The thief skirted through the shadows. He had heard that there was a priceless treasure, hidden in the labyrinth, and he would go to all costs to get it. The moon shone over the trench of water surrounding the labyrinth. That should be easy to get through, the thief thought. He jumped into the water am swam silently to the other shore. As the thief neared the labyrinth, a high, sweet song started up. He knew what this was. The song echoed through the air, luring him in. He tried to resist, but his feet carried him towards the entrance to the labyrinth. The thief stumbled through the passageways, forced to obey the magic woven into the song. As he reached the middle, a pit opened up under him, just as he was about to reach the wooden chest. Rendered motionless, the thief felt the life being sucked out of him. He struggled desperately against the magic binding him down, but it was too strong for him to resist. He sat there, eyes closed. What a hopeless way to die, he thought. And then the scrap of life remaining in the thief disappeared.