My weight.

Hooooly shit, my weight.

I want to take the time to point out here that I am generally a very insecure person. My appearence, my athletic ability, my brains, you name it.

But my weight? That's my worst problem.

Ao, I was an average kid and a skinny pre teen. But when I hit 12, my weight started increasing... quite a lot.

I'm not fat, I weigh just under 50 kilos which apperently is a healthy weight.

But I don't feel happy with my body at all.

My thighs, my arms, my stomach, my chin. They all feel massive compared to others my age and that makes me feel like crap.

Add on to that, I also have severe food issues that don't relate to my weight at all.

Sorry so much for whoever had to read this whine. I'm just complaining over nothing.