Max Clarkin couldn't believe his eyes, the largest ship in the world stood in front of him. And the best part is he was going to be traveling on it in first class in one of the ship's two millionaire suites. Max was a Millionaire because of his work Max was a famous artist and an author who created beautiful paintings, Sculptings, Pottery pieces, wood carving projects

He boarded the Titanic He met His steward almost immediately "Excuse me are you Maxwell Clarkin" Said a steward "Yes I am but please call me Max" Max said. He noticed the steward was a young boy "Hello sir I am Mason Lecton and I will be your steward for the voyage, might I take your bag for you?" Said Mason "I am fine thank you, but if you can show me to my stateroom I would be greatly appreciated." Said Max "Yes sir" So Max followed Mason towards The Grand Staircase, But he went behind it "I thought the Millionaires' suites Was on B – Deck" Asked Max "It is Sir but why take the stairs, when you can Take the Lift." Answered Mason. "There is a Lift aboard this ship?!" "Yes there Is Sir" Said Mason "actually there are three lifts so they walked behind the Grand Staircase Mason spoke to the operator "B – Deck please" "Yes Sir" Said The operator, Then he closed the gate and pressed a button on the control panel And the elevator began to move. A moment later the operator announced "B – Deck" Mason replied "Thank you". So the operator opened the gate and let them out. Then He pressed a button and the elevator began to descend down the lift – shaft.

Then they Went down a hall to a door and then Mason said "Here you are sir, Suite B02" "Thank you Mason, You are dismissed for now" said Max "Yes Sir I will be in my quarters". Max began to explore his suite. He saw the bedroom, the private promenade, the living quarters, the bathroom, and other luxuries that came with the Suite. He thought to himself "wow this entire Suite is mine!" Max wanted to see other 1st class activities he could do, so in 3 Hours he had memorized almost the entire Minus the Working part of the ship.

He wanted to get his art kit and gear cases from the Baggage hold. So Max called Mason up to the Suite and said to him "mason please take me to the 1st class baggage hold so I may get my art gear" Mason replied "right away sir" and took him to the elevator. Mason told the operator "E – Deck please". So the operator took them to E – Deck they got off and walked down a long Passage the crew had nicknamed "Scotland Road" till they came to a 3rd class public area and Then they went down a 3 sets of steps to the lower decks. The sound of the engines were louder Now than they were up on the 1st and 2nd class areas Mason said they were near the bowels of the Ship, almost to the waterline and then they found the door to the baggage hold "Here we are Sir" Said Mason "Thank you Mason" while they were down there he also grabbed a carrying case with his Typewriter in it and a sealed bag that he said carried his canvases, paper, and book shells, and binders And his bookbinding machine so he could create a gift for Captain Edward James Smith. Also known as "The millionaire's captain" and then headed back to his Suite and set up a typewriting table and an art Station in his stateroom then he went to bed for the night.

Max was enjoying himself he had a small bag of art supplies and was out on a walk on the Boat Deck. He spotted a pod of dolphins and he got his art supplies out and began to draw the dolphins. Then someone came up to max and said "Excuse me are you the famous author & artist Maxwell Clarkin?" Said the person. When Max looked up he saw John Jacob Astor and replied to him "I am, what I can do for you Mr. Astor" "Well I would like a unique piece painted, and I will only have it painted by you. So if you would name your price I will pay for you to paint it in cash" Max replied "first tell me what I am going to be drawling" "come with me" Replied John Jacob Astor "I will show you" So they walked towards the bridge Max asked "why are we heading toward the bridge?" Astor replied "I want you to paint the interior of the bridge with captain smith in it" "OK" Max replied.

So Max set up and began to paint the bridge. When Max was finished he told John Jacob Astor "my price is $150.000 tax not included" John Jacob Astor replied "you drive a hard bargain, but none the less you shall have your money when we reach New York." Max went to lunch and then went to exercise in the gymnasium then he went swimming in the swimming pool.

Just before dinner he spent some time in the steamy Turkish baths. After he was done in the Turkish baths he went to dinner in the 1st class dining saloon on D – Deck and ate a wonderful filling dinner with 16 courses. In the evening he heard music coming from the Aft. Well Deck, he went to see what was going on. When he saw it he hardly believed his eyes, there on the 3rd class promenade was the liveliest party he had ever seen. Now Max wasn't exactly a dancer, but if there was a party, chances are he would be in the middle of it. He ran down the Aft. Grand Staircase and onto the well deck and then began to dance and enjoy himself with a large group of steerage passengers he made lots of friends there. After the party he went back to his Suite and went to bed.

In the morning he went to the Marconi room and was talking to Harold Bride the assistant Marconi operator "Jack can't see you at the moment Mr. Clarkin is working Cape Race Just then Jack Phillips came out of the room and told Harold Bride "another ice warning for the captain, get it to the bridge immediately" "Yes Sir" replied Harold Bride, then he took the note and ran off to the wheelhouse to deliver the message. Jack then shifted his attention to Max "what can I do for you Mr. Clarkin?" asked Jack Phillips "I wanted to send a message to my publisher in New York, but since an ice warning was just received I want to know how many you have gotten today and yesterday." "10 Sir" Jack Told Max "Oh My God!" replied Max.

So max left the Marconi Office and went for a walk on the A – Deck promenade, then he went to the 1st class lounge and played some poker, black jack, and some pool. He finished his game of 8 – Ball just in time for lunch, so he walked to the first class restaurant. He got his food and went back out to eat in the Café Parisian. After lunch he went down to F – Deck and swam for a while. When he was done he went up to C – Deck to get his hair cut at the barber shop aboard the Titanic. When he came out a gurney rushed past him with a 2nd class passenger on it. The driver of the gurney turned aft. At the starboard C – Deck passage. Max managed to get a look at the gurney rounding a corner to the doctor's office. He thought who was that, why did he go to the ship's doctor. In the afternoon he was playing squash when Mason came and got him "Sir there is another party on the Aft. Well Deck" "thank you Mason" replied Max.

And without delay he ran to the well deck to join the festivies, the party lasted until the sun went down Max then went back to his Suite and typed till about 10:00 then he went to bed. The next day was April 14, 1912 and the day was freezing cold so he got his best winter coat and went for a walk on the Boat Deck. His walk lasted until about 12:00 Pm. he had lunch, then he went to the 2nd class library on B – Deck and read a couple of novels until about 4:00 pm. Then he went down to the Turkish baths on F – Deck that killed time to dinner at about 6:30. After dinner he went to paint in his room.

At 11:30 he was finishing his 2nd piece aboard the titanic when all of a sudden he felt the ship rub against something, a few minutes later he heard a knock on his door, it was Mason "sir the captain wants all passengers up on the Boat Deck immediately" "why?" asked Max "we've struck an iceberg sir" Replied Mason "oh my god! I will be Right out." He packed all his art supplies in one case and in the other his clothes and important items. When he was packed he got his life belt (life preserver) put it on and went straight out onto the Boat Deck, he got a seat aboard one of the 1st lifeboats and was off the ship quickly. He saw the ship sink, and he heard the screams of pain & suffering from passengers in the water he helped many men and women into the lifeboat he was in, the ship sank at about 2:10 am on April 15, 1912 he saw the whole thing happen: the ship slipped beneath the waves gracefully and swiftly. At about 4:30 he saw some lights in the distance so he fired a flare that was strapped in the prow of the lifeboat. The Carpaithia found the lifeboat and he got to New York as a titanic survivor

The end