People tell me I have his eyes,
they find the sky in deep waters,
I can't ever believe them,
I seem to always fall short.

It's hard to find the time to
find myself within the words, the
voices and the pain, I crave for
something always far away.

I'm out of my mind, out of my body
and out of time, I swear it was
only a second ago I held the
world in the palm of my hands.

See, then there's you, the entire
universe locked in your heart,
every place your skin touches mine
leaves stardust behind, and I shine.

Can you blame me?

This could be a short story, but
I won't end it, I'll start: with
tired eyes I saw the sun at night,
a pocket full of moons you gave me.

For a moment, I believe.
Not on fate or luck, I'd
never let something so fickle
gamble with my thoughts.

I can't help but compare, there's
no jealousy, only wonder, but if I
keep going I might lose myself again
and I'm already spread too thin.

Who you are brings color to my
understanding, you clash with my
vision of the world and I stumble,
you hold my hand and I'm awake -

so I can dream again.

I want to scream, I've always been
a cynic, but I can't, I won't run,
my limbs curl around the idea of a
tomorrow I never knew I could have.

Words feel incomplete, unlike the
thoughts that are never ashamed to
admit and want, but I can see you trying,
safety waiting between your lips.

And I won't sin, I won't make the
mistake of dripping honey and prayers
on this human centered feeling, but
damn it, I can feel you, you stayed -

here, with me, and the universe
still in your heart.