A sly sickly man, cruel to the bone walked into the throne room. He is called Polymerase.

He dressed simply in a white cloak that draped his thin human frame, but as much as he pretends to be human as he walked towards the throne he was inhuman as they come. His twisted thoughts and actions had allowed him to rise to the placement of King's advisor when Prince Ribose had been banished from Thymine and had escaped the King's hunters out of Nucleus. Ever since Polymerase had been carrying out the Kings deeds with pleasure of a dog to his master for years and had won great praise and awards; but, Polymerase, now the most respected out of all the king's adviser, thought that now was the time now was the time to reveal his cruelest plan of all to finally defeat Prince Ribose. For good.

As he approached the throne his thin face curved and dark by his cruel grin and shaved head a show of obedience to the King as all advisors must shave their hair. Polymerase felt at ease to show his crueler side when he was with the King for the King was just as cruel and bent as he was. Polymerase stopped two thirds across the majestic throne room and kneeled on a knee.

"Sire" he called his voice quiet and wispy the dark intentions beneath such a voice slithering like worms around the air spoiling the quiet space.

King Deoxyribose, old now with many thick creases and white hair combed perfectly off his dark and dangerous face to be braided down his back, his molten scowl and deep-set black eyes glaring under folds of skin in appearance so brittle it might crumble under slight movement and then Lord of Thymine looked up rolling his brow up creating more wrinkles and the black eyes darted up to meet Polymerase. Even after all these years, it made Polymerase pause a moment at the piercing look of the king and then bowed low, waiting a moment for the King to gently flick a finger before rising and stepping forward tripping slightly and speaking voice excited.

"I have looked at the numbers myself, my lord, it looks like the number of Exon rebels have been contained and the resistors from Guanine, Cytosine, Adenine have been subdued or arrested."

Polymerase crept closer.

"The numbers match the trained guides you require, my lord, they are perfectly trained and with even some to spare If they were not so untamed and animalistic …They would be considered good meat for more solid duty." Polymerase stopped and bowed "my lord…I do have a suggestion if your majesty would care to hear it?"

"We have found evidence that the foe you hunt has been dwelling in the cytoplasm." Polymerase carefully skirt around the name of the Prince having no desire to be ripped apart for that blasphemy, "It is fair ways away, but…" Polymerase continued and then could not help the cruel laughter emerging from him with a harsh brightness to his eye, and added, "But, as I have said we have plenty of subjects to spare for the cause."

The king was just as cruel as him even if Polymerase would have a run for his goblins to decide who was crueler, but at this moment Polymerase had to admit that his plan today was horrible in comparison.

Deoxyribose stared into Polymerase eyes but did not speak a word. Just waited, and Polymerase continued with his report "They are very young and will dutifully gain the pity of your prey, and his fellow exiles. My lord, then we can receive just exactly their numbers and where they are getting their forces from" Polymerase continued with a bow to his king.

The King glanced at a small lump huddled cowed by the thrown and Polymerase quickly nodded towards his lord and shouted at the servant his wispy voice breaking and cackling like flames licking out of the furnace startling the servant from his kneeling to a hunched crouch.

"The king is the need of spies younger than twelve but older than six. You will deliver this command to the hunters. See that it is carried out" The servant, shaken by the glare and bared teeth in his words, nodded hurriedly and left to gather the kingdom's hunters.

Polymerase had gathered all the Exon's in the square and was surveying the chosen to be the spies and proceeding to present them to the king. Meanwhile, the streets were in chaos. Families were being ripped apart and shoved away in waves of tears for their children. Polymerase looked on disgusted by the seas of grey people, their sorrows disgusted him. They should feel proud to have their families chosen, less food to share amongst all of them and how they had whined, over and over to be given more food and more comfort by their king and now that they have received it. Once again the people complain, but the King was unburdened watching the transcription, the pairing of his new spies, and commanded the promoters; that all information should go to the messengers stationed with them and on no accounts to trust any of the Ribose's people. They would give pain worse than death if the spies were to reveal themselves at any time. The only way back was a victory.

The King was almost done surveying the pairing when a scrawny boy was drawn before him away from the sea of grieving families. The boy bowed his head obediently but not patriotically, the King noted. The King was interested, not caring but interested, and wondered at the sight as he looked at the boy before him.

"What is your name boy and why do you resist?" Polymerase spit from beside him, the boy flinched making the King sneer quietly from his throne.
"My name is Oxon, I don't want..."
"We found him hiding, the people know him as a messenger boy. Sir." The guard holding Oxon uttered, interrupting him with a painful twist of his arm to silence him.

King Deoxyribose looked him over, and the King dismissed him. Polymerase had been correct when he had said there were much more. The streets were full of the many spies. The King nodded with approval and assigned Oxon to the guard holding him to join the mass of Exons marching out. The guard didn't look appeased but that hardly mattered either. As the boy was dragged down to where the rest of the spies waited, King Deoxyribose stood and began his speech to the people down below.

"All my spies here me out; you will be escorted to the realm of Uracil, and be reassured, on my blood, that if you are to indicate to the enemy what we are planning, we will know what it feels like to be torn apart by the hunters that are the very things that look after you in this Kingdom" Deoxyribose paused and looked them over. They were silent and had obviously understood the threat.

"Furthermore, your instructions are: that you will gain information about the food they are making and deliver it by your promoter back here. The information will be reviewed by the amino acids. So just press the incision and the message will be open. When the amino acids detect the weakness of Uracil, we will go to war." The king was silent for a moment,

"You now will be assigned to your amino acids in codons. Then you all will be sent out tomorrow, bright and early." Deoxyribose gave a cough of farewell and dismissal then disappeared beyond the balcony back into his palace.

Oxon was pulled over towards a line up for registration, being watched constantly by the Hunters. These weren't just any handlers. They smelled of rotting wounds and their faces were masked with a material that looked like it was never washed off. Some said, if you have come close to a hunter that they hiss instead of speak and that they are born from demons, for their pupils are blood red instead of black. Oxon suddenly felt himself on the ground with his head throbbing lightly. He had been staring at the hunters and had been hit over the head by the guard forgetting where and what mess he was in.

Oxon struggled to his feet and trudged on behind his silent promoter. Oxon held in a sigh. One moment he was looking for a meal. Then in the next, he was being dragged right before the king and forced into his army. Oxon looked around flittingly. He had felt how strong this promoter was just the hit on his skull and decided not to run away, not yet. He could see the finished groups rubbing the brands on their arms indicating where the amino acid messages would be sent and also communicators to their promoters in case they were separated. They were now dividing; the Prince's old Poly glided, in their holy adviser robes, hunched they walked around the grounds administering the brands while securing the smaller gates that separated the other Exons from their intron familiesto say one last goodbye.

Oxon himself had no family and he turned and followed the line looking at the ground until they yanked his arm from his side for identification marking. He could smell the burning steel before he spotted it and imagine the smoke as he closed his eyes and turned his face. He didn't want to see what they had been using on all of them for this suicide mission. He clenched his jaw so as to not scream; as he heard others around him. He waited for a moment then slowly felt the heat on his arms rise as the branding stick was lowered.

The heavy metal doors opened and Oxon was awed by the space outside of his home where he had stayed, never allowed any of them to venture out. He could not believe he was actually leaving, but even more astonished that he was leaving with Lord Deoxyribose's army. He could see others, many others being initiated and drilled on gathering information; they were all there in case Oxon and his party didn't survive.

Lord Deoxyribose was worse than what he could remember of his father.

Hopefully, there would be no need of more. This would have to end with him. It had to. Oxon swallowed and began to march with the rest through the gates. With a glance behind him, he saw a group of codon slaves dragging the heavy doors shut, stopping the grieving stares from his fellow villagers he could feel through them. He turned forward as they journeyed on, knowing or maybe just sensing, that he would never return as the same Exon that he was before.