Remember Why You Fear Me

(The Vampire Children)

Chapter 2: Looming Shadow

Created by Shane-Emeraldwing

Written by Pure Freedom

Darkened skies enshrouded the forest, sweeping its influence over the village and the land beyond, eerie winds howling through the night while the world slept peacefully, believed to have been safe from the creatures and predators that lurked beyond their homes.

One such creature stood atop the trees that littered the dark forest reflected in the shadows of the moonlight, her royal cloak flowing in the gentle breeze, her naked body scarred from several bites and scratches made to give life to her children. The finishing touch to her royal apparel being the Skull she wore as a mask, hiding her eyes from the world around her, sight needing not hinder her lest her other sharpened sense fail her, the young twelve year old Vampire Queen sickly smiling as she hunted for her new recruit. Excited by the prospect of a new girl to join her. To be given the honor of becoming one of Elena Lugosi's Vampire Children.

The girl she had become enamored with after being informed by her two most trusted confidants about the nature of her circumstances. More specifically what it was that this girl held underneath the surface layer, chained by the taint of the human race. Something familiar, something that Elena wanted to see for herself to truly see if what Dorthy and Aeon were saying about her was all that Elena had hoped this girl would be.

Needless to say Elena's interest had been piqued.

The bitter chill of the night's breeze had only curdled the anticipation for her hunt. Elena witnessing the Village within her sights as she peered through the mists and felt her heart begin to beat rapidly, eager to begin her nocturnal stalking upon leaping from the tree and allowing the darkness to wrap itself around her body, shifting her human form into a Vampire Bat, soaring through the dark skies with the knowledge that there was so much for her to do here of far greater importance than merely chasing the Kurozu Clansman who had taken her prize from her.

As she had done before so she would do again... A victim of child abuse and pain would soon become reborn as one of her Vampire Children.


Heavy, Elizabeth's chest felt burdened by the underlying dread that came with having to come within close proximity to her Father. The man himself preoccupied with his business in the other room, immersing himself in other matters while the dark blonde haired girl sat looking upon the mist filled forests beyond the village walls with a wistful look, attempting to relieve the anxiety that came with the worrying thought of having to face him, fearful that even on a good day she would at best be given a disdainful glare of disappointment behind his tired eyes.

And at worst... Such things Elizabeth dared not even remember lest the phantom pain of her bruises serve to remind her of exactly what she was afraid of happening to her little sister. The girl chattering endlessly about whatever childish thoughts came to mind, like most six year old girls her age excitedly discussing every detail while Elizabeth simple sat and stared blankly. Her mind retreating inward as the mind's eye envisioned the worst case scenario happening to her sister should she ever face her father's wrath.

"Liiiiisbeth! You're not listening!" Maria whined childishly, snapping her older sister out of her trance-like gaze, reality once again setting in as the older girl took a look at Maria's expressive face, childishly pouting with her arms folded all the while reminding Elizabeth of exactly the kind of innocence she sought to give Maria in a way that Elizabeth had lost so long ago.

Her spirit, a passion for life and the burning desire to explore and find new things to love and cherish. Whether she confront life with a cheeky smile or a childish pout, Maria would always remain as the most important thing in Elizabeth's life. Her safety, her comfort and above all else her happiness was all she ever truly wanted... Even if it meant sacrificing hers in the process.

"Your hair is really really messy" Maria bluntly remarked, her pointed words cutting through Elizabeth's melancholic mood while Maria ran her fingers through Elizabeth's unkempt dark blonde hair, giggling before cuddling up behind her big sister in a tight hug.

"Can I brush it Lisbeth! pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease?" Maria asked, her voice expressing bubbly excitement at the idea of doing something girly with her big sister.

"Maria I-"

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!" Maria begged, her eyes sparkling while she put on her warmest smile, knowing full well that her innocent gaze would make her sister give in to her adorableness. Gleefully watching on until Maria saw Elizabeth exhale a relented sigh.

"Fine" Elizabeth sighed warmly, a smile forming across her face while her excitable little sister leapt onto her for a big hug, wrapping her arms around her big sister in absolute joy. Even Elizabeth herself had to admit that she loved being able to indulge in more feminine activities whenever Maria looked to be having so much fun with herself.

Running the comb through her knotted hair, wincing every now and again while the little girl attempted to do her best efforts to straighten her older sister's hair, it became quite clear that she couldn't quite do it, leading to a frustrated little sister and an amused Elizabeth Crowley chuckling lightly before opting to brush Maria's hair as a means of appeasing the young girl who was more than willing to accept such a compromise.

However calm Maria might have been, it seemed her eyes were drawn to a poster she held in her hands depicting a red haired young woman clad in a Jester's attire, her pose acrobatic as she balanced herself upon a ball, a small smile gracing her cherry red lips with her world famous title appearing above the young lady.

'The STAR Jester'

Exhaling a soft sigh, the little girl's dejected expression becoming more melancholy the longer she looked upon the poster, Elizabeth knew Maria had something on her mind. And the quicker they talked it out, the sooner Maria's bouncy energetic personality would begin to regenerate with renewed vigor.

"Something wrong Maria?" Elizabeth asked ceasing her attempts to brush her little sister's hair while Maria sighed softly before turning to her older sister with a wanting look in her eye.

"I wanna go see Laura's show" Maria replied, her tone still so dejected that she had never once seen Laura O'Star perform her show at all, even despite being her biggest fan.

"This again? I don't think her show is putting on any performances right now" Elizabeth sighed, this conversation having happened so many times in the past despite the fact that Elizabeth knew well that a girl of Laura's status wouldn't set foot in a backwater village like their's. Plus the fact both girls were a little too young to be venturing out on their own... And that was assuming that they would even be allowed to go at all.

"But her show is SO COOL! I hear she does all these awesome flips and cartwheels and cool stunts with her whip! And I heard that on her last show she got a volunteer to JOIN HER ON STAGE!" Maria gushed excitedly, her words moving at a million miles a minute while passionately explaining her love and enthusiasm for Laura's fantastic performances.

"And best of all, it was during one of her best tricks! THE STAR STRIKER!" Maria announced, posing dramatically, going for a motion that resembled another poster for The STAR Jester Maria had seen where Laura held two Jester Cards in her hands showing only her emerald colored eyes filled with determination

"That's five knives around the volunteer's head followed up by a delicious red apple sliced up with one final strike! STAR STRIKER! YEAH!" Maria added quickly, going as far as to the trick her own thought up fan name for the stunt as she pumped her fist into the air triumphantly upon the mere thought of just how cool the trick itself looked.

"I think you're letting your inner fangirl get the better of you" Elizabeth remarked, Maria's childish exuberance proving quite entertaining, even if her admiration for Laura and her show was at a cost given some of the rumors about her off stage persona.

"Hehe... Yeah maybe. But I love her sooooo much! I guess you could say I'm a little STAR-struck" Maria giggled, slyly grinning as her pun filled Elizabeth with a wince followed by an annoyed groan upon being subjected to the one thing she hated most... PUNS!

"But I really mean it ya know. Laura's amazing!" Maria exclaimed happily.

"Somehow I doubt that" Elizabeth muttered dryly, her quiet words however audible enough for Maria to hear and loudly gasp as though her world was turned upside down.

"How can you say that! Laura's awesome!" Maria exclaimed in defense of her hero, wondering why her sister would dare question the AWESOMENESS that is Laura O'Star.

"I just think you're setting yourself up for disappointment. She's good at what she does, I'll admit that much, but I hear rumors from passing Travelers that off stage Laura's a massive bitch" Elizabeth explained, recounting one story she heard from one Traveler named Derek, talking amongst some old drunkard he was traveling with, speaking about his experiences with Laura and her on stage persona compared to what she was like behind the scenes.

Needless to say whatever respect he'd previously had for the Jester Girl had quickly dissipated shortly thereafter.

"That's mean! I bet they're just jealous that Laura's all popular and cool and talented and stuff, and THEY'RE NOT!" Maria snapped, her anger more cute than it was a fury that rivaled the gods as she balled her hands into fists, ready to take down anyone who badmouthed her hero Laura O'Star

Chuckling over her sister's behavior and walking over towards her bedroom decorated with The STAR Jester memorabilia and imagery of Laura O'Star herself. Elizabeth retrieved one of Maria's prized possessions from her bedside table, a homemade plushie of Laura O'Star (made with Elizabeth's help obviously given that a four year old girl + Sharp embroidery needle, probably wasn't going to end well if she was left unsupervised) and brought the Laura doll over to her little sister.

"Alright then Sis. If you really want to go see Laura so badly then maybe if you're a good girl, the next time her show's performing I'll take you to go see her" Elizabeth stated, a warm smile gracing her lips as she watched her younger sister light up like a Christmas tree in absolute happiness at the prospect of finally seeing her hero right before her eyes performing live.

"OH WOW THANKIES ELIZABETH! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!" Maria squealed ecstatically. Lunging towards her big sister with a big hug, wrapping her arms around Elizabeth as tightly as her six year old strength would allow, Maria nuzzled herself into her older sister while continuing to fangirl as excitedly and loudly as possible.

Rusted hinges grinded as the door swung open as a man in his early 40s staggered through the doorway leaning against its wooden frame while his unkempt shoulder length dark brown hair hung loosely over his face. his gaunt appearance and pale blue eyes bore a piercing look of disgust within as he looked upon the two cuddling sisters

The leather of his frayed dark brown overcoat creaked as the man slowly raised a bony finger towards his oldest daughter, hands trembling with repressed anger hidden behind a scowl, the glare informing Elizabeth that he had been drinking again, eager for another drink just to further drive himself down a deeper grave until he could join the woman he had been grieving over for so long.

"You. Inside, now!" he stated coldly, his voice gravelly, not helped by his blunt orders towards Elizabeth once again kicking her protective instincts into gear as she moved herself to block Maria from view, knowing full well her Father's wrath and wishing to spare Maria from that pain Elizabeth had become well familiar with.

Complying with her Father's orders, Elizabeth followed him inside. The room itself empty save for the bed and bottles of alcohol that lay scattered across the table beside a sketch of a beautiful blonde haired woman and her dark blonde young daughter, the lady smiling towards the artist who drew it. The name on the lower left corner identifying the man who had lost passion for his past time after her death.

'Thomas Crowley'

Shutting the door behind her, Elizabeth sighed softly knowing that whatever happened to her, at least Maria wouldn't have to witness these events first hand.

"So what's this I hear about you having a secret boyfriend then?" He queried coldly, his voice laced with an embittered dis-contempt for his 12 year old daughter falling for the charms of what he presumed to be little more than a sleazy thug.

"What!? That's just one of Maria's silly jokes, I swear to you he's not my boyfriend!" Elizabeth exclaimed defensively, her tone desperately not trying to betray just how feeble she felt knowing what violent acts her Father was capable of while inebriated.

"Don't bullshit me! I've seen you sneak out of here early in the mornings to go off to the lake. So tell me... What the fuck did you let him do to you?" Thomas asked icily, his drunken state obvious given the anger seething through his voice and the lack of a profanity filter.

"He didn't do anything to me! I only just met him today, and besides. I want nothing to do with the creep!" Elizabeth retorted, careful about how she approached her responses, flinching slightly as she noticed her Father clench his fingers into a fist, looking on in fear while she saw his repressed anger rise to the surface.

"You should know better than this! The last fucking thing I need is another piece of Eleanor taken away from me" Thomas seethed, the mere mention of his Wife's name only further allowing his bitterness to fester as he looked upon the last vestige of what she had left behind in their daughter Elizabeth. Seeing only the endless possibilities of what dark twisted fate could befall her over such rash ill thought actions.

"Father I'm not going anywhere. You're not gonna lose me or Maria. I still need to take care of her" Elizabeth replied with as a twinge of guilt began to echo within her mind, the absence of her mother just as painful for her as it was for her Father.

"Oh really? Then why sneak out at the crack of dawn then? At a time when you could easily be beaten, kidnapped or raped by bandits! And considering the look of that fucking snake, forgive me if I'm a little suspicious about my 12 year old Daughter wanting to run away with a lecherous fiend while she abandons me with the little brat that killed your Mother!" Thomas remarked icily, Elizabeth letting out a soft gasp while her eyes widened in absolute shock over the bitter resentful words he had used to slander his youngest daughter, accusing Maria of killing her own mother.

"How can you say that! She's your DAUGHTER!" Elizabeth retorted, her mind captivated in such a state of shock her mind had little time to filter a diplomatic response that would've tactfully avoided provoking the drunken man into a fit of rage, her choice of words and her blunt tone having too late informed Elizabeth that the answer she was likely going to get was not going to be a happy one.

"My daughter? And what good is a Daughter like her when the woman I love died to give her life, as if Eleanor didn't deserve a chance to live so that something else could feed off her like a disgusting parasite before leaving behind nothing but a rotting corpse!" Thomas exclaimed, his words like venom as he at last expressed everything he'd ever wanted to say about Maria and the pain he'd caused him over the years that he kept bottled up within until he could contain it no longer.

"But none of that is any of Maria's fault! That isn't fair to her!" Elizabeth argued before a sudden force impacted her cheek sending her falling to the floor after her Father's fist slammed against her face, so driven by rage that the man was practically shaking as if he was trying to repress his anger so that he wouldn't need to lash out against his Oldest Daughter lest she dare speak out of turn again.

"DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT FAIR! She fucking killed her and you just sit there day after day pretending as if you don't feel the same way I do!" Thomas roared, his emotions becoming uncontrollable as his anger began to coalesce with despair. Tears welling up behind his eyes as Elizabeth's had done the same.

"I DON'T! I love her very much! No matter what happened to Mom, Maria's my little sister and I love her more than anything else in the world! Why can't you love her back?" Elizabeth screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks as her emotions finally had gotten the better of her, sobbing as she asked the question to her Father.

"I want to love her! God knowing I've fucking tried to see past all of this and so desperately want to look at her the same way I look at you" Thomas snapped.

"As a daughter I can raise with as much love and passion as Eleanor had when she was alive, But deep down... Deep down I don't see my little Maria in that girl... Just a parasitic fiend who had eaten away at the Woman I loved until she died in my arms" Thomas continued, his tone spiraling into a quiet melancholy, truly wishing that the circumstances could've been different, but ultimately accepting that he could never truly love Maria no matter how hard he tried.

"She wouldn't want this... Mom wouldn't want you to hate Maria for any of this... Can't you ever forgive her?" Elizabeth sobbed, the dark blond haired girl looking and feeling completely powerless to do anything but seek out answers that did nothing but hurt her further.

Thomas Crowley looked his oldest daughter in the eye with a cold glare, devoid of warmth, devoid of compassion and his single word response making his stance on the painful subject crystal clear as to how he truly felt around his youngest daughter...


Deafening silence blanketed the room, the only audible sounds coming from Elizabeth's softened whimpers, desperately trying to stop herself from weeping anymore than she already had. Disappointed in herself for being so weak in front of the man who relied upon her to fulfill the motherly role that had been left behind by his wife.

Exhaling a heavy sigh, rubbing his tired eyes filled with fatigue before reaching for another bottle of alcohol he turned to his oldest daughter with one last conclusive statement.

"Just leave me in peace... And clean yourself up, you look disgusting" Thomas stated coldly, turning away from his daughter, leaving her to exit the room. Quietly staggering her way out and shutting the door behind her before leaning face first against the door and forcing her eyes shut.

Compartmentalizing her erratic thoughts, trying to soften her sobs, screaming internally to be stronger than this. To be the brave woman that her mother would've been proud of, and the sister that Maria could look up to.

Soft patters on the edge of earshot caught Elizabeth's attention, turning her head to hear a soft gasp and seeing the brief blur of a little blonde girl quickly retreating from the doorway of her bedroom.

Exhaling a quiet sigh, lifting her head away from the door, Elizabeth slowly tread towards her room, finding the jewellery box next to her on the bedside table. Opening the box and inside finding a necklace adorned with a pendant on the end of it. Her most treasured possession held within the palm of her hand, carefully gripping the necklace's chain as she kissed the pendant, whispering softly while silently weeping.

"I miss you"

Opening her eyes, for a brief moment Elizabeth could've sworn she saw someone standing outside her window, blinking as if to double take and confirm what she saw before the figure vanished in the blink of an eye. unable to get a good look at the person, but the Crowley girl could've sworn she saw a nude girl wearing a royal cloak looking right into her with a grin adorning her face.

Rubbing her eyes and staring blankly for a moment, Elizabeth opted to focus on her immediate priorities rather than wasting her time dwelling on such oddities, leaving the room to tend to her frightened little sister.

So very unaware that she had caught a glimpse of the exalted Queen of the Vampires. Elena stalking within the shadow of the night, her interest further piqued after listening to the words Elizabeth and her abusive Father had shared. The Vampire Girl grinning as her mind began to calculate a suitable act of revenge and liberation.

Elsewhere, cuddling her homemade Laura O'Star Plushie, Maria sat upon the pillow side of her bed shaken by fear. Trying desperately to shut out the bad thoughts from her mind as she hugged her Laura plushie tighter as if such things would make the mental pain go away.

Walking into her bedroom came her big sister wearing a necklace with a silver pendant at the end of the chain. Elizabeth's expression born of concern as she seated herself beside Maria and lovingly embraced her little sister into a warm hug, Maria bursting into tears upon burying herself into Elizabeth's embrace, the older girl making sure that she kept her composure, not desiring to follow in Maria's example in emotionally falling apart... Even if such things were all that Elizabeth had felt like doing given the circumstances of her situation.

"W-why is he so mean to you?" Maria gasped between sobs, tears staining Elizabeth's white dress.

"He's hurting, Maria... He's lost so much so quickly that I don't think he really knows how to deal with his pain" Elizabeth replied softly, her voice a near whisper as she tenderly cuddled her little sister.

"But why does he hurt you? You're nice and kind and are never ever mean to him!" Maria babbled, her youthful disposition stinging Elizabeth's heart with a phantom pain. So unknowing of the psychological trauma she lived around every single day, trying desperately to find a reason why her father would hit and yell at her big sister.

"He doesn't lash out at me, he does it because..."

She couldn't do it... She couldn't finish that sentence.

To tell Maria of her Father's disgust for her mere existence, knowing full well that such words would destroy everything Elizabeth had wanted to do for her little sister. To ensure that from an innocent and energetic little girl grew a beautiful, passionate young woman who knew she was loved and cared for.

Inhaling a deep breath, Elizabeth slowly pulled away from Maria to look into the young girl's jade colored eyes. Tears dripping down her face before Elizabeth softly brushed her fingers across Maria's cheeks to wipe away the tears.

"Let me ask you a question Maria... Do you wish our Mother was still with us?" Elizabeth queried, the saddened look on Maria's face, though still present, had now turned to a ponderous expression as she sought to deliver an answer to her big sister's question.

"Well yeah. I never got to meet Mom, but I've always wanted to" Maria answered melancholically, wistful sadness giving her a distant look in her eyes as if she was trying to see her lost mother appear before her very own eyes.

"Father lost her long ago. And that pain has stuck with him ever since the day she died... And the part of him that loved life died with her" Elizabeth spoke softly, remembering a time when her Father was full of passion and a lust for life. Ready to take on the day with a grin on his face and a passion to live life to the best of his ability... Quite similar to Maria in many respects.

"What was Mom like?" Maria asked innocently

"She was one of the kindest souls I've ever known. Hard working, but always smiling whenever she caught sight of me trying to copy her when I was younger" Elizabeth answered, a small smile gracing her lips as memories of her younger self attempting to learn embroidery resulted in several needle pricks and a caring mother's love tenderly kissing her daughter's wounds before showing her the proper way.

"So she loved you very much?" Maria queried, her melancholy tone slowly being washed away from the angst that had gripped her previously, giving way to an air of wistful nostalgia.

"More than anything else in the world. She told me that a woman who loved and cherished her children was of equal stature to a Queen" Elizabeth replied.

"What did she mean by that? Isn't a Queen supposed to be the most important lady ever?" Maria asked, confused by her deceased mother's little metaphor.

"A Queen is supposed to be seen as a very important woman, a Lady who governs over the land in service to her people. Therefore, much like a Queen, a Mother is meant to act in service to her children. Ensuring that by giving them the love and happiness her children need, any kindhearted woman who acts with such kindness is on equal footing to a Queen" Elizabeth explained, the deciphered meaning of the metaphor being one that Elizabeth had lived by as a core value ever since she was six years old.

"In fact before you were born Mom gave me this" Elizabeth added, holding up her pendant necklace.

"She told me that soon I was going to have a little sister. And that she needed me to be a big girl and make sure that my baby sister gets lots of cuddles and knows that always and forever, she will be loved" Elizabeth spoke warmly, a small smile gracing her lips formed from her most treasured memories whilst she pulled Maria in for another hug.

"So why did Mom give you her necklace?" Maria asked curiously, looking upon the necklace with complete fascination.

"Because it has a special power" Elizabeth replied simply, her response met with Maria's eyes widening with excitement as a large grin formed in her hyperactive state of mind.

"OH WOW! REALLY?! Did it make her able to use magic? Was she able to fly? Did it make her super AWESOME at fighting where she was all Hi-YAH! and WHA-CHA!" Maria rambled ecstatically at the prospect of her mother once bearing possession of a magic necklace that had a special power inside it.

Chuckling over her little sister's exuberance, Maria gave Elizabeth a quizzical look.

"Whaaaaat? You said it had special powers!" Maria remarked, childishly pouting before Elizabeth removed the necklace and gave Maria a closer look, Elizabeth placing her most treasured possession into the palms of her little sister's hands.

"It does. But she told me that her necklace was passed down to her through the Generations of her family line. And that centuries ago it was able to protect them from evil. Elizabeth explained.

"Mom told me that when her Mother's village was attacked by Vampires during the Crescent Stone Siege, our Grandmother was given this necklace as a little girl to protect her from the Vampires who attacked her Village. She being the only one to survive the attack" Elizabeth continued, Maria on the edge of her proverbial seat by this gripping little bedtime story.

"Really? How did she survive!?" Maria gasped, her attention completely focused on Elizabeth's tale, the older dark blond Crowley girl grinning as she played Maria's eagerness to end the suspense brought on by their Grandmother's thrilling escapade.

"She held onto the pendant at the end of her necklace as tight as she could..." Elizabeth began, wrapping Maria's tiny hands around the pendant, much like her Grandmother did all those years ago. Raising the necklace up to Maria's lips as the younger girl looked at her smiling older sister, ready to conclude her story.

"... And with her most treasured necklace she spoke aloud to the Vampires who wanted to eat her. Calling out a declaration of her purest faith" Elizabeth continued, Maria's excitement and anticipation for the resolution now reaching its peak before Elizabeth took a deep breath, and told her sister the grand finale to her Grandmother's tale.

"She said 'I do not FEAR you creature of the night! For my faith in my loved ones is unbreakable. Because I know deep down that I love them as much as they love me. And they will protect me from your devilish intent. Now BEGONE, Denizens of the Night!'" Elizabeth exclaimed, a rare glimpse into a more theatrical side of herself that she dared not show anybody else, finding it somewhat embarrassing for a lady to be so silly.

But for Maria, Elizabeth decided to make an exception.

"And with that, the Vampires could not harm her, because it was with love that she channeled all of her heart into keeping her safe from the evil that sought to destroy her. Proving that no matter what great evil you face, it is knowing that you are loved and in turn that you love someone precious to you that you will find the strength to stand strong in the face of adversity" Elizabeth concluded.

A rare sight to behold but for once the usually excitable and hyperactive Maria Crowley was speechless. Merely left to absorb the sheer volume of Elizabeth's retelling of a story passed down from their Grandmother to their mother and finally among the two Crowley sisters.

"Wow... So does that mean that if you say the love chant it can give you the AWESOME magic powers to kick some Vampires butt!?" Maria exclaimed, making a kicking motion with her feet as if to mimic marital arts combat.

"Maria, you're being a Silly Girl again" Elizabeth sighed, a soft smile gracing her lips as she placed the necklace back around her neck, looking upon her sister as Maria giggled happily.

"I can't help it, I love being a Silly Girl!" Maria exclaimed between giggles, jumping into a big hug with her older sister, the two embracing each other while Maria continued to giggle over her Silly Girl antics.

A warm feeling turned cold as Elizabeth caught a glimpse of a moving shadow right outside Maria's window. A Shadow that looked faintly similar to something she'd seen before. The creature's shadow loomed distantly, hazy and indistinct, yet the figure feminine and her appearance striking a chord of familiarity only further giving Elizabeth reason to spool back through her memories to remember what she saw outside her window moments ago.

A cold shiver running down her spine while the growing sensation of dread began to wrap its cold fingers around Elizabeth's neck, her thoughts distracted from reality as her mind became focused on trying to decipher just who the hell that girl was, assuming it was the same one Elizabeth swore she saw earlier.

"Hellooooo! Lizbeth! Don't fall asleep on me Sis!" Maria giggled, snapping her older sister out of her thoughts and back to reality, trying to disregard her paranoia as merely a sign of her fatigue from the night's events, proceeding to tuck her little sister into bed, smiling warmly as she looked upon Maria cuddling her Laura O'Star plushie before kissing her on the forehead bidding her a goodnight before Elizabeth returned to her room and opted to drift into a peaceful slumber.


She was beautiful. Elena had been watching her from afar, but up close she had found a girl no more perfectly suited to becoming a part of her Vampire Children than Elizabeth Crowley.

She was so close, hiding within the darkness of her bedroom, watching as her chest slowly rose and descended in her peaceful rest, Elena so tempted to just bite her and make her join her Vampires right that instant. The grin across Elena's features so captivated by the knowledge she had accumulated over the course of the night.

Trapped in an abusive household, a Father who enforces strict rules only to physically and psychologically abuse his own daughter simply because he could. The true evils of humanity revealed themselves to Elena long ago... And yet it was for this simple reason why she couldn't find any other girl more deserving of her 'gift' than Elizabeth.

And yet... She was unusual.

Unlike most children who sought to run from their abusive families, practically begging Elena to turn them into a Vampire so they could be freed from the disgusting taint of the human race, Elizabeth seemed to remain steadfast in spite of her abusive Father's physical assaults against her.

It piqued Elena's interest to know if this girl would turn away the chance to be free of her pain? Curious to see if perhaps the idea that she could wield the power to liberate herself from her abusive Father by slowly tearing off his limbs and feeding upon his corpse would awaken her to a whole new world of freedom she could have never known otherwise.

Treading softly towards the sleeping dark blond haired girl Elena caught sight of her necklace, reaching her hand down towards Elizabeth's most treasured possession as she touched the pendant with her fingers, brushing against the metallic surface with a curious expression before turning her attention to Elizabeth's face. Her peaceful expression so unaware of the looming shadow cast by the Vampire Queen who stood before her, so very close to her freedom from the abuse and the pain.

Licking her lips with a salacious look in her eyes, Elena would have loved nothing more than to bite her before cutting the flesh of her own body so that she could complete Elizabeth's transformation into a Vampire right then and there.

However... Elena knew full well that the most exquisite of pleasures were often those that were sated when the time was right.

Lightly brushing her fingers against Elizabeth's cheek, Elena's voice was but a whisper as she leaned closely to Elizabeth's ear.

"Don't be afraid Elizabeth... For I, Elena Lugosi, Queen of the Vampires shall free you from this pain very soon" Elizabeth whispered softly, planting a kiss on Elizabeth's cheek before receding into the darkness before making her quiet exit, knowing that now would be the time to put her plans into motion, even if such things meant delaying her hunt for the Kurozu Clansmen.

It was time to welcome a new girl into her family. To become one of Elena Lugosi's Vampire Children.

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