Remember Why You Fear Me

(The Vampire Children)

Created by Shane-Emeraldwing

Written by Pure Freedom

A cold breeze flowed through the air, the soft winds passing through trees as it cooled the temperature to a brisk chill. The sunlight peering through the forest blanketed by mist, illuminating the land with an atmosphere that managed to capture a calming sense of serenity. One that Elizabeth Crowley could appreciate.

The perfect conditions for her to walk through the peaceful mist filled forest while cultivating herbs and plants intended for medical purposes. The isolation allowing the blonde haired girl to center herself as her mind became blank and all her stresses dissipated on her early morning walk through the forest.

In many ways she enjoyed the silence brought on by isolation. Not that she was by any means misanthropic, but there was a sense of freedom endowed by her independence that just made Elizabeth smile. Content to simply feel the air against her skin and to inhale the scents of the flowers that had adorned the sides of the path leading onward to lands she had never seen beyond the walls of her village, briefly wondering whether what landscape that lay beyond her could ever dream of matching the beauty of this forest during mist fall.

Her lonesome travels across the forest had allowed her mind to wander to such places, to some capacity even allowing her to indulge in activities she was otherwise too nervous to ever fathom of displaying before other people. Namely her singing voice, the blonde girl harmonizing her vocals with a soft choir, as though she wished not to disturb the natural order of such a peaceful place in preference of instead becoming part of the very earth in which she tread.

The mists that covered the forest had been known to frighten the other village children, often telling her to stay away from them. Making up stories of Vampires coming to take those who walk into the depths of the forest.

But where other children had found fear, Elizabeth had instead found comfort in the solitude brought on by the fog. Her younger self even believing that she could have in fact been a part of this world more so than where she was in the Village, her only ties to which being her Father and little Sister.

'A Child of the Wild' her Grandmother had once told her, the elderly woman's cheerful voice still pleasantly vivid inside Elizabeth's memory, cherished long after her passing. The lady having since taught Elizabeth about appreciating the serene ambience of the forest for all of its natural beauty, showing the young girl which plants and herbs are best to prepare in remedial treatments. A skill that had been passed down to her son, and one was now being passed down to Elizabeth, the girl showing a keen interest in becoming a Healer as many of those within the walls of her Village had suspected given her Father's line of work.

Treading further down the path Elizabeth had arrived down to one of her favorite places on the Village outskirts, emerging from the forest to see a small lake come within sight from the mist, a small smile gracing Elizabeth's face while making her way towards a tree stump where she had the perfect view of the pristine lake, sitting herself carefully as she made sure that her white dress wouldn't be caught on any stray splinters of wood, content to simply drink deeply within the serene atmosphere the lake had provided in the cooling embrace of the mist, overlooking the water as she saw her reflection from within the lake.

The mist was thicker here than in the forest, sunlight unable to glisten across the water as it had done so many times during the warmer months, its colder grey atmosphere only further easing Elizabeth's mind to a restful state, sighing softly in her isolation within her favorite place in the world, content to let the gentle winds blow through her waist length dark blond hair while she remained in solitude, undisturbed in a peaceful trance induced by the ambience of the mist covered lake.

Feint melodies filled the air as Elizabeth had opened her eyes, casting her gaze across the lake as she saw the outline of another figure sitting along the water's edge, feminine in appearance, but too obscured by the mist for Elizabeth to truly get an accurate depiction of the girl's appearance. Only that her beautiful melodies had come from a flute.

Unable to look away from the source of the female flute player shrouded in mist, Elizabeth felt her heart begin to pulse, her chest becoming lighter as the music filled her ears, the pleasing sounds calling her to come towards the melody being played, enticing her to follow her heart as the sounds of the girl's flute made all Elizabeth's stresses fade away.

The more Elizabeth gazed, the more she felt as though this was what the girl had wanted. Aware of the blond girl's presence and looking towards her through the mist while she continued to play her flute, as if she had wanted Elizabeth to come to her.

Rising from the tree stump, Elizabeth had cautiously opted to walk towards the water's edge, her vision no clearer than before, however in turn inspiring the shrouded flute girl to stand. Her figure outlined by the mist to give Elizabeth a clear indication that the girl was naked, able to determine her feminine stance from her body shape while Elizabeth blushed upon the realization that an unclothed girl was walking around, seemingly comfortable to play the flute nude.

But what unsettled Elizabeth the most about her wasn't her nudity, but rather the anxiety she felt while looking at her.

Even if she couldn't see her eyes, Elizabeth was dead certain that the girl was looking into hers. Simply there to observe her reactions as if such things would provoke the girl into a course of action Elizabeth had no possible chance of preparing for. Helpless against one shrouded in the mist even in spite of the vast distance that separated the two, so dangerous, yet curiously enough very enticing.

As though a little voice inside Elizabeth's head was telling her to go to her. Come with her. Follow her... Follow her into the depths of the forest.

Elizabeth couldn't say she wasn't at least tempted. The allure to follow this girl as she motioned Elizabeth to follow her as she disappeared into the mist, leaving the blond haired girl to stand silently while she compartmentalized her thoughts in the moments that followed.

"Hello there!"

Elizabeth jolted out of her thoughts, quickly turning around to face a dark haired man clad in armor that appeared uncommon for those of this land, making it clear that he was not a part of the Kingdom and its Knights. He was foreigner, his armor bore the design seen among Samurai clans, giving Elizabeth the impression that perhaps he was a Ronin, noting also that he had a cobra tattooed on his right arm alongside his hood and face mask that he had pulled down, perhaps as an attempt not to frighten the blond haired girl, bearing a small smile across his face.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare ya. I didn't think anybody would've been out here in weather like this" the Stranger remarked apologetically, his tone indicating that he didn't mean Elizabeth any harm, however the blond haired girl wasn't entirely trusting of this traveler just yet.

"And you are?" Elizabeth asked, keeping her tone neutral lest she provoke the man into an attack, well aware that she probably wouldn't be able to defend herself against a trained Samurai.

"What? You mean you've never heard of me? I am Kubura Kurozu of the Kurozu Clan. Surely even a young girl such as yourself has heard of my Clan" Kubura introduced, boastful of his Clan's reputation, sounding legitimately surprised that a civilized girl such as Elizabeth had not heard of his clan by name alone.

"Young girl? I'm TWELVE!" Elizabeth snapped defensively, attempting to assert a sense of maturity in front of the Samurai looking Clansmen completely unaware that such words only served to further display the immaturity that such claims had often wrought.

"As you wish kiddo. But that doesn't change the fact that you are still a child" Kubura stated factually, grinning in satisfaction as he had gotten the intended reaction he wanted out of the blond haired girl, attempting to repress childish anger fuming within her at the very idea that she was still a child despite being on the cusp of becoming a teenager.

"Anyway, I've been traveling for a while now and I'm parched. You got any water for a thirsty traveler?" Kubura asked, his voice corroborating with his request given its hoarse sound running through his voice.

"Of course" Elizabeth replied, digging into her bag to retrieve a flask filled with water she had taken for the journey, trusting Kubura enough to at least give the man some relief for his parched throat.

"Thanks kiddo" Kubura replied, the blond haired girl once again silently fuming, but keeping a lid on her emotions, lest she receive further mockery for her immaturity. Not that Kubura was ever one for jokes, but this girl's childish pout gave him some small amusement.

"Ah... So what's your name girlie?" Kubura queried after drinking a refreshing sip of water, allowing himself one last smirk from the amusing reaction he had gotten from the blond girl, sighing softly before telling him her name.

"My name is Elizabeth Crowley" she greeted plainly, interested to see Kubura's smile remain as warm and friendly as it was before handing Elizabeth's flask back to her.

"Nice to meet you Lisbeth, Fantastic!" Kubura spoke enthusiastically. Elizabeth's mind starting to become at ease. Despite the man's appearance and supposed boasting of being a member of this Kurozu Clan he didn't seem like he meant her any harm... That is outside of calling her a name that she had only allowed one person to call her.

"If you don't mind I'd prefer Elizabeth" the blond haired girl requested, willing to let Kubura's little nickname for her slide if this was his one slip up in using it.

"Whatever you say Liiiisbeth" Kubura remarked slyly, finding yet another method of teasing Elizabeth, much to his amusement.

"Would you please stop calling me that!" Elizabeth retorted, only to receive a small chuckle from Kubura for her request, shooting the man a wry look as she folded her arms. Silently protesting her nickname's usage from the likes of the Kurozu Clansmen.

"Oh don't be so dramatic, I'm just having a little fun. In fact ordinarily I'm usually a lot more serious in nature. But for you? Well you're an interesting one Lisbeth, so I'll make an exception" Kubura remarked, maintaining a jovial air about his antics, the blond girl about to call him out on calling her by her disliked nickname but relenting with a soft sigh, realizing that he probably wouldn't listen to her anyway.

"Still. I can't believe you have never heard of my Clan? Were you born in these forests or simply uneducated?" Kubura asked bluntly, Elizabeth being slightly taken aback by the man's gusto in to flat out infer that she was moronic under the simple premise of being uninformed about this Kurozu Clan.

"Then perhaps the Kurozu Clan isn't quite as well reknown as you thought if I've never heard of them" Elizabeth shot back, surprised to see Kubura smirk rather than be insulted by her smear against his clan.

"A young lady with a sharp tongue. Never thought I'd see the day. I knew there was a reason I liked you Lisbeth" Kubura replied coolly. Most girls and women he'd met here had lacked the fire he desired from a woman. A lady with a sharp tongue who could and likely would kick his ass. His perfect woman in every sense of the word.

"I must admit... Sometimes I do feel as though I was born in this forest. I've never felt more at home anywhere else" Elizabeth spoke, speaking from a more open tone as she expressed her love for the forest.

"Surely you have a town or village that you'd prefer to call home?" Kubura inquired, curious about why someone like Elizabeth would prefer the forest to a more civilized locale.

"I've gotta be honest. I don't really get along with people that well. I guess I've kind of always been a loner by nature. And out here in the forest I feel like I can be truly alive and free" Elizabeth answered, the look in her eyes making it clear as day that she was genuine in her passion for the forest, however sorrowful that her inability to befriend others had perhaps in some way made her resent the village to some small degree.

"I suppose I come out here because I know its the one place where the other kids fear to tread. Where they see something to be afraid of I see beauty... Though sometimes I just wish that I could share it with someone who understands what it's like to be truly free" Elizabeth added, sighing contently that she could express her true feelings to somebody who'd actually listen to her for once.

"Hmm... That sounds familiar" Kubura muttered, his thoughts turning inward about another girl who had a predilection for living within the depths of the forest.

"What sounds familiar?" Elizabeth asked, Kubura taken aback by how her acute hearing had managed to pick that up.

"Just remembering someone from my past who shared your love for the forest" Kubura replied, opting to leave out the name of who he was referencing lest she be far closer to him than he realized.

"But anyway. Tell me a little bit more about your Village?" Kubura asked, secretly hoping to railroad the conversation into finding himself a place to stay, weary from travel whilst also wishing for the security of a town to hide him before nightfall if his knowledge of a certain girl's nocturnal habits were correct.

"Its not really anything special, at least to me anyway. It's got stores, houses, a church and blacksmiths like any other Village. The only two places of note to me is the Healer's parlour my father runs, and Betruger's inn" Elizabeth explained, noting the Kurozu Clansmen's expression perk up the moment the word 'inn' was uttered.

"And judging by that look in your eyes I'm guessing you want a place to stay for the night?" Elizabeth added, Kubura chuckling once more while adjusting his rucksack around his back.

"Very perceptive kiddo. It's been a long day, I could use a few days rest before going along my merry way" Kubura replied, relieved that he'd at least be safe for the time being inside Elizabeth's village.

Even now Kubura could feel them getting closer. Her hounds of the dark drawing nearer. He had a sixth sense for danger, and the violent one was close, her presence obvious to any who had heard her playing her alluring melodies. hoping he'd managed to avoid the persistent two seekers who pursued him.

"Hey? You okay?" Elizabeth asked, breaking Kubura out of his thoughts, unaware that the metaphorical mask was beginning to crack, his next course of action being to keep his true intentions under wraps for now.

"Never you mind Lisbeth. Just a little weary. Come on, lets take a gander into your little slice of home" Kubura replied jovially, trying to restore the lighter atmosphere by elongating Elizabeth's despised nickname lest she find a reason to be suspicious about him. And if she did start to suspect him, things could go sour very very quickly, especially considering the urgency of his mission to reconvene with his allies.

"You're never gonna stop calling me that aren't you?" Elizabeth sighed dejectedly, the grin on Kubura's face already giving her the answer she dreaded.

"Nope!" Kubura answered cheerfully. Walking beside Elizabeth as she had shown him the way towards her Village.

Watching above in the trees, shaded from the sun and obscured by the mist had seen two children aged 10 and 12 years old. A boy and a girl, both naked bearing clawlike fingernails sharp as daggers and the burning red eyes animalistically slit. peering through the forest grinning from ear to ear, exposing their sharp fangs, eyes poised directly on their target, ready to capture and present him in front of their Queen, a gift to be presented towards the girl both had devoted their undying love towards.

The nude boy with short blond hair, his chest adorned with a necklace made out of human teeth bore an amused look on his face as he found the behavior of the naked girl, clad in the skeletal remains of her father's rib cage around her body and hands attached around her waist, the waistband also carrying the girl's prized flute, rather subdued comparatively to her usual violent nature.

"My my... Somebody seems hesitant to attack. Could it be that our dear, dear Dorothy may in fact have found a kindred spirit?" the boy remarked teasingly, aggravating the girl he called Dorothy.

"Shut your fucking mouth Aeon! There's something different about this one... Something familiar" Dorothy snapped, wondering why it was that she was usually paired with him when it came to hunts, her mind wandering over to the human girl walking beside the Thief who had stolen what was rightfully her Queen's prized possession.

"Mmm, I know what you mean... Isn't she tasty" Aeon commented lecherously, lavishing the idea of stripping her naked while he ran his fingers through her waist length blonde hair, giving her a kiss before he would tear her throat out with his fangs.

"No stupid boy! Look at her! Don't you see it?" Dorothy retorted, trying to show Aeon the obvious thing he was missing about the proverbial apple of Dorothy's eye.

"We're supposed to be catching this thief guy for what he's stolen from my beloved Vampire Queen. I thought you wouldn't hesitate in killing the both of them?" Aeon asked, wondering why such a violent girl like Dorothy would hold herself back from the blood lust she had so often indulged in.

"You weren't there to hear her words. The way she spoke about this forest... It was just like her" Dorothy replied, surprised to find a human who seemed to subconsciously reject the way in which she'd been living inside her Village.

"You do know Elena's gonna kick our asses if we come back empty handed right?" Aeon pointed out, knowing full well that Elena tended to get 'cranky' for the lack of a better phrase whenever she didn't get what she wanted.

"Correction Aeon, she'll kick YOUR ass if YOU come back empty handed" Dorothy commented, well aware of Aeon's popular usage of being 'batting practice' for both Elena and of course herself whenever Aeon had gotten too full of himself.

"Not as if I mind too much. My beloved Vampire Queen would love nothing more than my lips upon hers. A woman's wrath is only her way of saying 'I love you'" Aeon replied, Dorothy rolling her eyes at the boy's obvious infatuation with their Queen.

"You're no closer to understanding a woman's heart than you are to ever truly being Elena's beloved Aeon" Dorothy remarked sarcastically, wondering just how much longer this boy would delude himself with dreams of becoming Elena's King.

"Is that so... Then tell me why such a big brave girl like yourself is so scared of having what's left of your heart, break into tiny little pieces with the knowledge that Elena doesn't love you?" Aeon asked, his question cruel in its implications, as Dorothy soon realized that her secret crush was known by a stupid delusional boy like Aeon.

"Sh-shut up stupid boy!" Dorothy snapped angrily, slugging him across the face with her fist, blushing bright pink upon the revelation that Aeon knew her innermost feelings towards her Vampire Queen.

"If you tell anyone about this, I'll fucking eat you!" Dorothy roared threatening the Vampire Boy in an attempt to save face, but falling flat as Aeon laughed at the Vampire girl's secret crush.

"Ooh, so full of fire. Just how I like my women" Aeon wisecracked, earning himself a bop on the head by Dorothy's fist, about ready to slaughter the nude blond Vampire boy until he opted to speak again.

"Listen. If we return to my beloved with news about the Thief guy staying inside this Village, AND tell her about your little girlfriend you tried to lure across the lake. Then maybe our Queen will give us a new playmate" Aeon stated, explaining his plan to Dorothy who ceased her assault on the blond boy and to his surprised seemed to smile at the idea he presented.

"Under any normal circumstances I'd say no. But this time I agree with you Aeon. I think Elena will like her" Dorothy replied, sounding very enthusiastic to have another girl join her under Elena's command.

"And knowing our luck she will seek us out as all abused children often do. We're like magnets in a way. Just like me and you my sweet Dorothy" Aeon remarked with a lecherous grin on his face, quickly kissing her on the cheek before taking off like a speeding bullet, Dorothy in close pursuit with the intent to annihilate the stupid Vampire boy for his behavior, the boy meanwhile loving the thrill of the chase, finding such things attractive in a girl like Dorothy.

Regardless as such, the two Vampire children were both eager to inform their Queen of the new girl they had their eye on.


The large wooden gates had been opened to allow entry for those traveling to and from the village, its layout being accurate to Kubura's initial speculation about what this Village of Elizabeth's might have been like.

The village was composed of several dozen small mud brick cottages. The most immediate of which being the small marketplace just beyond the gates where the local populace could barter and purchase food and the wares of the various shopkeepers that littered the marketplace, the location also acting as something of a social convention where men and women could converse among themselves.

Going beyond the marketplace had come the residential area, housing constructed by thatched roofs and walls constructed of mud bricks held together by a wooden structure to support the buildings. Some of which also containing other specialized surfaces such as the Church, stables adorned with carts of hay, Betruger's inn and of most importance to Elizabeth, the Healer's Parlous ran by her father.

"I fail to understand why you look so sullen. This place doesn't seem like such an inhospitable place to live" Kubura commented upon taking in the sights of the village while he and Elizabeth traversed the residential area. Sure it might not have been anything regal like the Kingdoms he had visited in his many travels across the land, but it was by no means comparable to the cesspits he'd seen... Especially after knowing what 'she' did to them in the wake of his travels.

"It's not the village itself that makes me uncomfortable. It's what I must do while I'm here that worries me" Elizabeth replied, melancholy in tone while her mind drifted towards where she was needed most. Or more specifically who needed her most.

"Look don't take this personally kiddo but I doubt that a girl your age holds a lot of responsibility outside of growing up to eventually bear children to the village idiot or whatever it is you common folk do around here" Kubura bluntly remarked, the blond haired girl visibly displaying an angry scowl across her face, her hand balled up into a fist having it in her right mind to slug the sexist traveler across the face for such a tasteless remark, only holding herself back by sheer virtue of how indignant it would be for a lady to hit a man in the eyes of all the villagers who were walking through the area.

"With an attitude like THAT I'm not surprised that you travel alone" Elizabeth sneered, the snark doing little to alleviate her anger, but at the very least allowing some small release to be made as she forced herself to repress her temper, surprised to find that Kubura had the gall to look offended by her remark compared to the prior statement he had made.

"And with an attitude like yours it's no wonder nobody wants you as a friend" Kubura retorted, spitefully retaliating against Elizabeth who dared to mock HIM, an esteemed member of the Kurozu Clan. A Clan who would hold greater worth and honor than this girl would ever know in her entirely life... And yet here she had the contempt to mock someone as prestigious as himself? How laughable.

"For your information, I'm here to take care of my little sister! Not sit around looking pretty for some jerk ass like yourself!" Elizabeth snapped, finding herself growing frustrated with the sheer lack of respect a supposed 'clansmen' had for people, let alone women, the blond haired girl opting to give Kubura a hard dose of truth about what kept her tied to the Village in order to dispel the man's scathing remark against her lack of a social life.

"What's wrong with your sister then? Is she sick?" Kubura asked, his question attempting to change the subject in his desire to avoid the oncoming headache that came with a scorned woman and her wrathful demeanor once she had gotten fired up.

"Good god no. For that I am truly thankful. It's just... Complicated" Elizabeth answered, her speech trailing off at the end of her sentence as she became careful about her words, trying to hide away and bottle up her inner pain by giving a vague summation of her emotions towards the Kurozu Clansmen lest she reveal too much about herself to a man she had barely even met.

Unfortunately for her however such words proved to be more than enough to entice Kubura's curiosity, and as such was something that Kubura wished to divulge any information he could get from the blond haired girl upon touching a melancholic nerve regarding her family.

"Complicated? I would've thought your Mother and Father would've been the ones to bear the responsibility of raising their youngest child" Kubura wondered, pressing in towards the subject of Elizabeth's parents since she had only seemed to mention her Father in passing towards him prior to the revelation of her younger sister.

"Mother was... Lost to us six years ago. And then up until a year ago it was just me, my little sister and my father after my Grandmother's passing" Elizabeth explained, her voice soft as her words were wrought with melancholy, the burden placed upon her becoming etched upon the twelve year old girl's eyes as she looked upon the Kurozu Clansman with a tired look, vastly different from the blond girl's wistful spirited demeanor she had demonstrated as she spoke about the pure freedom she felt about being within the forest during mistfall.

"Sorry I asked" Kubura muttered, aware that he had seemingly touched a sore spot for the girl.

"It doesn't matter. So long as my little sister is safe and happy that's all I care about" Elizabeth replied honestly, lamenting that in the place of a social life had come at the cost of keeping her little sister as content as she possibly could be in her life.

"And your dear old Dad? Surely he's got his plate full trying to keep a steady household together?" Kubura queried, making note of Elizabeth's sterner expression returning to her face as the air of unease began to express itself by her current demeanor.

"That's a bit of a touchy subject" Elizabeth answered brusquely, Kubura clearly touching a sore spot for the girl leading to his decision to drop the topic for the time being.

"As you wish Liiiiisbeth" Kubura slyly remarked, cracking a grin over towards the blond haired girl who's expression changed from her previously melancholy state into one of noticeable irritation, turning to scowl at the Kurozu Clansman.

"I told you to STOP calling me that!" Elizabeth seethed, holding back her anger all the while Kubura laughed at the reaction he'd gotten out of her.

"You're too easy" Kubura chuckled, finding this little habit of annoying her to be more fun than he'd anticipated. Amused by the childish pouts he was being given by Elizabeth as she adorably glared at him despite trying her best to be 'mature' about the situation by holding back her anger.

"I do have to ask why I can't call you Lisbeth? Doesn't seem like a particularly derogatory nickname" Kubura inquired, curious to the source of Elizabeth's discontempt for his little nickname for her.

"There's only one person who's allowed to call me that, and that's-"

"LIIIIISBETH!" Squealed a small blonde haired six year old girl, giggling cheerfully as she leaped into the air, glomping the twelve year old girl in a big hug.

"I got you!" the little blonde girl giggled, her hair lighter compared to Elizabeth's dark blond complexion, Kubura getting a better look at the younger child who's similarity in appearance to Elizabeth in nearly all but the six year old's blue dress had already clued the Kurozu Clansmen in as to who this little child was.

"Maria I- I thought Father was supposed to be keeping an eye on you?" Elizabeth asked, the girl surprised to see her little sister away from the house considering that she was a little too young to go wandering off on her own without supervision.

"Dad was being mean again and he told me to go away" Maria stated sadly, Kubura contrasting the two Crowley girls as he saw that Maria appeared far more expressive about her emotions than her older sister.

"Besides. I wanted to go adventuring with you but you leave WAY too early for me to wake up!" Maria added, balling up her tiny hands into fists as she childishly pouted over the fact that Elizabeth got to have all the fun adventuring action out of the village while she was stuck at home with no friends to play with.

"Well maybe if a certain someone wasn't such a lazy bones, she'd be able to come with me one of these days" Elizabeth replied with a light chuckle, the dark blonde girl pulling her little sister into a small cuddle as a warm smile graced her lips, all while Maria tried to wiggle out of her big sister's hug.

"But Liiiisbeth it's too early and I'm way too tired. It's not fair that you get to have all the fun" Maria whined, the result of the little girl's childish response getting her chest shoulder length blonde hair ruffled by the older Crowley girl.

"Maybe when you're a little older I'll take you with me okay?" Elizabeth suggested, her spirits always managing to be lifted by Maria's enthusiasm, the six year old girl obviously having a much brighter outlook on life given her previous outbursts of unrelenting optimism whenever things looked too grim. No matter how bad things got, she always remained hopeful and positive that things would turn out alright.

"Promise?" Maria asked, her curious to see if her older sister would live up to the words she spoke and let her venture beyond the Village walls and get her own taste of adventure like Elizabeth had done before her.

"I promise" Elizabeth confirmed, smiling warmly as she pulled her little sister in for a hug.

"Aww, isn't that just adorable? Now if you two ladies are through I'd like to find an Inn. Preferably before I die of old age" Kubura interjected, tiring of the display of sibling affection while Maria had released herself from her big sister's grip to study the Kurozu Clansman with a curious glint in her eyes before a cheeky smile had formed on her face.

"Lisbeth, who's he? if he your boyfriend?" Maria asked slyly, teasing her older sister about the prospect of how her outings were in the effort of meeting boys, causing the dark blond girl to blush a bright pink before vehemently shaking her head in denial of such claims, knowing full well what the arrogant clansman was like as a person.

"Ugh... Not in a million years" Elizabeth scoffed, disgusted by the idea of ever falling for a man like Kubura.

"Your blushing pink cheeks tell me otherwise" Kubura commented, his jape earning him a death glare from Elizabeth, her seething anger subsiding in the effort of not losing her temper in front of her little sister, opting to do little more than sigh and mutter a silent curse word for Kubura to shut up.

"Listen Maria, I'm gonna take you home as soon as I take our 'friend here-"

"You mean your boyfriend" Maria cut in, correcting Elizabeth on her supposed mistake before the older girl winced, realizing that her sister was intentionally trying to piss her off, cracking another grin on her face while Elizabeth could only repress the mere thought of being romantically attracted to a man like Kubura with a mere groan.

"NO... He is NOT my boyfriend! I'm just gonna take him off to Betruger's Inn, then I'm gonna come back for you and take you home okay?" Elizabeth explained, Maria's expression turning dejected the moment she mentioned the word 'home'.

"Aww, do I HAVE TO? Dad was being a big meanie to me! He even yelled at me for wanting to play outside!" Maria whined, frustrated that her father wouldn't grant her even the basic liberty of being a child and allowing her the innocence and pure freedom that came with simply playing her pretend games outside, getting into little adventures and running freely without boundaries or restraint.

"Yeah, well I'll talk to him about that later. But just promise me you'll stay put alright Sis?" Elizabeth replied, her tone laced with an embittered edge to it upon the subject of her father's treatment of his youngest daughter came into the fray.

"Fiiiiine" Maria sighed dejectedly, preparing herself for boredom while Elizabeth went off with her 'boyfriend' while Maria meanwhile was going to just sit there bored out of her mind dreading the fact that she would have to go home to her mean father.

"Can we get a move on already? I don't wanna be standing out here before it gets dark" Kubura urged, irritated that Elizabeth was wasting time pointlessly conversing with her little sister, so blissfully unaware that it was during the night where a certain Vampire Queen and her Children became active. And given how much time he was spending in this village already he knew that time was limited to rest, gather up some supplies and leave with the rising sun, getting as far away from this village as possible.

"Yes, yes, don't be so impatient" Elizabeth snapped, swiftly motioning Kubura off into the direction of the Inn, grabbing his arm only to too late realize that this action had given Maria all the fuel she needed for a parting joke at Elizabeth's expense.

"Have a nice date lovebirds!" She called out, giggling cheerfully while Elizabeth's cheeks blushed bright pink, the final insult of which coming from Kubura's amused chuckle at the situation, much to the older Crowley girl's chagrin.


To say Elizabeth was a little more than frustrated with her present company would've been an understatement. In fact she would've been more than happy to just let Kubura walk the rest of the way on his own had it not been for her curiosity about his occasional moments of discomfort.

They were fleeting and often times he'd attempt to distract her by teasing her by a nickname Elizabeth had only tolerated out of her little sister. But all of this had only raised a red flag in the dark blond Crowley girl's mind over what it was Kubura was doing during his travels.

Prideful as he may have been about his Kurozu Clan heritage, Elizabeth wondered if perhaps the source of his paranoid behavior was in fact the result of him being hunted down by his clan for reasons enough to make Kubura fear for his life if his fear no matter how he tried to hide it had lead him to lands where the Kurozu Clan was a name unfamiliar to most who lived within the forest settlements.

"I'm curious about something" Elizabeth spoke, carefully choosing her words so that she could slowly work her way into unveiling Kubura's motives and what his intent was in traveling through her little slice of home.

"Flattered as I am that you wish to date such a handsome member of the Kurozu Clan such as myself. I don't date little girls" Kubura joked, amused as he saw Elizabeth's scowl once more direct itself towards him as she balled her hands into fists, about ready to punch the Kurozu Clansman into the stratosphere before exhaling a seething sigh.

"What I was gonna say was that you never did tell me where you were going before we met. Or where you were leaving from. So I'm curious to know exactly why you're this far from home?" Elizabeth inquired.

"I'm under no obligation to report my movements to you Lisbeth. Besides it isn't my fault that you simple folk are so uneducated about the esteemed reputation of the Kurozu Clan" Kubura replied bluntly, his words steeled to a slight degree with his growing suspicions that Elizabeth might uncover a pool of knowledge that would soon come to bite her in the ass if she knew the oncoming storm yet to claim her as it would her entire village.

"Don't give me that kind of bullshit! You're obviously looking to get somewhere in good time so why is it so important that you get back on the road again so quickly?" Elizabeth asked again, the girl pressing for answers that had Kubura breathe a sigh of frustration realizing that the Crowley girl likely wouldn't stop hassling him until she got a satisfactory answer.

He needed to be truthful, wary that should he be too economical with the truth she'll only slow him down with more questions giving him less time to make some distance between himself and those nightmarish creatures who stalked the Dark Woods, hunting him in the night.

"If you must know, I'm traveling to the Valley of the Crescent Stone. Its where I plan to meet up with some other Kurozu Clansmen there to deal with Clan related affairs" Kubura answered, his statement truthful in what his intent and motivation was. Allowing himself to leave out any details involving the Mask he had 'acquired' from the clutches of the Vampire Queen herself.

"Satisfied now?" Kubura added, his question affirmed by Elizabeth's curt nod, satisfied with what she was given, even despite finding that Kubura seemed to know more than he was saying, but chose to keep her nose out of his business if it was truly something personal only to him and his Clan, given that such intrusions upon his business were unnecessary.

"Well here we are" Elizabeth announced, the two travelers looking upon a Small thatch roofed building with the engraved words 'Betruger's Inn' written upon a wooden sign that had been grafted to the wall above the entrance.

"About goddamn time. See ya round Kiddo" Kubura replied bluntly, sparing half a second to say his goodbye before walking inside the Inn and leaving Elizabeth to growl under her breath.

"What an ungrateful prick" she muttered bitterly, trudging her way through the village and back over towards the residential area where she told Maria to stay put, hoping to whatever grand deity there was that her little sister wouldn't get herself into any more trouble, knowing how her excitable and bubbly nature often lead to her curiosity getting the better of her.

And that usually meaning that Elizabeth would have to bail her out of trouble.

Pinching the bridge of her nose and closing her eyes as she lamented her circumstances, Elizabeth truly felt herself begin to dread having to deal with her father yet again. His treatment of his youngest daughter already gone far beyond the point of contention for the older Crowley girl and simply getting worse as time went on.

Even despite being 12 years old physically, Elizabeth felt older beyond her years. Her mind constantly on Maria's well being, keeping her safe, keeping her fed. Ensuring that she could grow up happily and live a family life of relative contentment.

But these were such tasks for a mother to undertake... Not a twelve year old girl.

It aggravated Elizabeth to no end hearing Kubura so callously dismiss her age when he knew so little about all she did in service of ensuring that her little sister escaped the wrath of her father, doing her best to shield Maria from the paternal man who should have loved her unconditionally.

The bruises on Elizabeth's body were still fresh in her mind, the ache having mostly subsided. But the mental scars still so vivid upon thoughts of how he detested having even to stay in the same room as Maria.

But even Elizabeth knew that she couldn't shield Maria forever, and that sooner or later she would know the reason why her father was so cruel to her.

And on that day he might just pay the price for that abuse.

Rubbing her tired eyes, Elizabeth exhaled a soft sigh before she heard the sounds children giggling on the edge of earshot, one of the two, a boy proceeding to speak next, his voice clearly in high spirits after having shared an amusing jape with his friend.

"That's funny. Why does Lisbeth always overreact like that?" The boy asked still chuckling, the dark blond Crowley girl halting her journey back towards her sister upon picking up her despised nickname, momentarily wondering if this boy whoever he was had known her from somewhere before?

"Because ever since I was little I used to call her Lisbeth. But now her boyfriend calls her that so she gets all embarrassed and blushes and stuff" replied a little girl's voice that had Elizabeth's eyes widen in panic.

She'd recognize that voice anywhere.

"Maria!" Elizabeth gasped from under her breath, taking off into a sprint in fear of leaving her little sister in the company of a complete stranger, god knowing what the boy wanted out of her little sister, tracing the source of their continued giggling to behind one of the thatch roofed buildings finding Maria alone as she turned to see her distressed older sister, giggling at her dark blond hair now an unruly mess, surprised to find that Maria was just sitting by herself behind a building shaded from the sun.

"Hi Lisbeth!" Maria greeted cheerfully, waving at her older sister with an energetic enthusiasm so often seen in children her age.

"We were just talking about you and your secret boyfriend" Maria chuckled, her cheeky grin matched by her sly tone, knowing how much it made Elizabeth mad to acknowledge the fact that she was keeping her 'boyfriend' a secret.

"First of all HE is NOT my BOYFRIEND" Elizabeth seethed, keeping her frustration under wraps as she internally screamed the question of why Maria kept insisting the very loathsome idea that she and Kubura were dating.

"Secondly. I thought I told you to stay put. And who were you talking to?" Elizabeth added, placing her hands on her hips as her inquiry came off more authoritative than she intended to, doing so out of the intent to evaluate whoever that boy was and see if he was a threat that needed to get a swift ass kicking from Elizabeth's boot.

"What are you talking about he's right... Here?" Maria replied, excited to introduce her older sister to the new boy who she had quickly become friends with in the short span of time she and Kubura were gone, her sentence trailing off as she had come to notice that the blonde haired boy had vanished from beside her.

"OH NO! Where is he? Aww I didn't even get to find out his name!" Maria panicked, freaking out over the prospect that she just lost her new friend and that now she would probably never find him again since he didn't tell her his name.

"Look, what have I told you about talking to strangers Maria?"Elizabeth asked, crossing her arms with a disapproving look across her face, wishing that Maria would just be mindful about things like this.

"I know, I know, but he was really really nice and funny and cute and-Uh oh" Maria babbled, cutting herself short as she blushed bright pink upon the word 'cute' escaping her mouth, covering it up with her palms while her older sister had at last gained an ace to use at her disposal.

"Cute huh?" Elizabeth remarked as an amused smirk formed on her face, all the while Maria began to blush harder.

"SHUT UUUUUP! You're the one with a secret boyfriend!" Maria exclaimed, pointing at Elizabeth in an attempt to stop her from giving the young Crowley girl a taste of her own medicine, such claims doing little to erase the grin on Elizabeth's face.

"Come along dear little sister... I'm sure your 'boyfriend' has more important things to do" Elizabeth teased, grinning cheekily as she at last felt the glorious emotion that came with HER being the one to dish some cunning remarks to tease her sister.

"I just wish I got his name! Ugh now I'll probably never see him again" Maria sighed dejectedly, frustrated about her circumstances after becoming fast friends with her newfound friend had practically vanished the moment Elizabeth showed up.

"But even still I'm not gonna give up!" Maria perked up, a sudden burst of positivity resonating through the little blonde girl as a confident grin spreading across her face.

"Call it a hunch Sis, but I think me and him are gonna find each other again, I just know it!" Maria added cheerily.

The six year old girl completely unaware that watching on from the shadows of the forest was her newfound friend, grinning madly as he at last found the girl he had sought out to find. And in turn he had also discovered weakness for him to exploit, the blonde haired boy's thoughts now consumed by the joy he would feel upon presenting her to his beloved Vampire Queen.

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