Chapter 1

Simon Young's life in Bluesburg

It was a sunny day in the small sleepy town of Bluesburg. That is located in Kansas. And currently on 21st Street of the small town was a 21 year old Police Officer named Simon Young.

He had Brown Hair and brown eyes and was wearing a dark blue police uniform. His job with the Bluesburg Police department was giving parking tickets, chalking tires, and stopping street fights that occurred some times.

But Simon hated the fact this was his only job because it was his dream to solve Mysteries and become a detective.

While giving a parking ticket to a car the owner walks up to him in a bad mood. He was a Black man with blue jeans and a dark green T-Shirt. "Hey man what do think your doing here?" Said the man.

"I'm giving you a parking ticket; you are parked next to a fireplug." Simon announced firmly.

"I was only here a few minutes man. Come on give me a break officer man." The man thundered at him. But it was too late Simon had already made out the ticket. When you make a ticket you can't take it back.

"I'm sorry sir. But I have to give you this ticket. I can't always let people off the hook. Do you understand?" Simon answered. He rips the ticket and hands it to the man.

"Yeah sure whatever. Thanks a lot man." The man said taking the ticket. The man then gets in his car and drives off. Simon then starts to head back to the police station.

When he passes the Diner he sees his best friend Matt James, who was also a police officer. Matt gives Simon a friendly wave and then he walks out of the Diner to talk to him.

"Hey Simon what's up?" Matt said in a cheerful voice.

"Nothing just doing this boring job I have." Simon thundered. They both then start to head back to the police station.

"Oh come on Simon cheer up. Maybe if you talk to the Chief maybe he can get you a better spot on the force. How do you think I became a corporal on the force." Matt assured him. Simon smiles at him.

"Well you do have a point there. I'll talk to him in the morning right now I have to go chalk a few more tires." Simon decided.

They then both laugh. They say there goodbyes to each other and then head in different directions.

The next morning was on a Thursday and it was a partly cloudy but the sun was shining. At the police station Simon goes see the Chief of the Bluesburg Police Department Chief O'Casey.

"Let me get this strait Simon you want me to give you a promotion? Because you don't like the one I gave you. Why?" Chief O'Casey asks firmly.

"Listen Chief. Ever since I was 8 years old I always wanted to solve mysteries and become a police detective. I use to do small mysteries with my friends and that use to prove I could do this kind of work. Please Chief give me a try." Simon said begging his chief. Chief O' Casey then has a heavy sigh.

"Well Simon alright. I don't have any new mysteries right now. Because we haven't had one in over 2 weeks. But when one comes in I will put you on that one.

If you solve it I'll give that promotion and you'll do you dream job. But if you can't solve it you'll be doing your nightmare job and giving tickets in till you're an old man." Said Chief O' Casey.

"Thanks Chief for this chance." Simon said cheerfully.

"Don't thank me yet. Now I need you get back to work you have tickets and tires to chalk." Chief O'Casey said in a mocking voice. Simon rolls his eyes.

"Yes Chief." Simon remarks sarcastically. He then walks out of his office. After Simon walks out Chief O'Casey starts laughing so hard he falls out of his chair. Simon then walks out of the police station to go back to doing his stupid job in his mind.

It was a clear afternoon. Simon was writing out a ticket for a car parked in a No Parking Zone next to the Bluesburg Grocery Store.

Just when he printed the ticket the car owner walks out of the Grocery Store. He was a regular white man with blue jeans and a black shirt with a white stripe on the left side of his stripe.

"Hey officer. What do you think your doing?" The man cried angrily. Simon then looks up at the man.

"I am giving you a ticket. Because your car is parked in a No Parking Zone." Simon stated to the man firmly. The man then walks up to him with a very angry face.

"Cancel that ticket. I will not be humiliated like this. Because if you don't I will have to knock you down." The man said in a threatening voice.

"You know what your doing threatening an officer of the Law. If you lift your hand I will arrest you." Simon said. They man lifts his hands and tries to punch Simon many times.

"Come on! Put up your hands and fight!" The Man yelled. Simon then gets behind the man and grabs his arms. Simon slams the man on the car and puts his hands behind his back.

He takes out his Handcuffs from his gun belt and puts them on the man with his hands behind his back. Simon grabs him and takes him to the police car that Simon was using.

Simon then drives back to the police station. He takes the prisoner inside, makes a report about the incident and takes him to a cell.

The prisoner paid bail to Simon and was to be released the following afternoon. While Simon was in the Test Lab a man holding a clipboard walked in.

"Officer Simon. Here's the report on the man you brought in." The officer told him. Simon then takes the clipboard from the officer and takes a look at it. It says on there that the man was wanted by the FBI. And the man was a huge law breaker. Simon was shocked on what he was seeing on the classified report card.

"Ah hah, that's why he was mad at me. he was wanted by seven states. Thanks sergeant." Simon said relieved.

"Sure thing." The Sergeant said. He then walks out of the lab.

That night right after work Simon was going on a date with his Girlfriend Laura Michaels. Who has been going with him since High School. After a short drive through the town with his Yellow SS Camaro that he had bought when it was a year old. He makes it to her apartment. He walks up to the door and then rings the doorbell. A minute later she opens the door. Simon walks in. "Hey." Simon said to her. Laura had long brown hair and blue eyes and was wearing a blue dress.

Laura greets him "Hey." Simon takes his hand away from behind his back and in his hand was a medium box of chocolates.

"Sweets to the sweets." Simon replied. He then hands her the box of chocolates. It was a small box with the Carmel and nut candies. The one that Laura didn't like, but she didn't mind.

"Oh thank you Simon." Laura said happy. She then kisses Simon on the cheek. They walk over to were the couch is. "Oh by the way how was your day today?" Laura asks.

"Don't ask." Simon stated quickly.

"That bad huh?" Said Laura. Who was pouring some lemonade for them.

"As bad as it looks. While I was writing a ticket today the man was getting really mad and tried to fight me and I had to finally put handcuffs on him and take him to jail. But don't worry they'll let him out soon." Simon said explaining. "Amazing isn't it?"

"You bet that is kind of scary to have to do that. Well, you ready to go?" Laura asks him.

"Alright then let's go." Simon concluded. They head to the Diner to eat. It was a old fashion 1960's Diner. The owner of it was Thomas Bellow who knew Simon when they were 8 year's old. When they get there Simon and Laura get a booth next to the main window.

When the waitress came Simon orders a Cheeseburger with fries and gets a Orange Soda. Laura orders a roast beef sandwich with chips and a Iced Tea. While there they talk about old memories here when they were teenagers. After about fifteen minutes the waitress brings out the food and drinks.

While Simon and Laura are at the Diner eating Simon just remembered something he wanted to tell his Girlfriend Laura about.

"Oh Laura I almost forgot to tell you something. Here take a look at this." Simon requested. He then pulls out a poster and hands it to her.

And on the poster was a picture of race cars racing each other into the turn. It says on it:

Grand Prix League This Weekend in Bluesburg! The Grand Prix League will be coming to Kansas to do three races on May 6th, 7th, and May 8th. Ten out of Thirty Five Grand Prix Racers will be coming to Race. Food will also be served there at your request. T-Shirts and Hats will be sold there as well. And so we hope to see you there. If you would like to buy tickets you can call 455-596-8130 for more details or to buy tickets


"A Grand Prix coming to Bluesburg? That's amazing. And it's this weekend too." Laura said in an exciting mood.

"I know right. And I was wandering would you like me to take you to it. After all I have this weekend off." Simon told Laura.

"I'd love to go with you Simon." Laura said in a quick flash. After they finish eating they drive back to her apartment. After a short drive they finally make it. Simon then walks her back to her door.

"Okay so I'll pick you up at 12:00 to take you to the Grand Prix alright?" Simon asked.

"Great. I'll see you then." Laura concluded. She then kisses him on the cheek and then walks into her apartment.

Simon then walks over to his car and heads back to his small house on 34th street that he had gotten when he was able to pay for it when he was 20. After a short drive he makes back to his house.

And it was not dirty like a pig sty it was very clean because Simon cleans it everyday before he goes to work. After he parks his car he walks in and starts to get ready for bed such as getting his pajamas on.

After that he makes a pot of coffee and turns on the television to see what was on because it was only 10:30 pm. Simon some times watches the late show they have on at this time. While watching he sees a commercial for the Grand Prix with the phone number and with all the details for the race.

After a short minute he hears the phone ringing that was on his kitchen counter. He walks over to it and picks it up.

"Hello." Said Simon. And the caller had his voice covered with his hand to hide the voice. That seemed odd for the caller to be doing that. Simon Thought.

"Is this Simon Young?" The voice on the phone said.

"Yes." Simon answered.

"I'm telling you stay away from the Grand Prix and mind your own business or you and your Girlfriend will be harmed." The Mysterious caller said. The caller then hangs up.

Chapter 2

The Sabotage at the Grand Prix Practice

Stunned from the phone call. Simon puts the receiver down shocked from what he heard from the strange caller. How did this person even know I was taking Laura to the Grand Prix this weekend? Where is this guy getting all his information He thinks to himself.

He then picks the phone again and dials Laura's phone number. After a minute waiting for her she finally answers. "Hello." Said Laura who was speaking like she just woke up.

"Laura it's me I need to talk to you its important." Simon said in a very strait voice.

"Its 11:00 it better be good because you just woke me up." Laura remarked.

"I'm sorry but listen, I just got a phone call from someone telling me and you to stay away from the Grand Prix and mind our own business or we'll will be harmed." Simon said explaining. Laura then straitens up after he says it.

"Really? Do you think this guy is serious about what he said on the phone or do you think it was a joke by some crazy jokers?" Laura asked curious.

"To be honest with you I don't know. I'll have to check it out tomorrow when I go to the police station well maybe if I have the time at all. But I do know one thing he or she does not want us to go to the Grand Prix." Simon concluded.

"Well when we go we better watch are steps because this could be a dangerous weekend and possibly a nightmare for the both of us." Said Laura.

"Hey I got an idea. Since I have the day off tomorrow other than the morning maybe we can go watch the practice and the Qualifying in the afternoon then we can watch the night race. How about that?" Simon Asked.

"Terrific! So you'll pick me up at 12:00?" Laura asked.

"Alright see you then." Simon said finishing.

"Okay bye." Said Laura. They then both hang up. Simon turns off the TV, puts his coffee cup in the sink, and heads to bed. But Simon can't sleep a wink. I still don't understand how that person knew I was taking Laura to the race. It's possible something might happen at the race this weekend or else that person might not have called. I still can't believe that someone would try to hurt me or Laura. I know something's wrong with this. This thing already doesn't make any since at all. There is nothing to go on except the Grand Prix. Simon thought.

After hours of thinking about the threatening phone call and a plan on what to watch out for at the Grand Prix Simon finally falls asleep.

The next morning was on a Friday it was a clear day with the sun shining down. For Breakfast Simon has Waffles, Cereal, Apple juice, and some Coffee.

After he finishes Breakfast he gets into his shorts and his red shirt. He puts on his gun belt and his thirty eight, gun along with his handcuffs. Because he had to stay on duty no matter where he went except for when he goes out of town. And Simon thought it was best to be prepared in case of an emergency. And then puts his badge on his shirt. He gets his baseball cap and his sunglasses and walks out of his house. He gets in his car and heads to the Police Station.

Simon then goes to his area in the police station to do some paper work just in till twelve o' clock. He was filling out a report on the incident with man who tried to fight him. Then he filed a Confidential and Classified report on his phone call he got last night. Simon was not prepared to tell Chief O'Casey about the phone call because it was not a big enough thing to report about.

After he finishes he heads to Laura's apartment. When he pulls up Laura is already waiting. She was wearing blue shorts and a green shirt and had black and blue sunglasses. They then head to where they are doing the Grand Prix. After a ten minute drive they make it to the race track were they are doing the races. The streets were closed down with fences up for the track. They had big Haulers for the Grand Prix Cars.

They had all there gas cans and tires set up. And there was drivers going in different directions on the pit road. There was a few vendors were set up with tickets and the other was selling T-Shirts and hats. A third tent was set up with grills and ice machines that were holding all the drinks. They park the car, get there tickets and passes and head to there reserved seats.

Currently the practice was going on. All 10 cars were on the track getting ready for the one night race of the weekend. After a short walk they make to there seats. Simon and Laura sit in there seats with a Hot Dog and a Soda in there hands that they had got before they went to there seats. While they are sitting down three out the ten cars pass them doing there Practice Laps. "You Know I think this will still be fun even though it is not a race." Simon said in a positive voice.

"And since we both have the day off today we were probably going to be bored all day. And you would have been stuck chalking tires and having to give out tickets." Laura assured him. Simon smiles at her.

"You know you do have a point there. I thought that phone call I got last night was going to make you not wanna come." Simon said. Laura then looks at Simon in a strange way.

Laura then looks at him strangely. "Why would that threatening phone call you got stop me?"

"I don't know." Simon embarrassed. Why should we not have come and miss out on something that will only happen once a year. Simon Thought

"Well Simon with or without danger I'm still going to enjoy this weekend with you." Laura assured him. Simon smiles at her. Simon puts his hand on Laura's hand.

"That's the spirit. So we'll just enjoy ourselves here and not worry about that stuff you were talking about. Okay?" Simon said in a cheerful voice. Laura then smiles at him. He then takes his hand off of hers.

"Alright Simon." Laura said in a happy voice.

They then sit back in there chairs and watch all the Grand Prix cars pass bye each lap they were doing. But after a while some of the cars came to the garage because they finished the practice early. But Simon noticed something about what they cars doing on the turn. Two of the cars that went by were swaying to the left and right. And three of the cars were driving deep into the corner. Laura then looks at Simon with a curious face.

"Simon how come those cars keep swaying and driving in the corner a lot? It looks like there going to crash each time they do that." Laura asks in a curious tone.

"Well let me explain it to you. You see when they sway left and right that means that there either extremely loose or a little loose. Sometimes they crash sometimes they don't. And when they drive deep into the corner of the left turn that means they are either Extreme tight or a little tight. It's kind of rare for cars the are driving tight to crash. But when they are on Pit Road they can make adjustments to the car to make it stop making it tight or loose. Do you understand?" Simon said explaining.

"Yeah I think so thanks for the explanation." Laura said a little confused.

"Oh yeah sure anytime." Simon replied. As they continue to watch the practice. As a matter of fact they were sitting were could see the Pit Road and they can see one of the turns after the straightaway.

As they continue to watch they all of a sudden hear a radio talker speaking to the entire crowd there.


Suddenly the 13 car that was driving on the speedway loses all 4 of his tires. They just all come off at the same time. The 13 car spins out of control hits the wall very hard. Harder than anything before in the racing world.

Then it finally comes to a stop but the car engine starts on fire. Simon and Laura then get up from there seats.

"Simon did you see that! The four tires just all came off at the same time." Laura cried out.

"Yes I know." Simon answered. Grabbing Laura's hand. "Come on!" Simon shouted. They then start to run towards the accident.

Chapter 3

The Events of Friday nights Race

As the friends continue to run towards the location of the accident already the fire engine and the ambulance have already put out the fire. And the Driver Johnny Ruby was out of the car uninjured. After a long run to the turn Laura and Simon finally make it to the scene of the accident. They open the gate door and walk over to where the car was sitting.

"Hey you two, no Tourists allowed on the track." Said the man said. Who was with the Crew Chief, Driver, and the President of the Grand Prix league. Laura and Simon then walk over there to where they were standing.

"My name is Simon Young, I came to help out." Simon told the people.

"Even though you came to watch the race. Thank you for coming anyways. My name is Mr. O'Conner this is my assistant Mr. Acme." Mr. O'Conner said shaking Simon Young's hand.

Then after he let's go of Mr. O'Conner's hand Simon then shakes Mr. Acme hand. Mr. O'Conner was a kind of a short person who had black hair and green eyes. Mr. O'Conner was wearing a light blue suit with a red tie. Mr. Acme was sort of a big man with black and brown color combined together.

He had scary dark blue eyes. Johnny Ruby was a short person who had short blonde hair and red eyes.

"This is My Girlfriend Laura Michaels." Simon said introducing Laura. Mr. O'Conner then shakes her hand.

"How Do you do Ms. Michaels." Mr. O'Conner with a grin on his face.

"Now Mr. O' Conner." Simon said quickly speaking up. Simon then walks over to the car. "So do you think someone tried to take apart this car on purpose Mr. O'Conner? Because this looked like someone made the tires come off." Simon stated to him firmly. Mr. O'Conner then looks at him with a strange look.

"How can that be? No one can just make one of these cars just make all of the tires fall of at the same time that's never happened before." Mr. O'Conner stated.

"Well the fact is they did all come off at the same time. And someone did sabotage this race car. I don't know why. But someone did this to stop the race or maybe something else." Simon announced.

"Well I'll let the Inspector of the cars decided whether your theory is correct Mr. Young." Mr. O'Conner thundered at Simon.

"Well alright. We must be going now. Gentleman." Simon said concluding the conversation. Simon grabs Laura's arm and they star to head out the gate. They start to head back to there seats.

"Simon." Laura said looking at him.

"What." Simon said who turned to her.

"Mr. O'Conner doubted your theory for some reason. Do think he is kind of acting strange about this whole thing?" Laura asks.

"You do have a point. He was acting a little funny about it. Do think maybe he has something to do with it or maybe his assistant did?" Simon answered.

"I don't know for sure. Maybe later I'll do some research on both of those men and see what there background is. And we will have wait and see what happens tonight." Simon stated firmly. As they head back to there seats Simon's cell phone rings. Simon then picks it up and answers.

"Hello." Simon answered. After thirty seconds he reply's. "Alright. Thanks for the call. Alright talk to you later. Okay Bye, Bye." Simon hanging up. He puts his phone away and sits down in his chair.

"Oh by the way Laura that was my Chief. He heard about what happened over hear and is sending my friend Matt over here." Simon said speaking up.

"Okay Simon we can sure use a third person to help us." Laura remarked. They finish walking and then sit back in there chairs and finish watching the Qualifying racing.

And the #3 car of Brittney Cohen won the pole for the Friday night race. After the Qualifying was over Simon's friend Matt finally arrives.

"Hey Gang, Sorry I'm late but I had to go do a errand for the Chief before I could come here. Oh by the way I heard you had some action going on over here." Matt asked.

"Yes Matt we did. But that's all over now." Simon said relieved.

As the sun started to head west the three friends discuss about what happened at the track. Simon then tells Matt about his suspicions of Mr. O' Conner and Mr. Acme and the team owner of the 13 car (Who was never mentioned).

"Gee Simon you sure have a problem on your hands with this case. Did you question any of them?" Matt said asking Simon.

"No not yet, but I will do that as soon as I can. But the thing about it is everything is happening to fast and there are no suspects for this crime. This is making this case hard for me." Simon answered.

"I know one thing. Who ever this person is will possibly attempted another sabotage. But I don't know the reason why this Grand Prix race is being sabotage. and probably at tonights race as well." Matt said worried.

"I know. So we'll have keep on are alert tonight. I know those four wheels just couldn't fall off by themselves at Practice today." Simon stated.

"Don't forget that threatening phone call you got last light Simon." Matt replied. Simon then looks at Matt with a strange look on his face.

"How did you know about that phone call I got last night I didn't tell anyone except Laura?" Simon asks surprised. Matt looks at Laura.

"You see Laura called me this morning and told me about it because she wanted me on the case too." Matt answered looking at Laura. Simon smiles at him with no hard feelings.

"It's alright you two. I think you both did the right thing. And so no hard feelings okay." Simon said. Laura and Matt both smile at Simon.

"Deal." Matt and Laura solemnly. All three of them then shake hands. As the sun went down all three friends left the race track to get some dinner before they go watch the night race of the Grand Prix. They decide to eat at the Diner. While they were at the Diner there was a TV in there.

It was Bluesburg 1 (Channel 1) that was reporting on what happened at practice. And the reporter had said the Inspector of the race cars has reported the 13 car was sabotaged. All three of them share a Cheese Pizza and some Nacho's. Laura got an Iced Tea, Matt got a Root Beer, and Simon got a Lemon Lime Soda.

After they finished eating dinner at the Diner they head back to the track. The only thing they discussed was the case and the only evidence they had.

After a long talk they had in the car they make it back to the race track. They go through the gate and head back to there seats that were in front of the start/finish line. After a few minutes of walking since the gate was so far away from there seats they make to there spots. They made it just in time before they gave the command to start your engines.

When the sit down they give the command for the drivers to start there engines. The only thing the entire crowd could hear was all the Grand Prix driver's firing up there engines. After that they do there pace lap before they wave the green flag and yell let's go racing in the prairie boys!

When they were on the final turn of the pace lap. The Mayor of Bluesburg waved the green flag and then they start the 250 lap race. The race started out clean with racing side by side for the first 25 laps.

The #57 Car of Bill "Lighting" Miller spun out on lap 63 and hit the wall on Turn 6 he was okay from the wreck and walked away. As they race went on there was only 4 cautions in the entire race and that was only due to spinouts and derbies. Most of the cars were pretty well bunched up on the last 50 laps. For three times they had long green flag runs.

And that meant green flag pit stops. The race was closing to an end and the #4 car of Jimmy Cambell was in the lead with the #20 of Barney Sansa in 2nd. And the #93 of Marko Jacks in 3rd. Holding it with 10 laps to go. Then on the final lap the #4 car was leading the entire pack. But on the final turn there was something on the track. To the entire crowds surprise it was a ghost!

Chapter 4

"A Masked Man is following us"

"Simon do you see what I see?" Matt said Shocked from seeing that ghost.

"And it's still there too. Whoever that is." Laura remarked. The ghost was still walking on the track shocking the entire crowd and scaring the Grand Prix drivers and crew. Then all of a sudden the #4 Car spins out of Control. Hitting the car next to him which was the #1 car to make a huge crash of 4 cars making only 5 cars survive and barley finish the race.

The #10 car gets through the wreck and finishes the race in 1st place. In second was the #20 car of Barney Sansa, in third was the #24 car of Jeff Hingman. But the other car besides the 4th place and that was the #36 of Judah Rindsaw. One of the City Council Members gave the Checkered Flag to David Green.

David Green then does his most famous burn out in the Grand Prix Racing League. 4 of the cars didn't make to the Checkered Flag. (The Results on the page in front of the back cover) after a long scary few minutes the ghost finally disappears from the race track by escaping through the gate.

After the race Simon, Laura, and Matt get VIP passes to go on pit road and to Victory Lane but had to pay extra, but they didn't care. When they get to the Pit Road they saw Jimmy Cambell (Driver of the #4 Car) talking with a news reporter for the Bluesburg 1. He was talking about that ghost he saw that made him lose the race. Simon then walks over to the Grand Prix Driver to talk with him.

"Mr. Cambell." Simon said to the driver. The driver then looks at him.

"Yes what it is?" Mr. Cambell said in a normal voice. Simon then puts his hand in front of him.

"My name is Simon Young. I'm helping out the case of the sabotages, and I wanted to ask you a few questions." Simon requested. The driver then shakes his hand.

"Well okay. 5 minutes and that's it because I have to go to a press conference in 10 minutes. Okay shoot." Said Mr. Cambell. They then both sit down on the pit road wall to talk about what happened.

"So when you were coming off the last turn and when you saw the ghost what was going through your head?" Simon asks.

The driver Mr. Cambell explains to him that he was so frightened and scared he turned his car hard to the left because he thought he was going to hit him and it was really going to scare to the heck of everyone with a ghost on top of his #4 car.

"So why didn't you turn to the right so you could win and miss him by a few feet." Simon asks.

"I couldn't because I was way too nervous and scared to even think about winning and even finishing the race." Says Mr. Cambell.

"I see. Could you even see his face or anything of his body?" Simon asked.

"I could only see his costume. But he was making ghosts sounds like. Oooooooooooooooo! Like how they do it in haunted movies. And his face was covered like a ghost. And so that was it as far as I could see. Well I'm not really sorry about what happen to my car." Mr. Cambell had stated.

"Well thank you for your time. If I have anymore questions I'll let you know okay?" Simon requested.

"Well thank you very much. And if you have anymore questions you can ask me at the press conference that I'll be at. Goodbye." Mr. Cambell said. They both shake hands and head in there separate ways. Mr. Cambell walks to the press conference and Simon then heads back to his friends who were waiting for him in the Victory Circle. After a long walk trying to find Victory Lane he finally makes it.

There was a checkered Floor the #10 car was sitting in the middle the crew was on the driver side with a small table with the race winning certificate on it. Laura and

Matt were talking with the Crew Chief of the #10 car. Simon waves to them and he starts to walk into the gate, shows his pass to the guard and walks in. he finds the Driver of the #10 named David Green. Simon introduces himself to him and asks him can they could talk in private? The driver David Green accepts. They find a private spot then they sit down and talk.

"So Mr. Green. I wanted to talk to you about that ghost that was on the Start/Finish line. When you were coming across the line did you see the ghost that cost the #4 car the race?" Simon asks. Mr. Green lets out a big sigh.

"Well yes I did see him but I couldn't get a clear view of him since I was trying to drive through the wreck." Said Mr. Green explaining.

"I see. What side did you go on to avoid him? Well because I couldn't see you from my angle." Said Simon.

"I went on the right side. But he was gone when I crossed the line. Well he was out of my sight as far as I could see." Said Mr. Green.

"The thing about is that I was too far away to even see him disappear." Simon replied.

"I know. But that's the way a ghost is Mr. Young." Mr. Green asks him.

"Is wasn't a real ghost. It was a man trying to sabotage the Grand Prix again. Because we had a sabotage at the practice earlier today. I should have known something was wrong when nothing was happening earlier in the race." Simon said to the driver.

"Well maybe he wanted to wait in till the last lap to do it. And by the way I did hear about that accident in Practice I think that can be pretty scary." Mr. Green said frightened.

"Well we will have to wait and see what happens." Simon said letting out a big sigh. "Well Mr. Green thank you for your time."

They both get up and head back to the Victory Lane. Almost an hour had gone by since the ghost had appeared on the race track and scared everybody. The celebration was almost over but it was a lot of fun for Simon and his friends because they got to party with a person who invited them to the celebration. After another while the celebration was over and everyone had packed up and finished.

The three friends were leaving after saying good night to everyone. They then start to head back to there cars. Matt's car was in the front of the parking lot. He said good night to Simon and Laura and leaves. Simon and Laura then head back to there car.

It was a clear night with the stars shining through. There was a full moon out. Looking like lights shining down from heaven.

"That was some race wasn't it?" Laura asks Simon.

"Indeed it was. But the last lap was ruined. And that ghost is getting on my nerves." Simon admitted.

"I know how that is. But I'm sure tomorrow's race will be better than tonight's race." Laura admitted to him.

"I hope so. But we did enjoy being in Victory Lane with the crew." Simon concluded.

Laura grinned at him. "You can say that again. I enjoyed being with David Green." They both laugh and continue to walk back to there car.

Then while they are walking Laura takes out a little mirror and some makeup to fix her eyebrows with the makeup she had in her purse. Then in the cold air she looks behind her with her with a shocked face.

"Simon stop." Laura whispered. Simon stops and looks at her strange.

"What's wrong Laura?" Simon asked worried.

"Don't move a muscle. A masked man is following us." Laura said in a scared voice. Simon then turns around. And standing there was a man in a black suit with an green tie and with a green and was wearing a ski mask on his face. And he was holding something in his left hand. To there dismay it was a Gun!

Chapter 5

The surprises of the 2nd Race

The Masked Man was pointing the gun strait at them with his finger on the trigger. "He's got a gun get down!" Simon shouted. The Masked Man suddenly fired his gun.

The bullet barley misses there feet by only one foot. They crouch down faster than the speed of the light. They crawl behind a car to keep them from getting shot by the ski masked man. Simon then draws his 38 gun from his holster. But Laura put her hand on the hand holding the gun.

"Wait a minute Simon don't fire. If he was going to shoot us he would have done it by now. There no need to kill him." Laura explained. Simon then looks at her.

"Who ever said that I was going to kill him?" Simon asked angrily.

"Sorry." Laura said embarrassed. Just then the Masked Man fires again. And breaks the glass of the car that they were hiding behind.

"I can't shoot this guy. But I can scare him out of here." Simon declared quietly. He sites his gun. Simon is planning to shoot the gun 2 feet from the Masked Man's feet.

After 15 seconds delay he fires his weapon. The shot breaks off a piece of the concrete. After he shoots, the Masked Man runs away in the darkness. After a minute of waiting to make sure he was gone Simon and Laura get up from there hiding spot. They take one last look. But the Masked Man was long since gone.

"Whoa did you see that! Your idea of shooting close to him worked!" Laura exclaimed.

"I knew it would. But for right now I want to get out of here and just see home." Simon announced firmly.

"I agree. Let's get out of here." Laura replied firmly as well. They then get up and head back to there car. The entire time on the way to there homes they don't speak a word the whole time.

After a long day at the Grand Prix they finally make it back to there home sweet home. But when Simon get's to his house he makes a pot of Coffee but doesn't turn on the TV. After he drinks his Coffee he heads strait to bed. he doesn't sleep a wink. He thinks about the entire day's activities. He still thinks about that Masked Man that tried to shoot them.

But he still thinks someone either outside of the Grand Prix is possibly the culprit to this. But on the other hand it could be someone that is apart of the Grand Prix company. After a very long day at the Race Track and after today he finally falls asleep without out him even know it.

The next day was on a beautiful Saturday. And it was a beautiful day for racing at the Grand Prix. Simon wakes up wide awake and ready for today's race. Since it was early he thought of having a nice breakfast. For breakfast he made 2 Hot Cakes, 1 Egg, 2 Pieces of Toast, Orange Juice, and Coffee. After breakfast he get's dressed and then goes to the Police Station to fill in reports on the past week's tickets and fights in till it was time to go to the Race Track. After that and it was time to go see the race that was starting at 2:00 pm.

After he finished his paper work he goes over to Laura's Apartment. Laura was wearing a green shirt and white shorts. Simon was wearing a blue shirt was gray shorts. After he picks her up they head over to the Race Track. After a short car ride they make there just in time for them to give the call to start there engines. Before they go to there seats they get a Hot Dog and a Soda. After they get there food they head back to there seats. When they get to there seats there giving the Call

"Gentlemen Start Your Engines." The President Mr. O' Conner announced on the speakers. Simon and Laura then take there seats.

"I just hope this race won't have a sabotage waiting for the drivers and crews." Laura stated worried.

Simon nodded. "I agree. I don't want anyone to get hurt from these sabotages."

"Well Simon it looks like we will have to wait and see. After all no one is getting hurt from these incidents." Laura said cheerfully.

"True. But you never know what might happen at this race." Simon reminded her.

"Yeah true well there starting let's enjoy the race and not worry about it." Laura concluded. After there conversation they sit back and watch the second race of the Grand Prix. The Mayor once again got to drop the Green Flag for the second race of the Grand Prix weekend.

The race started out clean with no problems. The first 100 laps was alright and had only 3 cautions from an accident on lap 54 which involved the #10 car of David Green (Who won Friday's race) and the #4 car of Jimmy Cambell. And the second caution was a accident with the #1 Car of Motor Taylor and the #93 car of Marko Jacks. And the other two cautions were for debris on the Race.

Only about an hour and a half had past and they had no sabotage so far. Everything was quiet for the next 100 laps and all the cars stayed pretty well bunched up. Everything was starting to change with strategies for all the drivers. The next 50 laps went by and nothing happened and they had no cautions as well.

"Well Simon it looks so far so good." Said Laura.

"Do you remember the sabotage happened at the last lap?" Simon asked.


"Well it's possible the sabotage could happen again on the last lap." Simon reminded her. Laura then heaves a big sigh.

Laura Nodded and smiled. "Well you do have a point there. So we'll have to wait and see what happens on the last lap. And be carful about any Masked Men behind us. Okay?"

"Okay. Well if you see anything suspicious while the race is going on you let me know now okay." Simon told her.

"Alright Simon." Laura said grinning at him. They lay back down in there chairs again and start watching the race again. Everything was going calmly for the 10 laps that were going on. All the Grand Prix drivers were doing the green flag pit stops. This was normal for the National Race Car League in the United States.

And so the race went on the #24 Car was holding the lead for the last 75 laps out of the 250 laps. Everyone was pretty well distant from one another on the track. As the race went on Simon noticed that there was a strange man in the middle of the Pit Road holding a cigarette in his right hand. It was a complete stranger to Simon. there was another strange man standing next to him.

The two unidentified man was wearing a black suit and a green tie the. it was possibly the same man that followed Simon and Laura Friday night. Simon was too far away to see his face. But something was wrong about the Pit Road. The entire pit road had a big wet line of gas.

Just then a two security guard came up to him and told him he had to leave because he was on the Pit Road during the race. The stranger hesitated to move. As the race continued the man was trying to stall the guards For time because Simon knew this man was possibly up to something.

"Laura." Simon says interrupting the silence.


"Take a look on the Pit Road." Simon said pointing to the man who was holding the cigarette in his hand on the Pit Road.

"It looks like the man that followed us last night." Laura stated suspicious.

"Well you can't guarantee that was the same person without proof. And remember the man last night was wearing a ski mask." Simon declared.

"True. He's wearing the same suit and the same tie that the Masked Man had on last night." Laura replied.

"That's true I never thought of that." Simon said confused.

When they look up they see the caution came out while they were talking. And everyone was going to come down Pit Road. Then all of a sudden the man threw down his cigarette on the ground and he ran away to the Exit of the Race Track. Just then a humongous fire started going all the way down the Pit Road because of the gas on the road. It was a huge Pit Road Fire!

Chapter 6

Grand Prix Employees being ambushed

Simon and Laura, still shocked to see the big fire on the Pit Road. Simon and Laura knew that it had to be that man who was on Pit Road just a few minutes earlier. Just then the fire engines arrive, and then Police cars pull up with there lights on but not there sirens. Just then the Grand Prix cars break hard to prevent there cars from setting on fire too.

"Simon, what just happened?" Laura asks shocked. Simon then looks at her.

"It's looks like another sabotage just happened." Simon stated.

"Don't you think we better try to get down, Simon?" Laura quickly asks.

"I don't think we can Laura." Simon said continuing. "Look we may have been able to go down to the track, go to the Pit Road, and being able to go down to Victory Lane. But I don't think they will let us go down there this time and let us snoop around again. Do you understand?"

Laura then let's sighs. "Well I guess your right."

"Well then, let's just wait and see what happens. If we need to then will go see what's going on. Fair enough?" Simon asks looking at her. She then smiles at him.

"Okay Simon."

After a short while they finally put out the fire. After the fire trucks leave the track. They then tell the Grand Prix drivers to re-fire there engines and restart the race. T

he race went on clean without another sabotage. Just then a man walks up to where Simon and Laura were sitting. He was a tall man with brown hair and green eyes and he was wearing a back suit with a little ID badge on the left side of his suit. Simon just then notices him and then turns towards him.

"Excuse me are you Simon Young?" The Man said. Laura and Simon then stand up towards him.

"Yes I'am. Can I help you with something?" Simon asks the strange man.

"I'm Mr. O' Conner's other assistant Mr. Frank Johnson, The boss wants to see the both of you." Mr. Johnson in a very stiff voice.

"You mean Mr. O'Conner?" Simon asks.

"Yes that's the boss. He wants to see you. Now come on." Mr. Johnson stiffly. They then get up from there seat and start to walk with him. The man did not speak one word the whole time they were walking.

As they are walking from the grand stands Laura who was walking along side of Simon. Just then she notices something.

Mr. Johnson the takes his jacket off half way because it was so hot out there. Just then Laura notices something. When Mr. Johnson took his jacket half way he was wearing a gun in a small holster that was wrapped all the way up his shoulder. Laura was so shocked she couldn't believe what she was seeing. After a long walk they make to where the Grand Prix Committee and some strangers were waiting. It was a small building next to the race track.

When they walk in they see Mr. O' Conner and Mr. Acme next to each other talking. They see other men who were wearing suits as well. They looked all the same. Only different ties for each of them. Simon and Laura then walk in happy to see them all.

"Simon thanks for coming. I didn't think you were going to show up." Said Mr. O' Conner announced firmly.

"Oh not at all." Simon replied. They then all sit down at a big table set up for the Committee.

"So Mr. O' Conner. May I ask why you called us here?" Laura asked firmly. Mr. O' Conner then gets up from his chair.

"Well after you left last night I called the Grand Prix committee about what happened last night. And they told me that they wanted to meet you personally. And also speak to you about the case and your theories." Mr. O' Conner said explaining.

"I see." Simon answered. "Mr. O' Conner would you and your assistant mind stepping outside for a minute? I want to talk to the Committee privately."

"Sure not at all. Come on Acme, you to Johnson." Mr. O' Conner firmly said to them. Mr. Acme and Mr. O' Conner along with Mr. Johnson get up and walk out of the room. Simon then looks at the Committee.

Laura then asks the committee. "So what are your names?"

"My name is George Taylor." Mr. Taylor said pointing to each of the three people. "This is Mr. Mike Omyer. And lastly this is Ms. Andrea Carbon."

"Nice to meet all of you." Said Simon. They then all shake hands one at a time. After that they all then sit back down. Mr. Taylor continues to stare at Simon. And that puzzled Simon. Then in a split second Mr. Taylor gets up.

"You aren't by any chance Bob Young's boy are you?" Mr. Taylor asks. Feeling embarrassed Simon answers in a low voice "Yes."

"I can't believe it!" Mr. Taylor exclaimed. "It's the same boy I used to watch pretend to be a detective with his friends 14 years ago."

"That's me alright. I still have that dream." Simon said still feeling embarrassed.

"Well I'm glad you came. It seems this case came to you by itself." Mr. Taylor said happily.

Simon then asks quickly. "So what can I tell you Mr. Taylor?"

"Well after Mr. O' Conner told us all about last's night's events. So we wanted to call the police to let them handle it but Mr. O' Conner didn't want that. He then told us that you were doing a small little investigation. And when I found out it was you I knew I called the right man." Said Mr. Taylor explaining.

"I'm very happy to here that. And I'm also glad you're on our side." Simon announced to the committee.

"Well we do want to help out all we can." Mr. Omyer told Simon. They then all smile at one another. Just then Laura remembered something she wanted to ask.

"Oh by the way Mr. Taylor what's up with Mr. O' Conner?" Laura said asking with curiosity. They then all look at one another and then look down.

"Well there's a secret to his attitude towards people lately. We can't tell everything because we are all under contract. But we can tell this much. We decided we were going to fire Mr. O' Conner as President of the Grand Prix Company." Mr. Taylor announces depressed.

"But why are you firing Mr. O' Conner?" Simon asks surprised.

"Look we can't go into the details right now but we'll be able to tell the press soon." Mr. Taylor said answering Simon's question. Simon and Laura then get up.

"Well thank you for your time." Simon concluded.

"Feel free to talk to any of us if you need to." Mr. Taylor replied.

Laura then answers back. "Thank you will do that."

Mr. Taylor finally says. "Well take care."

Simon smiles at him and says to them "Bye."

They then walk out of the building. When they walk out of the building Mr. O' Conner and Mr. Acme were gone and nowhere to be seen. But it didn't matter. They then head back to there seat to watch what's left of the race. Just before they do they each get another Hot Dog and Soda.

After that they head back to there seats. When get to there seats there was only 25 Laps to go for the second race of the Grand Prix. Every thing was alright for the rest of the race. The checkered flag finally waved the #3 car of Brittney Cohen won the race. In 2nd was the #24 car of Jeff Hingman. In 3rd was the #13 car of Johnny Ruby. After the race Laura and Simon didn't feel like going down to Pit Road. So they decided to head home.

Laura then asks Simon confused. "Simon do you have reason Mr. O' Conner might have something to do with what's happened this Weekend?"

"Well I'am suspicious about why he has been acting so strange." Simon answers.

"I know. Oh by the way I want to tell you this before I forget."

"What is it Laura?" Simon asked. Laura then tells him about Mr. Johnson with the gun.

"Do you think he may have something to do with shooting at us last night?" Laura said.

"Maybe. But I want to be sure if this is are Culprit. And I need to find out more about this situation with Mr. O' Conner." Simon announced firmly. After a short drive back to where Laura's apartment they may it back. Simon then drops off Laura and heads back to his house.

But Simon didn't want to go home just yet. So he decides to drive around the block a few times trying to think about today's events. After he drives around he finally makes home. When he get's in he makes a pot of Coffee and turns on his Black Laptop.

He decides to do some research on the Grand Prix Company. He goes on to the website to see what he can find. But he doesn't find anything useful. After watching a few hours of TV he finishes eating dinner, does the dishes and then heads to bed. Even though it was only 9:00 PM Simon felt to tired to do anything else so he decides to turn in a little early.

Simon is suddenly awoken by his home telephone ringing. He gets out his bed and looks at the clock it was 6:45 AM. He then walks over to the phone and picks it up.

"Hello." Simon said sleepy.

"Mr. Young. It's me Mr. Taylor. The one you met yesterday at the committee room. I need you to come to the track right now. The announcer, the security guard, and the maintenance worker were all ambushed." Mr. Taylor said panicking.

Chapter 7

The Culprit is getting to close

Simon then straitens up. "Mr. Taylor, when did this happen?"

"I'm not sure. Early this morning I found them all with a black eye and tied up to somewhere where they were standing." Mr. Taylor replied.

"Alright Mr. Taylor. I'll be there in 20 minutes." Simon assured him.

"Alright see you then." Mr. Taylor concluded.

"Alright bye." Simon replied.

He then hangs up. Simon then hangs up and dials to call Laura. A few seconds later she picks up with exhaustion in her voice.

"Hello." Laura said in a very tired voice.

"Laura. I need you to get up and get dressed. We need to go to the track right now." Simon stated to her.

"What? At this hour!" Laura exclaimed.

"Yes we have to. Three of the Grand Prix employees were attacked last night. Mr. Taylor wants us to come over there now." Simon replied.

"That's horrible! What do plan on doing Simon?" Laura asks.

"Well we have to get there first." Simon said sarcastic.

Laura firmly says. "Very funny Simon."

"So can you be ready in 10 minutes?" Simon wondered.

"Alright I'll be ready." Laura assured him.

"See you then."

They then both hang up. Simon quickly get's dressed and heads over to Laura's. He picks her up and heads to the race track. It was still pitch dark outside. After a short drive with light traffic they finally make it.

They get out and head to the small booth were the announcer was attacked. When they get there 2 police officers and the Grand Prix Committee including Mr. O' Conner and Mr. Acme.

"What's Simon Young doing here Mr. Taylor?" The Officer asked.

"I called him here. Because I want him here." Mr. Taylor stated stiffly.

"Mr. Young is a Ticket guy. And I don't see him giving out tickets at this minute." The 2nd Officer said sarcastically.

"If we were not Police Officers I ought to bop you on head once." Simon said angrily.

"Go ahead. I dare you." The 2nd Officer dared him.

"Gentlemen. Can we please just get on with the investigation?" Mr. Taylor cried out. The two officers's then leave the building. Simon then looks at the committee with guilt.

"I should have told you I'm a person who only gives ticket's, and stops street fights every now and then." Simon said embarrassed. The committee then smile at him.

"Well even though you're not a Police Detective I'm still going to let you catch the saboteur as a favor to you." Mr. Taylor assured him.

"I appreciate you letting me finish this case with your approval." Simon said relieved. He looks at Mr. O' Conner very closely to see his reaction. Mr. O' Conner was biting his lip with fear in his eyes. The same was happening with Mr. Acme. He was calm but he had a suspicious look on his face. After a minute Mr. O' Conner and Mr. Acme quickly rush out the door. Simon then starts to look around in the room.

"How can you look in this place with nothing around?" Ms. Carbon asked worried.

"Because a Culprit always leaves some sort of evidence." Simon answered. He then pulls out a Magnify Glass out of his pocket. Simon then starts to look for clues. He suddenly stops in a position.

"Hey everyone come here. I think I found a clue!" Simon exclaimed. Everyone then comes over to Simon.

"It's a handkerchief!" Laura exclaimed. It was a blue handkerchief with a white circle on it. Simon then asks Mr. Taylor to get some gloves. After a minute he comes back with the gloves. Simon then puts on the gloves and picks up a handkerchief. He puts it in a plastic bag.

"Mr. Taylor. Would it be alright if I took this to the Crime Lab as evidence?" Simon requested.

Mr. Taylor then shook his head. "Sure not at all."

Simon then puts the bag in his pocket. After he gets up He then goes to the room were the Announcer was waiting. When he get's there Simon introduces himself and then they both sit down. Simon then starts to question the Announcer. He starts to tell Simon the story.

When he turned around he saw a man in a suit and hat standing with his hands next to him. He face was hidden with a black mask. Before he could move the man jumped him and hit him with a metal thing. When he woke up he found himself tied up. After the story Simon thanked him for his time and went out of the room.

"Well any luck finding anything Simon?" Mr. Taylor asked worried.

"Not very much. This sounds like the same thing that happened to me and Laura. But not quite." Simon replied.

"What do you mean? Has this happened to both of you?" Mr. Taylor quickly asked. Simon then explains to Mr. Taylor what happened on Friday night being chased by a masked man. And having for Simon to use his own weapon to scare the person away. Mr. Taylor then sits down shocked and with his face buried in his hands

"I can't believe it. Not only are the drivers getting scared. But the guest are getting scared away from the Grand Prix. This could ruin our company if this criminal follows us to all our events." Mr. Taylor announced depressed.

"Mr. Taylor. I'm not sure who's doing all of this. But there's only one possible suspect that is here in this Grand Prix Company that could be behind all of this." Simon explained. Mr. Taylor and the rest of the Committee straiten up.

"How do you figure Mr. Young?" Ms. Carbon asked straitening up.

"Well all the sabotages have been happening inside the track right? For someone to do all these sabotages they have to have access to all the stuff in the garages and the doors and the rest." Simon said continuing. "It could be a employee here doing all these events that have been happening these last 2 days."

"Simon are you sure that it could be an employee here?" Mr. Omyer wondered.

"It's the only logical explanation for all these things happening." Simon answered.

"So when all four wheels came off the #13 car. Someone here had the key to get in and to be able to do it without anyone knowing." Laura added.

"It looks that way." Simon stated.

"Don't forget this. That fire we had on the Pit Road yesterday. Even though it was an accident." Mr. Taylor assured them.

"It wasn't an accident. Someone started that fire on purpose." Laura stated.

"Because me and Laura saw a man out there with like a Match and threw it on the ground to start the gas fire. The man must have put the gas there somehow. But I don't know how." Simon said explaining.

"Do you think you can find our Culprit for us Mr. Young?" Mr. Omyer said speaking up.

"I can sure try. I think I can narrow it down to who might be behind all this." Simon announced firmly. "This Culprit is too close to finding out what we have discovered this morning. So we all have to keep quiet about this. I don't want the Culprit to find out that we our on his trail."

"You can count on us Simon. I'm glad you are willing to help us in this case." Mr. Taylor said with relief.

Simon then smiles at them. "I like doing this sort thing. And if I solve this case it could be a big break for me."

"Alright we'll try to help all we can." Mr. Omyer assured him.

"Oh by the way were is Mr. O' Conner and his assistant Mr. Acme?" Simon quickly asks. The Committee then all look at each other with curious faces.

"We have no clue where he is. He likes to hang around us a lot and he mostly talks to his assistant when he's not working." Mr. Taylor said explaining.

"Hmm? That's something to bare in mind." Simon whispered.

"Well don't worry about him. I don't think he'll bother you too much." Ms. Carbon assured him.

"Well thank you for you time." Simon concluded.

"If you need anything just let us know." Mr. Taylor told them. Simon and Laura then walk out of the room they were in. When they get outside the sun was just rising. Every thing was strange about what happened in the morning. As they walk to the car they can hear the birds chirping and the cool wind coming from the east. It was such a beautiful morning to Simon and Laura. After a short walk from the track they make it back to Simon's car.

He unlocks the door. Just before he gets in he see's an envelope taped to his seat. It was addressed to Simon. he takes it off slowly and opens it up. The message was in bold Letters. It had a picture of a skull with cross bones. He reads it to himself. It said on it.


Simon hands started to shake. He couldn't believe what he was reading.

Chapter 8

The Committee Confesses

"Simon what's wrong?" Laura asks looking at him. Simon was still shaking from reading the message.

"You better see it for yourself." Simon quickly replies.

"What?" Laura asked confused. Simon then hands the letter to Laura carefully so he won't ruin the fingerprints. A shocked face went through Laura. She then gave back the letter carefully.

"Do you think this person is serious?" Laura asks worried.

"I think so. But I don't know for sure." Simon answered.

"What does put the bag on your friend mean?" Laura asked still confused.

"It means kidnapping someone. I think he means he'll kidnap someone close to me." Simon admitted.

"I hope it's not me Simon." Laura stated worried.

"I hope so to."

"Well. Who do you think it might be?"

"I don't know. But I know he's going to do it soon." Simon concluded.

"Well I don't think he'll do it now. It's too early." Laura said yawning.

"Yeah I'm kind of tired to." Simon said yawning as well.

"Let's just go back and wait till the race."

Simon then nods at her. "I agree."

They then get in the car. Simon then puts the letter back in the envelope and puts in a plastic bag for Fingerprints. They then head back to there houses. Simon drops off Laura and then heads back to his house. It was only 7:15 AM. He parks and heads into his house. When he gets in he heads strait to bed.

Simon is then awoken. And looks at his clock. It was 11:00 AM. He quickly gets up, get's dressed and heads to the kitchen. He makes 2 pancakes, 2 pieces of turkey sausage, and toast. After breakfast Simon goes to the Police Station to fingerprint the evidence he collected in the past hours. He goes to the Crime Lab and collects the fingerprints. Simon mastered in Fingerprinting when he was in High School. After he collects the Fingerprints he files them to the Fingerprint Officer to see if they can find anyone who have the exact same prints that were on the Envelope. It was late in the afternoon before he got out of the Police Station. He then heads over to pick up Laura to go see the last race of the weekend. While he's driving he calls his other friend Matt.

"Hey Matt, it's me Simon."

"Hey Simon. What's happening?"

"A lot. Do you think you can come with me and Laura to the last race of the Grand Prix?" Simon asks his friend.

"Sure I'd love to. What time does the race start?"

"1:45. Do you think you can make it."

"Sure. Alright I'll see you there."

"Okay. Bye."

They then both hang up. After a short drive Simon finally makes it to where Laura lives. When he pulls up Laura was already waiting for him. She was wearing dark blue shorts and a dark blue shirt.

She then gets in and Simon drives off to the track. While driving Simon and Laura discussed about they events that's been happening these last few days. They then discuss a plan of action if someone is kidnapped.

"Laura I have an idea. Why don't you walk around see what you can pick up. Meanwhile me and Matt will go talk to the Committee and Mr. O' Conner again." Simon said giving the plan of action.

"Alright. But what about the race. It's possible the Culprit won't want to miss the opportunity of sabotaging this Race as well." Laura asked worried.

"We can watch the race from the TV's that they have hanged around here. We need to watch our step when we start our Investigation." Simon said explaining.

"Alright I'll do you my best." Laura concluded. After the short drive they make it to the track. The 3rd race was even more packed then it was for the first 2 races. Everyone was coming to see the last race of the Bluesburg Grand Prix. When they get out they then both start to look for Matt.

But he was nowhere to be found. So they decided to split up without Matt. They told each other they would keep in contact by Cell-Phone. After there Goodbyes they head in different directions. Walking through the crowds was very difficult for Simon. It took him a long time to finally make it into a clearing. He finally makes to where the Committee was watching the Final Race. Simon walks into the building and then knocks on the door. He then walks in. Mr. Taylor, Mr. Omyer, and Ms. Carbon were all sitting at a table watching the TV. Currently the Preview Show was airing before the race. He sits down with them.

"How's everyone this fine day?" Simon asks.

"Just Fine. How's you and your Girlfriend Laura." Mr. Taylor said watching the race.

"Oh were doing all right." Simon said continuing. "Oh by the way. I have a new clue, thought you would like to know."

Everyone in the Committee then straitens up and look at him. "So what did you find out?" Mr. Taylor asks quickly. Simon then fills them in on the Threatening message that was found in his car. And what it said on the message. The entire Committee was so shocked to hear about what happened.

"Simon do you know who might have put the message in your car." Mr. Omyer asks worried.

"I think it's the same person who is sabotaging this event." Simon announced firmly.

"When do you think this possible kidnapping is going to happen?" Ms. Carbon asked worried as well.

"I'm not quite sure. But I know it's going to happen soon." Simon stated firmly.

"Well we better keep on our guard." Mr. Omyer told Mr. Taylor.

"I agree." Ms. Carbon answered.

"Well would it be aright if I watch the race with you guys?" Simon asks the committee.

"Sure not at all. By all means." Mr. Taylor answers. They then all sit back in there chairs. They discuss about what was happening here at the track. Simon then tells them about how the tests went at the Crime Lab but hasn't gotten a report if the print matches anyone there at the Track. Before they can open another subject Mr. O' Conner once again gave the call for the drivers to start there engines. The qualifying is determined by the finishing place.

So the #3 Car was on the pole. After the pace lap they waved the green flag.

The race went clean for the first 25 laps out of 250. The first caution came out due to the #93 car of Marko Jacks spinning out and hitting the wall hard on Lap 33. Since the collision was so hard the Red Flag came out. The Red Flag means to stop the race to clean off the track and to delay the race if bad weather is out on the track. So the race stopped for 30 minutes to clean up the mess of the accident.

"How long do you think it will delay the Race Mr. Taylor?" Simon asks worried.

"I don't know. I just hope Marko is okay from the accident." Mr. Taylor states worried. The TV announcers said that Marko Jacks came out of the Car unhurt. Simon then glanced over his shoulder. Ms. Carbon was shaking so bad. She looked like she flushed. And that puzzled Simon. Is it possible she can be behind all of these sabotages? But the question is why? This Mystery doesn't make any sense at all. There even isn't that many suspects. It's possibly it's all adding up to one person who can be behind all of this. Simon thought.

After 23 minutes of cleaning the track from the accident from the #93 Car the race was finally getting underway. The Officials then tell the drivers to re-fire the engines. They then restart the race.

Everything was going smoothly. Battle for positions was going on for the next 44 Laps. Everyone was determine to make this last race the best one the crowd has ever scene. Just then Mr. Taylor notices Ms. Carbon and walks over to her.

"Ms. Carbon what's the matter? You're kind of acting funny right now." Mr. Taylor asks looking at her. Ms. Carbon then looks at him.

"Oh don't worry about me. I'll be alright in a few minutes." Ms. Carbon assured him. Mr. Taylor then walks back to his seat and sits back down. Then Ms. Carbon suddenly screams and get's up.

"Ms. Carbon what's the matter with you!" Mr. Taylor cried out.

"I can't hold it in any longer! Simon the Grand Prix Committee Was Blackmailed!" Ms. Carbon exclaims.

"What?" Simon said looking at her.

"Yes it's true. A Masked Man with a gun came in and told us he demanded to talk to us. He said he was going to destroy the Grand Prix. And told us if we tell anyone why we were keeping secrets from the press. He was going to kill us." Ms. Carbon said explaining.

"Hmm. It seems like it almost makes sense about this possible Culprit." Simon said telling the committee. Just then Mr. Taylor buries his face in his hands.

"Since the secrets are coming out. We might as well tell you the whole story. The Reason we were firing Mr. O' Conner is because of his conduct." Mr. Taylor said explaining. Simon then gets up from his chair and walks over to Mr. Taylor.

"What do you mean his 'Conduct'?" Simon asks firmly.

"You see. Mr. O' Conner has been acting terrible and is embarrassing the Committee. He made this company the laughing stock. So we voted to fire him. When we told him he became furious and told us that he was going to get even with us no matter what it costs." Mr. Taylor said depressed.

"I see." Simon said. Just before anyone could say anything Simon's phone started to ring. "Excuse me a second."

He then picks it up.


"Simon come quickly! We have a serious problem!" Laura exclaims.

"What's the matter Laura?" Simon asks worried.

"Matt has been kidnapped!" Laura exclaims.

Chapter 9

Matt Has Been Kidnapped!

"What? Kidnapped? Laura are you sure?" Simon asks.

"Of course I'm sure a man snuck a message in my purse and that's how I knew he was kidnapped." Laura says panicking.

"Alright hold on Laura. Where are you?" Simon quickly says.

Laura then answers. "I'm were we sit to watch the race. How long will it take for you to get here?"

"It will only take me 10 minutes. I'll see you there." Simon said concluding.

"Okay bye."

They then both hang up. Simon then heads back to the Committee room. He then walks in and finds them all watching.

"Hey everyone. I have to go a problem just came up. I'll be back later. And I'll explain later." Simon said telling the committee. He then walks out and starts to head in the direction to where Laura was waiting. After 10 minutes of running he makes it. He finds Laura with her hands buried in her face.


"Hey Simon."

"So what did the message say?" Simon quickly asks.

"Here. Take a look for yourself." Laura tells him. She then hands him the piece of paper. And on it. The message was in Bold letters like it was typed on the computer again.


Is the Culprit really watching us? Or is he just saying that to try to fool us. Simon Thought. He then folds the letter and puts it in his pocket.

"So what do you think Simon?" Laura asks looking at him.

"Well this explains why we haven't seen Matt all day. I think this message is real." Said Simon.

"Should we go get the police?" Laura asks. Simon then looks strait into her eyes.

"If we do that Laura then the Culprit will find out that we got it. So let's play it like we nevergot the message. Then we just might be able to find Matt if we listen closely." Simon said explaining.

"Hey good idea. How was your little talk with the Committee?" Laura asked curious.

"Well I found out a lot about Mr. O' Conner conduct." Simon told her.

"What do you mean?" Laura asks looking at him. Simon then tells Laura the story about what happened in the Committee room, About the Committee being blackmailed, and the fact about why they were firing Mr. O' Conner because of his conduct. Laura could not believe what she heard.

Laura then asks. "So what do you think will happen next?"

"I'm not sure. But we have to move quickly and fast. The Culprit might get away with Matt if we don't move fast." Simon said answering her question.

"What should we do?"

"Well first you go look down there. See if you can find an abandon shack over there." Simon quickly tells her.

"Okay. And you?"

"I'm going to see if I can find him in the garage areas."

"Okay see you later." Laura tells him.

"See ya."

They both then head in different directions. Simon quickly starts his search for Matt in the Garage areas.

While he walks he sees the car all torn up from the wreck. He suddenly sees the Marko Jacks. Driver of the #93 Car. Simon quickly walks over to him. He was doing an interview for Channel #1.

Simon then walks over to him. "Excuse me. Mr. Jacks may I have a word with you?"

"Are you a reporter by any chance? I'll answer your questions at the press conference that I'm going to." Mr. Jacks states to Simon.

"I can't go to the conference because I have an important mission an I need to ask you a few important questions." Simon said explaining.

"Alright. 2 minutes." Mr. Jacks states firmly to Simon. They then go to a place to talk private. Simon quickly introduces himself to Mr. Jacks. And quickly starts asking the question.

"When you were racing on the track did you see any abandoned shack any were while you were racing? like it just caught your eye?" Simon asks the race car driver. Mr. Jacks starts to think then looks at Simon.

Mr. Jacks thinks a minute and then answers. "Yes actually I did. It was like a small little shack. I didn't know why it was there. So I didn't pay much attention to it."

Simon then asks. "Did you happen to see where the shack is?"

"Yes I did. It's was near the strait away." Mr. Jacks said explaining. Simon just remembered something. That's were he and Laura sat on Friday and Saturday.

"Anything else Mr. Young?" Mr. Jacks asks looking at him.

Simon then asks another important question that was on his mind. "Did you see anyone walking towards it from the grandstands?"

"Actually I did. Like you said It caught me by surprise. A Masked man was pushing the man in front of him towards the little shack. I didn't know why though." Mr. Jacks said explaining.

Simon then asks another important question. "Can you possibly indentify the man in front by any chance?"

"No I don't think I can. I only saw him at the corner of my eye. I was too busy focusing on the race." Mr. Jacks said.

"I see."

"Anything else Mr. Young?"

"Oh no. that's all." Simon said concluding the conversation. He then starts to shake Marko Jacks hand. "Well thank you for your time."

"Oh you're welcome. It was nice meeting you." Said Mr. Jacks.

Simon then smiles at him. "Nice meeting you to."

They then both let go and they both start to walk away from each other. Simon decides to stop looking in the Garage.

I think I know were Matt could possibly be. But the shack is too close to the track. Why would he be so close? Simon thought. After he gets out of the garage he decides to call Laura to see how she was doing. He takes out his cell phone and starts to dial. 30 seconds later there was a reply.


"Hey Laura, it's me."

"Oh hey Simon. Have any luck finding anything?"

"Actually I found out something that could be a piece of the puzzle." Simon announces happily.

"So what did you find out?" Laura asks with a lot of curiosity. Simon quickly fills her in on the talk he had with Marko Jacks, and finding out about the shed.

Laura finally speaks up. "Whoa Simon. Do you think that may be the place were there holding Matt?"

"I think so. But I can't be to sure. Maybe we should look around a little longer. We might be able to pick up something." Simon said explaining.

"Well I haven't had any luck finding anything. So what's the point of us shooting in the dark?" Laura asks depressed.

"If we keep looking we might be able to finding something useful to the mystery." Simon said cheering her up.

"Yeah that's true. So I guess I'll look for a little while longer." Laura decides.

Simon agrees and finally says. "Okay. So I'll meet you in front of the Hot dog stand in a half an hour. Okay?"

"Sounds good to me. See you later."

"Okay bye." Simon said concluding the conversation.

They both hang up. Simon then starts his search again. But this time he's looking in the grandstands to see if he can pick up anything. But Simon has not luck finding anything useful about the mystery of the Grand Prix Sabotages. So he decides to go meet up with Laura.

While he's walking he see's a little souvenir stand. They were selling T-shirts, Hat's, and little Grand Prix Cars of the ones that were racing that weekend. Simon decides to get the whole set. Everything for only $19.95.

He get's one for himself and one for his younger brother Charles Young. Who works as a Bounty Hunter. After he purchases the stuff he walks to the parking lot. Puts the stuff in his trunk. And heads back to meet up with Laura.

As he continues to walk he sees on the TV that his favorite car, the #24 car of Jeff Hingman was in the lead with 169 laps to go. The crowd was surrounding the TV's watching the race. The line for the Hot dog was huge. Simon finally makes it to the Hot Dog stand. But there was not sign of Laura. So he decides to just get a Lemon-Lime soda and wait on the hot dog in till Laura got there. While Simon is sipping the soda his phone starts to ring. He opens it and answers.


It was Laura calling.

"Hey Simon. It's me."

Simon then asks. "Hey, where are you? I'm waiting for you at the hot dog stand."

"Oh I'm sorry. I'm busy talking to some people about Mr. O'Conner and his two assistants. So I'll be a little late." Laura said explaining.

Simon then speaks up. "Alright. I guess I'll see you later."

"Okay see ya." Laura answered.

a few seconds later they both hang up. Before be puts it back in his pocket it starts to ring again. But it wasn't Laura. It was the Police Station.


"Simon. I have that Fingerprint report for you." The Officer tells him on the phone. Simon quickly straitens up.

Simon quickly asks the officer. "How did the tests come out?"

"Well Simon. They reports say the fingerprints match the prints of a Mr. Acme." The Officer tells him.

Simon hands started to shake. Mr. Acme must have been the one.

Chapter 10

A conversation overheard

All the facts were rolling in to Simon Young. Mr. Acme must be the one behind the mystery. Unless there was a second or third person joining the operation.

"Oh by the way Officer Young. We ran a data check on Mr. O' Conner. We found a article posted by the Bluesburg Gazette. Would like for me to read to you?" The Officer asked.

"Yes please. I would appreciate that." Simon answered.

"Okay. Here it goes." The Officer said continuing.

"The Grand Prix Committee told reporters on Thursday that they were going to fire the President of the Grand Prix named Mr. O' Conner. Conner has had run-ins with the law. Mr. O' Conner has been caught carrying firearms, trespassing on private property, and Grand theft. Mr. O' Conner stated on Thursday. "I take this company very seriously. I know what they are doing is wrong. But I promise you one thing I'm going to get revenge from them at all costs. And I don't care how I do it." He Said. No one knows for sure why he said that. But the Bluesburg Police Station is trying to keep a sharp eye on him. The Grand Prix will be coming to Bluesburg May 6-9 to do some racing here in Kansas. And we hope to see you there!" The Officer said reading.

Simon kept thinking about the article that had just been read to him. The whole thing was starting to make sense. "Anything else Sir?" the Officer asked.

"No. that's all. Thank you for calling." Simon answered.

"Your welcome." The Officer said concluding the conversation.


After a few seconds they both hang up. Simon sat back down on the bench. Simon couldn't believe that Mr. O' Conner had a criminal record. Maybe Mr. Acme and Mr. O' Conner are working together. The evidence is all there. But the thing is. I need to catch them in the act. This mystery doesn't make any sense at all. Simon thought.

Right in the middle of his thoughts someone was tapping his shoulder. Simon quickly looks up. But was relieved, it was Laura.

"Hey Simon."

"Hey. What' been happening?"

"I got a piece of Evidence for you."

"Oh. What's that?" Said Simon.

"An article from the Bluesburg Gazette." Said puts his hand in front of her. Signaling something. "What's the matter?" Laura asked confused.

"The Police Station already read that article to me." Simon said explaining.

Laura sighs depressed. "Oh."

"Would it be alright If I have it for Evidence?" Simon asked.

Laura then smiles at him. "Sure."

She then takes the paper out of her purse and hands it to Simon. And since Simon Young is a police officer. He carries a lot of bags for evidence collected if he was at a crime scene. He takes out a bag and puts the article in the bag and then puts it in his pocket.

Laura then asks. "Did you fine out anything else."

"Did I ever." Simon said with excitement. He then quickly fills her in on the Fingerprint results.

"Wow! Do you think that Mr. Acme is the one were looking for Simon?" Laura said amazed about Simon's findings.

Simon then nods his head and answers. "I'm not totally convinced he's the one. But I do think he's part of a small gang."

Laura, still confused asks Simon. "How do you mean?"

"Well. Even though the Fingerprints match Mr. Acme, and the article of Mr. O' Conner. It adds up to one thing. I think Mr. Acme and Mr. O' Conner are working together." Simon said explaining.

"What?" Laura said surprised.

"But there's only one problem. I need more proof to accuse them of sabotaging the Grand Prix." Simon announced to her.

"I have a feeling if we don't get them fast. They might get away from us." Laura cried out to him.

"True. But we need to catch them in the act. But I don't know what they have planned for this race." Said Simon.

"Well. The race is almost over. 102 Laps to go before the end of the Race." Laura announced.

"I know. Let's go take a look around." Simon said giving the plan of action.

"Wait. Before we separate again. Can we at least eat lunch." Laura said famished. Simon realized that he was famished from not eating in a long time. So he decides to have a quick lunch.

So he goes to get a Hot Dog and Soda for him and Laura. After 10 minutes of waiting since the line was so long he finally gets the Hot Dogs and Soda's. He walks to the wooden table were Laura was sitting. He sits down. They both say there prayers, and then start eating.

"So were exactly did you get the article from." Simon said curious.

"I got it from a guy who is a personal friend of Mr. Acme." Laura said continuing. "He didn't tell me much about him though. He gave me this since he had it."

"I see. What else did you do other than walking around the place." Simon asks her.

"Well after I talked him, I walked around the grandstands to see if I can pick up anything but I found nothing. I didn't realize the time so that's why I was late meeting you." Laura said explaining.

"Oh so that's why you were late." Simon said clearing up some of his thoughts. Before he could say another word he heard a big loud crash behind him. It was a big crash on the race track. Simon and Laura finish the last of there food and quickly get up. They then walk over to where a TV was set up. There were just showing the replay.

The #1 car of Motor Taylor car spun out of control. And all of a sudden it started to flip over. It flipped in the 10 times before it finally landed. But with the car on fire. Quickly the fire crew came to put out the fire. The ambulance quickly came also. The ambulance crew came out of the truck fast to see if Motor Taylor was alright. Motor Taylor got out of the car.

With a lot of bruises but he was ok. He got in the truck and the drove to the Hospital. After the fire was put out a Tow truck came out on the track and towed away the #1 car. After they towed it away the crew came to clean up the mess. The red flag was out once again. There were only 78 laps to go. Just then something caught Simon's eye. It was Mr. O' Conner. He was wearing a blue suit and a red tie.

"Hey Laura. Look." Simon said pointing to Mr. O' Conner. Laura then looks were Simon was looking. Laura didn't seemed to be surprised to see him.

"I guess he's just getting something down here." Laura decided.

"Wrong. Take a good look." Said Simon. They then both look again. He was meeting someone. It was Mr. Acme!

"I think I'm going to follow them." Simon decided. Before he moves Laura kisses him on the cheek.

"Be careful Simon. They could hurt you." Laura said worried.

"Don't worry I'll be careful." Simon assured her. He then walks towards were they were talking. He hides behind a tree, garbage can, and a wall every now and then so they won't see him. He finally makes it close enough to they won't see him and he can hear everything. They were arguing about something.

"Mr. O' Conner how long are we going to keep this up. First we did the sabotages, now we kidnapped Simon's Friend Matt. Can't we call it off. Simon Young's getting too wise!" Mr. Acme exclaimed.

"Take it easy. I'm not going to quit now. I want all the revenge I can get for the dirty thing they did to me." Mr. O' Conner announced firmly.

"I know. You want the revenge, I want the money. Don't forget your paying me $25,000 to do this job. And don't forget the other $15 thousand you're paying Mr. Johnson for doing the ghost act on Friday night." Mr. Acme added.

"I know, I know. Oh by the way were is Matt the guy you kidnapped? I don't want that Simon Young guy finding him." Mr. O' Conner asked Mr. Acme. Simon was so shocked to know they are indeed the ones sabotaging the Grand Prix.

"I have him hidden in a small shack near the track. It's hidden behind some bushes." Mr. Acme announced.

"Very good Acme." Mr. O' Conner said firmly.

Mr. Acme then asks. "Oh by the way. What sabotage would you for me to do this time?"

"Well I want you to cause a big crash with 3 laps to go. Use the Sniper Rifle I have in my car. Shoot the tires to cause the crash." Mr. O' Conner decided.

"Okay boss. But I don't like this one. It's as bad as the ones we've done so far." Mr. Acme added.

"Don't worry about it. Once you finish the job I'll pay you and you can be on your way to Hawaii." Mr. O' Conner answered.

"I can sure use the vacation." Mr. Acme added.

"I can use a vacation since there firing Me." Mr. O' Conner also added.

"Well gotta go boss. I have a job to do." Mr. Acme said concluding the conversation.

"See ya." Mr. O' Conner concluded. They then both go there separate ways. Simon couldn't believe what he just heard. His theory about them was correct. Mr. O' Conner and Mr. Acme, along with Mr. Johnson were the Culprit's!

Chapter 11

The Culprits is discovered

Simon realized everything was making perfect sense. He was so shocked he couldn't move his hands or his feet. After a minute he finally is able to move. He starts to run towards where Laura was. He was so excited to tell her the case was almost closed and they can make a rescue attempt to get Matt.

After a minute he makes it. Laura was still watching the race. There was only 51 laps to go. They got the race started again after the wreck of the #1 CAR.

"Laura I need to talk to you its very important!" Simon cried out. Laura looked surprised to see him so jumpy.

"What's the Matter Simon?" Laura asked.

"We need to talk in private." Simon stated. They then both go to a place where the can talk in private. When they stop in the place Simon was still jumpy.

"Alright, what's happening?" Laura asked firmly.

"Great news. I know who the Culprits are." Simon said with excitement.

"You do? Who?" Said Laura.

Simon then began the story. "Mr. Acme, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. O' Conner. I overheard them talking. It's them alright." he then tells her about what they were talking about. And the whereabouts of Matt.

"Simon are positive that they are the Culprits? Or could it be one of the Committee members." Laura explained.

"Yes. I'm positive. But the real problem is we have to rescue Matt somehow." Simon said worried.

"I have an idea. Why don't you go to the shack. And I'll keep watch for Mr. Acme and his sniper sabotage." Laura said giving the plan.

"Alright. I'm going to rescue him now. Keep me informed." Simon said concluding the conversation.

"Okay see you later. And be careful." Laura said worried.

"Okay I will." Simon answered. He then starts to run for the small woods that are next to the city. He starts a sharp look to see if he can find the shack that was holding his friend Matt. As he looks he keeps looking behind him to make sure Mr. Acme or Mr. O' Conner was not following him. But no one was behind him. He continues his search.

It was becoming frustrating to try and find him. Just when Simon was going to give up the search he sees a very shining light. It was a window gleaming in the light. It was the abandoned shack!

Simon quickly pulled out his gun to make sure no one was. He moves the bushes out of the way. He kicks the door open and runs in.

"POLICE!" Simon shouted. There was no one in there. Except a man tied to a chair. With his mouth taped up. But it was no stranger. It was Matt! Simon quickly untied Matt from the chair.

After Matt was released he started doing stretches since he could barely move for hours. After he does his stretches he goes over to Simon.

"I'm so glad to see my best friend." Matt stated firmly to Simon.

"We were worried. So we decided to solve the Mystery and find you at the same time." Simon remarks. Matt quickly straitens up.

"You mean you and Laura solved the Mystery without me?" Matt exclaimed.

"You weren't here when we solved it. We wanted for you to help us. We'll tell you later about it. I promise." Simon said continuing. "Come on Matt. We have to get the Culprits. Before it's too late."

Both of them start running out of the shack. And start to head back to where Laura was waiting. On the billboard it showed that there was only 20 laps to go. Time was running out for Simon and his friends.

After the long run from the abandoned shack they make it back. Laura quickly turns around and see's Simon and Matt. She runs to Matt and gives him a small hug.

"Thank god for safe Matt." Laura cried out.

"Thanks for you caring." Matt replied. Laura then let's go of Matt. And then walks over to Simon.

"I've been watching them. but I haven't seen them. Either they did it already or there going to do it soon." Laura stated.

"But there going to do it with 3 laps to go. But we have 12 more minutes. And I'm going to go get Mr. O' Conner before he get's away." Simon decided.

"I saw him go into the VIP booth. He must be there." Laura explained.

"Good. Here use these to watch out for Mr. Acme." Simon said quickly. he then pulls out a small pare of binoculars. And then hands them to Laura.

"I'll be back in a few minutes." Simon said concluding the conversation. He then starts to run for the VIP booth. Since Simon Young was a Police Officer he had the right to arrest someone if they broke the law. While running Simon looks at the billboard. There was only 13 more laps to go.

Time was running out for Simon. After a long run he makes it to the VIP booth. He goes up the elevator to the 2nd to last floor.

When the elevator opens up Simon starts to hear laughs in the crowd. He hears Champagne corks being opened from the bottle. Before anyone sees him. He quickly pulls out his Gun. He runs in.

"FREEZE! GET YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!" Simon shouts. Everyone was so surprised to see him. Mr. O' Conner quickly stands up with anger in his eyes.

"What's the meaning of this Mr. Young? You have no right to barge in here like this." Mr. O' Conner thundered.

"Get your hands on the table Mr. O' Conner." Simon stated firmly. But Mr. O' Conner didn't move. "NOW!" Simon Shouted. Without hesitating Mr. O' Conner quickly put his hands on the table.

Simon quickly frisks him. Simon checks his pocket's as well. He finds a 9M 45 Gun in his pocket. Everyone in the VIP booth was gasping. Simon angrier than before. But his hands behind his back. And quickly puts the handcuffs on his wrist.

"I know the whole truth Mr. O' Conner. You are the one who has been sabotaging the Grand Prix." Simon announced firmly. Mr. O' Conner let's out a sigh.

"I should have known you were going to catch us sooner or later. Those idiots of mine told me they had everything worked out. " Mr. O' Conner states with defeat.

"I already know everything. And why you did it. It was because you wanted revenge because the Committee fired you. Right?" Simon stated.

"So. The sleuth has figured everything out hasn't he?" Mr. O' Conner asks sarcastically.

"That's right Mr. O' Conner. And your little game is over." Simon announces firmly. After putting the handcuffs on him. He pulls him up from the table. Simon puts the gun that Mr. O' Conner had in his pocket. He puts his own gun back in his holster.

"Well you think you have defeated me. Not a chance Simon Young. The last Sabotage is happening in 5 minutes. And you can't stop my partners." Mr. O' Conner concludes firmly. Simon quickly takes Mr. O' Conner outside. After a short walk back to Laura and Matt he makes it.

"Matt take this man to your police car. I have to go get the last Culprit." Simon announces to Matt. Matt quickly takes custody of Mr. O' Conner and takes him To Matt's Patrol car. Before Matt Takes him he gives Simon his pare of handcuffs since Simon might have needed another pare.

After Matt Takes Mr. O' Conner to his car Simon starts his search of finding. While searching he looks up at the Billboard. There was only 10 laps to go. Simon was cutting it close. Before he moves he hears something. It was a rumble in the woods. It was definitely someone in the bushes.

Was it Mr. Acme with the Sniper Rifle? Or was it someone else who is apart of Mr. O' Conner's gang. Simon thought. Before he can move a shot rung in front of him. Someone was shooting at Simon.

Without hesitation he quickly crouches down. He takes his gun in case he had to use it. And again someone fired again. But it wasn't a pistol shooting at him it was a sniper rifle! Simon knew he had to do something.

There was only 8 laps to go. Time was the problem for Simon. he needed more time to find him. Simon sat there for many minutes. But there was no sign of the attacker. So Simon finally decided it was safe. He got up quickly and started his search again.

He looks at the billboard again to see how much time he has. There was only 5 laps to go. Simon has to moved fast. All of a sudden Simon quickly stopped. There was a strange man in front of him.

The person apparently didn't see him there. The unknown man was paying more attention to the race track. He had a black mask on and he was wearing a black outfit. He had a sniper rifle!

Chapter 12

The Chase for the Final Culprits

Simon quickly pulled out his gun. Just in case. Right when Simon cocked the Gun the man looks strait at him. They both don't move an inch. Before Simon can move the Masked Man makes a run for it. Simon puts his gun in his holster and starts chasing after him.

But the Masked Man doesn't take the Sniper Rifle with him. But that didn't matter to Simon. While he's running he hears a gun shot. It was the Culprit firing at him. Simon ducks real quickly so he won't get hit by the gunshot.

After a minute Simon sees the Masked Man running farther down the outside of the track. Simon quickly get's up and start's chasing him again. Then all of a sudden the masked man trips over a huge rock. Simon takes advantage and quickly grabs him.

The Masked man gave a desperate struggle. But it was not use. Simon quickly pinned him to the ground. Simon pulls the Man up and takes off the mask. It was Mr. Acme! Simon puts him on the wall. He frisks him. And finds another 9M 45 in his pocket. Simon pulls out his handcuffs and puts them on Mr. Acme's wrists.

"I should have known you were following the whole time." Mr. Acme stated with defeat.

"I want to ask you something. That started this whole mess with me. How did you know I was taking my Girlfriend Laura to the Grand Prix?" Simon asks with a lot of curiosity.

"I was there that night you and your girlfriend went to the diner. I didn't want no Police officer's there. I knew you were a Police Officer because I saw you arrest a buddy of mine that day. So I phoned you that night." Mr. Acme said explaining.

Simon then asks. "So you were the one who followed us and tried to kill us while going to our car."

"I wasn't trying to kill you that night. I was just trying to scare you. But instead you fired back. So I ran away." Mr. Acme admits to Simon.

"Were you the one who sent the two messages we got?" Simon asks Mr. Acme strait.

Mr. Acme sighs and answers. "Yes. I sent them to you."

"You have been doing all the sabotages for Mr. O' Conner. Right?" Said Simon.

"Yes. I did all the sabotages except for a few that were my partner Mr. Johnson's doing. And yes I kidnapped your friend because I thought it would scare you away from here. Instead the plan backfired." Mr. Acme said with defeat.

"Well I want you to know. You and Mr. O' Conner's game is finished." Simon said with a proud voice. He finishes slapping the handcuffs on Mr. Acme and starts to walk him back to where Matt and Laura were waiting.

While walking Simon thought about the whole weekend. It didn't take him long to finish the mystery at the Grand Prix.

Once again Simon looked at the Billboard. The Red Flag was out with 2 more laps to go. And that puzzled Simon. Why would they have a red flag out with 2 laps to go? Simon thought. But it didn't matter to him.

"Let me ask you something Mr. Acme. Why did you do this job? You should have known the police were going to catch you and Mr. O' Conner." Simon said explaining.

"I wanted the money so bad; I guess I wasn't thinking about that." Mr. Acme said depressed. After a long walk taking his prisoner with him Simon finally makes it back.

He sees Matt and Laura talking with a group of people. It was the Committee. But Mr. Omyer was no where to be found. Simon quickly waves at them. All of them quickly notice him and wave back at him. Simon then walks over to them along with Mr. Acme.

"Simon. It looks like you caught the second to last Culprit." Matt said with relief.

"I sure did. Here Take Mr. Acme to the car where Mr. O' Conner is." Said Simon. Matt quickly takes custody of Mr. Acme.

"With pleasure. Come on mister." Said Matt. He then takes Mr. Acme to his Patrol Car. And Simon looks at the Committee.

"Did Laura tell you everything?" Simon asks the committee. They then all nod there heads.

"She did. We were the ones who told them to stop the race. After she told us about what was about to happen. But were clicking an extra 10 laps on the board." Mr. Taylor explained.

"Oh. And I think we can tell the drivers that they can rest easy now that we have the two Culprits who have been sabotaging this Weekend Grand Prix." Simon said relieved.

Ms. Carbon then smiles at him. "Yeah they'll be happy to know that."

"Get your hands off me! You have no right to arrest me!" The Voice cried out. Simon and the Committee turn and see Matt dragging a strange man in handcuffs. To Simon and Laura's surprise it was the same man that had the gun on around his shoulders. And the one that told them that Mr. O' Conner wanted to see them.

"Who's this Matt?" Simon asked.

"When I took Mr. Acme to the Car I found him trying to break into my car and turn Mr. O' Conner loose. After I quickly put Mr. Acme in the car. I chased down the road till I finally grabbed him. I thought you might want to question him. So I brought him to you. he told me that his name is Mr. Johnson." Matt said explained.

"Good work Matt." Simon said complementing him. Simon then get's a little closer to him to take a better look.

Even though he knew Mr. Acme was the one who did all the Sabotages he wanted to see if his wild guess was right. He crossed his arms and looked strait into his eyes

"Were you the one who was the Ghost that came on the track Friday night? Or was Mr. Acme lying to me?" Simon asked firmly. The Man angrily looks at Simon very closely.

"How did you know I did that act? And who told you I was apart of the gang." Mr. Johnson said angrily.

"I got the story from the mastermind himself. And from the 2nd man of the gang." Simon said explaining. He does a small laugh inside of him. His was right. He was the third man to the small gang and apart of the sabotaging.

"Alright Matt. You can take him to the car now." Simon decided. Matt then takes him to his Patrol car. Simon then turns around back at the Committee.

"Simon. I hate to ask but. Are you finished making arrests here?" Mr. Taylor asked worried.

"I think so. I'm just glad the case was wrapped up before another sabotage was about to happen. If I haven't had heard that conversation I don't think I could have solved the case." Simon announced to the committee.

Mr. Taylor smiles at him. "True. But we have had a lot of surprises here at the Bluesburg Grand Prix. But I wouldn't be surprised if we have one more Surprise for you three."

"I don't know if I want another surprise from this place." Matt said when he was coming from his Patrol Car. "Oh Simon I forgot to tell you. A patrol car came and picked up the three of them and there at the station now."

"Well that's good to know. They were starting to be a pain." Laura admitted.

Simon nods and says. "That's true."

Just then Something catches Simon's eye while they were talking. He saw Mr. Omyer running towards them. He finally stops and starts talking to Mr. Taylor.

"I just talked with the officials. There going to restart the race in a few minutes." Mr. Omyer announced with relief.

"Good. I just hope there won't be anyone else who wants to sabotage our event." Mr. Taylor said worried.

Simon chuckles and looks at him. "Believe me Mr. Taylor. I don't think anyone else will sabotage this last 10 laps."

"Oh Mr. Taylor. Here are the 3 passes you wanted me to get for you." Mr. Omyer told him. Matt, Laura, and Simon all look at him curious. What did he mean by that? Simon Thought.

"Mr. Taylor. What are the passes for?" Matt asks looking at him.

"You know when you watch races every weekend? And when you see the part where there in Victory Lane? And they show extra people who aren't employees." Mr. Taylor said explaining.

"Yeah. What about that?" Simon asks quickly.

"Well. You're going to be VIP'S in Victory Lane." Mr. Taylor announced to the three friends. The 3 friends looked surprised.

"Why? We didn't do anything." Simon admits.

"Oh yes you did. You solved the Mystery that happened here. You all deserve a good time here. After what you all have been through this weekend." Mr. Taylor announced firmly. The three friends look at each other. And then nod.

"Thank you Mr. Taylor. We appreciate that." Simon said grateful to Mr. Taylor.

"Well why don't you three go enjoy the last 10 laps of the race. And then will meet you in the Victory Circle." Mr. Taylor decided.

Simon then thanked him and concludes the conversation. "Alright. will see you later."

"Alright." Mr. Taylor replied. The three friends then walk over to there seats.

"Simon what are you thinking about." Laura whispers to Simon. he was just day dreaming about the Mystery and how they were able to solve it. He then looks at Laura.

Simon then answers. "I was just thinking about the case. It seems like everything happened so quickly."

"I know. But couldn't you get your mind on something else. You solved the case already." Laura concludes. Simon then smiles at her. He was happy he was able to relax without worrying about the Mystery. Feeling relieved felt so good to Simon.

Chapter 13

The Grand Prix case is closed

After the walk towards the grand stands, the race was once again restarting. They were planning a Green-White-Checkered Finish because there were only 2 more laps to go. Simon and his friends quickly try to find there seats to watch the best part of the entire race.

As they were still walking, the cars re-fire there engines and then drive onto the track.

In front of the cars was a security car with orange lights on the top. The cars then start to go steer left and right with there cars. That means they are warming up there tires. If the driver's don't do this there tires can possibly lock up.

"It looks like it's going to be a close finish. Everyone is going to make a run to the front. But the #24 car has been dominating the entire day and has the car to beat in these next few laps." Announcer #2 assures the crowd.

"Yeah but. Don't forget the #10 car of David Green is in 2nd place and is another contender for the win as well." Announcer #3 replies to the other man on the comment.

Announcer #1 then speaks up. "Well it looks like they'll be going green the next time around." The race cars then come across to the Start/Finish line. The Pace car then drives into Pit Road. The cars then do 1 more lap around before they go to the restart.

At the Start/Finish line was a little box for a man who has the flags that he waves the flags at certain times. He then holds out one finger. Showing the drivers 1 more lap. Before they restart the race. The race cars then complete the 1 lap around the race track.

The man in the little box pulls out the Green Flag and starts waving it. The cars quickly speed up and start to race each other. A foot after they come down the Start/Finish line the #10 car of David Green starts to lag behind. The #24 car takes advantage of this and quickly pulls away.

The cars line up as they head towards the first turn. The #10 car quickly comes back and he's back into the battle for the lead. When heading towards the first turn David Green tries to outside lane to slingshot tech-neack. But the #24 car was just too strong on the inside lane.

Announcer #2 then speaks up. "It looks like the #10 car is starting to fall back to the #24 Car."

"Yeah but. Jeff is weak on the straightaway, but is strongest on the turns." Announcer #3 remarks.

"Yes. But it might be too little, too late. The white flag will be in the air this time by." Announcer #1 remarks with excitement. The flag guy then pulls out the White flag and starts waving it as the #24 car comes across the Start/Finish line.

The #10 car then crosses the line but .847 secs behind the leader. The rest of the pack was 2.574 secs behind the first two leaders.

"It looks like the #24 car has got this one in the bag. And if you look at the points standings, it looks like the #24 car has done great this weekend and will have enough." Announcer #2 said excited.

"You're totally right. He has the points to be able to take home the Bluesburg Grand Prix weekend." Announcer #1 said. As the race cars continue to race each other the #24 was coming off the final turn. The #24 cars lead now increased to 1.672 secs. The #10 car of David Green gave up trying to catch the #24 car.

"It looks like Jeff Hingman is going to have enough. Get out the Checkered Flag. Because. Jeff Hingman wins The Bluesburg Grand Prix!" Announcer #1 concludes with excitement. The man in the little box pulls out the Checkered flag and starts waving it as the #24 car comes across the Start/Finish line.

After a long hard weekend for everyone at the Grand Prix. The race was finally coming to a close. When the #24 car comes across the Start/Finish line everyone in the crowd stands up and starts cheering. Simon and his friends, Laura and Matt do the same as well.

The #24 driver then starts waving at the car as he does his lap around the track. And after he does his lap he goes to the stand and gets the Checkered Flag from the flag man. He then starts to do a burnout (But not in circles) as he does his victory lap.

After watching Jeff Hingman do his victory lap Simon and his friends quickly make it to the infield area.

They show there passes to the Security guard and then walk in. all the other drivers have already gotten out of there cars. And the Pit crews are already packing up there gear and are heading west for the next race. For Simon and his friends, it was amazing walking through there. After a walk through the area the three friends make to the Victory Circle. A

nd they were just in time. The #24 car was just driving into the Victory lane. Everyone had two cans in there hands. Simon and his friends then walk over to where Mr. Taylor and the Grand Prix Committee were standing.

Jeff then pulls off his racing helmet and puts on a baseball cap. The writing on it was, BLUESBURG GRAND PRIX. He then takes off his safety belts. He then grabs his soda from a stranger and starts to climb out of his car. The entire Crew starts to spray the soda everywhere. Then the confetti goes in the air. Covering everyone in the Victory Lane.

When Jeff Hingman steps down on the ground the TV crew were already waiting. Simon and his friends watch the TV crew interviewing Jeff Hingman. Jeff Hingman was a average size person. With black hair and blue eyes. And was sort of a skinny person. And was wearing a Yellow fire suit

"Congratulations Jeff. How hard was it to hold off David Green?" the TV reporter asks the race car driver.

"Well. It was very tough. And uh. He was the strongest on certain turns. But I was stronger on other turns. And we just had the better car today." Jeff Hingman said explaining.

"How good does it feel to win another Championship? ever since your last one in 2009." The TV Reporter asks the driver.

"It feels awesome to finally win one. I mean it was a terrible season for us last year and we didn't have a chance. So with this win, we have improved a lot. And these last two races this weekend, we had a strong car all weekend long and we knew we had a chance." Jeff Hingman assured the audience.

"Well Congratulations Jeff." The TV Reporter said concluding the interview.

Jeff Hingman then smiles at him. "Thank You." Jeff then walks away from the TV crew.

"A very Happy crew down here as you can tell." The TV Reporter says to the camera. As the minutes past. Simon then realizes that he was alone. Mr. Taylor was gone. Simon could not see him at all. And his friends had gone off to talk with the Committee

"Hi." a voice said behind him. Simon quickly turns around. To his surprise. It was Jeff Hingman!

"Hi ya doing." Simon said greeting the driver.

"You must be Simon Young." Jeff Hingman replied.

Simon then looks at him strait in the eyes. "How do you know my name?"

"Mr. Taylor told me the whole story about you." Jeff Hingman said explaining.

"I see." Simon said continuing. "And I'm one of your biggest fans if you didn't know."

"Well. I'm glad to here that from you." Jeff Hingman said happily.

"Your welcome." Simon replied.

"I think you and your friends went through a lot this weekend." Jeff Hingman said with a guiltily look.

Simon laughs softly and answers. "We did. But I thought it was fun."

"But I personally want to thank you for all you have done." Jeff Hingman said gratefully.


"Well. I see that you two have met." Mr. Taylor said speaking up. Who had just walked up to them.

"Yes we have." Jeff Hingman answered.

"Well. Congratulations on your Victory." Simon concluding.

"Thank You." Jeff Hingman said gracefully.

"You're not leaving. Are you?" Mr. Taylor asked worried.

"No. I'm just going to go look for my friends." Simon assured him.

Mr. Taylor smiles at him. "Oh don't worry. There still here."

"Why don't you come with me? I would like to talk to you some more." Jeff Hingman says to Simon.

Simon smiles and quickly accepts. "Why sure. I would love to."

"I'll see you two later." Mr. Taylor said. Mr. Taylor then walks away in the crowd. Simon and his new friend Jeff Hingman then walk around the Victory Lane talking to one another. Since Simon had his Camera with him he and Jeff took some pictures together. And then they talk about other things. After a long 2- hour celebration in Victory Lane everyone then starts to leave.

The Pit Crew for the #24 Car take the race car out of the Victory Circle. Simon and his friends then decided it was time for them to leave. They then all walk over to Jeff Hingman and the Grand Prix Committee and say goodbye.

"I would like to take a picture of Simon and Me with the Trophy I won today." Jeff Hingman requested to Simon.

"But I'm not even apart of the Grand Prix." Simon exclaimed calmly.

"I do it with fans all the time. And you are something special." Jeff Hingman told him. Simon then turns to Laura and Matt. They then both smile at him. Simon then turns to Jeff Hingman.

So pleasured he accepts. "It would be my pleasure." He and Jeff then walk over to the Stand holding the Trophy. They then pose holding up one finger. With Simon on the left and Jeff Hingman on the right of the trophy.

Mr. Taylor then takes the picture. He invites Matt and Laura in the picture. And they both accept. Laura stands with Simon and Matt stands with Jeff. They then all pose. After there pictures, Jeff Hingman says he has to go to a Press Conference, so they all bid there farewells and head in separate directions.

Simon and his friends then head toward the there cars. Matt says goodbye to Simon and then leaves. The sun was setting in the west and everything was peaceful. Simon and Laura then drive back to there apartments. Simon then drops off Laura and then drives home. When he makes it home he takes in his shopping bags and then walks to the kitchen. He makes a pot of coffee and then sits down at his desk.

When he opens his Laptop his brown Siamese Kitten (Female) he had got 1 week ago starts to meow at him. Simon put the kitten in a cage to protect the kitten from getting hurt by anything in the house. Simon then gets up from his desk and then lets the kitten in the cage and then sits back down at his laptop. He sips some of his coffee and looks at the computer screen.

After a few hours on the computer filling out the Mystery at the Grand Prix he prints it out and puts it into a folder. Then he decides to turn in early. He decides to have the kitten sleep with him. He pours the coffee pot in the sink and then heads to bed. What a weekend for Simon and his friends.

Chapter 14

Detective Simon Young

The next day Simon heads to the Police Station and tells the whole story to Chief O' Casey. He was impressed by how Simon was able to find a Mystery on his own. He then tells Simon that he has won. Simon will receive the Promotion that he was dreaming about his whole life. Simon got excited but had to go on patrol. He then leaves the Station and goes on patrol.

While Simon is on patrol Chief O' Casey and the other highest officers prepare a new desk office for Simon's own. The Chief then calls Simon's Girlfriend Laura, telling her to come over to the station after they show Simon his new office and the special surprise. Laura then agrees to the plan.

Meanwhile Simon continues to patrol the area for anyone who has t get a parking ticket. Simon finds 4 cars that were in parking violation.

He then gives them all a parking ticket, and to Simon's surprise, no one came out of the buildings to argue with him. After patrolling the area he decides to head back to Police Headquarters.

When he gets there he checks in and heads to the Chiefs office. When he walks past one of the offices there was a strange name on the office door next to Matt and the Chiefs. The name on it was DETECTIVE SIMON YOUNG. And that puzzled Simon. He then opens the door to the office. There were 4 people in the room.

"Excuse me. Were looking for Detective Simon Young." Chief O' Casey announces firmly. Simon then smiles at all of them.

"We were waiting for you." Matt declares to him.

Simon firmly looks at them. "Yes I see that."

"Well don't just stand there. Come sit at your new desk." one of the police officers said in the room. Simon then walks over to his new desk and then sits down. Everyone then gathers around.

"Well don't stall anymore Simon. Come on tell the story." The 2nd Officer said in the room.

"Well from the beginning. Okay here it goes." Simon said continuing. "It all started when Mr. O' Conner started in crime. That must have been like a year ago, according to Mr. Taylor. And the Grand Prix committee was getting tired of being the laughing stock.

So they decided to vote weather to keep him on the committee or discontinue him. They voted to fire him. When they told Mr. O' Conner, he got mad and swore he would get revenge on them for doing that. So he told the press about what had happened. He decided to start a small gang to sabotage the Grand Prix."

"But why did it take him and his gang so long to finally do the operation?" The 1st officer asks with a lot of curiosity.

"Because it took him a long time to find the men he needed and he needed other things to complete the smooth operation." Simon said continuing. "After he found his two men, Mr. Acme and Mr. Johnson, he decided to do the operation this week."

Chief O' Casey then asks. "How did everything happen so fast?"

"Hard to explain. The whole thing evolved me and Laura when I got a Threatening Phone Call a night before we even went to the Grand Prix." Simon said continuing.

"The sabotages first started when I took Laura to the Grand Prix Practice. Mr. Acme snuck into the Garage area and took off all the bolts off the tires of the #13 car. That was why all four wheels came off. And as for the Ghost coming on the track at the Friday night race, ruining certain driver's chance of winning or getting a good finish, and the ghost was Mr. Johnson, the third man of the gang."

"Don't forget the other stuff Simon." Matt bursts out.

"Aright Matt I'm getting there." Simon said continuing.

"And after Me, Laura, and Matt left the Victory Circle that night, Laura noticed a masked man following us and when I turned around he had a gun in his hand, he fired at us right when we ducked, when we hid behind a car, he shot the windows out, I finally had to shoot at him, but not directly, I decided to scare him away by shooting near his feet, and it worked."

"Why was he shooting at you?" Chief O' Casey asks with curiosity.

"To scare us away from the Grand Prix. But instead I scared him away when I fired back. The next day when the next race took place,

Mr. Acme got through the gates and walked on pit road. Since he never smoked cigarettes, he had to go get some, when he was smoking it; he started to feel sick,

but he had to do the job quickly, before he race he leaked gas all over pit road, and had put down a lot of gas so the plan would go threw, and when the security guard told him to leave the pit road,

Mr. Acme hesitated for minute and then threw the cigarette down and that caused the pit road fire." Simon said explaining.

The #2 Police officer then asks. "But why did the security guard not chase him?"

"Because Mr. Acme ran over them when he ran away. No one had time to identify him because he disappeared into thin air when he got away." Simon said explaining.

"I do remember that part of the weekend." Matt said interrupting Simon. The officer's quickly shish Matt to let Simon finish the story.

"Go on Simon." Chief O' Casey requested.

"Okay. After the fire me and Laura went to go see the committee, Laura saw the man carrying a gun behind his jacket, and when we made it to the committee room, two police officers started making fun at me." Simon said. Chief O' Casey then started to get mad.

"Don't worry about those two men I sent over there Simon. I'll take care of them." Chief O' Casey assured him.

"Thanks Chief. Let me finish the story please?" Simon said explaining. "After Me and Laura left after the second race Mr. Acme and the 3rd man to the gang attacked the Janitor, the night security guard, And one of the Spokesman.

They tied them up and left them there all night. When the committee came early in the morning, they found them and then called me to investigate.

And then that's when I found the blue handkerchief, it was surprising to me that the Fingerprint department was able to even find a fingerprint on it."

"Well they did. And that's why were considered the best small town police in Kansas." Matt stated.

"Okay Matt." Simon said continuing. "And after Me and Laura left the building we found a envelope attached to the seat, Mr. Acme must have broke into the car and put in there, and after we got it we went home, and then came back to the track to watch the final race. I went to the committee room while Laura went to meet up with Matt. While we were watching the race, Ms. Carbon exploded and confessed that the Culprit blackmailed the committee.

He blackmailed them into not saying anything about Mr. O' Conner or about the future sabotages or else they would be hurt real bad, and they told me about the reason for firing Mr. O' Conner, and that made me suspicious about Mr. O' Conner, and then Laura called me and told me that Matt had been kidnapped." Everyone then looks at Matt.

"How did it happen?" The #2 police officer asks.

"When I walked out of the bathroom, a masked man came behind me with a gun, he took mine and I was powerless, when we went to the abandoned shack, he took off his mask and explained everything, before I could try to escape he tied me up good. I waited a long time and then that's when Simon found me." Matt said explaining.

"And I'm glad I found you in time." Simon said continuing. "And to make the evidence complete. I overheard a conversation between Mr. O' Conner and Mr. Acme, talking about the sabotages and the whereabouts of Matt. So I arrested Mr. O' Conner first before chasing Mr. Acme. And after I found Matt I decided to go look for Mr. Acme myself. And I found him with a sniper rifle. It turns out; he was going to shoot out the tires of the race cars."

"But how did you stop him." The #1 Police Officer asked tenseness in his voice.

"He saw me. And when he saw me, he ran and I followed him. He hid and tried to shoot me with the sniper rifle. But he missed. After he ran, I finally caught up to him and arrested him. And then Matt took them to the car. And thank havens; there on there way to prison, of the three Grand Prix Sabotaging Gang." Simon said ending his story.

"Whoa! That was a amazing adventure you had Simon." #2 Police Officer said with excitement.

"I know. I hope I get a lot more adventures like that." Simon said with disappointment.

"Don't worry Simon. They'll come." Chief O' Casey assured him. Just then Laura comes in with a broad smile on her face.

"Hey everyone. Guess what?" Laura asks.

"What?" Simon asks. She then puts a newspaper on his new desk. On the front page was Simon's picture. And the main headline said on it:


Simon then looks up at everyone and then smiles.

"Thanks everyone. I don't know how to thank you and I'll always remember this. If I can only get a frame to frame this paper." Simon said with complication.

The Chief then pulls out a frame from under the desk. "Done." Chief O' Casey announced. The two Police Officers then put the newspaper in the frame and then puts in on the wall on the right of Simon's Desk. It was a big wall.

"And so if you solve another mystery. You can put the newspaper on this wall. And you already have a good head start." The #1 Police Officer said. Simon then smiles at all of them. He couldn't wait for his second one. But little did Simon know. He was soon to get involved in The Terror in the Arctic.

"We have a new Detective in town. And his name is Simon Young." Matt says with a big smile.