I've managed to turn this into something that's probably too long for a poem

Still, it's inspired by rather real events… despite dripping in fantasy.

I wrote this after a sleepless night, after hearing about some random person in New York who I will vote for the time being as possibly the worse taxi driver in the history of non-functional New York taxi drivers.

Nobody who doesn't know me, would probably know what I be talking about with this.

Still, in all honesty, I thank the Lord

for making most caught criminals, statistically speaking, borderline idiots.

Not sure how that helps the victims of the more high-level criminals.

Still, I suppose, it's not my lot to question the dungeon master of this weird as all get out D&D game called… real life.

F it.

Allying with Ghosts, While Slaying Demons

What's a true Ghost? What's a true Demon?

He who knows, will tell you the tale

Have you sat and listened?

Have you prayed in Hell?

Head over to the Library

Walk across the planks

Maybe if you read a bit

You will understand

I headed to the Library

I exited to a Bar

I spoke to several sources

None of them can be confirmed

Demons and Angels

Who in hell gives an F?

What you got to sell me?

What's the price for a piece of your soul?

Demons and Angels

Devils and Gods

Servants to the Nameless

Heaven or hell

Give me all your money

I'll tell you quite the tale

Give me all your money

You're an idiotic mortal after all

Journey for discovery

Erase all your Self

This is the price for entrance

What OF VALUE have you got?

Allying with ghosts, while conversing with demons

Razing hell, while cuddling weaklings

Underworld hath no fury

Like the bored and furry

Princess Jasmine raised some tigers

Cats are my Patronus

All the djinns know about them

They eat only jihadis

How further down can you go

Than the seventh layer of hell

How funny is it

When Satan refuses your soul?

Dungeon is burning

Get out, get out

Which hell lord is laughing

Which souls get tortured by demons

To amuse misguided devils

Who want their prince in Vengeance?

Watch, the dungeons are burning

This was told to me by a demon

Watch, but don't touch the trellis

Warnings from a strange angel

Heaven hath no fury

Like the randomly errant crusader

Who spites the name of Thee?

Thee who prefers to remain Nameless

Dungeons are burning

Get out, get out

Hell, hath no fury

It's all by Heaven's Will

Give yourself to Glory

By voiding all your hopes

Heaven hath no fury

Against the all-knowing, ignoble fool

Name your price Nameless

Voldemort or what?

Hell, and Heaven don't have fury

Tis all the mortals' games