For this very special day

I tried to find the right words to say

To show you how I feel about our friendship

As you can see, I'm already failing anyway..


At the beginning, three years ago

I was left all alone, you know

Watching everyone happily living their days

Together, without me, going with the flow..


At last, someone came near

Accepted me, and wiped away my tear

Put an end to my dark sad days

Kissed away all pain and fear..


You did a lot for me, so much stuff

I'm really sorry, I can't thank you enough

When I had so many troubles in mind

You always managed to make me laugh..


I can only think of your sight

In my sleepless solitude tonight

The only think that makes it easy

Is remembering your smile shining bright..


If it wasn't for you, my dear

All would be mere dreams, not real

I wouldn't be standing right here

Struggling to make it all clear..


The feelings I have for you, you see

Are much more than love, I can't cover my glee

Only when with you, I'm alive

If my heart had wings, it'd fly, I'd feel free..


I adore you, ma'lady, my best friend

I swear, by your side, I'll always stand

That's my right place, that's where I'm meant to be

If I were a guy, it wouldn't be long before I'm on my knee..


I want you to stay forever, let us grow

Old together, to the world let's show

That the bond we have won't shake

The least I can do to you, this is my vow..


With Love,

Dayma ❤