May 1, 2116

Just as I predicted, the Nazis have kicked into quintuple drive. They have declared a state of marital law in Illinois which will in their words, "will continue until the communist terrorists are utterly neutralized." The Nazis have imposed a strict nation wide curfew at 6 PM. Anyone who is on the streets will be shot on sight, if they are lucky. If not, they will be arrested and subject to torture on grounds of having "communist sympathies." In addition, they have given VF agents supreme authority to do whatever is necessary to weed us out. However, these new measure have had an unforeseen consequence. The VF have began to go out of their way to use their new found power to handle their personal business. For example, A VF agent pulled a guy out of a car and began mercilessly spraying him with mace. He said the guy supported communism, but rumor has it that the agent's wife had been cheating on him with this guy. Of course, no one intervened and the VF hierarchy doesn't give a shit. If that wasn't bad enough, incidents of rape have tripled. VF agents have a nasty habit of pulling over attractive girls and "interrogating" them, if you get my meaning. The worst part is if any girls actually file a report, they in turn are investigated for being "sympathetic to Communism". Keith Vernon himself has denounced these rape allegations as a "communist conspiracy." Jules and Taylor can't even leave the flat anymore, they're worried they'll get raped. We can't blame them. In unrelated news, Keith Vernon has declared catching me his number one priority. He has offered a $2,000,000 reward for my head and $1,000,000 for any information that leads to my capture. Man, you should've seen Vernon on TV the other night.

"I swear to you, I will find Tyler Finn, that Nigger lover. He is nothing more than a puppet of the Jews. I'm gonna cut his Shylock nose off!" Vernon shouted as his face turned as bright as a tomato. It was just so many insults and racial slurs, most of which I can't write. Keith Vernon must have called me every name in the book. You name it, he probably said it. However, the furher's tirade was actually a blessing in disguise for us. Ever since our creation, the Nazis have been playing us down as nothing more then a nuisance. The Nazi propaganda machine kept telling the people that our demise was not a question of if, but of when. Showing us as nothing more than a group of rag-tags was in the Nazis best interests. However, Vernon's rant destroyed months of brainwashing. If the leader of the Illinois Reich could get so mad at a loose group of co-ed's, we must be more of threat than they were saying. This has turned more people to our side and hopefully, we can get some foreign powers to back us up.

Now, for the good news. We have gained so many new recruits that we are not entirely sure how many comrades we truly have. All we know is that many new units have been created in the wake of our finest hour. Mr. Redd attempted to count all the members that the UIP now had and he told me that he had lost count at 1,000. We had shown our closeted comrade, the fence sitters, and even some of the wayward Nazis and Nazi sympathizers that the Illinois Reich could be hurt and if the Reich could be hit that hard, then surly they could be crushed. However, it is quite clear that we can not keep relying on terrorist tactics. We will eventually have to launch a full scale war on the Nazi system.