Chapter 3

"Well look at that," Sven said as he lounged on the couch. He had seen Alf on LIVE TV racing out of the burning forest with the family. "My son's a hero."

"Hey Dad," a voice said from behind him.

Sven swiveled around, "Oh it's just you, Alf. THAT WAS AWESOME!"

"Thanks," Alf said, slumping down on the couch with him. "Do you really think I can become a superhero?"

"If you put the effort into it. But all superheroes have to have some practice."

"Wouldn't we need special equipment or something for training though?"

"I guess so," Sven thought for a moment. "What if there was a school that was especially made for superheroes? It could have classes to teach young heroes everything they need to know about being a hero. That would be perfect."

"I doubt it."

"You could at least have a little faith."

Suddenly, an advertisement popped onto the TV screen. It promoted a school which was especially made for young superheroes called Cladstone Super School. It mentioned that it taught both the necessary subjects like every other school, but it also hosted sessions which taught other subjects such as flying, super-speed, strength and agility.

Sven elbowed Alf, "Told you so."

"Well, sign me up," Alf said immediately.

"Don't you want to get more information about it first?"

"It doesn't matter, as long I get out of this school."

"Don't worry. You'll be in there by next year."


Later that night, Alf slept knowing that he would soon be free from his current school. The main reason he wanted to leave was because of Don and the other teens who thought they were cool but weren't. The next day was Saturday. Alf was spending time on the internet, finding out more information about Cladstone Super School. He found out that when he signed up, the staff had to first check if he was a real superhero or not. He would have to prove he had powers. No biggie. The front page of the official website of the high school had a picture of some of the students that attended it. They didn't wear special school uniforms; instead they wore their superhero outfits. Alf agreed that they looked very snazzy indeed.

He also spent time improving his own suit. His father had told him that his mother loved to sew, so Alf thought he would give it a try. The materials it was made from wasn't the best, but it would have to do. Besides, the Cladstone Super School's website mentioned that they had a room where they would create a super suit for a student, or improve their current one.

Later on, Alf was fixing up a patch in his suit when suddenly, an explosion of light burst from the back wall behind him. He flinched and swiveled around on the couch. The orangey-yellow cloud of energy and lighting swirled around in a spiral on the wall. Then, out of the vortex, a person that looked around Alf's age came tumbling out of it. The person wore a suit that looked almost exactly like Alf's suit, except it was mainly orange, with blue lighting bolts on the sides, and yellow here and there. It also looked more advanced.

Alf stuttered, "W-what the-"

"You didn't see me," the other teen said as he looked up at Alf from behind the couch.

When the blonde-haired stranger looked up, Alf gaped even more.

"That's my face!" he exclaimed falling off the couch from his side. "What are you?"

"NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!" and with that, the person darted back into the vortex-like hole in a streak of neon-blue.

Alf tried to speak, but couldn't. Instead, he flopped face-first on the couch, speechless. He had no clue what just happened. Then, Sven entered the kitchen which connected to the lounge room. He opened the fridge and was grabbing a tub of ice cream and a spoon.

"Dad," Alf said, still face-planted on the couch. "Do I have a twin?"

"No," his father replied, attempting to be healthy by stuffing a sandwich in his mouth before devouring junk. "Of course not. Why?"

"Uhh…" Alf stuttered standing up and coming over to the kitchen bench. "Will you believe anything I say?"

"Yeah, of course."


"Yes, anything."

"Okay…" Alf paused before saying, "I SAW ANOTHER ME."

Sven blinked, then said, "Umm… I'm sorry, what?"

"He was just like me! But… blonde. His face was my face!"

"I've always wondered why your hair isn't blonde like the other Norwegians…"

"Yeah, I'm weird."

"Mhm, yes you are."

"Anyway, that's off the subject," Alf said.

"So, you saw yourself? But blonde?"

Alf nodded then added, "He came out of a portal thing."

Sven blinked again. "You know, you haven't had a checkup with the doctor for months…"

"It's true! He had a suit with the same details as mine, but the colours were the opposite to mine."

"Wait, it's not April the first, is it?"

Alf shook his head.

"Okay, then I believe you."

There was a moment of silence before Alf burst out, "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?"

"Don't ask me! You were the one who experienced it."

"Did I mention that he also had super speed, like me?"

"Huh, that's really weird," Sven thought for a moment, then concluded, "Maybe we'll find more about that later."

It was Monday morning. Alf had just arrived at school with the knowledge that it would be one of his last times here. If the school holidays didn't exist, he would still have a little less than two months to go. But that wasn't the case… and he couldn't be happier. He would soon not have to deal with Don and the other teens, and instead, work with other teenage superheroes! His mind was jammed with ideas of who he would meet at Cladstone Super School. Alf didn't know what to expect. There could be aliens with different coloured skin, super buff giants that could crush anything under his or her enormous feet, or maybe even speedsters like him!

As Alf sat in class that day, the teacher greeted everyone with a smile as usual. Don, like every other school day, was flicking chewed gumballs at random people. One student shot him a death glare and flung the gum back at him, receiving a high-pitched shriek from Don.

Alf was busy pondering of what it would be like in Cladstone Super School, when the teacher, Mrs. Kelly announced, "Today, class, I would like to introduce a new student."

A freshman came up to the front next to Mrs. Kelly. Alf noticed that he was quite under-average in height. He had brown skin and black, wavy hair that drooped down to his shoulders. He also wore a queer, brown headband. Alf overheard some girls behind him quietly giggling and mocking it.

"Please welcome to our class," the teacher said. "Omri Shafir."