Walk through the lone hallway
Hearing only my breathing
As I creep my way forward
Trying to hear any ounce of sound.

A flash of red light
Appears behind me
As I quickly turn around
To see nothing but bleakness behind me.

Continue forward as red fog
Starts to encase my feet
Making my feet feel heavier
Movements turn to even slower pace.

See a black door
With light coming out of the crevices
A few feet away
As the red fog starts to climb me.

Heart starts to scream
As I start to hear growls behind me
But I keep moving toward the door
Putting my weary hands on the rusted door handle.

Open up the door
Expecting to see the sunlight
Yet just turn into a bright flashlight
That was dropped on the floor.

Red fog climbs up all the way to shoulders
As the room was barricade all over
With splashes of red painted in it
That I'll probably contribute to soon.

Close my eyes as red fog
Gets to my eyes
While growling is echoing in my ears
As slice of pain
Made me fall into an eternal abyss.