Chapter 1

"Elise!" Jenny Ottosen called out as she entered her sister's science lab.

Before long, Elise came rushing out to greet her. "Jenny! What are you doing here?"

"I've come to tell you the good news!"

The two women sat down on the sofa.

"Well?" Elise asked. "What is it?"

"I'm pregnant!" Jenny declared.

Her sister gasped and exclaimed, "That's wonderful, Jen! How long until your baby arrives?"

"Only a few months!"

"Wow," Elise leaned back on her seat. "Look at that. Only a few months, and I'm an aunt! I'm gonna have a… Wait, what gender is it?"

"The doctor is guessing it's going to be a boy."

"Awesome," Elise said standing up. "But surely you didn't come all this way to just tell me that. Here, let me show you what I've been working on here in the lab."

The women left through a door that led to a room filled with shelves that were covered in potions. On the left, there was a desk and chair, paper scattered all over it. Elise walked over to the desk and explained what she had been working on for the past few months, when suddenly, she swung her arm back a little to much and knocked a potion off from the shelf. It crashed onto the ground.

"Oh!" Elise exclaimed turning to the scattered glass. There was purple and green gas rising from it. "Oh no, we have to get out of here!"

Elise took Jen's hand and sprinted out back into the other room.

"If you breathed that in," Elise panted. "You could have been affected with chemicals, inside and out! It could have also affected your infant." she motioned to her sister's stomach.

"I think we'll be okay," Jenny assured her. Little did she know, that she had in fact inhaled the chemicals.

For the next few hours that late 2001 evening, the sisters caught up with each other's lives, and before they knew it, the sun was sinking beneath the horizon.

"Well," Jenny said slinging on her handbag. "I think it's time I should go."

"Say hi to Sven for me," Elise said as she showed her the way out. "and good luck with your baby!"

"Thanks, sis," Jen replied.

They exchanged hugs and waved goodbye.

Some time had passed, and a baby was born. Jenny and Sven were proud to be his parents. They called him Alf. Alf seemed to have a lot of energy for his age. He could already sit up when he was only a few days old, and Jenny remembered the chemical outbreak at her sister's lab. The chemicals must have affected Alf too when she was pregnant. The effects had grown severely in her. She figured that since she inhaled the chemicals directly, she must be suffering more than her baby. She was just thankful that he wasn't in pain.

Unfortunately, some days later, Jenny fell extremely ill from the chemicals. On the hospital bed, she would move around a lot. She had a lot of energy that she wanted to let out. But the doctors held her down. Soon after she fell sick, she passed away. Her husband Sven, was devastated. When Alf was about two years old, he and his father moved to Queensland, Australia.

"That's the full story," Sven told Alf as they sat on the couch in the living room that cozy evening.

They fell silent for a while.

Then Alf asked, "Was she beautiful?"

Sven nodded, "Very, inside and out. She always found a positive side to things. Even in her dying moments, she was smiling."

Their pet weasel, Crimson, curled his long, warm body around Alf's neck and shoulders.

"I wish I could have known her," Alf said, stroking the rodent's head.

"You would have been like best friends. You have her personality… and her great looks."

"Heh, thanks."

"Anyway, what do ya say we get some dinner?" his father suggested. "Take away? Dine in?"

"Well, it is Mum's birthday today. I suppose we should do something special for her."

"Take away it is!" Sven declared grabbing his shoes.

"You'd take any advantage you can get to eat, don't you?" Alf said, grabbing his father's wallet and giving it to him.

"Yep," he joked.

"I'm surprised you're not fat."

"Not yet I'm not. But Easter is right around the corner, so don't go thinking I'm gonna go on a diet anytime soon."

"Oh don't worry," Alf said over his shoulder as he headed for the garage. "I know you too well to think that you would go on a diet."

Alf got the keys for the garage and it slid upwards slowly.

"Alright, Alfy," Sven said, gripping his arm firmly. "Do your thing."

Alf nodded and with his super-speed that he inherited from his mother, he zipped out of the street towards the family's favourite restaurant, Eat Here or Else. He always wondered who came up with that name; probably some serial killer or something.

Sven held on as tight as he could as they raced by civilians, moving cars, and houses. About fifteen seconds later, Alf skidded to a stop in an alleyway behind Eat Here or Else. His father let go of his son's arm and bellowed, "WOO! That's never getting old!"

They walked out of the alleyway and into the restaurant. A bang dinged when the door was opened, which gripped the attention of the cashier. She looked up from her cell phone, quickly placed it under her desk and pulled a polite face.

"Hi," she greeted. "Welcome to Eat Here or else!"

'Hi," Sven replied. "We'd like a table for two please." he slid the money across the table to her.

She snatched up the money and counted it, then said, "Of course. That lovely man over there will show you to your table."

She motioned to a man with black hair drooped over one eye. His face was dark and he leaned up against a wall with his arms crossed.

"Hey Jake," Alf said, cautious not to make him snap. "Long time no see."

Jake shot him a deadly glare and motioned for them to follow him.

"Good old Jake," Sven whispered to Alf as they followed.

"I'm still not sure how he was hired…"

"The restaurant is called Eat Here or Else, Alf. This restaurant always finds a way to get more intimidating."

Jake stopped at a table next to a large window and motioned for them to sit. They seated themselves and Jake slumped away.

Sven grabbed the menu almost immediately after the employee had left.

"Now, let's see… What food do we have here?"

A waiter came and stood by their table.

"I'll just have the regular, thanks Fiona," Alf said.

"SO MANY CHOICES!" Sven yelled, then, seeing the glare from the waitress, lowered his voice and whispered. "Sorry, your restaurant just has such a good selection to pick from! Uhh, yes. I'll take the steak and lamb combo please."

Fiona nodded and turned to leave when Sven said, "Just to be clear, there is desert right?"

"Yes, after your main meal," she answered, then hurriedly walked away to serve the next table.

Soon, their meals were served to them. Sven was about to messily chomp into the meat but suddenly, police cars pulled up outside as their screechy sirens went off.

"Everyone, evacuate the restaurant!" called one of the officers.

"OH, COME ON!" Alf's father complained, slamming his steak on the table. "What is it now?"

Suddenly, a giant mutated looking being crashed through the doors. Customers ran out of the building, followed by most of the staff, except one. The mutant slammed his fist down where Fiona was about to run. He trapped her in with his buff body.


"We have to get out of here," Sven told Alf. "Now!"

"But Fiona!" Alf reasoned. "We have to help her!"

"The police have it under control. Now let's get out of here while we can!"

Alf nodded and vibrated his face with his super speed, making it impossible to indentify who he was. He grabbed his father and dodged around the mutant. Then, he let go of Sven and raced to the alleyway. Like greased lightning, he bolted back out in a dark blue, purple and orange suit.

"Where'd you get that-" his father started but was cut off.

"No time to explain. Someone's life is at risk."

"Don't you even think about-"

But before he could stop him, Alf bolted off, back to the restaurant. He ran around the mutant and stopped in front of Fiona.

"Grab my hand. Trust me."

Without hesitation, Fiona gripped onto him and he raced out of the way, just as the mutant was about to smash them both into the ground. He raced out of the building with her and she ran back with other staff members. Sven could only gape at what he just saw his son do.

Then, the police got out their guns and aimed them at the monster.

"Stand down, or we'll open fire!"

"HA!" he laughed. "You think I will yield to your puny weapons?"

Suddenly, he flipped over a police car like it was a toy and an officer dived out of the way, so he wasn't squashed.

"Open fire!" one ordered.

But the beast seemed to have bullet-proof skin, as it didn't harm him. It did, however, agitate him even more.

"ARRRG!" he roared. "PUNY MEN!"

He swiped his hand at them, but Alf grabbed the police and darted them out of the way.

"A SPEEDSTER?!" the monster said. "This will be even MORE fun!"

He stomped but Alf easily dodged.

"By the end of this," Alf muttered to himself as he dodged. "I'm either going to die from this monster, or be killed by my father."

"YAWN!" said the mutant. "Are you ever actually gonna try to defeat me? Or are you just too chicken?"

"I'll show you 'chicken'," the speedster muttered under his breath. He started running in circles in front of him.

"Oh, I get it," the huge mutant said, kneeling down to stare at him. "You're not a chicken. You're a dog because you chase your tail."

The lightning trail that followed Alf grew stronger. Suddenly, Alf stopped, while facing the mutant, and sent a powerful, surging lightning bolt flying straight at his forehead. It hit the monster with great force, and he fell backwards.

Seeing what he was doing, a police officer threw Alf a long rope. The speedster ran over to the giant who was regaining his balance, tied one end of the rope to something on one side of the restaurant and pulled on the other at the other end. The giant tripped on the rope and collapsed backwards.

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall," one police officer said.

By then, four police helicopters had arrived with one point of a big net attached to each. The police loaded the mutant into the net and the copters flew off.

"Great job out there, new guy," an officer said to Alf. "Looks like we have a new speedster in town."

"Oh, I was actually just passing through," Alf said. "I'm not a superhero or anything-"

"But he should totally be one!" Alf's father exclaimed coming up behind him. "That was so AWESOME! Just imagine, you, a superhero! Out fighting crime, and doing super stuff."

"Uhh, I'll consider it," Alf said to the officer.

Soon after, Alf and his father bolted home.

"How am I gonna be a superhero?" Alf asked as they came through the garage.

"You got powers! POWERS!" his father encouraged.

"I don't know how to fight!"

"Well you certainly knew how to take on that mutant!"

Alf shrugged and said, "Hey, aren't parents supposed to be protective? Why are you so open to this?"

"Eh, your mum would be more careful."

"Now I know why she married you," Alf joked. "You need some serious guidance."

Sven changed the subject, "So where did that suit come from? I've never seen it before."

"I guess I sometimes thought it would be a little epic if I was a superhero…"

"HA! So you admit it! You've always wanted to fight crime and save others!"

"Don't get too excited," Alf said seating himself on the couch in the living room. "I'll probably just stop bank robberies and stuff like that."

Crimson curled up next to him and Alf stroked his red fur.

"Hey," his father reminded him. "We didn't get to eat. TAKAWAY TIME-"

"NO!" Alf said, standing up. "Let's just see what's in the fridge. Please."