They say that there is a path from which we can not stray,

That I was born a simple thing and simple I must stay.

I never understood why they pray to books and tales,

Beat and burn and shame those whom they say have failed.

That they have many tests that are impossible to pass,

That someone's always watching with wisdom that no one has.

They say that peace and love and hope await those who obey,

The rules made by a starving madman long ago one day.

I'm told that I am evil for how I think, dress and love,

That it warrants fire raining down from up above.

They say that I have demons who whisper from deep within,

That i am nothing but a rotting husk so full of sin.

A monster and an evil thing are all I know I am,

I can not look at myself yet I do know who can.

My demons come too meet me and wipe away my tears,

I welcome in the evil that a true righteous man fears.

I learned that horns and claws of monsters are meant to defend,

The happiness and kindness of their so called evil men.

I learned that love is what I wish and what I need to make,

I learned that hope and peace are almost always fake.

Angel wings are filthy things, the purity is feigned,

They hide the little feathers red from blood of those they maimed.

I'd be lost in heaven I would rather go to hell,

The demons there are friends of mine who know me very well.

Yes i am a sinner with demons in my heart,

But they are my brothers and we won't be torn apart.

You show only hatred for me since we disagree,

You just yell and curse, and the evil one is me?