To my dear granddaughter Cammy

18 years and still so young

An 18 years knows, right from wrong

An "adult" between two "hives"

Much to learn in your young life!


Your license states of who you are

But can you really drive a car?

It gives you freedom to go away

For many hours or just one day


You still don't have too many rights!

Now it's time to start the fight

Your mother wants to be in charge

It's time for you: to play your cards!


You can start a bank account

I deposit, all year round

Fifty dollars every month!

So you have a spending, fund


Every year it's in the mail

My gift for you, doesn't fail

The gifts I give, comes from my heart

To get my poems is not that hard.


You still, can't smoke or even drink

Or rent a car, but see my link

Blood's thick but it gets low

Love will flow where blood can't go!


I know you now will understand

Your blood is from a different brand

But when you're lost and your are dense

A Dutch man makes a lot of sense


Friends you choose, but family not

Blood make just an ugly spot

There is a day that you'll find out

I know for sure without a doubt


You're in my heart, for so long

You can hear that in my song

I don't tell you that I'm right,

You find out, and dream at night


My life's coming to an end

I know I'm not from heaven sent

But in my heart there's always you

So is your mom I love her too!


Every promise I did make

Buying tires, buying brakes

Yes you read this all just right

I'm not the one who wants to fight!


One day you will read my book

It gives your life a different look

Every day I go to bed

I'm waiting for my peaceful death


When you think and lay in bed

When you surf the internet,

Google You Tube Amazon

My life is on there when I'm gone.


Happy birthday, party hard

All the words came from my heart!


Love Mr. Rene