November 15, 2116.

I barely have the energy to think, let alone write. I am physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. For the last five days and nights, our column has tirelessly been battering at the Nazi garrison in Peoria. It was a necessary battle because the base is used as an experiment testing ground for military advances.

We originally thought that it would just be a matter of breaking through the city walls and gunning down every anti-Semite in our sight. What we did not count on was a regiment being sent back to Peoria. F├╝hrer Vernon finally grew some brains and realized that as he sent more troops to his neighbors, he didn't have enough to deal with us, now that the UIP has become a serious threat. As such, we intercepted a coded message from Aryan high command in Springfield that a regiment which had been previous been fighting the Iowan army in Sioux City had been ordered to abandon their campaign and return to Peoria because we were of pressing concern.

On the one hand, these new Nazi soldiers were weary from spending the last 9 weeks waging heavy war in Iowa, but on the other hand, they brought back weapons and artillery that we hadn't expected. That's why after 5 days and nights of fierce fighting, we were no closer to liberating the city then when we had begun. Eventually, we did break though and how it occurred was nothing short of ingenious.

I was meeting with my advisors to try and figure out a way to break the stalemate that we had found ourselves in. Suddenly, a comrade by the name of Dustin who had previous worked for the sanitation department in Peoria told us that the sewer system was connected all over the city. He had mesmerized the system and drew a map for us. According to him, there was a sewer enteramce near the outskirts where we were and an exit right next to city hall. We came up with a plan that if one us could go through the sewers and commit an act of sabotage, that could distract the Nazis and give us a chance to break through. Dustin explained to us that it was 5 miles from entrance to exit and that whoever went would have to crawl said 5 miles through urine, feces, and other waste. As a result, no one was jumping up to volunteer. One soldier did however. It was Jules. I was vehemently against her going on this mission, but no one else was willing to volunteer; so in the end, Jules went with a pistol, 2 Molotov cocktails, and a can of gasoline. We assured each other of our love and shared a kiss before she began her long crawl. Dustin estimated that it would take over an hour for her to reach her destination.

Meanwhile, we had to continue battering at the city gates to make it appear as though nothing had changed. True that be told, I was worried for Jules, but I had to block those thoughts out of my head and continue running the battle. Eventually, after 2 more hours of fighting, we heard shouts of FIRE within the city. The commanders must have assumed that we were sneaking soldiers into the city and dispatched half of their troops to city hall. With this development, we made one final push and we finally overwhelmed the Nazis. Our Coleman broke into the city and in the confusion caused by the burning of Peoria's city hall, we slaughtered many more Nazis and even took a few prisoners. My heart was overjoyed at the victory we had attained and even more so when I reunited with Jules. She was filthy and smelled like shit, but she looked proud and I was proud of her. She had helped us liberate Peoria and stoke a decisive blow against the Nazi government.