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I own the characters. They`re my cats. I`m not writing birthdays because it would be confusing for me.

Main Characters:

Name: Rollo Wesone

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Hair: Long, thick, and straight black hair.

Eye color: Green/Yellow.

Height: 5`7

Piercings: Snakebites

Personality: Really playful and really sneaky. Takes responsibility. Cheerful.

Name: Ragnar Wesone

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Hair: Shoulder length Thick wavy Light gray/brown with black highlights

Eye color: Green/Yellow

Height: 5`5

Piercings: Tongue piercing

Personality: Serious, "Leader", Calm, Bitter.

Name: Viking Wesone

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Hair: Long thick curly Light brown with Silver highlights

Eye color: Amber

Height: 4`8

Piercings: None yet

Personality: Cheerful, Happy, playful, Mischevious.

Ragnar sighed as she heard her sisters crash into another wall. `Yet another mess for me to clean up` she thoughts as she heard loud laughter and some more baning on a wall. She put down the book that she was reading on her nightstand and walked to her door, just when she was reaching for the doorknob the door suddenly flew open and her sisters came tumbling in. Ragnar let out a little yelp when she fell to the ground and landed on her butt.

As soon as her eyes found her sisters on her floor the stare turned into a cold glare and they both went still as rocks.

Her youngest sister looked up at her with her innocent amber eyes and tried to smooth her fluffy brown hair, while her immediate younger sister Rollo just held her hands to her mouth. Crimson red blood began to drip down from her hands and as soon as Ragnar realized that her sister was bleeding she shot up from the floor and kneeled beside Rollo.

She looked up as Ragnar and slowly began to remove her hands from her mouth. Her upper lip was bleeding, her snake bites had cut her upper lip.

"Come on let`s go get some tissues for your lip," Ragnar said and Rollo nodded. Then a sweet voice "Ragnar can I help?". Both of the older sisters heads turned and looked at Viking. She was smiling innocently.

Ragnar smiled and nodded and Viking let out a little cheer and stood up. Ragnar helped Rollo up and Rollo let out small "Ow`s" on their way to the kitchen.

Ragnar helped Rollo as she sat down and Viking ran to the counter to get the paper tissues. "Here." Viking said as she gave them to Ragnar and she muttered a `thanks` before she put them against Rollo`s upper lip. Rollo gave Viking a grateful glance.

"You two need to be more careful, one day one of you will end up with more than just some bloody lips." Rollo and Viking just hung their heads in shame when Ragnar scolded them.

Viking looked up at Rollo and said "I`m sorry for pushing you too hard. I didn`t mean to make you fall.". She just got a forgiving look from her sister and a small muffled "I forgive you.".

Rollo`s lip stopped bleeding a few minutes later and when her older sister had patched her lip she ran out of the room, chasing Viking. The oldest sister just grinned as she heard her sisters laughing.

Half an hour later Rollo and Viking were tickling each other with big smiles and Viking`s room was full of laughter. Suddenly the door opened and the sisters froze in place with their mouths open and their eyes wide but the calmed down as they saw Ragnar in the doorway.

"Time for dinner." they heard from their sister and they nodded and stood up, following Ragnar out of the room.

They had chicken for dinner and the youngest sister was chewing her chicken eagerly. All of the sisters had small but sharp canines, they didn`t know why or which one of their parents who had it in their `generation'. Their mother didn`t have canines. Viking, Rollo, and Ragnar all had the same mother but Rollo didn`t share father with her sisters, but it didn`t matter to them. They were dead.

Rollo`s father had died in a car crash when she was 4 years old and Ragnar`s and Viking`s died in a robbery when Ragnar was 6 and Viking was a baby. Their mother had a hard time and met Rollo`s father and they got Rollo. Rollo grew up with her newly discovered sisters and mother. She lived with her father when he was alive. Their mother died a few months back on June the 4th 2015.

Their mother Lissa`s death had been har the first months but it was kind of okay now. Ragnar who was a legal adult had full custody of them. They were a family of siblings now.

They had some scars but they were happy.

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