Dear Anxiety,

Or should I call you by another name,
That is what doctors and GP's say,
Give you demon a name,
I don't know why,
I've never given you a name,
So what should I call you tonight?

Ron? Jacob? Will? Cameron?
Maybe another name from one of the villains and demons of my past,
Maybe it was one or all of these names,
That brought you into my life,

I do not know why you came to me,
But I remember the first time you took over,
Maybe I was 14 or 15,
You made a simple job seem like challenge,

That's when you took over,
Filling me from the core with fear,
Causing my heart to pound out of my rib cage,
To make me shake in fear of what might happen.
It was from that day forward that you never left my side.

If there was one question I could ask you it would be this:
Why did you come into my life?
Why have you caused me so much suffering?
It is because of you my life is ruined.

I blame you for some much that has happened to me,
All of the suffering I have caused my family and friends,
Because I can't be an normal 17 year old girl,
I can't pick up the phone and see if my friends want to hand out,

I don't know how much longer I can take having you in my life,
I am slowly but surely losing the war you have brought upon me,
If I do lose this war I can promise you this,
No matter how hard you push me down,
I am going to use all the power and strength I have to push back up,
You have made my new home hell,
Only time will tell if I can rid you from my mind,
Once I place my wish and throw it down the wishing well.

Goodbye for now,
The victim to Anxiety's evil hell.