The Girl and The Rabbit

Once upon a time there was an industrious carpenter, who lived in a small village. The carpenter had a daughter. She was young gaunt girl no older than sixteen, she had long wavy brown hair, and green eyes. She was a strange child, what made her strange was her rare ability to speak to animals. One day an atrocious queen that lived in an ancient and secluded castle, heard about the carpenter's daughter, and sent a messenger. The messenger arrived at the carpenter's door while the sun was still brilliant, "the queen has heard about your daughter's unusual ability she is willing to pay one thousand gold to sell her as the queen's servant" the carpenter, famished and in great destitute, agreed to the offer and as soon as night fell he sent his daughter to the woods to find the castle. Before letting her go he sent her off with some words "be careful dear child, the woods are quite dangerous at night, watch your back, and be quite, you don't want to end up like the old widow's son, poor boy, they never found him" with that the carpenter said his goodbyes to his daughter before sending her off to the precarious forest.

The girl was scared as she walked through the frigid woods, she took cautious steps through the forest as she looked around. Suddenly she heard a fleeting sound, as if someone or something was trying to run away, she turned around in fear. "Who's there" she said as she looked around looking for the source of the sound. Out of the bushes a minute and frail looking rabbit, with jet black fur glowing blue eyes that were filled with fear. "Help me human girl" the rabbit said in a squeaking voice that showed her how scared he was "I'm lonely and scared, I don't want to die here" he said, the girl picked up the small rabbit and carried him and in arms. "Don't worry I'll take you with me, where we're going I promise you'll be safe" the rabbit was thankful for the girl's kindness and replied with a nod.

The girl kept walking with the little rabbit in her arms. They both hoped that for there to be no dangers ahead of them. Suddenly sounds of growling, barking, and howling came from between the trees. "The wolves are coming, quick run" The rabbit said the girl started running with the rabbit in her arms. She saw a large pile of leaves, the girl decided to hide herself, and the rabbit in the leaves. The two slipped under there using the leaves to hide themselves. The wolves walked by "where are they?" one of the wolves said, "I don't know they must be here somewhere" another wolf said. Soon all the wolves were gone to look elsewhere. The girl and the rabbit emerged from the leaves as soon as they knew they were safe from the wolves. The exhausted pair went up to a river to have to drink of water. They settled down together, "I know the woods are scary at night, but it's so comforting to have someone with me here" the rabbit said, the girl gave him a smile along with a light pet on the head. "I feel the same as you, it's good to have a friend by your side when fear takes you over" the next morning she woke up, with the rabbit still in her arms, she then stood up and continued her journey.

As the two continued to look for the castle, she kept walking closer and closer to the castle as the village was becoming farther. They got caught in the rain once, and found refuge in a cave. They waited together the girl holding on to the rabbit for company and comfort. The day was slowly slipping into night and dusk had arrived. As they kept walking the two of them came across and immense bear that towered over the two. The terrified girl was just about to run off with the equally terrified rabbit until the bear spoke. "No, don't be afraid am not here to hurt you, I'm here to help you" The bear said, they both stared up at him but decided to give the bear the benefit of the doubt. "I know you're looking for the castle, I can help you get there" the bear said reluctantly the girl decided to follow the bear. However the rabbit didn't seem to like the idea as he buried his head in the girl's arms. The girl noticed this and began to caress the shaking rabbit.

As they reached the castle the bear left them, and the rabbit started shaking even more as tears started coming out of his tears and he buried his head deeper in the girl's arms. The girl begins to stroke the rabbit's back and started singing song to comfort the rabbit. Soon she enters the morbid castle where the evil queen was sitting in her throne. "So you're the girl I've been hearing about, the carpenter's daughter, the girl with the power to communicate with creatures" the queen said "I've been waiting for you, I want you as my servant, my prize, I want to know ALL about your powers". The girl stared at the floor, this was now her life. Then the queen's expression changed, she got up from her throne and walked closer to the girl. The queen pointed at the rabbit in the girl's arms, "YOU" she said in a menacing tone "I never thought you'd come back alive, especially after I've turned you into such a lowly creature". The girl stared at the queen confusion written in her face. "What's going on? What do you mean" the girl ask. "I wasn't always a rabbit" the rabbit started explain in fear "a couple of days ago I was just a boy that lived in the village, until the queen summoned me because I had the same power as you but then, but when I got here she turned me into a rabbit and locked me up in a cage, but I escaped and she sent the wolves to hunt me down". The girl was furious to hear what the queen had done to him, she wasn't going to allow this wicked woman be unpunished, but what could she do? This was an evil queen, the girl was nothing compared to her. Before the girl could think of anything to do, the queen snatched the rabbit from the girl's arms. "You should have never come back rabbit" the queen before taking out a dagger, but just as the queen was about to atrociously end the rabbit's life, the girl did a valiant act. She took a sword that was mounted on the wall, and sliced off the queen's arm. The girl caught the rabbit before he hit the floor and ran to leave the castle but just as she was at the exit, she took a torch and threw it to the floor, burning the castle to crisp.

The girl holding the rabbit was able to escape the castle just in time. Once they were a good distance from the castle. The rabbit jumped from the girl's arms and turned into a pale boy, with jet black hair, the same color as his fur when he was a rabbit, and bright blue eyes that stood out of his otherwise colorless appearance. "You showed me friendship when I was all alone, and you could have stayed back when she tried to kill me, yet you saved me, you showed true courage" the boy said, "thank you", the girl shook her head, "it was nothing, thank you for comforting me, and being by my side when I was drowning in fear" she answered. Then together the two new friends joyfully went deeper into the woods and started a new life there, and they lived happily ever after.

The End.