Clodhopper the Invincible

by Seudonimo Voldeminty

Clodhopper began letting down the ship's boat before even the first shot was fired over the railing of the Golden Finch, ignored and unchallenged in the scuffle and bustle of the ship as the crew lined up the cannons and began readying their own weapons.

If anyone of them noticed the poor ship's boy in his activities, they did not call him out on it; after all, while it was obvious what Clodhopper wished to attempt—that is, to set out in the ship's boat in order to board the pirate's ship Firefly—and while it might have been called desertion under different circumstances and for more important people, no one would have ever called Clodhopper a deserter.

To them, he was just a pawn, a player thrown between two forces in a fight to the death, and as such, no one cared about him (half-witted ship's rat as he was)—for whether he was on one side or the other, it did not matter one jot to anybody, certainly not as both ships' occupants engaged in fighting for their lives; and so was the insignificance of Clodhopper, the traitorous ship's boy, before he thence became known as Clodhopper the Invincible, the cleverest, most fearsome pirate of all the known world's seas.