A/N: There is a sex scene in this chapter, so if that's not your thing, feel free to skip it.

As soon as they were back at her apartment and Rose had closed and locked the door, Tom grabbed her and began kissing her, his hands on her back, on her sides, and then in her hair. "I've wanted to do this since the first night I saw you," he said breathlessly, before beginning to kiss her again. Rose put her hands on his muscular torso, one hand gripping his right side as she felt her tongue brush against his. A few seconds later Tom pulled away, leaned down to pick her up, and then carried her to her bedroom. He set her on the bed and immediately pulled his shirt off, and then began to remove his shoes. Rose stood up from the bed and put a hand on his arm to stop him. "It's not a race, Tom."

He looked a little confused, so Rose reached up and kissed him before pulling off her shirt. Standing before him in her bra, she reached down and undid his belt. After kissing him again, she whispered, "Your turn."

He seemed to catch on, and smiled slightly before leaning down to kiss her. He placed his warm hands on her back and unhooked her bra, and they continued kissing and removing each other's clothes until they were standing in front of each other with nothing on. Tom stared at her, his mouth slightly open. "You're beautiful," he whispered. He stepped towards her and gently placed his hands on her shoulders, letting his fingers trail down her arms. Rose pressed her body against his and began to kiss him while slowly running her hands over his shoulders and back. She let her hands wander to his chest, finally able to touch what she had only allowed herself to look at before. After brushing her lips against his one more time, she kissed him on the neck and then moved her lips down to his chest. She could tell his breathing had picked up, so she took his hand and led him to her bed.

They laid down and he leaned over her, careful not to place his weight on her, and softly touched her as they continued to kiss, their tongues brushing against each other. Rose had worried what sex would be like with Tom since he'd had so many one-night stands, and she knew there was a chance that he'd rush into it as quickly as possible to get what he needed. She was pleasantly surprised that Tom was gentle and taking things slow. She could feel his hard dick against her leg, so she reached down and put her hand on it, and he moaned as he kissed her neck. After she stroked it a few times, Tom leaned down to the floor alongside the bed and began to fish around for something in his jeans. He came back up with a condom in his hand.

"Is this still okay?" he asked.

Rose nodded, smiling up at him. He put the condom on, and then leaned back over her, giving her a kiss. She helped guide him in, and he moaned quietly as he began moving in and out of her. The rest of his concentration was spent alternating between looking into her eyes or kissing her, sometimes letting his lips trail down her neck. Rose ran her hands over his back and chest, kissing him whenever he leaned down towards her. Although she liked how things were going, she wondered why he wasn't picking up the pace. She started to sloppily kiss his neck, occasionally letting her tongue graze his skin, and Tom suddenly slowed and pulled out of her. "I'm sorry. I just need to slow down for a second," he said, looking a bit embarrassed. "It's been a while, and I'm really excited about you. I don't want to, you know..."

"It's okay," Rose assured him, understanding what he meant. "If it happens, it happens."

He nodded, and then kept going. "Is this good for you? Do you want me to do anything differently?"

"Not at the moment. You're great." She pulled him down towards her and kissed him, gently taking his bottom lip between her teeth and tugging a bit, and in response he held onto her hips more tightly. Rose knew she shouldn't do it, since he had just confessed that he was having trouble maintaining control, but she tightened the muscles in her lower body. He gasped, and she began moving her hips, her body keeping a firm grip on his dick as she pulled away and then thrust her hips back towards his.

"What are you – Rose – I can't –" he breathed.

She smirked a bit, and it wasn't long until he moaned loudly and she felt him come. He collapsed onto her, trying to catch his breath. Then he seemed to snap out of it and propped himself up on his arms. His face was flushed, and he was half smiling at her, but shook his head. "You did that on purpose."

"I might have," she teased.

He kissed her, and then pushed himself up and off the bed. "If you give me a minute, I can keep going. I think I have another condom."

"Are you sure?"

He turned around, his cheeks beginning to get red. "Yeah. This isn't the first time that I've been too excited and was finished earlier than I wanted."

Interesting, Rose thought. She was impressed that Tom was open with her about things like this. Communicating well in the bedroom was a good sign. She had also been nervous about how things would go, since he was so attractive and experienced, but he made her feel at ease. When he got back on her bed, she gently pushed him onto his back and straddled him. "My turn."

He looked surprised, but was smiling. "You mean what you just did wasn't your turn? I wasn't the one taking control a minute ago."

Rose smirked at him again, and then leaned down and began kissing his neck. She ran her hands over his muscular chest, enjoying how he felt, and enjoying how his warm hands felt on her own body. When he seemed ready, she guided him back in. She kept the rhythm slow at first, watching his reactions to her movements and how she put her hands on his body. He was quite vocal, which she found that she liked a lot. It didn't take long before his moans were getting increasingly louder, and she began to ride him hard. He came again, and then lay there recovering. "Holy shit," he panted. "That was amazing." Then a worried look crossed his face. "Rose, I'm so sorry," he apologized, propping himself up on his elbows. "I didn't take care of you. What can I do?"

"Well, I didn't give you much of a chance to focus on me." She lay down beside him and kissed his shoulder. He rolled onto his side and put a hand in her hair, gently kissing her back.

"What would you like?" he asked. Rose responded by taking his hand and guiding it lower, hoping that with his experience he would know what to do. He kissed her neck as he slowly moved his fingers against her, and she moaned and pressed herself against his hand. She let her own hands wander, one of them grabbing his ass. His body is perfect, she thought, and he actually knows what he's doing.

Tom was thinking about how lucky he was to finally be kissing Rose and touching her the way he had wanted to ever since meeting her. She's beautiful, he thought, his eyes wandering from her face down to her chest and hips. She was in great shape, but still had plenty of soft curves. He had known that sex with her would be amazing because he was more attracted to her than he had been to most women, but what he hadn't expected was how Rose took the lead and that she cared about how he was feeling. He noticed that she had begun breathing faster. "Tom," she said, her voice at a near whisper. He loved hearing her say his name and hoped that she was feeling as amazing as she had made him feel. Before he could ask her for any feedback, he felt her body tense, and she gripped his side tightly and began moaning and saying his name. Once she had relaxed again, he pulled her close to him and wrapped his arms around her. "What else can I do?"

"You don't have to do anything else. That was perfect."

"Are you sure? I have other talents," he replied, grinning.

Rose couldn't help but laugh at that. "I see a bit of your arrogance is coming through."

He pulled the blanket over them to keep Rose warm. "I think you're the one who should be bragging right now. You're amazing." He hesitated a bit before asking, "Was your ex your only partner?"

"Yes. Was I okay?" she asked, suddenly less confident.

"Are you kidding? It was incredible, seriously." He shook his head. "I'm not used to being so well taken care of, or having someone else do so much of the work."

"I assume the other women you've been with just sort of laid there?"

"Yeah, most of them did," Tom admitted. "I didn't mind, and I still had a great time, but it's nice to experience being on the other side of that." He looked into her eyes. "Was I a good second partner?"

"Yes. And I never thought I'd say this, especially given how I felt about you for the first few weeks, but I'm glad it was you. You're a great second partner."

Tom smiled, his dimples appearing. He kissed her, and then asked, "Can I stay?"

"Of course. I'm not going to kick you out now."

"Thank you! I'm finally wanted," he joked.

Rose smiled back and snuggled closer to him. "Yes, you're definitely wanted."

The next morning, Rose woke up and turned over onto her right side. She was momentarily startled to see someone in her bed, but then she remembered. Tom. It's real, she thought. I finally gave him a chance and decided to go for it, and it was amazing. Tom had been sweet and attentive to her from the moment she found him on the ferry until they both fell asleep. She watched him sleep for a minute, and then moved over closer to him. He put an arm around her and slowly opened his eyes, smiling lazily at her.

"Hi, Rose."

"Hi, Tom," she replied, leaning forward to kiss him.

"How about we go get breakfast?" he suggested. "But, maybe not right away," he said, returning her kiss and pulling her on top of him while she laughed.

A few hours later, Rose was heading back to her apartment from the Pike Place Market. She and Tom had gone to Lowell's for breakfast, and then he'd had to leave to meet the guys for rehearsal. I'm so glad I gave him a chance, she thought as she walked home, a faint smile on her face. She'd had a great time with Tom. They'd had plenty to talk about over breakfast and he'd made her laugh a lot. She also realized that he'd been this way all along - cheerful, a bit goofy, and sweet. She just couldn't see those things when she initially met him, and he was flirting with women at shows, acting arrogant, and drunkenly hitting on her. Rose knew she'd still have to deal with those things, but she didn't want to think about that now.

Tom walked up to Al's apartment, a few minutes later than the time they'd agreed to meet. When he walked in the door, Al, Jason, and Mike all looked at him. "So?" Al asked.

Tom pumped his fist in the air. "I got her!"

"Sweet, dude!" Jason said, coming up to give him a high five.

"I texted you last night to ask what happened after Rose left to find you," Mike told him. "When you didn't answer, I thought we'd have to deal with you being in a mood again today."

"Oh," Tom said, pulling his phone out of his pocket. "I haven't even looked at this. I went right to her place, stayed there last night, and then got breakfast with her. She's amazing."

"Just don't fuck it up," Al warned in a playful tone, a smile on his face.

"I won't. And thank you. From what I understand, you all had a part in convincing her to come after me."

"We were just tired of your drama," Jason teased. "Now that you've got her, did you show her a good time last night?"

Tom felt his cheeks begin to turn red. "Uh, actually she showed me a good time," he admitted.

The guys all looked intrigued. Tom filled them in, careful to be respectful when he was talking about Rose.

"Someone should warn her," Al joked, "that you're never letting her go after that experience."

"Seriously though, we're happy for you," Mike told him. "I think you've finally picked a good one."

"I definitely have," Tom agreed, his smile growing even bigger. "I can't wait to see her again."

Later that night, Rose was getting her stuff together for work and setting it in her living room when she heard a knock on the door. Puzzled as to who could be at her door at this hour, she opened it to find Tom standing there. He smiled at her, his dimples appearing. "Can I come in?"

She stepped back and held the door open. "Sure. What are you doing here?"

He closed the door behind him. "I had to see you," he said, putting his arms around her and kissing her.

"Can I stay?" he asked, in between kisses.

"Tom, it's Sunday night. I've got work tomorrow, and so do you."


"I get up really early for work. I can't have any distractions."

"I'm a distraction?" he asked, feigning hurt. "Can I at least hang out for a while?"

"Okay," Rose conceded. "But only for about half an hour. I have to go to sleep soon - I'm boring, remember? Anyway, how was rehearsal and the rest of your day?"

Tom sat on the couch with her and filled her in on what they were considering performing at their next show. The time went by quickly, and although Rose didn't necessarily want Tom to leave, she knew she couldn't have him stay tonight. When she walked him back over to the door to say goodnight, he asked her what she was doing after work tomorrow.

"Running, as usual."

"Well, can I take you out to dinner afterwards? I've promised to take you to dinner a few times, and I want to follow through."

"I suppose we should have an actual first date."

"Awesome! Is Il Bistro okay? You mentioned before that's one of your favorites, and it's just a short walk from here."

"That sounds great to me."

Tom smiled at her and kissed her a few more times before finally leaving. Rose had been happy to see him, but she was surprised that he'd come back the same day. As she walked to her bedroom, she texted Al.

"Tom showed up at my door, wanting to stay. I had to send him home because tomorrow is Monday and I've got work. I honestly wasn't expecting to see him again today. He's quite eager lol."

After a few minutes, she got a reply. "He is really enthusiastic about women in general, and whenever he gets a girlfriend he's a bit over the top for a while. He wouldn't shut up about you at rehearsal. No focus on the music at all. So yeah, to answer your question, he's probably going to be up your ass for the next two weeks or so. When I said he's attentive to whoever he's dating, this is what I meant."

"I might be okay with that. I never had this kind of attention in my last relationship. My ex wasn't that excited about me and would think nothing of going a week without seeing me."

"Sounds like you two will be a good match then."

"I hope so. Thanks for the advice and the heads up."

"Sure. Anytime. Feel free to text me with any Tom questions, haha."

"I will. And Al, thank you for encouraging me to give him a chance."

A/N: This is the first sex scene I've ever written and it will likely be the only sex scene in the story. I had a hard time with it and I know it's not great but I hope I can only improve from here! I felt like it was important to include details about consent and practicing safe sex.

Things are going well since it's only the first day of their relationship, but the next chapter will have the first sign of trouble.