After he felled the slaneesh killer the junkyard gunman went to his ship and typed up coordinates to the planet earth. dotted with mega cities and choked by its own pollution The Junk Heap gunman intended to find his maker. It was not his choice but instead something buried deep within his programming. With everything set he he flew his small craft in the direction of Earth.

He found his maker in a droid shop in one of the mega cities. His workshop was strewn with the parts of many droids, arms and legs and torsos of unfinished bots hung from every wall. on his work table lay another project.

I'm glad you came to see me, the maker said. its been a while since I turned you loose on to the solar system. How many notches on your pistol have you secured. he asked, meaning how many people had he felled in his duels

about six the bot replied

that's good, very good. well done my creation. I built you to be the fastest hand in the solar system and it seems like you have not disappointed me.

unfortunately, its time for deactivation. before the droid could reach for his pistol, the old man had deactivated the droid with an emp device. The Junk heap gunman, fastest in the sol system had collapsed. content with his creation and his kill ratio the old man took the droid and separated his legs and arms from his torso and placed them accordingly on the wall. he went back to making another creation. never completely satisfied with his work.