Nothing was coming up on the HUD. a rock seemingly devoid of life. The android jones was becoming wary, tracking his next duelist took a certain amount of time. It was the duelist rodrigo who was a slippery one, and had for some weeks evaded the robot jones search efforts. but the robot was destined to blow him to smithereens like so many of his other duel partners.

He heard he was hanging out on this rock. He took tentative steps on the asteroid in search of rodrigo. a solitary loner who was ultra quick on the draw, maybe even fster than the robot jones, but no one was faster than jones, no one had his devils speed on the draw, but the robot wanted nevertheless to catch rodrigo off guard and eliminate him quickly.

He began to scan the asteroid for hidden chambers and found on on the dark side. Alas a spider hole that rodrigo no doubt was using as his base of operations. The robot hacked the door which blended into the face of the rock and found rodrigo hunched over a plasma burner, heating up his meal for the day.

its time, the robot announced.

ok, rodrigo murmured and as he turnt to face the robot offered a barrage of las pistol firing. the robot quickly ducked and rolled out of the way, offering a barrage of his onwn, one of which hit rodrigo squarely in the chest. rodrigo fell dead over his plasma fire, his whole body quickly erupting into flames.

Just another day for the robot jones, duelist of the sol system, on a quest to prove himself the fastest draw in the system.

She put the slaneesh back into its velvet lined case. He hi was set as she strode the park, lazily watching the tracer arcs of rocket ship contrails. The slaneesh a potent bio-chemical living drug had been her defacto besst friend these past years as she tried to forget the passing of her boyfriend boyd, in a duel. Now armed with his las pistol she wanted sweet revenge. A bone to pick with the robot jones. The sleeneshcould help in that regard. it heightened her sense, improving her draw by leaps and bounds. it was time.

she found herself boarding a rocket to venus colony, the slaneeesh slithering at her side. The hunter, robot jones, was now going to become the hunted.