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Date: July the 23rd 2017. (Yes this is set in 2017)

Time: 1:30 pm.

Time since departure: 0.5 hours

Gray was sitting in the back of the car with his body covered in his blanket. Milo was looking back at him with a smirk on his face. Lilth glanced over at Milo and sighed "Milo, I swear to the Hell Hoppers, if you pull any sort of tricks on Gray, you will get the sandal.". Milo immediately shot himself around and pulled out his phone. "I have no clue what you are talking about Lilth. Why would I think of pulling a prank on Gray?" he chuckled. Gami sighed and put her headphones on. "You are so anti-social Gray, always hiding in that blanket like a big baby." she teased. Gray continued to hide under the blanket, idle, silent. He was silent until...

Gray started screaming loudly, as if he had just been stabbed in the foot and was screaming in pain. "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON BACK THERE?" Lilth yelled. She did not notice that she was increasing her speed due to stepping on the gas under stress. Gray continued screaming. Milo sat in his seat with his arms and feet in the air while Gami glared at her twin brother. "Seriously idiot. I have to look up why he's screaming." she said before typing the words "Why is my teenage brother screaming for no reason?" and pressed search. Gami then turned back to her brother and yelled "GRAY ARE YOU DEPRESSED?". Lilth continued to accidentally increase the speed to the point where the group heard a police cruiser approaching them from behind. Lilth pulled over immediately. A police officer stepped over to the driver's window which Lilth already had rolled down. "Hey!" the officer said. Gray had calmed down for no reason and was now staring at the police officer. Gami was staring at the police officer as if she was staring at the man of her dreams. Milo, on the other hand, was still sitting in the position that he was in when Gray began screaming. The officer smirked at Lilth. Lilth gave him a blank face and waited to be told off for speeding. "Ma'am you have committed the naughtiest crime you could have done." he said. Lilth waited to hear what he was going to tell her off for doing with a blank face. "The crime you have committed...was driving without me in the passenger seat." the officer chuckled. Lilth's blank slate look changed to a face of confusion and slight disgust. "I-I'm sorry sir but I am actually trying to get my younger siblings home from Florida to our home in Washington." Lilth stuttered. Just as she finished her sentence, Lilth looked over at the passenger side of the car and saw the police officer sitting beside her. Lilth sighed and started driving again. "So are we going to your place or mine?" the officer asked. The fact that he wasn't actually a police officer was obvious to everyone at this point. "I wish to get my siblings home as soon as possible. Gray has PTSD and ADHD, Gami has OCD, Milo has ADD and I may have no disorders like that but I am stressing to the extreme trying to get these three home because our dad is an alcoholic and we are pretty sure he is at home because he left without us." Lilth complained as she continued driving. There was an awkward silence in the car. The silence lasted a long time until the officer had an idea. The officer chuckled and touched Lilth in an uncomfortable place. Lilth pulled over and pushed the fake officer out of the car. She left him on the side of the road and drove away as fast as she could. As she was driving away, Milo asked "What's ADD?". "Attention Deficit Disorder. It is the same as ADHD but ADD is the calmer brother of ADHD." Gray explained. Milo went back into the position with his arms and legs in the air.

Date: July the 23rd 2017.

Time: 9 pm

Time since departure: 8 hours.

Lilth was reading her book in the driver's seat of the car while her siblings were in a tent in the forest playing a board game. Lilth decided to check on them and tell them it was time to go to bed. She got out of the car and opened the tent door. To her surprise, Gray, Gami and Milo were already asleep in their sleeping bags. Lilth smiled and cleaned up the mess her siblings had made. She got into her sleeping bag when suddenly, Gray woke up. "Lilth, are you awake?" he asked. "Uh huh." Lilth replied. Gray put his glasses back on and turn on his red nightlight. "It's...the reason I was screaming earlier." he whispered, trying not to wake up Gami and Milo. Lilth nodded as a signal for him to continue talking. Gray did just as the signal meant and continued speaking "It was about the night before dad disappeared. I got up to get myself some water because I have that bit of asthma. When I got into the kitchen, I heard noises from dad's room. I didn't check but they were pretty scary.". "Can you recreate the noises?" Lilth asked. "Not without waking Milo or Gami." Gray replied. Just as he said that, Milo sat up. Lilth and Gray though they had woken him until Milo said "Put giraffes in the air." followed by "God isn't a girl, Holden Makok.". Milo slowly lay back down and Lilth and Gray went to sleep. That was the only time that the siblings were quiet before the warzone of the next day.

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