Chapter four. Dun, dun, dun! Yeah so remember the every Sunday thing I talked about in the last chapter. Well...that doesn't apply to 2018 for some reason. I wasn't able to update any stories during summer vacation between writers block, new ideas and vacationing to Canada. With the addition of being in and out of hospital during the past month since I broke my kneecap in New Jersey. Anyway, here is the long-awaited chapter four of Our Terrible Road Trip.

Date: 26th of July 2017

Time: Midnight

Time since departure: 2 full days and 11 hours. (whew needed math there)

Car status: Broken window ("fixed" with duct tape)

Child status: All in good condition.

The night was silent as Lilth sat in the car with her siblings. She wasn't bothered to sleep but wanted to keep watch more that anything. She was not willing to sleep after the night before at the hotel. Someone had broken into the van and Gray's suitcase got stolen. Since then, Lilth made a plan that she would keep watch until 1 am then Gray took over so she could sleep. Lilth was really just reading until she heard something. She heard what sounded like a motorcycle being followed by cars with...sirens? Lilth took out her flashlight and started searching the forest. She suddenly heard a voice yelling "THERE! THAT'S THE CAR OF THE GIRL WHO KILLED THAT GUY! SHE'S IN THERE! I SAW HER GETTING IN THERE THIS MORNING!". Lilth suddenly saw the motorcyclist approach her. He looked closely at her face. He had a confused look on his face. He was staring at Lilth as if she had done something incredibly stupid that not even a child would be reasonable enough not to do. Lilth stared back. The man then turned to the police and said "Never mind. I followed the wrong gold van.". He went back to the motorcycle and drove away with the police cruisers continuing to follow him deeper into the forest.

Date: 26th of July 2017

Time: 12:00 pm

Time since departure: 2 days and 23 hours.

Car status: Duct-taped, broken window

Child status: Four healthy kids

"Can we not stop just to shop for food? Grocery shopping is boring and I would rather stay in the car by myself! If we need food, we can just go to a restaurant." Milo whined as the siblings travelled into a supermarket. Lilth sighed and turned to her little brother to explain to him "First of all, I do not trust anyone alone in the car after the break in. If you want to risk your life, be my guest but if you get robbed or in any way injured, do not blame me because I will not take responsibility for your stupidity. Second of all, it's better to go shopping for food because it's cheaper and healthier.". Milo groaned and mocked Lilth. "Look at me. I'm Lilth. I read books. I'm not responsible for you Milo. You're just stupid." he said. Lilth gave Milo a death glare which caused him to run outside the store. Lilth continued her shopping journey with the other two siblings. Little did they know about the trouble they would go through when they left that store.

Date: 26th of July 2017

Time: 1:30 pm

Time since departure: Three full days and 30 minutes.

Car status: That window won't fix itself. We might have duct taped it but it ain't fixed.

Child status: Wait, where's Milo?

Lilth had just spent almost 100 bucks and an hour shopping with a nearly-lost Gami and a silent Gray. To be honest, Gray hadn't really said anything that day except for "Good morning" in the morning and "Gami and I will go find Milo while you pack the car.". That's off topic. Lilth had also spent another 30 minutes struggling to pack the car with all the groceries she bought. I'd hate to admit it but Gray's right: I always overdo it when it comes to food she thought to herself as she finally got the back of the car closed. She turned around a immediately acknowledged her next mission, finding Milo and the twins. Lilth took the route she had earlier observed the twins taking to find their brother and that led her to a dark alleyway between three stores. One was the supermarket that she had just left with the twins before Milo's disappearance, another was a old videogame store that appeared to be shut down and the last one was an off-license adult store. As Lilth made her way through the alley, she was becoming increasingly worried about her siblings but was also mumbling "Milo, I swear if you went into the adult store, I'm telling dad when we get home.". She was nearly at the corner when she suddenly witnessed Gray being flung against the wall and hitting his head against it. She rushed over to assist her younger brother when she suddenly noticed the state of the other two siblings. Milo was unconscious beside Gray while Gami was nowhere to be seen. Lilth was about to treat Gray when her phone vibrated. She checked it to see there was a video from Gami. She started playing it and watched as her sister was tortured by a gang of unknown criminals. Lilth's first instinct was calling the police and ambulance which she did. She then resumed to treating Gray's wound. He had obtained a large gash on his right temple from the blow. He was also in shock due to the loss of blood and the impact of his head hitting the concrete wall. Lilth managed to cover the wound with bandages but then left to find her sister.

Lilth peered into the window of the videogame store. Gami, along with some other girls, was tied up to a chair, mouth covered, struggling. Lilth sighed and mumbled to herself "When will Gami not be the damsel in distress but instead be a hero?". Lilth ran into the adult store and immediately purchased a bladed knife to free the girls before rushing back over to the videogame store. Lilth broke the glass door by throwing her boot at the door. All Gami and the other helpless girls could do was watch as Lilth used the fighting moves she had actually learned from a television adaption of one of her favorite murder-fiction series. After getting through all of the gang members, Lilth proceeded to free all of the girls just as the police and ambulance arrived.

Date: 26th of July 2017

Time: 11:00 pm

Time since departure: 3 full days and 10 hours

Car status: Still a broken window.

Child status: One normal, one injured, one unknown and the other traumatized

Lilth was still awake, thinking of the events of the entire 24 hours that have just gone by. The police showing up in the forest, the argument she had with Milo and not to mention the alley incident. Milo was under overnight observation, Gray was at the hospital waiting for his MRI to be done while Gami was having difficulty sleeping. "Hey Lilth." Gami said as she lay on her bed in the hotel room Lilth was renting for the next two nights. Lilth turned around and asked "Yeah? What's wrong?" as she knelt by Gami's bedside. "Just thinking, if you complain about me to such because I'm annoying and I gotta admit a bit of a brat, why did you rescue me?" the sixteen-year-old asked. Lilth smiled and replied "Y'know you and Dad wouldn't be the only one not to forgive me. Gray and Milo mightn't care but I know if I didn't save you back there, I couldn't be able to live with myself.". Gami smiled and was finally able to get to sleep. Lilth still couldn't sleep her mind was still active with the thought of her siblings not surviving and what would happen if she wasn't there for them. All these thoughts running through her head as she gently drifted off to sleep.

So yeah that was dramatic. I now have a few announcements:

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