Winter is approaching, winter is approaching

Feel the cold chill coming in in the night

see the old carpet laid out by the fireplace and the dog curled up beside it

smell the aroma of candles burning as they're lit, creating an orange shadow of sorts

see the humans, drinking coffee and hot drinks, soup bowl at their side, slurping chicken noodle soup

see the humans, wrapped up in blankets and scarves, as they walk down the street.

see no one in t-shirts and shorts anymore.

Hear the sound of the fireplace crackling to life as it shudders and gasps, before turning warm with heat.

Hear the sound of the happy children as they crowd on the couch, looking over their phones.

Smell the smell of things baking as relatives gather for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner.

Soon we'll be wearing gloves and dashing through the snow.

For now, let's enjoy the darkness while it lasts and look at the moon.

Look at the stars.

Enjoy how small we are in the long run of things.

Halloween has passed and with it, autumn is on her last legs, limping by-while Winter comes, her sister, filled with chills, iciness and delight.

"I'm coming, my pretties, just you wait. I'll make this winter the coldest one yet!" She seems to whisper as I stare at the night sky, taking in the coldness, the emptiness of the stars, and how alone we seem to be.

But then I realize there is beauty in the night, beauty in the seasons and beauty within.

Lady Autumn has taught us the spooky, now Lady Winter will teach us the frosty and chilly way of life.

I go to get my scarf and warm gloves.

Time to go for a walk in the dark.