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Bad Luck Charm

Summary: Alana looked at the flames flickering in the fireplace, her golden eyes heavy with sorrow. "Did you know crows are a sign of bad luck? Old superstition. But there's a reason why I can turn into one."


Willow Scarlette turned the hot water spout of her kitchen faucet on, pursing her lips as she scrubbed the plates from last night's turkey dinner furiously. It had been a relatively happy affair; her youngest daughter Layla was positively bouncing in excitement about turning fifteen, and though her heart was overwhelmed with joy at seeing just how much the girl had grown, there was still a pang of both sadness and anger. 'I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't come.'

The buxom redhead heard the pattering of happy footsteps, and she turned to see Layla jumping in happiness. "Mama! Aunt Alana's home!" As the young brunette girl bounced in joy, Willow's green eyes darkened momentarily, a bolt of anger surging through the witch's veins. 'So, you did come. I'm not sure whether to be relieved or surprised.' Her anger wasn't directed towards the bubbly fifteen-year old. Oh no. It was for the pale blonde woman who stood in the doorway, wearing a red dress jacket with coattails, dark leggings, and thigh boots. Four rings adorned her right hand, with one on the middle and ring finger and two on the index. Her pale neck was graced by a beaded necklace and her golden eyes were laden with guilt. "Hey Willow. Long time no see."

'You should feel guilty,' Willow seethed mentally. 'Forcing me to lie to Layla for as long as I have. I never expected this, even from you.' "Hello Alana." The tension in the air was thick enough to choke on, and the redhead broke her glare to give her youngest daughter a forced smile. "Layla sweetie, can you give us some time? I'm sure Allyson would love some help with that new motorcycle she has."

"Okay!" Layla happily bounced out, and as she left, Alana's golden gaze followed her with a hint of pain in her tone. "She's grown so much. You raised her well." With the girl out of earshot, Willow took the opportunity to give the first swing. "You have some serious nerve, Alana. Did Captain Aldis tell you to come back or something?" 'I don't want to hear some sob story about you wanting her back. You gave up those rights a long time ago.'

"I'm here to spend some time with my family. A girl's allowed to do that, isn't she?" the blonde deflected defensively. Her left hand was covering a spot on her stomach, and it was evident that she was in some type of serious discomfort when she reached into the inside of her jacket to pull out a silver flask and take a few swigs of whiskey. Upon closer inspection, Willow saw that the spot she was covering was slightly darker red than the rest of the jacket; the blonde had some sort of injury, and was doing her best to cover it. 'She is such a pain in the ass.'

"Steady with that, now. You mean you're here to play the 'cool aunt' and continue to lie to the daughter you deserted and left me to care for," Willow corrected angrily. The redhead might've raised Layla, but she was not her child like Allyson. Alana was her real mother, but the blonde had given her to Willow soon after being born. 'Bad luck my ass. You can use that as an excuse all you want, but it does not make you guilt-free in this.'

Alana lowered her flask with a wince, for the remark definitely stung like Willow intended it to. Her gaze was heavy with pain, but underneath it was the stubbornness that led her to make that decision so many years ago. "I did what was necessary. If I kept her, she would've been the casualty that drove me to suicide. By giving her to you to raise as your own, I gave her a chance to live without being affected by my curse." Her breath stunk with alcohol, and she still wasn't able to or willing to give up her drinking habit that started very early for her.

"Don't you dare wring that bullshit on me," Willow snapped. "You did it because you were terrified of the prospect of raising a child yourself, and used your curse of bad luck as an excuse. Even though I love her like Allyson, that doesn't negate the fact that I'm not her mother, and you're not her damn aunt like you love pretending to be! Maybe you should grow the fuck up, stop running away, and tell her the damn truth!" She hadn't meant to unleash her anger like that, but having it build up for as long as it did without a healthy way to vent it made her lash out like a cornered snake. 'Oh shit…I shouldn't have said that. I really shouldn't.'

Alana's eyes watered, and she looked down at the ground, several strands of her hair blocking her face as her body shook. "You don't know how painful it's been on my end. You think I like it? I don't. I fucking hate it. I want nothing more than to be able to hold her every night, tell her bedtime stories, and show how much I love her. Every day that I'm out there fighting vampires, I think about her, and I hope she never has to go through the same pain. I don't think you know just how terrified I am that I'll get her killed. That's why I keep my distance. Why I'm never home for more than a few days."

She stumbled, a pained gasp escaping her lips, and Willow could spot a slow trickle of blood running down her wrist; whatever wound she had was bleeding enough to soak through the fabric of her shirt, and as good of a fighter as she was, she wasn't invincible. The redhead's fury vanished, for she knew deep down that the blonde was always in pain mentally, and at the end of the day, they were still very close. "Let me see it." 'Every time she gets hurt, she tries so hard to not let Layla or Allyson see it.'

"Willow, I'm fine," Alana grimaced, her tone unconvincing. The fact that it was enough for her to show physical discomfort meant it was more than just a simple scratch that would heal within the hour. The smell of it was another key detail; Willow was willing to bet whatever caused it was some sort of magic. 'It smells tainted. She's definitely not okay, despite her claims.'

Alana tried to voice her protest again as Willow undid the buttons on her jacket, revealing the wound. The normally pale flesh was blackened, and the gash was relatively deep. 'Definitely caused by magic. Blood magic, too.' From the way it was split open, it appeared to be caused by a knife or possibly a sword favored by vampires, and she knew that the blonde was in a tremendous amount of agony by the way her breath hitched. "You shouldn't treat yourself with such self-loathing. What if Layla saw you? I'd get an earful from her about me letting you get hurt."

Willow's finger gently touched the edge of the cut, and Alana bit her lip to prevent a pained whimper from escaping. "It's deep. It'll heal, but you'll have quite the scar even with my treatments." The redhead cloaked her hand in magic, and she began to pour her energy into the ugly gash despite mumbles of protest from Alana. The blackened flesh slowly started to knit itself back together, and soon it was nothing more than an ugly scar on her side. "How do you feel?"

"I feel like smacking you for wasting your healing magic on a worthless excuse of a person, but I can't complain too much," Alana grumbled. She reached into her jacket to take another drink from her flask, wiping her lips. "It turns out the information I got was incorrect. Ended up outnumbered 10-1." As a skilled huntress, Willow knew that the blonde could hold her own in battle, thanks to her sword that was bigger than her. Still, due to her lack of caring for herself, she often came home from missions with injuries, and so help her if Layla or Allyson saw their favorite aunt injured.

Willow was tempted to give Alana a hard rap on the head for talking about herself with such disdain, but was interrupted by the amused voice of her actual daughter, Allyson. "Hey there Auntie. Looks like someone's getting ready for an early night, huh?"

The tall raven-haired girl was leaning casually against the wall of the house and Alana buttoned up her jacket with a mock huff. "In your dreams. How's my little firecracker been doing?" Her golden eyes flashed Willow's a look that said, "We'll talk about this later tonight," and the redhead nodded subtly. There was no need to bring up family secrets around either child, especially on one of their birthdays.

"Great. School's almost done, and I want to ask if you could tell me another one of you and Mom's inappropriate stories from your time in the vampire hunting school," Allyson smirked. "The last one you told me, about the drinking contest turned hardcore makeout session, made me laugh to no end. You really tongue-kissed everyone on your team?"

Alana merely laughed with a wink, and Willow gave the blonde an unamused stare. "You've been telling my daughter inappropriate stories from our time in that place? What the hell is wrong with you? It's bad enough I caught her trying to go through my liquor cabinet at three in the morning two months ago. She's definitely taking after you more than I'd like." 'Goddammit Alana. You are the biggest pain in the ass. Jeez, I wonder who it was that told her to go to that shitty bar for information about her father.'

"Hey, I have nothing to hide," Alana smirked, giving Willow a playful jab in the stomach with her elbow. "I'm just happy you were of the sharing type."


"Calm down. I didn't give her too many details. And I haven't even told her the really good ones yet. Think she's old enough for the strip-poker—"

"No. Absolutely not."

"You're no fun." Alana mockingly pouted, her golden eyes flashing with amusement. It probably helped her out more than Willow believed; the blonde woman was almost always happier when she was around her nieces, and definitely took great joy in telling all kinds of crappy glory stories from their youth. 'Hmph. Complains when someone jabs about her age, yet uses it as an excuse to get out of hanging around too much with a bunch of teenagers.'

Allyson suppressed a giggle, and she took a moment to catch her breath. "Entire team, right Aunt Alana? Entire. Team." It was bad enough that Alana had been the one give the eldest daughter the 'birds and the bees' talk while drunk as shit, but the fact that she was also telling her stories about their sexual exploits were a bit annoying to the redhead. It made it seem as though they were either complete players or raging sluts, which wasn't the case.

Willow wasn't going to lie; between her and Alana, they probably had more sex than the rest of the people on their team while they were training. But that was also factoring in the times Willow had slept with Alana during the blonde's alcohol-fueled depression that started in their second year after her mother was killed by vampires. They never meant it to be a real relationship at the time, just something the two did to try and make Alana's emotional pain diminish. Now, with both of their significant others either dead or estranged, it was almost as if it was back to that same time of their lives, with Alana being the depressed alcoholic and Willow the one trying to mend everything back. 'Same shit, just twenty years later. I figured these problems would've been resolved a long time ago.'

"I don't need you telling my daughter about the times we had sex," Willow grumbled, a blush furiously rising on her cheeks as Alana gave the redhead's daughter a fist bump. The blonde was so pleased with the reaction she was getting that she was practically playing with herself. Deep down, Willow enjoyed the banter instead of the usual sadness that hung over Alana like a storm cloud, but on the surface she was praying that Alana wouldn't bring up the story of the two getting trying to hide from the instructors in a locker. 'Please don't bring it up, please don't bring it up…'

"Did I ever tell you about the time me and your mom were hiding from the instructors because one of us 'accidentally' set off some fireworks?" Alana smirked, ignoring Willow's comment and confirming her fear. Allyson shook her head, her eyes eager to hear the scandalous story, and the blonde began the tale. "Your mom and I were with your father in the courtyard, and I got my hands on some fireworks that I stole from our headmaster. We had set off the first ten without a hitch, but eventually, we got one that didn't quite work. It flew into an instructor's car, and when the owner came out to observe the damage, we split. Sasha ran towards a group of his friends, and your mom and I decided to hide in the closest locker we could find. Now remember; these lockers are pretty damn big, big enough to hide at least three people. So, we hid in one, and someone couldn't resist her partner wearing a pair of cute leggings. How do you think she earned the nickname 'Bitey'?"


"What? It's true."

Willow rolled her eyes, and she left her partner to start cooking dinner. As it was Layla's fifteenth birthday, she got to choose, and of course it was something out of the ordinary thanks to being Alana's real daughter. The girl wanted chop steak, gravy, and mashed potatoes, and she was going to get it. "Alright…time to get to work." 'I've never tried it out, but I'm doing my best.'

The redhead was excellent as a chef; in the vampire huntress school, her cooking kept her team positive even when missions looked sour. Alana never ate much even before her depression started, but if there was one thing she loved more than her alcohol, it was her partner's cooking. The gravy wasn't even in the pot for five minutes before the blonde waltzed in, leaning onto her from behind. "Mmm…smells good. Are those onions I smell in it?"

"Indeed. She definitely has your taste in food," Willow returned, turning her head to give her a quick kiss on the cheek. She could feel Alana's soft chest against her back, and she tried her best to give her a hard stare. "You know they're still awake, right?" 'I know she doesn't get around as much as she used to since Layla's birth, but seriously girl? Right here in the kitchen? Talk about crappy timing. I'm not opposed to doing it later after we talk, but now isn't the time.'

"I am fully aware, Mistress Scarlette," Alana murmured, the stench of whiskey on her breath. Dear God she was drunk; the blonde probably hit a bar on the way back from her last mission for a few drinks. One time during training, Willow had caught her in one, and Alana tried to squirm out of it by saying bars and clubs were great places to get information. Needless to say, her crappy excuse resulted in Willow hiding her favorite flask, much to her displeasure. The endless begging she had to put with was annoying.

"…for fuck's sake girl, did you not sleep with any cute barmaids or something during your time out?"

"Nope. I haven't been in the mood for anyone else's touch. You should know who I crave more than anyone," Alana whispered, her wet tongue circling around the base of her neck. "I want you."

Under normal circumstances, Willow would've asked her daughter to continue cooking in her place while she pounded the blonde senseless in their bedroom upstairs. But, today was a day that only came around once a year, and as good as Alana was in bed, she was going to have to wait. "Not right now. AFTER dinner, not before." 'Sorry honey. But Layla comes first. I should be sure to nominate her for 'Parental Figure of the Year'.'

"Ugh…you're torturing me."

"Oh quit bitching. How many days are you staying?"

"Three, at least."

"Then you'll have plenty of time to get some action and relieve your sexual frustration."

Alana groaned at the idea of having to wait; she wasn't a very patient person at heart, and it showed. "Alright, fine. But I'm definitely telling your daughter the strip-poker story." She just loved seeing Willow blush, and the stubborn blonde wasn't going to change her mind.

"Whatever. Just don't tell her the time we had sex in that unused classroom when you were drunk in our fourth year."

"Oh, I plan on that, honey."

Alana walked out, and Willow reached for a glass to pour herself some wine when it fell before she could touch it. It shattered on the floor, shards dancing on the clean floor, and the redhead sighed. "Dammit." 'She hates how much pain she causes just being near someone. I understand the fear of something happening to her daughter, but for us to lie to her as long as we have…'

'Poor girl is not going to like the truth when it comes out.'

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