Don't ever walk away
From anyone that truly cares
Since then who will you turn to
When you need someone there?

Some people will still stick by
As your rage through
Constant memories
That still plague you to this day.

Can say all the wrong things
You don't really mean
As the pain hits them
But they still stay right by your side.

Your mind can be off in time
As you stare right into them
While they wonder where you gone
Trying to bring you back to the present.

Can be cold as a glacier
Can be fiery as volcano
And they will always be there
To either warm you up or cool you down.

So please don't turn blindly away
Saying that no one ever cares
Just as when someone is there
Trying to break you out of your spell
That you seem to be under for awhile
From all the heartache you have collected
From all the seconds in time.