The smooth grainy sand sifts up between my toes as I walk through the jagged wooden fence towards the ocean. After I pass the fence, I turn left towards the rocks, lifting my white cotton gown just above my ankles.

I stroll over towards the towering rocks and go within. In the inner part of these rocks, I sit on a smaller rock shaded from the sun, dipping my feet into the little water that seeped in from the outer ocean.

"Victoria?" I hear my name being called.

I turn and see my friend, Will, standing next to the outer rock, wearing a broad grin. He dresses in just the white long sleeve shirt we would normally wear under his long black coat. As mine, his feet are bare.

"I thought I would find you here," he says, as he plops down beside me.

Will and I have known one another since I was about five years of age. He lives in a small town just along the outer twin of Boston City, a vastly religious town. I live in a grand manor along this beach just outside that town with my father.

My father, Davidson Victor Frankenstein, has always been considered an outsider amongst the town people all because his firm beliefs in science. That is one of the reasons we live on our own.

"Do your parents know you are here?" I ask, leaning back and letting my thick brunette hair spread along the level rocks.

Will's parents are one of the most religious in the town. They never approved of my father's pursuit in science so, needless to say, they do not fancy the idea of Will and I spending time together.

"No," Will admits. "I came on my own. I am past the stage of my life where I must obey my parents, I feel."

"They say that is not true until you are married," I point out.

"Well…" he begins, as he sits down beside me, "perhaps that might soon change."

I look at him, raising my eyebrow. "If you are thinking about the prospect of us getting married, you should know your parents would likely disown you. Also, I have no desire to marry in the near future. There is too much I want to do first."

"You're right," he says, inspired. "First, before we settle down we should have our own adventure together even grander than usual."

I giggle. "The only adventure we have had together is by this little pond within the rocks."

Will holds his hand up towards the sky, making a horizontal line and says, "Today the pond. Tomorrow the world."

As I laugh more, he reaches his hand out to me and adds, "Come, let us venture onto the ocean."

I take his hand and point out, "You're the one who's always afraid to get in the ocean."

We walk outside the rocks towards the shoreline. Will takes both my hands and pulls me in, declaring, "With you by my side, I am fearless."

I smile. When I am ready to marry, I feel Will might just be the right companion. His idealism reminds me of my father's dreams. They both make me believe that anything is possible.

As we begin to step into the ocean a young boy screams running to shore, crying out 'shark.'

"A shark?" I gasp, taking a step back, my breaths growing heavy.

Another boy's head pops out from under the water and he taunts, "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water."

The frightened boy glares towards the ocean and stammers, "That's not funny, Harry!"

The other boy, Harry, continues to laugh as he too gets out of the water and rejoins his annoyed friend. As he gets out, he drops the bristly rock he likely pretended to be a shark's set of teeth.

Will squeezes my hand and chuckles. "Well, I guess the water is pretty safe. What do you say? Should I give it a try?"

I sigh and look towards the sun, which is lowering closer to the horizon. "Actually, I should be heading back soon. Father will worry if I'm not home by dark."

He nods and walks with me to my house. As we arrive, I see the tall brick manor on top of the hill. My father's tall slender figure stands just outside, waiting for me. Our home appears far too grand for just for two people. Father built it before he married my mother, intending to have a big family with her. As she passed away giving birth to me, that never came to be.

I kiss Will on the cheek and bid him farewell before walking up the hill towards my father. I find he wears a broad grin spread across his face.

"Victoria!" he says, clasping my shoulders. "Good news! The device is finally ready to be tested… tonight!"

I smile, but my heart drops feeling hesitant. "Tonight? Are you certain, Father?"

"Yes," he insists, running his fingers through his shaggy dark brown hair. "This is it! Tonight, we will be the first to reverse the cycle of life and death."

I take his hand as my entire body begins to feel lightweight. Since the passing of my mother, Father has never been able to accept that death is the end. For years, he has obsessed with building a machine that will be able to restore life. I honestly do not see how that is possible, but I know my father is a genius. If any human on this planet could find the means to perform such a task, it would be him.

After the sun sets, I ride in our carriage with Father to the cemetery. We pass by Mother's grave. Just after her death, Father crafted a stone lissome angel with grand wings to stand above her grave. He told me this angel would watch over her as she rests. I gaze amongst the cross-shaped stones, wondering what Mother or perhaps God would say to us now.

We move along towards the last tomb, where the most recently deceased is placed.

"Wait here," Father says, bringing the carriage to a halt.

I nod and watch him tiptoe towards the tomb. I feel my nerves already agitated and my heartbeat accelerates. Once he returned father would have a human corpse in hopes of restoring its life.

"Hey you!" I hear a voice shout, followed by a clicking sound. "What are you doing there?"

I jump out of the carriage and try to go to Father, but I am not fast enough. The next sound I hear is a gunshot. The bullet goes right through my father's heart.


For the next several months, I dedicate all my time to my father's machine. I salvaged his body that night, as he is the only one I have desire to restore. Without Father's wisdom to guide my steps, I am lost. I must have him back.

I have not seen any other people during that time, aside from Will, who comes every so often to check in on me. I remain distant, knowing what most of the town thinks of my father.

I have made so many attempts with the machine. The body's limbs have severed from the electric shock so I had to sew them back together. The more time that passes, the more the corpse appears as an object rather than a human, but I do not let that stop me. Soon this body will have life once again. All this time, I have kept the body cold to preserve the brain. When it awakens, it will be my father.

Just as I begin to pull the lever, I hear a clamorous rap on the door. I try to ignore it but the noise is persistent. Dreadfully, I walk upstairs, out of the basement, to the front door and find Will waiting there for me.

The moment my eyes meet eyes, he kneels down on one knee, takes my hand, and asks, "Victoria Frankenstein, will you marry me?"

I let out a sigh. For some reason it just dawned on me that I have not brushed my hair in over week. I must appear disastrous now.

"Will, what are you doing?" I finally ask, nervously running my fingers about halfway through my hair.

He squeezes my hand tighter. "Victoria, listen to me. You need to move on with your life. Your father would want that for you. He would not want you to go on living here by yourself. I can give you a better life. It will be a new beginning for both of us."

"The townspeople will never accept me," I mutter, looking down.

"Then we will find a new town," he declares, passionately. "Boston is a grand city. I promise I will make you happy."

I shake my head, feeling tears emerge in my eyes. "I am sorry, Will, but I an unable to accept. I just can't leave right now. Goodbye."

I quickly shut the door before my tears begin to drip down even more. I then go back down to the basement and stand beside the table where my father's cold stiff body rests. I stroke my hand against the rough skin on his forehead, my tears dripping on his cheeks.

"I promise, Father, I won't rest until you are here with me once more," I whisper in a choked voice before pulling the lever one final time.

The electric waves travel through the probes touching Father's body, causing it to shake. Usually, after this moment, nothing happens and I realize I have failed. This time, however, as I am looking onto his face, his eyes flicker open.

I've done it.

"Father?" I say, gripping his arm. "Is it really you?"

He does not speak but instead groans. I try to help his sit up. He opens his mouth and continues his grunting.

"Father," I try again. "It's me, Victoria. Do you remember me?"

He moans, still unable to form words.

With the room so dark, I grab a candle from the wall and walk towards Father to get a better look at him. The light startles him, causing him to fling his arm across my face, knocking me to the ground, unconscious.


I awake on the ground in the middle of the night, my head sore. Without hesitation, I get up to look for father but find he has left the manor. I then get one of the horses and ride out to town to look for him. I just got him back. I will not lose him again.

On my path, I pass by the cemetery. I turn my head to look onto my mother's grave. I see the angel has been knocked over, now leaning on the stone in front of where it stood. It appears as though she is weeping.

I reach the town and demount my horse, tying it to the outside gate. I find the people are wide-awake and gathered in the streets.

"When there is no room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth!" the man leading their meeting hollers.

"This cannot go on!" another man from the crowd cries out. "Five people are dead!"

I spot Will in the group and make my way towards him.

"We must try to kill whatever is doing this!" a woman insists.

"They won't stay dead!' the leader states, roughly. "One was spotted. It was said, the creature appeared dead, yet still able to move."

My heart drops, hoping it is not what I think. Perhaps it is something different. After all, they are saying there are multiple creatures attacking.

I grab Will's shoulder and ask, "What is going on?"

Will looks to me, his eyes mixed with fear and sadness and whispers, "Five men have been found dead. Whoever did this tore their limbs apart and then attempted to put them back in place before leaving them."

I draw in a piercing breath and say, "I have to find Father."

"What?" he breaths, looking into my eyes.

"My father!" I repeat. "He's lost out here somewhere. He doesn't understand what's going on. I must get him back to the manor to safety."

As I brush away from him, Will follows me and demands, "Victoria, what is going on? What do you mean your father is here?"

I took in a deep breath and keep walking at an urgent pace, replying, "His machine works, the one I told you about that restores life. It works! I brought him back."

"Victoria…" he begins in a heavy breath, but appears unable to think of anything else to say.

We then hear scream, a woman's voice. I begin to run in the direction of the cry with Will close behind me. I can feel his breath on the back of my neck. The cries lead us behind a tavern towards the outer part of the town.

"This has to end!" Will pants as we rush to the site. "Who will survive and what will be left of them?"

As my eyes fall onto the gruesome site, I clasp my hand over my mouth. I find my father's awakened body, choking the life out of a young woman. I run over to him, but before I reach his side, the woman's head pops off like a cork, and the blood splatters out, I shriek.

"No!" Father moans, desperately trying to reattach the head on top of the neck.

"My God, it's him," Will utters in shock. "The people are wrong. It's not a group doing this. Its just him."

"Will, please!" I beg, walking back to him and taking his arm. "He's just confused. He doesn't understand what he is. Please don't tell anyone and I promise, I will take him home and keep this from happening again."

He remains silent, still in shock. I walk over to Father and pull him away from the dismembered body.

"Father, I need you to come with me," I say, quietly, feeling a sore lump in my throat. "It is not safe for you here."

"Why do they hate me?" he moans. "Everyone who sees me says I am a monster."

I stroke his cheek, as a tear trails down my own, and respond, "They just don't understand. Please, come with me. I can help you."

He agrees and follows me home.


For the next several weeks, the murders continue. I know Father does not understand his strength or just what it means to die. After all, he is walking proof against the aspect of death.

One night, I tell him this cannot go on. He believes I have turned against him like the townspeople and runs away. A week has gone by since I last saw him.

This evening, as the sun begins to fall, I walk through the wooden fence to the beach with a heavy heart. As I stroll towards the rocks, I hear a grunting noise. I walk between the rocks and find Father there, hovering above the pond I usually sit by.

"Father," I whisper.

He turns his head and looks at me with his strained eyes. "You call me father, but you are the one who made me. Wouldn't that make me the son?"

I kneel down beside him and say, "Do you remember anything before I woke you up that night?"

He crouches down, putting both hands on his head. "I don't know. I don't know anything!"

As I put my hand on his back, my eyes catch sight of a reddish shimmer in the water. I look past it and see more redness flowing by a rock across from us.

"Victoria," he utters, turning his stiff neck. "That is your name."

"Yes," I say, feeling the tears rise up. I try to pretend there is nothing by the rock and continue, "You do remember me, don't you?"

"I don't…" he begins, as he opens his coat pocket and pulls out a jewel. "I made this for you. You created me so I wanted to give you a gift."

I take jewelry in my hand. It is a necklace that was once my mother's. This jewel is meant to be worn tightly around the neck. The center has a green stone. I see my father enhanced this piece by adding a silver skull with a black jewel stone hanging on the bottom. I do not ask the meaning of this. He has also carved little creatures with wings, holding the green stone. I do not know if they are meant to be angels or demons.

"Thank you," I say, putting the necklace on.

The red liquid flows closer to us. I can no longer ignore it. I stand up and walk across the shallow pond towards its source.

"No!" Father pleads. "Victoria, stay here with me!"

I ignore him and continue. I gasp, finding the cold lifeless body of a young boy, blood gushing from his head.

"Father, what have you done?" I cry out.

He is wailing now as he speaks, "I did not mean to. We were only playing a game and then…"

This cannot go on. I realize now, Father will never be the same or able to live amongst the human race.

I walk back beside him, gently touching my shivering fingers against his arm.

"Father, please come home with me," I insist, trying to control the crack in my voice. "I can help you if you let me. Remember you said I am your creator? You must listen to me."

I walk him back to the manor. As we are walking up the hill, I spot a riot of the townspeople, stampeding towards our home, carrying torches and guns.

"Father, go inside," I say urgently, shoving him ahead. "Now! I will take care of this."

After he is inside, I stand in front of the manor, as the furious crowd approaches me.

"There!" a man points to me, stiffly. "She is hiding the creature! This whole time, this woman has been consulting with it. Look at her jewelry. She is the wife of the devil himself!"

"Please," I say, desperately to the people. "You do not understand. He never wanted to hurt anyone."

"That monster murdered my husband!" a woman cries out.

"And my son!" a man adds.

"And my sister!"

I know there is nothing I can do, accept for one thing. I walk over to the leader of the group and reach my hand out to him.

"Please," I say, reaching for his torch. "I brought him here. I will send him back, I promise. No one else will die."

He nods and hands me his fire. I dreadfully walk into the manor, as all eyes watch me in silence. I find Father in the basement. When he spots me with the torch his eyes widen.

"What are you doing?" he demands.

"I am sorry, Father," I choke out, dropping the torch behind me. "This cannot go on."

His eyes drop as though he knew this was going to happen. I can still see the fear lingering within.

As the flames burn, I walk over to him, taking both of his hands.

"You should go," he mumbles, still sounding frightened.

"No," I say, gently. "You don't have to be alone anymore. I will stay with you until the end and we will always be together."

I sit down against the wall as the fire draws towards us. Father lies beside me with his head in my lap. I stroke his head as the tears begin to drip down my cheeks.

Before the fire even touches my flesh, I feel the smoke clog within my lungs. Each moment that passes, I feel more of the life drain from me. Taking in my final breath, I lean my head against the wall and close my eyes, my hand still placed on father's head.



Several months passed since the death of Victoria Frankenstein. The towns people believed her body burned to bones along with the creature the night of the fire. They remained ignorant to the fact that her body was recovered that night.

Will had her body stretched out across the table in her old basement. Most of the house had burned above and one of the basement walls was mostly singed. Will managed to rebuild the machine Davidson Frankenstein once constructed. He spent the majority of his time devoted to reviving his beloved.

As he placed his hand on the lever, prepared to pull it down, he uttered, "Come back to me, Victoria. I will never love anyone else they way I loved you."

Fired with determination, Will yanks the lever down. The electric waves traveled through the probes, causing her lungs to lift.

"Victoria?" Will asked aloud in a hollow voice.

He placed his hand on her arm. At the moment, the eyes of Victoria Frankenstein flash open, reflecting the same color as the meadow green jewel resting on her neck.

The End

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