This is an original work of fiction meant for entertainment purposes only.


By LJ58


"Hi," Adam called out, coming up to the stocky girl slowly walking toward school since he chose to ignore the bus that morning, and walk himself.

"Oh, hey," Sara Anne looked up and smiled that same timid smile again. "You're….?"

"Adam Rogers? Ne'r do well? Kicker of balls," he reminded her with a wink.

"I remember," she giggled now. "Did you….get in trouble?"

"Nah. My foster brother even thanked me on behalf of all geeks and nerds everywhere," he claimed.

"Well, I hope you don't get into too much trouble with the other seniors. They can be mean here, and they take their football seriously," she said quietly.

"I'm not worried. After most of my life, high school is easy," he commented blandly.

"Oh. That…must be nice," she remarked uneasily.

"Not always. But, hey, I'm still alive, and that's what matters."

"Does it?"

"It does. So, did you get in much trouble," he asked her.

"Well, my aunt was….disappointed in me," the girl sighed. "She gets disappointed a lot. I think she feels I should be more like my mom."

"And she is…?"

"A popular girl. A cheerleader. A law student. Just….really good at everything. Until….."

"I heard the story. You have my sympathies. My own family was killed when I was pretty young. It wasn't pretty, or easy to face, and most people can never understand that," he said evenly. "Even if they are family."

"I'm sorry," she told him after a moment.

"Long time ago," he shrugged. "Ancient history. I had a nice aunt who helped me at the start, too. Of course, my uncle was a jerk, but what can you do?"

"Why don't you live with them now?"

"Ah, they died, too," he told her.

"Oh. Oh, I am sorry," Sara Anne rasped, looking horrified now.

"Everyone dies," he said, though apparently he didn't. Not yet, at least. "The trick is to live so you don't mind."

"That….sounds hard," she admitted.

"It can be. Remember what I said yesterday, though?"

"About…nothing mattering?"

"It's a big, strange world, gorgeous," he told her as he walked with her the rest of the way up to the school. "And in the end, things can be beyond mysterious, or beyond dull. It's all up to us to choose which we want it to be," he told her.

"Choose," she murmured.

"Yep. Just like I chose to enjoy your company. Just like I would like to get to know you. Be your friend. Or even your champion," Adam winked. "Whatever you like."

"Why," she blurted out.

"To be honest, I think you remind me of someone. Also, you're really cute," Adam smiled at her, and tapped her nose.

"Sick! Geeks shouldn't flirt," someone huffed as they neared the school, and he turned to eye a boy he didn't know who was sneering at them.

"Why not? How else did you get here," Adam shot back without hesitation.

The other teen sputtered, torn between astonishment and dismay, and then just glared before storming off.

"You are so bad," Sara giggled at him.

"You have no idea," he smiled again. "Seriously, I would like to get to know you. Even if you don't want to be friends, call me if you ever need help. I'm always there for gorgeous ladies in distress," he smiled.

"I…. Maybe I could….ask you…."

The bell cut her off, and he looked at her, seemingly patient, and showing no sign of moving.

"I have to go. Maybe….we can talk later," Sara Anne finally said, and rushed off.

"Count on it," he smiled, and walked casually into the school, well aware that Brett Taylor was sitting in his squad car down the block, watching him.

Predictable. But oddly enough, Adam genuinely liked the guy. Something about him….resonated.

He waved back at the man, likely startling him, and walked into the school whistling a tune most of the kids around him had no hope of recognizing.


The day went much more quietly than the last, and Adam didn't mind a bit as he managed to get out of the last class without so much as a reading assignment. That might have been because he was well ahead of his classes already, or just because the school wasn't that demanding so far as he could tell. He only knew that he had finished the day without issue, and now he was looking forward to walking home.

Especially if he could see Sara Anne again, since he now knew she walked home herself. He was intending to wait on her to appear when a younger teen approached him even as he stepped through the door.

"Yeah," Adam asked as he walked out the front door of the school, and eyed the boy that seemed to be more than a little nervous about something.

"I….I, ah, was supposed to give you a m-message," the younger teen rasped.

"Well, spit it out," Adam drawled as the skinny, smaller boy all but trembled before him.

His day had been pretty boring, all in all, and he was disappointed that he had not seen Sara Anne again during the day. Sure, they were in different classes, but between lunch, breaks, and whatever, he had been hoping to see her somewhere.

The boy held out a pair of bent glasses.

"H-Hank Tetany s-said….meet him at the p-park. No teachers, or….or they would h-hurt your g-girlfriend," the boy stammered out.

Adam snatched the glasses, and stared at them.

His eyes all but glittered as he looked down at the boy now. Just then he looked far from indolent, or indifferent. "Who else," he demanded, all but growling.

"H-Hank, and his….c-crew. You know…?"

Adam glared down at him, and suddenly seemed taller as he shoved the boy away, and spat, "You damn cowards make me sick. Maybe I should just rip the bastard's heart out, and be done with it," he spat, and turned, and raced toward the park without looking back.

"His h-heart," the boy gasped, wondering if Adam was serious.

To Be Continued…..