Let's Kill Maximus Slade

Dylan grunted when Rachel slapped him across the face. He blinked a few times and slowly sat up, moments before he groaned and held his throbbing head.

"Ow…the fuck happened?" Dylan asked.

"We're locked in! Help me break the door down!"

Dylan's memories gradually came back, and his eyes shot open. Rachel kicked at the door several times before she stepped back and let Dylan try to open it. Still wounded, Dylan threw his entire body into the steel door, and immediately groaned and held his left shoulder. As they tried to escape, they heard muted screaming and crashing not far from the room; they assumed the screams were coming from Boog. Rachel continued to kick the door after she heard the preteen's screams. After another thirty seconds, she and Dylan realized that Boog's screams abruptly stopped, and Dylan shuddered as he feared the worst.


"He's fine," Rachel quickly said, unsure herself. "We gotta get out of here!"

Despite his injuries, Dylan attempted to break the metal obstruction down again. He was about to kick the door when he looked near the table at the backpack the group stole from Toby's gang. Thinking quickly, he rushed to the pack and sifted through all the items. Then he exhaled with relief as he grabbed one of the miniature explosives and the slingshot.

"Good thing those cops didn't check our bag. Get away from the door. I'm gonna blow it open!"

Rachel nodded and moved away, only to frown when she sniffed the air and detected a strange odor. "Hey, you smell that?"

Dylan ignored his sister and promptly set the explosive down beside the door. He pointed the detonator at it and was about to set it off until Rachel grabbed his wrist and pointed the detonator away from the bomb. She sniffed the air again as she pointed the flashlight at the door and frowned.

"Rach, now's not the time—"

Rachel raised her hand and shushed him. Then she shined the flashlight down at the bottom of the door and saw a small gray cloud slowly coming into the room through the crevice between the door and the floor. Rachel coughed a few times and hurriedly grabbed the bomb, tossing it back over to Dylan. Then she panted and pressed her hands against the door, eyes dilating when she felt how warm the barrier was.

"Shit! Here, back away from the door and shine the flashlight at the window," she told Dylan.

Dylan stammered as he slid the small bomb, detonator, and slingshot into his pockets and grabbed the flashlight. He raised an eyebrow before looking at the smoke coming into the interrogation room.

"Oh shit. Is that what I think it is?"

Rachel panted frantically as she grabbed a metal chair and lifted it. "We're not staying to find out! We're gonna grab Boog and we're getting the fuck outta here!"

Dylan gasped when he heard something whooshing from the other side of the door. Two glass panes shattered, and Dylan had to cover his nose when more smoke seeped into the room. Rachel shouted as she swung the chair against the glass, listening to the metallic furniture bang against the glass. Nothing happened. She quickly moved her arms backwards before shouting as she swung it against the window again. It cracked. Dylan huffed and set the flashlight down on the table before he grabbed the other chair and helped his sister out. Together, the two of them grunted and shouted as they took turns swinging their chairs against the window. But the more time they took, the more smoke entered the room, making it harder for the siblings to breathe and see. Rachel was already coughing violently, and Dylan's eyes were watering so much that he had to pause just so he could he could rub off all the tears that had stained his face. Once the preteen finished, he exhaled and shook his head.

"C'mon, you fuckin' thing! ARGH!" Rachel shouted in frustration.

She swung the chair against the window three more times, cracking it so badly that the entire pane had shattered and looked like it was about to break apart entirely. Rachel lifted the chair one last time, ready to break the obstacle down. And then the window abruptly shattered on its own, sending hundreds of tiny shards all over the floor. Rachel screamed as she was knocked over, while Dylan was deafened by the sudden explosion of glass and backed away as he covered his ears. When he opened his eyes and picked up the flashlight, he screamed. Maximus was right there, his body beaten and bloody, and now covered in dozens of glass shards. The werewolf weakly growled as he tried to stand up, while Rachel moaned as she scooted backwards, her face and arms covered in broken glass. Her shirt and pants were torn by all the glass, and she was bleeding from multiple areas.

"OH, FUCK!" Dylan shouted.

Only armed with a silver fork, Dylan screamed as he charged for Maximus, ready to stab him in the skull. Maximus, fed up with the preteens' resistance, snarled as he used a burst of energy to lash out at Dylan, slicing right through his shirt and overalls. Dylan shouted as Maximus tore all the way through his skin, albeit he didn't cut through the flesh or bone. The preteen whimpered as he staggered and tripped over his sister, dropping the fork and falling on his back. All three of them were heavily wounded and desperately trying to stand. Rachel gasped and whimpered as she got on all fours, gritting her teeth as she pressed her hands against the floor, the glass shards crunching beneath her palms.

"Dylan…up…" she moaned weakly.

Dylan groaned as he sat up, his outfit now torn as he felt a few glass shards sticking into his overalls and shirt. Maximus drooled and growled as he looked at the two humans with his functioning left eye. He grinned at them, still desperate to devour their bodies. Rachel panted and shouted when she heard something explode outside the door. When she finally got to her feet, she peeked into the observation room on the other side of the broken window and noticed the door had been busted down. More importantly, she could see an orange light coming from outside the door, and more acrid smoke was pouring into the room. Coughing and covering her mouth with her arm, Rachel limped over to Dylan and grabbed his gloved right hand.

"C'mon…c'mon, we gotta go!"

But Dylan didn't feel like leaving. He scowled as he looked at the subdued werewolf bleeding profusely. "No…we-we finish this. We can end this—"

"Look at him! He's fucked, Dylan! If he doesn't bleed to death, the fire will kill him! Now let's go…" Rachel stopped so she could gag and cough from the smoke. "We gotta-we gotta find Boog!"

Maximus growled tenderly as he turned his head and looked at the glass-laden duo. "Oh…the Discount Freddy Fazbear? Hehe…he ain't coming…I like my prey extra-crispy, y'see…"

Dylan whimpered while Rachel stared at the werewolf with disgust. Maximus just lied on the floor and chuckled in a hoarse voice, spitting up blood and coughing between his laughs.

"You…you're lying," Dylan whimpered. "YOU'RE LYING!"

Dylan let go of Rachel and reached over the window frame. He shouted as the bits of glass still clinging to the window frame cut right through his gloves and hands. But Dylan ignored the pain and threw himself into the observation room, grunting as he fell on his back. He groaned and stood up while Rachel took the flashlight and glared at Maximus. She scowled as the beast glared at her, and then spat in his good eye, causing the beast to flinch. Panting and coughing, Rachel climbed over the window frame and regrouped with Dylan as he got back to his feet. Together, the two of them walked outside and ventured out into the corridor. Both of them turned to their left and shouted as they saw the flames quickly spreading around the building. The fire was so huge that neither of them could see the front entrance, let alone the door leading to the bathroom. Dylan sobbed as he walked forward and panted.


No one answered. All he could hear was the fire raging and crackling as more of the station began to burn. A huge wooden structure fell over, shortly before the roof creaked and a loud bang was heard. Dylan shouted as he backed away from the flames and shielded his eyes. He cupped his hands over his mouth and shouted again.


Dylan didn't feel like leaving, even as the flames crept closer to his shoes. Rachel grabbed Dylan's hand and started to pull him away, all while Dylan sobbed and felt tears running down his face.

"We have to go," Rachel pleaded. "Dylan—"

"No! We have to find him! He-he was in the bathroom…"

Dylan looked at the partially burnt sign in front of the bathrooms. He wailed when he discovered that the flames inside the lavatory were so high that the interior of the room was barely recognizable. All he could see were the flames; he couldn't even see a fraction of Boog's body or his bear costume. Dylan whimpered as he backed away and gasped.

"May-maybe he got out," he whined. "He could still be in here. He might still be alive!"

Dylan grunted as he wrenched himself free from his sister's grasp. He turned and went down a second corridor that hadn't been destroyed by most of the flames. Panting, the preteen opened up a storage closet, hoping he'd find Boog hiding until someone came to find him. He approached the break room as well, but by the time he started walking towards the door, the flames quickly spread and reached it before he could. Dylan coughed and backed away, struggling to breathe as all the smoke blinded him and filled his nostrils. All the glass and the bullet wound in his leg made it hard for him to keep his balance. Something else exploded inside of the building, causing Dylan to fall to the floor. He grunted as he landed face down, the sound of the foundation crackling and burning as the fire destroyed everything within the station. When Dylan got back to his knees, he grunted when he felt someone grabbing his shoulders.

"Dylan—" Rachel stopped talking and coughed so violently that she struggled to breathe. The teenager tried not to inhale so much as she hoisted Dylan onto his feet again. "We have to go."

"Boog…Rachel, he's still in here," Dylan sobbed, feeling tears running down his face again.

"He's dead, Dylan…I'm sorry."

"N-no," he said, still in denial. "He's just hiding—"

"He's dead! Now let's get outta here before we die too!"

Dylan didn't have the strength left in him to fight his sister anymore. He also didn't have the strength to keep going, so he just let Rachel drag him around in the station. As they walked, Rachel nearly stumbled over a metal instrument and swore as Dylan had to steady himself against the wall. She turned around and looked at the instrument, shocked to see that someone had left a massive machete just lying around on the floor. Once she picked it up, Rachel huffed as she dragged Dylan to the side of the building, where the two of them came upon one of the windows that hadn't shattered from the fire. Rachel stepped back before shielding Dylan from the glass.

"Cover your eyes," she warned him.

Dylan did as he was told, and Rachel gritted her teeth as she swung the machete against the glass four times. On the fourth strike, the glass shattered, and more oxygen rushed into the building. Rachel whimpered as she lifted Dylan off the floor and shoved him against the broken window's frame. He winced again as he felt the glass cutting through his clothing, but climbed outside nonetheless. Dylan grunted as he landed on the gravel and dirt, moments before another explosion sounded. Rachel used all the strength in her body to climb outside as well, and she fell down beside her younger brother. She quickly stood up and grabbed Dylan again, forcing him back to his feet.

"Go, go, go!"

The siblings got a few yards away from the building before a huge whoosh sounded behind them. A giant ball of smoke and fire shot out of the broken window, followed by a tremendous explosion. The explosion was so violent that Rachel and Dylan were knocked flat on their stomachs. Rachel dropped the machete as she and Dylan lied face down in the dirt. They remained there for a few minutes, still exhausted from everything they went through and all the smoke they inhaled. As both of them listened to the fire burning down the building, Rachel reached over and grabbed Dylan's right hand. The preteen moaned softly as he felt more tears mixing with all the dirt and grime on his face.

"Are you okay?"

"No," Dylan said softly.

Rachel didn't know how to respond. She continued to hold Dylan's hand and lied still as she listened to the wind blowing and the fire roaring behind them. Something thumped in the background, but neither sibling seemed to care about the noise at this point. Rachel exhaled as she felt the adrenaline leaving her body, and all the pain from her injuries began to sink in.

"I'm…I'm gonna try to find a car…we'll drive—"

Someone growled. Dylan and Rachel's eyes shot open as they went on alert. Rachel whimpered and slowly turned around whilst Dylan rolled over onto his back and sat up. Neither of them should've been surprised at that moment. And yet, they found it impossible. Even after all the beatings and stabbings he took, let alone all the blood he loss, Maximus Slade was still alive. They noticed that parts of his fur had burned off in the fire, and smoke was rising from the burn wounds. His right eye had been horribly mutilated and his body was laden with stab wounds. He was still struggling to stand up properly; even now the canine had to stop himself from falling to his knees. He grinned as he looked at the siblings and moaned softly as he bent down to pick up the machete. Then he took two steps forward, and the siblings held each other closely.

"You…you won't even run?" Maximus whispered.

Rachel looked around. All the deputies were dead. Mark and Boog were dead. There wasn't a single person around for over a mile. All they could see were a couple road signs, some telephone poles, street lights in front of the station, and a few vehicles that Rachel didn't have the keys for. There was nowhere to run. So Rachel just looked at the werewolf and blinked.

"Does it matter at this point?"

Maximus chuckled. "Suppose not…now. Just…you two…you stay…stay still. I'll make it quick."

Dylan's eye twitched as he looked at the salivating beast. He slowly moved his hand into his pocket, taking out his slingshot and a tiny device. Maximus opened his mouth wide, exposing his disgusting mouth. Before Maximus could react, Dylan set the object into the slingshot, pulled back on the rubber, and launched the object into the werewolf's mouth. Maximus spluttered, dropped the machete, and backed away, grabbing his neck as the object was lodged in his esophagus. He was so surprised by what happened that the beast inadvertently swallowed the object and exhaled. Maximus took his paws from his neck and chuckled as he looked at Dylan.

"Are you…are you serious? Out of…out of all the things you could do now…your primary concern is making my breath fresh. That's just…that is fucking amazing."

Dylan exhaled as he dug into his pocket again. And then he grinned when he pulled out the detonator.

"That wasn't a breath mint."

Dylan pressed the button. Maximus' eyes widened. Before he had time to react, there was a revolting, squelching explosion that tore Maximus' midriff apart. Blood and fat erupted from Maximus' torso and chest, leaving a giant puddle of vile fluids all over the ground. Bile, acid, and even fecal matter began to drip from the canine's exposed body. The bomb had ruptured Maximus' insides so badly that Rachel and Dylan could see his bones. Part of his spine was visible now, and his ribcage was now cracked and mutilated. They weren't sure if they could see his heart, but his left lung was partially exposed, and now had bone fragments lodged into it. A glob of flesh plopped down onto the ground as fetid steam hissed from the werewolf's bare body. He moaned gently, legs shaking, and took two steps forward. But even with his regenerating powers, it was too much for him. He fell on his back. Rachel and Dylan grunted as they stood up. They limped over to the wounded werewolf and looked down at his body.

"Fuck me…he's still alive," Dylan said with disbelief.

The siblings stared at Maximus with shock as the werewolf coughed up blood and exhaled. Then Maximus grinned widely and emitted a choking, guttural laugh. Fed up with the beast, Rachel crouched down and picked up the machete, breathing heavily. Maximus turned and looked at the teenager, still grinning.

"Ya havin'…ya havin' fun yet?" he asked weakly.

Rachel didn't answer with words. She gritted her teeth, raised the machete, and swung it against Maximus' neck. The canine gagged as the blade dug into his flesh. She lifted the machete and swung it again, cleaving the flesh. Maximus coughed up more blood as he felt his life slowly fading away. Then Rachel lifted the machete and swung it a third time, cleaving through the werewolf's neck so much that his head was almost completely off. Maximus stopped grunting and emitting noises, and his eyes began to close. But Rachel wasn't satisfied. She lifted the machete and grunted with her teeth grit, slicing through the last bit of flesh, skin, bone and fur that connected Maximus' head with the rest of his body. His head finally came off, and blood started to spill out the beast's severed head and the portion of his neck that was still intact. Even then, Rachel wasn't satisfied over what she saw, and neither was Dylan. So she started to hack at Maximus' head, grunting and snarling repeatedly as she swung the machete at his skull. All Dylan could do was watch with an emotionless face as the werewolf's head was torn apart with the giant machete. Rachel tried to chop the head in half over and over again, but the skull was too hard, and she was too tired to deliver a clean blow. When she realized that she cracked the skull far enough to reach the brain, she screamed and impaled the head with the machete, driving it through the cracked skull and into the pale organ.

Seconds later, her weariness overcame her, and her hands started shaking. Rachel moaned as she fell to the ground, suddenly shaking uncontrollably as blood and glass covered her entire body. She let go of the machete and screamed as vociferously as she could. Dylan thought she'd be laughing or sighing with relief now that the terrible beast was finally dead. But all she could do was sob. Dylan looked over into the police station, remembering that Boog was still inside, along with the deputies who at least attempted to save them from Maximus. The preteen found himself shaking too, and he sniffled as he felt hot tears running down his face. Dylan walked over to Rachel and hugged her from behind, and the siblings cried together as they remembered all the friends they lost that night.

"You ready?"

"Just give me a minute," Dylan said, his voice much deeper.

The teenager exhaled as he stood in the bathroom, looking at the outfit he was wearing. He had a red bandanna tied around his head and was wearing baggy black pantaloons and a dirty, oversized long-sleeved shirt that used to be white at one point. Dylan backed away from the mirror and straightened out his clothes again, grumbling as he tried tugging at his underwear. Then Dylan crouched down and tied his brown boots before standing up and sighing. Before he could walk out the bathroom, Rachel walked in, now dressed as a cowgirl with a large cowboy hat, dusty jeans and boots, and a loose-fitting vest.

"C'mon, sis, you couldn't wait? What if I had been shittin' in here?"

"Trust me, Dylan; I can hear you across the whole damn apartment when you're shitting."

The siblings chuckled for a moment, and then Dylan scratched his head, the bandanna irritating his shaved scalp. He coughed for a moment before setting his hands down on the counter. Dylan thought about saying something or teasing his sister on her outfit, but all he could do was stare at the sink. The teenager took a deep breath as he ran his fingers against the counter and blinked.

"You good, Dylan?"

Dylan swallowed. "Yeah, yeah. I'm okay."

Rachel walked over to Dylan and rested a hand on his right shoulder. "We don't have to do this, y'know. I'm sure people would be saying we're too old to trick-or-treat anyways."

Dylan snorted. "Tch! Right, like you're ever too old to get free candy. 'Sides, I missed out the last two years; think I should make up for it tonight. …I'm sure it's what Mark and Boog would want."

"No…Mark and Boog would want you to remember them by putting candy on their graves."

Dylan chuckled as he took his hands off the counter. "Yeah, and Boog's ghost would be all like, 'What is this mierda?! Your bitch-ass knows I don't like licorice!'"

Somehow, despite everything they went through, Rachel and Dylan ended up laughing together, still recounting some of the fun, playful banter they had amongst one another. Feeling better, Dylan exhaled as he stepped out of the bathroom and grabbed his fake sword and plastic bag that had a jack-o-lantern scribbled on the front of it.

"All right. Let's do this!"

Rachel laughed as she walked down the street alongside her brother. She looked inside her bag and snickered when she realized that the last owner they visited gave her a giant Gummi bear that weighed over two pounds.

"Are you serious?! Look at this! I don't think I can even eat this whole thing! Heh, seems like I'm done for the night; this'll keep me full for the next few days!"

Looking at Dylan, Rachel noticed that her brother was scowling as he looked inside his bag. "What's up with you?"

"That bitch gave me an apple," Dylan grumbled.

Dylan pulled out a giant green apple and held it in his hand. Anyone looking at his face would've thought he just tried to eat a lemon with salt sprinkled on it. Rachel laughed hysterically as she looked at the green apple, while Dylan blinked twice and grumbled.

"That is just…that's just perfect," Rachel said.

"She couldn't even give me an ambrosia one? Fuckin' shitty-ass green apple," Dylan snarled.

As a car slowly moved down the street, Dylan grunted and tossed the apple against the road. He heard a muffled crunching noise, and grinned with delight after he realized that the car just ran over the green fruit. Feeling better, Dylan and Rachel resumed walking through the neighborhood.

"All right, my bag's kinda full here too. We should head back to the apartment and get a second container—"


Dylan and Rachel screamed as someone appeared from a massive hedge and scared them. Dylan stumbled backwards and dropped his bag while Rachel stared at the beast in front of them with dread. The being who scared them was a giant shirtless black werewolf wearing tattered blue shorts. Blinking, the black werewolf chuckled and grinned.

"Hahaha…scared ya!"

"Fuck no," Dylan snarled, reaching for his pepper spray.

As Dylan stood up and took out his pepper spray, Rachel took out the Taser that she took from Dawson's house three years ago. The teenager and young adult scowled as they approached the werewolf.

"Oh shit. Whoawhoawhoa—hold up! Hold up! It's just a costume—it's fake!"

The werewolf reached up and grabbed his head. Then he grunted as he took it off, revealing a young adult with messy brown hair underneath it. The man looked at the siblings and chuckled.

"S-sorry…I didn't realize my costume was that realistic!"

Dylan and Rachel's hearts stopped beating so fast. Dylan slipped his pepper spray back into his pocket while Rachel lowered her Taser.

"…Costume?" Rachel said.

"How'd you get the mouth to move?" Dylan asked.

"Oh, that. Same way they did it in all them movies from the nineties. The body's a costume, and the head's an animatronic. Y'know, like in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? S'a real bitch to make, but," said the man, as he put the head back on, "I got it to work!"

The siblings took a huge breath and relaxed. Dylan covered his eyes and laughed with embarrassment. "I'm sorry man! Guess we're just a bit jumpy tonight."

"No shit. Still, what'd you guys think? That this was real? C'mon now; werewolves don't exist!"

"Pfft!" said Rachel, waving a hand. "Course werewolves don't exist! Everyone knows that."

The man chuckled as he walked past the siblings and waved to them. "Well, see ya! I'm gonna see who else I can scare with this!"

As the man in the werewolf costume walked away, Dylan and Rachel flicked their eyes at each other.

"Is that Taser on its max setting?" Dylan asked

Rachel took the Taser back out and adjusted its setting with a soft click. "It is now."


The two siblings resumed trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, albeit every now and then they would look over their shoulders, double-checking to make sure they weren't being followed by giant canines again.