A Servant's Heart

Chapter 1: Mutants

Mutants. They've been hated for generations and will continue to be hated for many more. Some mutants hide in plain sight, pretending to be normal human beings, while as others stay in hiding and away from the normal people of the world. One whole civilization of mutants live in a secret city located in Israel. The city was built away from any contact with the outside world. These mutants all have the same ability, to generate different forms of energy through orbs. They use their abilities to shield their city from the world and defend themselves from any threats. These mutants lived in peace until a normal human being penetrated the walls of the city and changed everything.

The leader of the mutants, Lavi Shafir and his wife, Lital Shafir were about to have a baby. Unfortunately, at that time Lital had fallen very ill. The mysterious illness stopped her powers and threatened her life and the baby's life. Lavi was by Lital's side the whole time, helping her stay strong. No one knew if the baby was going to survive or not. After a few days, Lital began slowly healing and the chances of the baby surviving birth increased. A few weeks later and the day had finally arrived. A healthy baby boy was born. Unfortunately, the illness Lital had while pregnant caused this baby to be born without the powers everyone else had. This made Lavi and Lital decide to never reveal the boy's powerlessness to anyone. They were too afraid to take the chance. If the citizens didn't except their son he would be cast out of the city forever, so they kept it a secret. Even from Omri himself.

"עמרי! בוא לכאן בבקשה! (Omri! Come here please!)" Lital called out to her son who was talking with his two best friends, Keshet Leeba and Akiva Amos. Years had past since Omri Shafir's birth and he was now ten. Omri excused himself from his friends and ran over to join his mother and father. "כן אמא? (yes mum?)" Omri asked.

"למעשה זה אבא שלך שרוצה לדבר איתך . (Actually it's your father who wants to talk to you) " Lital gestured to Lavi.

" עקוב אחרי הבן. (Follow me son.)" Lavi took Omri's hand and led him up to the top of the mountain they lived on. "עמרי, אני אחראי לכל דבר ולכל העיר הזאת, אבל יום אחד אני לא אהיה כאן. אתה מבוגר מספיק כדי לדעת שיום אחד אתה צריך לקום ולקחת את המקום שלי לא משנה מה אנשים אומרים. (Son, I'm responsible for everything and everyone in this city but someday I won't be here. You're old enough to know that someday you need to rise up and take my place no matter what people say.)" Lavi looked down at Omri who was staring into the distance saying nothing as usual. "אני מגן על אנשי העיר הזאת. אף אחד לא נכנס ואיש לא יוצא. (I protect the people of this city. No one comes in and no one goes out.)" Lavi finished. Omri continued to stare over the horizon. "מה יש שם?. (What is out there?)" Omri asked, curiosity flowing through his mind.

"שום דבר טוב. (Nothing good.)" with that Lavi grabbed Omri's hand again and led him back down the mountain. Omri didn't hesitate, he followed his father down the mountain constantly thinking about what could possibly be beyond the boundaries of the city. He had to find out.

That night Omri decided to find out what was through the boundary so he crept out of the house and ventured to the edges of the city. Everyone inside the city could see where the boundary was but everyone outside the city couldn't see the boundary for it was hidden. Omri reached the edge and stared at it for a while deciding whether to take the risk or not. The boy was about to step out of the boundary when someone came up behind Omri making him jump. "עמרי, מה אתה עושה? (Omri, what are you doing?)" Shalev asked standing behind her grandson. Omri said nothing, he had always been a quiet kid. "אתה לא יכול לחצות את הגבול. אבא שלך יכעס. בואי נחזור למיטה. (You can't cross the boundary. Your father would be furious. Come on let's go back to bed.)" Shalev took Omri's hand and pulled him away from the boundary. Once again Omri didn't hesitate. One day, Omri would cross the boundary, and no one would stop him or pull him away.

3 years later. Omri was now thirteen years old. He hadn't changed much. He still didn't talk a lot and he still wished to go beyond the boundary. Omri was watching his father train using his powers. Omri had always wondered why his powers didn't come when he was born and why he still didn't have his powers. " (You'll get them someday. I'm sure of it.)"Omri's mother always told him. But when. When would he get his powers. Omri's thoughts were interrupted when he heard trumpets blasting from the top of the highest mountain in the city. "חצוצרות הקרב! מישהו פרץ את העיר שלנו! (The battle trumpets! Someone's breached our city!)" Lavi shouted grabbing his sword and preparing for battle. "עמרי! לך למצוא את אמך! (Omri! Go find your mother!)" Lavi commanded. Omri nodded then ran off to find her. He ran through crowds of gathered warriors who were coming up with attack plans. Strange 'bang' noises were heard throughout the city, disturbing the peace. "אמא! (Mother!)" Omri called out waiting for a response. He made it to the house where he found his mother hiding. "עמרי! בואי הנה והתחבא. (Omri! Come here and hide.)" Omri did what he was told and squeezed in the hiding place next to his mother. From their hiding place, Lital and Omri could see the raging battle. They weren't too far from all the action. Warriors on both sides were falling. Omri could see his father commanding the warriors. Many loud bangs were heard but none were as loud as the one aimed at Lavi. Omri heard the 'bang' and saw his dad fall just like the warriors who fell before him. "אַבָּא! (Father!)" Omri screamed as he ran out of the hiding place and to his father's side. "עמרי לא! (Omri no!)" Lital called out but Omri didn't listen this time. "אַבָּא (Father.)" Omri cried softly on his father's chest.עמרי. תקשיב לי. לָרוּץ. אתה צריך לרוץ." אתה בסכנה. לא משנה מה. לָרוּץ. (Omri. Listen to me. Run. You have to run. You're in danger. No matter what. Run.)" with that Lavi closed his eyes and drifted away. "אַבָּא. אל תעזבו אותי. (Father. Father do not leave me alone.)" at that moment Lital grabbed Omri's arm and dragged him away from the dangerous fight. Tears ran down Omri's face as he was taken away from his father and back to safety. They stopped running. Lital was tearing up and was about to tell Omri to never run out into a fight like that again, but before she could Omri grabbed his mother and hugged her tightly. Lital was just as devastated as Omri and tried to calm him."זה בסדר עמרי. הכול יהיה בסדר. (It's okay Omri. It will all be fine.)" she cried, her soothing voice slowed Omri's infinite tears. Omri's father was gone and there was nothing he could do about it. All Omri could do, was cry. For now.

To Be Continued...