This is troublesome indeed. I thought I might spend my day off at a friend's apartment, but this simply won't do. "Hm? Message from 'Ruka'?" A few moments ago, a strange substance was terrorizing the apartment, strange as in 'out-of-this-world' kind, and now it had completely entered my cellphone. "Hello, my name is Ruka" it said on my phone. Ominously, it seems like it wants to communicate with me, and better yet, in english. "Whatever you are, please stay away from my phone and please don't hurt me." I attempted to plea. "Do not worry, I wish no harm to you, I am simply lost, as obvious as it is, I'm not from around here" Strange, as I said twice, this all sound like something out of a book. "I have just realised this device is your personal communication means, forgive me for invading, I will come out from it now." The 'alien' slowly flows out of my phone, a black gooey substance oozing in a way one would normally think that it's repulsive, but in actuality, it smells really nice.

"Greetings, oh, forgive me, but this is not my true form, this form is merely an easy way to get around easily." Its voice came out to be very feminine, I would assume 'it' would be a 'she'. The alien slowly fusing itself and merging any gaps to form a very humanoid-like shape, eventually it slowly becomes human. "This is my true form, yes we look a lot like humans, but we lack your variety of expressions." said the beautiful alien girl with a straight face, that would affirm her statement. "Why are you here?" I asked to make sense of the situation. "I have told you that I am lost, my transportation disappeared on me, I expected nothing less, it was a really cheap model." the alien said. "Please, I know you're addressing me as an alien, but I gave you my name, it's Ruka." now normal people would freak out saying Ruka here is telepathic, but a collected person would say it's instinct.

"Cute." I accidentally said out loud. "Ah, uhm, thank you. I apologise, but I haven't gotten your name yet." said Ruka. "My name is Kent, I work as a security guard, but today's my day off. I was planning to spend my day relaxing at my friend's apartment here which by the way, you thrashed." I firmly said to Ruka. "I am very sorry, I will clean up at once! Where are your cleaning products?" I pat her head and proceeded to get the cleaning tools from my friend's closet. "Well, I'm kind of officially responsible for everything that goes on here for today, so we both have to clean up." Ruka attempted to smile as she grabs the mop but failed to do so due to her kind lacking human expressions, I am not one to like a person so easily, I never had any interest of other girls before, all the women I have met were interested in trends, taking pictures of themselves, posting them online and gossiping. Ruka is like a present to my eyes, what am I saying? We just met, and I'm thinking about dating her, haha, what a laugh. Although... people in the old days hooked up then get to know each other, I mean, to avoid anyone stealing their crush from them and everything they did was considered romantic, no getting trapped in the friendzone too! Alright, what's the worst thing that could happen?

"Hey Ruka? Are you dating anyone right now?" I asked while I move furnitures left to right. "No, on my planet, we don't engage in romantic relationships, we just get our DNA samples mixed and create newborns in artificial incubators, I haven't gotten sampled yet as I have not signed any contract regarding it, nor would I ever want to." Ruka explained with a sad tone. "Hey, I kinda like you, wanna be my girlfriend? I mean, we dont have any artificial incubators, and I'm not asking for vulgar purposes, you're just, kind of unique." I said while my hand trembles from the confession. "But I might leave this planet soon and I'm kind of clueless where I am right now, plus, I don't know anything about dating." now's my chance! "Well, what made you leave your planet in the first place? I would be your guide here, trust me, your planet sounds like it's too uptight and stern, you'll love it here! Oh, and dating is simple, there's no need to do anything except to make each other happy." I explained in hopes for her to say yes. "Well... alright, you're nice and you look like someone I can depend on." Victory. We cleaned the apartment and left what remained of the ornaments placed around, we felt tired from all of the cleaning so we sat on the couch. "If we're... dating, can I... um... lean on your shoulder?" Ruka asked while fidgeting her fingers. "Yeah, you're my girlfriend now." I answered. "Thanks... this is all new to me, but it feels like it's, we're supposed to do this and not just hand over a part of you and put it in a machine." Ruka held onto my arm with her warmth alongside her body.

"Yes, love is a part of life, that's why we have geni-, um, genders! Yeah that's what I was trying to say. But, know that I won't do what you would call as 'mating' unless we're married, understand?" I said to Ruka. "Hehe, I love your honesty, don't worry, it's not a really big deal, I want to experience everything this planet has first!" Ruka said as she falls asleep on my shoulder. I am kind of curious on how does she know about our language and terms, is there a universal encyclopedia that exists on her planet? I might want to ask her another time. Hours have passed, the clock points at 5 minutes to 6 P.M, "Ruka, wake up, my friend is about to come home." I said as I gently shove her. "Oh, *yawn* where do I go now? I don't have a home here on your planet." Ruka said while stretching herself. "You'll just have to live with me for the time being." I told her. "Hmm? I can do that? On my planet, we live in our own shelter from birth, I guess it's different here." as she explained more and more of her home, I pity her, such a harsh environment is not good for a being even for a foreign alien being.

Before we left, we locked up the apartment tight and head out. "Kent? Who's that girl? Ohhhhhh I see, you didn't tell me you have a girlfriend, hehe you sly dog." the familiar voice of John spoke from behind. "Haha, yeah, I don't want you bothering her so I kept my mouth shut." I mocked John. "Hey hey, I'm not the kind of guy that likes to get in people's way, so what's your name girl?" John retaliated my mockery of him. "Her name's Ruka, she's foreign, I'm just about to show her around town." I told John a more believable ruse to avoid suspicion. "Well, I hope you cleaned up and not break my couch." John openly said. "Hey come on dude, you know I don't do that unless I'm married, but we did clean up some sticky goo, ah well, see ya." I bid farewell to John. "Your friend seems nice, he has a really funny character." Ruka who was still drowsy, said to me. We arrived at the parking lot to find my car, Ruka was a bit clueless upon seeing the vehicles that parked on the parking lot, but she knew that she's different, so she quickly learned what vehicle I own. "This is a car, its a common human transportation, here, get inside." I taught Ruka while opening her the passenger's door. "To be honest, my vehicle seat is more cozy, but, *yawn* I never actually felt sleepy in it, though...zZzZzZzZz..." there she goes. Well, my house is kind of far from here, so I will allow her to sleep.

The street lights and neons hanging above shops look very pleasing tonight, they usually irritate my eyes, but tonight is special, I have a really unique and cute girlfriend. Heh, it's been a while since I smiled this hard. After a while, we finally reached my home. "Hey, Ruka, we're here." I tried to wake Ruka gently. "No... I don't wanna..." Ruka let out a small voice. In her state, I guess I have to carry her, wow, I didn't even do anything special but I just ran over all the bases. I locked the car properly and carried Ruka over to my house, it was difficult to get the keys out but fortunately Ruka is not heavy at all, maybe she doesn't have all her organs similar to humans. "Hmmm? Where are we Kent?" Ruka asked. "We're at my house, brace yourself, I'm about to place you on the bed!" I answered as I threw Ruka on the bed. "Kyaaaaa!... w-wha...this is.. so soft! fwaaaaaaah, this feels really nice!" Ruka yelled in excitement as she rolls all over the bed. "I see you're fully awake now, want dinner?" I enthusiastically asked. "I am feeling a bit hungry, I did spend hours searching my ship plus all that cleaning earlier, what kind of food do humans eat? No wait! Do you have Grilled Shamruipowka?" requested Ruka. "What the heck is a Shamruipowka? No, we eat stuff like spaghetti and macaroni." I answered.

"Spag...heddy...? It sounds like something long and requires sauce." Ruka said in confusion. I had no time to explain it so I kept it brief, "No, Spag heddy is a musician, it's actually... you know what? nevermind, we're about to have curry anyways." Ruka confusedly said, "Panda eyes?" I dragged Ruka over to the kitchen and sat her down on the dinner chair while I whipped up the curry powder, chicken and boiled water in a pot. A minute passed and the water started boiling so I poured the ingredients into the pot, I remembered the first time I smelled curry, it carried an indescribable aroma that will surely whet a person's appetite. Naturally, Ruka picked up the scent, "Hu-haaaaaaaaaaaaa! That smells really good! What is that!?" I simply answered Teminite and she responded with, "Ah, curry sounds like something thick and liquid." A few minutes elapsed and a few stirrings made, the curry is done, just in time too, I don't think Ruka could hold it any much longer. "Alright, it's ready, don't eat it first though, you need to slather it on top of rice." I told Ruka who was impatiently drooling. "What is Sickdu-" "It's this." I stopped Ruka before she mentions anymore composers.

"Oh, I've seen this, it was mentioned in the earth of Milky Way encyclopedia that it's a sort of grain product and that is rich in carbohydrate, apparently you get more satisfied eating anything with it." explained Ruka. I knew it, there is an encyclopedia! I told her, "Well you're almost right, but we mostly mix it with meat and vegetables, it tastes weird if you mix it with other grains and fruits, doesn't mix well." Ruka seems more enthusiastic about learning human culture as she is hungry...oh right, it's time to eat. "Well, here's your plate of rice." I said while giving her plate. "Oh? I read that you're supposed to put it in a bowl?" Ruka asked curiously. "What? I don't think that stereotype is even believable here, and yet you fell for it. No, we just put it into anywhere we want." I answered.

After a few painful questions and answers, we finally able to eat dinner. Ruka was delaying her first bite because she wanted to savor it, when the rice and curry finally entered her mouth, it looked like she melted, "Human food... is the greatest invention in the galaxy..." It was a very short dinner due to Ruka eating most of the curry. She was about to pass out, the time is late and she was exhausted to begin with, so I told her to change into her pajamas and sleep, however, she said that she doesn't have any particular sleeping wear so she just slept in her casual clothes. As soon as she went to her room I readied especially for guests, I went to the living room to watch television.

"Have your home refurbished with the help of the Bigboi co. with a low cost of $49, 000" the television showed a commercial for a home-modeling service. "How much is 49, 000 dollars?" someone in the background spoke, "What kind of idiot doesn't know 49, 000 dollars? Oh wait, Ruka?" I turned to the girl besides me on the couch after yelling at the television. "I couldn't sleep. I'm too curious about everything right now, especially after knowing humans live comfortable and easy lives." Ruka said with a static expression. "Oh, well then, I guess I won't be bringing you tomorrow, since you won't get to sleep." I said to her while my direction is towards the television. "Huh? Where are we going? Please bring me with you!" pleaded Ruka with the face of a believable sarcastic pessimist. "Nope, if you're not going to sleep, you're not going." I took my foot down. "Oh, alright, I'll go to sleep..." she said. "But not if you don't!" -she went on the offensive. "Fine, nothing good is on anyways." I lied, I was waiting for a favorite cartoon show of mine...

"Good night!" Ruka said as she closed the door to her room. I went into mine with a heavy feeling of exhaustion, it felt like nothing before, I don't think I did much work today too, maybe it's because of excitement, things just mashed up together today. I thought about it more as I lay my back on the bed, what is Ruka, and if she exists, then it must mean there are other life forms out there, the more I think about it, the more I feel like I'm sheltered in this world than I thought. My mind started to waver in different thoughts, from thinking about Ruka, it slowly shifted to thinking about how do I stand on a cup with a sack of rice on my head, the thoughts slowly fade away, the next thing I knew, I was dreaming about being in an intergalactic military fighting for the last Takoyaki ever made...