Hello. This is my first FictionPress story. I am mostly used to writing fanfics if you guys are interested in that. So yeah this is probably a rubbish intro so...I'll just skip to the story. I explain a lot of things later.

It was 8 am on a hot summer morning when Lilth Meldewson woke up. She did her normal routine, checking on her siblings before making breakfast. She looked out the window of her hotel room. There was a lifeguard getting ready to open the pool. Lilth finished making her breakfast and settled on the balcony that had a clear view of the pool that was sparkling in the sunshine that was practically cooking her. She left the door of her hotel room open in case her siblings were getting too hot. Everything was perfect until...

"Wait a second, where'd dad go?" Lilth asked herself. She put her bowl in the sink and sat back outside with a jam sandwich. He was probably out somewhere last night. Perhaps he was partying and he hasn't come back because he was with a girl or something. I'll wait until noon and then I'll panic. Lilth thought as she took a large bite of her sandwich. She looked into the hotel room to see one of her sleepy brothers entering the kitchen. "Good morning child one." Lilth sighed as she fiddled with her tea cup. "Gray's not awake yet." Milo mumbled as he looked in the fridge freezer for the milk to fill himself a glass of milk. Lilth took another bite of her sandwich and swallowed before saying "I know. Remember, I list you guys in order of stupidity, not age. Anyway did you see dad?". No response from Milo. Lilth finished her sandwich and noticed she left her book on the table. She picked up the book and her plate and reentered the kitchen. Lilth and Milo's sister, Gami, was awake now. "Nice to see your awake Gami." Lilth beamed as she set her book on the coffee table and began to wash her plate in the sink. Gami, who was not bothered to start a conversation with her sister, gave a sigh of boredom as she took a bite of an apple. Lilth finished cleaning her plate and place in on the draining board. Milo chugged his milk without a word then slammed his glass in the sink. He was about to head out to the pool when Lilth stopped him by saying "Milo, are you just going to leave this glass to stink with rotten milk or are you going to clean it?". Milo had a hard time refusing his sister's orders without getting injured in the past so he turned away from the door and started to clean his glass at the sink. The bedroom door suddenly swung open and an angry Gray Meldewson was standing there. "WHERE'S MY DAMN SWIM T-SHIRT?" Gray bellowed. "Child number two, calm down. Your swim t-shirt is hanging up outside on the drying rack." Lilth ordered. Gray calmed down and walked over to grab his swim t-shirt and slipped it on. He returned to the kitchen and grabbed a slice of bread and butter. Milo finished cleaning his glass and started running from their hotel room to the pool. Gami was rubbing suntan lotion all over her body as this was happening. Lilth adjusted her dress straps and poured a bit of lotion on her chest, legs and arms. She then picked up her book and sat outside on the balcony. She watched as Gami and Gray left the hotel room. She looked over the balcony to see Gami getting out a lounging chair to tan and Gray and Milo were fighting in the pool. Lilth smiled at her siblings and looked at her book. She open the book and began to read. She was almost certain their dad would return before noon.

Lilth put her book down and glanced once more at her siblings. She could see the three of them relaxing at the pool. She checked the clock on her phone and it was half past eleven. Dad should be back soon. I'll go check on the others she thought as she put her book on the coffee table inside. She walked down the stairs and over to the lounging chairs her siblings had set up for the four of them and their dad. Lilth took off her dress to reveal a teal bikini with white spots. She placed her dress on her chair and headed into the pool. She quickly swam over to her siblings who were in the deep end. "Come on Gami, get your butt in here. The water is lovely. Especially because tons of people are seeing me shirtless." Milo said as he grabbed Gami's hand to try and get her into the water. Gami snatched her hand out of her brother's grip and replied "The water means that people cannot see my hot body. I mean look at me. EVERYONE LOOK AT ME! I am gorgeous. The most beautiful girl in the entire world.". "Narcissist." Gray mumbled under his breath. Gami gave her twin brother an evil glance but then went back to acting as a model. There was all types of guys looking at Gami. "Oh really I think you'll look better WITH A LITTLE WATER!" Milo chuckled from behind Gami as he pushed her into the pool. Gami screamed while she was in the water. Gray covered his eyes in disgust. Milo looked at his hand to find...Gami's bikini top! Milo looked at his partially naked older sister, waiting to get in trouble. Milo was just about to say something when something caught his eye. A group of five girls were staring at his shirtless body. They all looked flattered and about to swoon. Milo decided that instead of handing his sister back her bikini top or apologizing, he was going to flirt with the girls. "Hey ladies, like what you see?" he said in a flirtatious tone. All the girl let out a flattered sigh as they watched Milo throw Gami's bikini top into the water and walked over to the girls. The bikini top landed on Gami's head and Gray started laughing. Gami punched her twin brother in the face and got out of the water. Gami suddenly looked downwards and remembered she didn't have anything to cover the top half of her torso. Teenage boys were all staring at the sixteen-year-old's body. Gami sighed and put her bikin top back on. Lilth chuckled at how her siblings were behaving and knew nothing was wrong. She got out of the pool, dried herself and walked back to the hotel room. She looked at the time. It was noon and their dad was still not home. There was clearly something wrong. Lilth's first instinct was to gather everything and head back to the other side of the country and back home and that's exactly what the siblings did.

"So we're gonna leave here without dad?" Milo asked as he loaded the back of the car with the luggage. "I am assuming that dad is already back home and he left us here. You guys know what stupid things he can do when drunk." Lilth explained as she got into the driver's seat of their dad's car. "How did dad even get home? Do you even have a license? I am having a total panic attack back here." Gray stuttered with his usual anxious tone. "We'll be fine. I can drive and I am sure dad got one of the buses to get home." Lilth explained as she started the car. Gray got in beside Lilth and behind him was Gami. Milo eventually got into the backseat of the car. He rolled down the window and saw his fangirls. "It's okay ladies, I'll be back soon. My family vacation here all the time." He said. The girls said their goodbyes and Lilth began driving. Milo rolled his window back up. "Were you seriously flirting with other girls when you have a girlfriend back home?" Gami asked as she placed her handbag between her and her younger brother. "Yeah but she knows all the girls love me but she's the most important girl in the world to me." Milo explained as he took out his phone to text his girlfriend. "Well this trip will take a while. A week to be exact but it might take longer because we have to sleep and eat. So get ready for the longest road trip of possibly our entire lives." Lilth explained as she drove out of the parking lot.

And that was the beginning of Lilth, Gami, Gray and Milo's terrible road trip.

Okay I will answer some of the questions you may have.

Why don't you do line spacing?

Look I forgot to mention this in my profile but I am autistic and I have extreme difficulties with changing things that would be a major change to me. I have never done line spacing and if I change my writing style it might give me a major anxiety attack. I hope you guys understand.

What ages are they?

Milo is 14, Gray and Gami are 16 and Lilth is 18.

What order is child 1-3?

Child 1 is Milo, Child 2 is Gray and Child 3 is Gami.

Okay last question I am going to answer and then if you have any questions, leave them in the review section and this is how I will answer them. If you have an account I will contact you via pms but if you have pms disabled I will do the same I would do with a guest. If you are a guest or you have pms disabled I will answer your question in the next chapter. The last question is:

Why do you call this a series? Will there be more books?

Yes there will be. Okay if you don't want spoilers stop reading now. Our Terrible Road Trip: The Journal will be a journal version written from the point of view of Lilth and Our Terrible Road Trip: The Dad Story will be what the dad gets up to while the kids are crossing the country. I have to give credit to my friend Michael who I shall force to read this when I get a chance. Anyway again any questions, leave them in reviews and bye,