless over her pale face. Her face itself, while naturally fair, had adopted a sickly hue of chalky white, the dusting of freckles spread across her cheeks and forehead stood out like paint against paper. The young women's deep-set eyes were usually a dazzling palate of hazel not quite brown, but not a full shade of green either. On this occasion, however, the surface of her eyes were glassy as a result of being heavily intoxicated, this accompanied by the almost perfectly round, deep purple circles under her eyes made her iris's appear much darker than in actuality giving her an almost muddy brown stare. Her lips were chapped, red and bleeding in spots as if she had been picking the skin off them, the women's top lip was stained red from the vodka and cherry she had been drinking earlier in the day. Her face was angular and gaunt under high cheek bones her cheeks had sunken look. It was easy to tell she had lost a significant amount of weight not only from her face but from how her already small clothes hung like rags from her tiny frame. She laid on a sofa, a plush grey one that looked brand new if you ignored the stains, it was obviously expensive as was everything in the room or the house for that matter. No, house wasn't the right word technically, the girl was residing in her family manor, however mansion was a more appropriate description. One leg covered by oversized pink track pants rested on the arm of the couch while the other hung down touching the floorboards. A T.V remote was in her left hand while a half empty Jack Daniels bottle with a missing cap was in the right.

It was sad really the girl would have been absolutely stunning to look at under different circumstances. If her hair was washed and she stopped drinking long enough to get healthy again she could be a model. Regaining her health at the moment however was going to be a long road, her physical un-wellness was nothing but a symptom of her deteriorating mental state. Blaine had seen it before of course, all mental psychics, those being psychics with passive abilities that used the brain were delicate. This girl was a mind reader and Blaine shuddered to think what toll having a symphony of screaming voices ringing in her thoughts at all times would take on one's sanity. It baffled Blaine that she had lived this long without an anchor, someone who she could bond with, whose mind she could take refuge in and solely focus on. He supposed the lack of an anchor explained the two failed suicide attempts his boss; Leo, had mentioned before he and Blaire set out.

Speaking of Blaire it was as if he thought of her and she suddenly appeared. Blaine turned his head to see the tall slim figure of his twin stroll through the door, technically they weren't invited but he was sure the girl on the sofa was too drunk to mind if she had visitors. Blaire tucked a stray blue lock behind her ear, it had always irritated the fraternal twins when people stated they looked like opposite gendered versions of each other. Yes, they both had sandy blonde hair (naturally Blaire's was always dyed colour as loud as her personality) Blaire's usually falling in perfectly styled ringlets down her back, while Blaine's was short cropped and practical. They shared the same slightly upturned sapphire eyes, and both had creamy beige skin, except at the moment Blaine had one hell of a tan from training camp. Blaine had to admit they were both rather tall with Blaire standing at 5 foot 8 and himself at six foot two. However, the point was they were nothing alike in their opinion. Even in personality the Ashford twins couldn't be more different. Blaine himself was a simple kind of guy. He dressed casually usually in T-shirt and cargos, maybe jeans if he was feeling dressy. Blaine's idea of an eventful night was dungeons and dragons and perhaps some literal Netflix and chill…that was when he wasn't on business. Blaire of the other hand was considered the "fun" twin. She was flashy to say the least she always had a perfect face of makeup complete with lashes, contour and full cover (Blaine thought it was a tribute to the horrors of having a sister that he knew what that all meant). Blaire dressed bright and was loud she was the one everyone looked at and that suited them both just fine.

"So, what's the verdict on our new best friend?" Blaire questioned, chipperly.


"Who the fuck is there?" Came a slurred shout.

"Subtle Blaire." Blaine sighed, walking into the sitting room. He had his hands raised in surrender and a goofy smile on his face. "Hello Ava, it's Blaine you know Blaine you know me!"

Ava looked at Blaine Ashford for the first time in over three years and took in the differences. He had filled out and matured over that time, now he was so muscular he could easily pass for an Olympic boxer. With the training he had undergone over the years this body shape change did not surprise Ava though. Although his blonde hair was cut in a practical short style and he was dressed rather blandly Ava knew most girls would swoon over him like morons. Those pretty boy blue eyes probably made him very popular with a certain crowd.

"What are you doing here?" Ava questioned, talking a swig out of the bottle in her hand and almost missing her mouth.

"Well we, meaning Blaire and I, came to see you but apparently you're not exactly fit for visitors."

Ava looked at him a puzzled expression as if she was trying to see through him, "Why can't I hear your thoughts?" She questioned.

"Well besides the fact that alcohol numbs the powers of mental psychics Blaine and I are mental block masters, think of it like Occlumeny from Harry Potter but in real life and Alan Rickman didn't teach us." Blaire replied, entering and room and flopping down sideways into an armchair.

"Whatever." Ava said, defensively "just go away please I want to be alone."

"Oh yes and how well has that been going for you?" Answered Blaine. "Look I want to help you and so do all the rouges, Leo is worried and we could use the help. I know it must be…difficult for you with how your powers work even your aggressive is mental gravity manipulation takes a lot of concentration and is mentally draining. Not to mention we know what your brother did to you."

Ava froze for a moment looking between both twins in stunned rage before she found her voice, "You know nothing about what Matthew did to me."

"No, we don't" Blaire sighed, solemnly. "But I would like to know, talk to me about it help me understand why you won't trust us or anyone else."

"I do not want to talk about it not now and now ever."

Blaine moved closer to Ava and knelt beside the sofa so that he was at eye level with her. He gently removed the bottle of alcohol from her hand so that he had her full attention. "Ava if you speak to me and help me to understand you I will then leave if that is truly what I think is best. I will not judge and to prove it I will remove my mental block so that you may read my thoughts throughout the entire tale."

Ava looked into his blue eyes silently for a moment before she took a deep breath, bit her bottom lip and began to speak.

16 years ago: August 2001

Matthew Jensen held the tiny hand of his small sister. He had been in custody of the child since she was under a year old, their parents were politicians their line of work led to unwanted attention and they didn't want their young daughter exposed to it as their now adult son had been, especially since unlike Matthew young Ava Jensen had been born psychic. Ava was twenty years younger than Matt and worshiped the ground her older brother walked on, this made getting the small girl to comply with the experiment intrusions much easier. You see Doctor Matthew Jensen was the world's leading scientific expert on Psychics. His speciality and main point of academic research was mental psychics those who's passive powers were based on the mind such as; telepathy or empathy. And more rarely psychics whose aggressive were cognitive as hers were. Matt had been blessed in the fact that his sibling had been born with both a mental passive and aggressive ability. Young Ava was the perfect test subject she had the ability to read the minds of those close to her which Matt was sure would grow more powerful with age, and she could control the gravity of the immediate space around her as an aggressive. The experiments he conducted on his sister may have been considered to be harsh by some however the positive outweighed the negative, with the data he was gathering he could revolutionize the way psychics were viewed and understood by the world.

"Where are going?" The tiny blonde questioned.

"To meet Lylah at the lab," replied Matt, plainly he didn't want to hear any complaining to arguing.

The five-year-old frowned she didn't need to be a mind reader to know what a day at the lab with Matt and Lylah meant. Besides she couldn't read her older siblings mind or the minds of anyone who worked with him for that matter as they had explained it to her they all had "taken special steps to make sure they were nice and quiet for her." A way of saying Doctor Jensen and his staff all had powerful mental blocks in place.

Ava had a deep-set frown on her face as she approached the impressive glass structure of her brother laboratory. Matt kept a tight grip on his sister's small hand almost as if he was escorting a prisoner to jail which is what lab days felt like to poor Ava. Her brother led her straight into the glass elevator which would have been impressive to any other five-year-old, like something out of Willy Wonka, however, it just made the little girl even more anxious. The elevator chimed as it reached the fifteenth and final floor, the door opened to reveal Lylah waiting for them.

Ava had always thought Lylah was the prettiest lady in the whole world. She had long chocolaty brown hair pulled into a tight pony tail, her eyes were big and dark brown, and she was so tall Ava's face only reached her legs. Outside of this room Ava loved Lylah when her and Matty finished work she would come to their house a lot and watch movies with her, she would even let Ava pick what she wanted to watch something her brother never did. In this room however Lylah was terrifying, Matt led Ava to the familiar hospital bed, instructed her to remove her shoes and lay down. Ava complied silently and once she had laid down Matthew strapped her arms and legs to the bed with leather buckles secured to the corners and produced a large syringe.

"Now Ava try to be a good girl."

Matthew Jensen stuck the syringe into his sister's throat and drew blood and other fluid. The girl let out a high-pitched scream and tried to thrash and move, but the restraints did their job and kept her in place. Matt had learned that the restraints were necessary from previous experiments when his sibling had attacked them. Once he removed the syringe Matthew had Lylah wheel a large machine over. She opened a compartment and pulled out electrodes attached to wires and applied them to Ava's temples.

"Now Ava try your hardest to read our minds," Lylah instructed.

"I can't you know that!" The girl sobbed, in distress.

"Ava the quicker you do as Lylah asks the sooner you can leave, I'll take you to get ice-cream we'll have a great night." Matthew chimed in.

Ava complied and tried her hardest to read her brothers mind and as expected nothing happened, she had given up when suddenly a violent electric shock ripped through her tiny body originating from the wired attached to her head.

"Now try again Ava." Matt instructed, without emotion.

Ten years later: October 2011:

A fifteen-year-old Ava Jensen pulled her platinum hair into a pony tail and shouldered her already packed duffle bag. This was it she thought, she was finally leaving no longer would her brother be able to terrorize her to further his own career. In the past decade doctor Matthew Jensen who had already been the worlds expert on psychics had gained even more fame from his work with psychics whose powers were mental based…the work he had done on her since she was a small child. Nobody knew how Matthew had gained his data expect those who worked at his lab who had each signed a confidentiality agreement. Ava had many times considered going to her parents for help however every time the thought crossed her mind she dismissed it remembering why they had left her in the custody of her brother in the first place. Elizabeth and Johnathan Jensen were politicians however not your typical local MP's, they were involved in the secret operations that a government with half its population having special powers would want to hide. It wasn't safe for Ava to be with her parents especially her being a psychic with a bar rating as high as hers. Besides they would never believe her about the things Matt had done to her, no one would he was nothing if not an eloquent speaker and perfect liar.

But after years of nightmares and fear, being terrorized by someone who was meant to love and protect her Ava had finally decided enough was enough. She had spent months researching in secret and she believed she had finally found a place where people like her could go to be safe and accepted. Her family certainly was not short on money and she received an extremely large monthly allowance, more than enough to book a flight out of the United Kingdom as long as she covered her tracks.

Currently her brother was out of town on a conference and had left Lylah to watch her. Ava found it mildly insulting that at her age Matthew thought she needed a babysitter, but apparently after the fire and the BMW incident that occurred last time he left her alone for the weekend he was not taking any chances. Luckily Lylah never came into this wing of the mansion (yes, her house was big enough to have separate wings) and Ava being the problemed child that she was had no trouble climbing out of her second story bedroom window and using her powers to manipulate the gravity around her to float to the ground.

She unclipped the window lock floated her bag to the ground however, before she herself followed Ava ran back to her nightstand and picked up a little white bottle of pills. She knew she couldn't forget the pills without them she would be an even bigger mess than usual. Matt had the specially designed the drugs to block or well more like numb her mind reading capacities, when he wasn't using her as a lab rat. As Ava matured her powers had most certainly grown with her, she was powerful enough now that without the medication she could hear the thoughts of the entire neighbourhood. Most humans would think that would awesome or cool however it was horrifying in reality. There was no way to Ava to turn her powers off and the many voices came to her all at once in one mind-numbing symphony of chaos, loud enough to send her deaf if it was actually real sound waves and not within her brain. It was these nasty side effects that caused most mental psychics to lose their minds, most people like Ava spent a great deal of their lives in a padded cell not even being able to tell you their names amongst the noise in their heads. Even the ones who didn't end up in hospitals often turned to dugs and alcohol to deal with their powers. Mental psychics may be the most powerful and rare of their kind, but they certainly had the worst price to pay for that power. Ava wished she didn't need the pills she'd almost rather drink bleach than need or use anything from her brother, but she was weak, and the noise was too much.

After pocketing the pills Ava climbed onto the window ledge and as carefully and precisely as she possibly could she used the gravity around her to lower herself safely to the ground. She repeated the process to float over large gate encasing the Jensen Manor, it would have been much easier to just type in the code however the security system inside monitored when the gate was opened, and Lylah would instantly catch her. Ava walked a few blocks where the black taxi cab she had called earlier was waiting. She climbed in and tried to push down her mixed emotions of joy and anxiety, this was it she was finally going to be free.

Present day: October 2017

"So, if you left why are you back here drinking yourself to death?" Blaine questioned.

"T-That is one hell of a long fucking story." Ava replied, as her face dropped, and she vomited over the side of the couch.