The boy waits, sipping on a hot chocolate that's gotten cold hours before.

He's in an open air café.

He's wearing sunglasses.

Which makes sense, because it's a warm day.

What doesn't make sense is that he's in the back corner, far from sunlight.

He's facing the whole crowd of people.

But he's not really paying attention.

To the crowd, at least.

You see, this kid here is what's known as a Freelancer.

But he's no ordinary Freelancer.

Most Freelancers can hack computers.

That's it.

That kid could hack your whole life, and steal your wallet.

This guy, he can see into your entire life via a three minute conversation.

He's also able to speak thirty five different languages as if they were his native tongue.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves here.

This kid, right here, was on a mission.

He tapped his sunglasses subtly, activating a comm-link to his 'buyer' before straightening his jacket and forcing himself to take a sip of the too cold hot cocoa.

"Target sighted. Updates later."

"Affirmative, proceed."


A girl came sauntering over to the boy, tossing her cheaply dyed blue hair and settling down on the seat across from him.

He sighed, closed his laptop, and asked, "Hello, miss. What can I do for you?"

"Just spending a little free time away from my boyfriend Lance... err, whatever."

"Oh? You sure he won't get jealous? I am a pretty cute catch, if I do say so myself."

"Alright so you are the guy I'm looking for."

"You sure, pretty lady? Hacking is an international business in this economy."

"I'm sure. You're a flirt, and you said you had a bunch of massive tattoos on your arms, part of which I can see. Not that hard one you look between the lines."

"Alright, girly. If you're sure."

This blue girl was the girl.

Once he had almost lost her, he contacted the HQ again.

"First contact. Taking her back to my office to have a little chat."

"Wait, Feather, you said you wouldn't go rouge on this-"

"-one" The man finished, the line dead.

"His tracker's down, sir. Our two field agents aren't reporting in. Should we execute Project Beta?"

"Not yet. Have the rookies try and track him down. Tell them it's an extra credit type thingy..."

"Yes, sir!"

"Now, I need some time to think, so, can you all clear the room please? Cadet T, please stay."

The officers filed out quietly.

Cadet T flounced over to the chair next to the man, and sat down facing him.

"Yes, Charlie? What do you need me for?"

In this world, I am what is known as a Freelancer.

I am a of the many 'official' ones, anyhow.

Most of us look like normal kids.

You wouldn't be able to pick us out of a crowd.

But we're there.

And we're always gonna be there.