Yeah, right..."

I pushed him away from me and took a big step backwards, laughing. "Ewwww… don't touch me with those hands, you fag~"

Still holding up his hands Fred wriggled his fingers in a creepy way and stepped closer to me, obviously not feeling rebuffed in the slightest.

"Oh ~ but I know you just looooove being touched by me Ev, you don't have to deny it, darling~"

And the next moment my vision spun around and that muscle package of a person I call my friend carried me on his shoulders, laughing heartly, while making his way towards our classroom. Honestly, if I wouldn't have known Fred for so long, I would have probably tried to get out of his grip, or at least blushed when some of the other people glanced at us. But I knew him to well and after all these years I just didn't care anymore.

We were known as the 'dream-team' anyway, or more like the 'gay-couple', which wasn't even true. Okay, I admit that Fred did confess to me once when we were younger, and I was pretty sure he enjoyed our body contact a bit too much for a normal friend, but he knew very well that I had no interest in guys. No, that's wrong, it's not that I have no interest in guys per se, it's more like I have

no interest in anything sexual whatsoever.

When we finally arrived at our classroom, Fred let me down again and sat me on my desk, with another pat on my head. I let him do whatever he wanted to, knowing well enough that he needed this kind of contact after one of the fights with his dad. It was as if he was asking if I still liked him, if I was alright with the way he was, if I would be by his side. So I managed to put on a smile for him, before sliding down from the wood and letting my body fall into its righteous place.

"You know that I'm capable to walk alone already, yeah? Been able to do so for quite a few years now~"

"Oh really? I could have sworn you're still too small for that.", he mocked me and let himself fall onto the chair next to mine.

I was about to give him a cheeky answer, as our math teacher walked in and slammed his books on the front desk. Obviously no good mood there, at least his grim expression didn't promise anything good, so I just stayed silent and unpacked my homework.

It didn't even take five minutes and my eyes fell shut, honestly, that wasn't what I had planned, but maybe those restless nights finally got to me, and it was becoming too painful to keep my itchy eyes open. The next thing I realized was a numbing pain that suddenly blossomed from my forehead and my eyes yanked open.

What had happened? I was looking around as to find the source of my unexpected pain, noticing that everyone's face was turned into my direction. My head turned to Fred with a questioning look on my face, when I noticed that he was holding his mouth to restrain his laugher. He wasn't able to hold it in for long by he way, the moment our eyes met his voice filled the classroom and a few others joined in.

"What ?! What happened?", I asked still confused, before he could put a hand on my shoulder and finally seemed to pull himself together.

"Your head… pffff… I didn't know you were so tired, or I would have brought you a pillow… and… and your glasses.", his eyes wandered to my desk and he began to snigger again.

As soon as I saw the cracked glass lying on the wood in front of me it finally clicked. I had slammed face- forward into my desk. At least that would explain the pain that still throbbed through my bone. One of my hands found its way of to my temple, inspecting the damage and noticing a small swelling.

The dry cough from the front of the room got my attention back to the overall situation. Well, had I said Mr. Callaghan didn't look like he was in a good mood? Now he seemed more than just in a bad mood, I would probably describe it with utterly pissed while he would most likely define it as indignant, but no, truthfully, for me he just made the impression of being pissed.

"If you feel like my lecture is this boring, Mr. Pritchard, I would have liked you to notify me yourself. Shall you not have any interest I would advise you to leave instead of disturbing my classes."

Thought I might have not turned red when Fred as carrying me around, my cheeks now obviously flushed from embarrassment and I cleared my throat.

"I'm really sorry, I'm not feeling well. Could I, well… go to the infirmary?"

His eyes, oh my god his eyes! The feeling of him wanting to strangle me for those words crawled up my back and without awaiting an answer I packed my things and grabbed my glasses.

"See you later", I whispered to Fred and fled out of the room, trying to put on my damaged specs and nearly ran into a wall in the corridor.

Holy shit! I pulled the frame from my nose and looked at it. They didn't seem that damaged, but when I had put them on I unmistakably couldn't see anything clear anymore. Now that I gazed at my surroundings I noticed that they seemed way sharper than ever before. Did I hit my head so hard I was now imagining my eyesight got better? Maybe I should really go to a doctor, but for now

I would walk to the infirmary and lie down, maybe everything would be back to normal once my body had enough sleep.

It only took me one, maybe two, minutes to reach the sterile looking room, and once I explained why I came I was allowed to take a nap for a bit. A bit I think meant something like two hours, but well, my body apparently thought that a bit would be till the last lecture was over and everyone had to leave school.

Really smooth Ev, really smooth. As if it wasn't enough to fall asleep during the first lecture, I even missed the rest of the day. So I got woken up by the school nurse, which kicked me out with a half-assed smile and handed me my bag, before closing the door right in front of my face.

A sight came over my lips and rubbing my eyes I made my way home.