Once upon a time there was a beautiful and colorful fish. This fish swam and swam, up streams, down streams, in Brooks and lakes, it swam all alone every day.
It thought that being alone was better because unlike the other fish, it could swim faster. As it swam up the stream it encountered a school of fish in single colors: red, blue, green and purple. As together they swam slower they laughed and sang. The triangle fish swam past them and heard a little bit about what they were talking about.
They talked about the new food they found and some shiny rocks. It swam so fast that it was not able to hear the other fish invite it to swim with them as well. Slowly slowly it became night and it found the shiny rocks the others were talking about. It placed each in a colorful circle around itself and talked to the rocks like they were its friends.
It talked to them about the long leaves it saw and the big and round shiny thing in the sand. The next morning the same single colored fish waited for the triangle fish to wake up and once it did it was very happy when they asked it if it wanted to swim with them.

It is better to swim slower with joy then to swim faster in loneliness.