Just then, the sky became cloudy, they heard a mysterious voice call to them, "I shall guide you." it said. "Who are you?" Asked Lykak. Suddenly a huge bolt of lightning crashed down, revealing a small half human half alternian. It began to say "My nam-" but it was cut off due to the thunder from the lightning bolt. It tried speaking again "As I was sayi-" Boom! Went the thuder. "I just had to make my entrance through a lightning portal didn't I?" said the mysterious person. "anyway, as I was saying, my name i-" Boom! "My name i-" Boom! "My na-" Boom! "My-" Boom! "Gahh! Why, why, whyyyyyyy?!" Everyone just started laughing at them.

"Is it over?" asked the mysterious person. "No more hell...? Okay, as I was saying..." they looked around nervously. "My name i-" they stopped talking to hear if it would happen again. They continued "My name is sil-" Booooooooom! "God, why! Oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Ahhhhhhh!" they yelled really loudly. "My name is Silver! There. I said it. Now let's move on." "Um, could you repeat that? I wasn't listening." said Johnny.

"Are you kidding me...?" said Silver. "No, sorry, I got distracted." Lykak responded "Could you repeat that?" "Okay... listen closely. my, name, is, Sil-" Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom! went the loudest thunder you could imagine. "Just kill me..." Silver said in a defeated tone. "Hahaha!" Lylak laughed. "I was joking. You fell for it. Oh my god!" "I hate you..." muttered Silver. "Anyway, I'll be Johnny's guide." Silver said as they stared at Lylak in way that made it seem like she was not welcome. Silver continued "I was sent here from a distant land, a land that just so happens to be on the moon. That's where the DARK EMPEROR and the LIGHT EMPRESS live... They are my "parents". I want to stop them. Being their "child" means I am able to open portals to Alternia, but I don't want to open it for them. Their plan will bring the destruction of the world, and I can't let that happen."

"But won't they just have another child?" asked Johnny. "Let's just say I "took care" of that issue, if you know what I mean." Silver responded. Johnny, Crimson, and Lylak looked at Silver in disgust. "Yeah, I think we get the point." Lylak said. "Please don't go into the specifics." "Anyway, Follow me. I know a way through the giant's forest."

They began walking through the forest. "Hey." Lylak whispered to Johnny. "Yeah?" he responded. "Is Silver a boy or a girl?" asked Lylak "You know what? I was just wondering that." Johnny answered. "What are you 2 whispering about?" Asked crimson. "We're just trying to figure out if Silver is a boy or a girl." Lylak answered. "Why don't you just ask." Crimson replied. "That would be awkward, wouldn't it?" Lylak asked. "Nah, I'll ask." Crimson said. "Hey Silver, are you a boy or a girl!?" "Yes." Silver replied. "Uh, what?" Crimson asked. "You asked if I was a boy or a girl, and I answered, yes, I'm either a boy or a girl. I thought I answered pretty clearly." Silver responded. Crimson just stared at them in confusion.

"There it is!" yelled Silver. "The Temple of UNARII! Only we can enter Johnny. Your friends will have to wait outside." "Oh, darn it." said Lylak "Hey Crimson, wanna play a board game while we wait?" "Sure, whatever that is." Crimson responded. Lylak removed some board games from her summon inventory. After that, Johnny and Silver entered the temple, it was dark and in the center there was some sort of shrine. "What is that?" asked Johnny. "That's an ascenscion circle." Silver answered. "You see that torch up on that platform?" Johnny looked up to see a torch that was on a platform hanging to high to reach. "Yeah, is that the one I need to light?" he asked. "Yes, but you'll need to lower it first." Silver answered. "Why don't you light it yourself "Mr. Magic Man?" You have lightning powers, can't you just zap it?" Johnny asked sarcastically. "Because you have to do it. You see, when you light it, you'll be brought into Alternia to a battleground. There you'll battle UNARII. Silver answered. "Why can't you fight it? Wouldn't that be a lot quicker? I mean, you have magic powers, I have this gun that Lylak stole. I don't even know how to use this thing." Johnny asked. "Because you're the only one with strong enough willpower." Silver answered. "Ithink you may be putting to much into this whole "willpower" thing. I mean really, willpower will only be around 15% of the reason why someone would remember my name. Meanwhile, you have actual magic powers. Which one sounds more important?" asked Johnnny. "You just don'get it do you?" asked Silver. "In 3000 years, we haven't seen someone with such consentrated power of will. Don't push your responsibilities onto others. Fulfill your destinty. You don't want this to be the tale of Silver Col- I mean the tale of Silver do you? You want this to be the tale of Johnny Jackson!"

Johnny looked at Silver, he knew he was the only one who could do it. He was just nervous about it. Seeing all this death and destruction made him very conserned for his well being. "Okay. I'll do it." Johnny said. "Good..." Silver responded. Then Silver disappeared and the door to the temple closed behind Johnny. At this moment, Johnny knew... There was no turning back.