Behold the model standing here,
Glazed with a makeup of pride,
Posing proudly in front of the mirror.
A smile so long and wide.

Behold the model standing near,
Slowly turning side to side,
Startled by a vision from the mirror.
A smile becoming dry.

Behold the model standing clear
Away from line of sight.
Unable to stand what's in the mirror,
She smashes it with all her might.

Shattered, yet still it shows clear
Her unhappy posture despite
How many times she crushes the mirror,
In the fury of her smite.

Behold the beauty standing here,
With more cosmetics applied,
Posing no more in front of the mirror,
But with a smile so wide,

She holds her phone near,
With filters to override
Any blemishes shown in the mirror,
Or anything that can make her cry.

But even with lens so clear,
Batteries still do die.
Once again, she stands here
Beholding beauty in her eye.