I have no idea if blogging is allowed on this website but I've always been a rule breaker. Just pretend this is allllll fiction and the problem be solved.

I think we need to start with introductions.

I'm Dreaming of Starry Skies, I'm 14 (cue groans) a female, and a wanna-be writer. I live in England and I'm a proud Brit.

School is pretty shit but I cope...

At the moment I have a mouth full of metal and that ain't gonna change for another year or so.

My paragraphing feels a lil awkward but I don't generally talk about myself like this so until I (hopefully) get into the swing of things it likely will.

I've been diagnosed with a hell of a lot of things and honestly I'm not sure which I have and which are a Venn diagram of other symptoms.

Let us go into these things now...

(Note: My symptoms are likely different than others. Please don't get offended.)


Yep, that word describes me pretty well.. always having to be moving in some way, (although as we'll get to in a minute I'm not at all athletic) never able to pay attention for more than 5 minu- OOH A SQUIRREL!


Ahh, Dyspraxia.. otherwise known as "Isn't it pronounced Dyslexia?" Clumsy as a 2 year old, with handwriting that looks like something crawled onto the page and flopped around before dying dramatically.


Likely the least known of my problems, I'll act like you guys don't know what this is to avoid confusion. I'm pretty sure there is something else with this name and I want to be careful.

SPD.. Sensory Processing Disorder. The thing that makes my life- to be dramatic, a living hell. My eating issues have gotten so bad my mother has all but given up. Calling me a fussy eater would be like calling a lion a cat. (True, but it doesn't really tell the whole story.)


Likely the most well known although most people know it by just one part of it's name. Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

If you ever went to school past the age of 12 you have likeky heard at least one "You're so autistic!" Joke. If you're upset around me, please don't try to be subtle. I can tell you here and now: I. Will. Not. Get. It


Well, I hope you're willing to read my ramblings about my... admittedly boring life. I'll try to post every day, as a sort of diary.. except public.

See ya later?

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