Let me tell you a story where people can live for hundreds of years. A story where people have magical powers. A story that has a bad guy and six good guys. At the start of this story you might picture that it will have a clear, happy end where all of the good guys join together to push back the bad guy. Where there are no casualties but the evil. Not quite. Would you like to hear this story? Let's find out.

This story is going to need some support. Once upon a time, an asteroid struck the earth, keep in mind that humanity had barely spread its wings and was only starting to colonise Europe. When this asteroid struck it brought with it darkness, two types literal and one type metaphorical. It kicked up a cloud of dust that shrouded the world in shadows, literal number one. This caused famine, disease and lower temperatures, metaphorical. It also brought with it a god. This is not the kind, loving God that you may know. It brought with it an angry, controlling god that thought itself all powerful and to be feared. It fed on the souls of the living by inhabiting them and once they had passed it could consume the left over energy. This god was named Necro, the god of death.

After a week, ninety percent of the planet was possessed by Necro and everything looked grim, but then a miracle occurred. A second asteroid broke through the cloud and the dust and struck the earth. This, had it a few seconds to compose itself would have brought a rival to Necro. But it didn't. When it struck it merely inhabited the humans instead of possessing them. This gave humanity a range of magical powers which they quickly took advantage of; dousing the world in flames, humanity pushed Necro back.

Necro had presumed Earth an easy target. So it wasn't careful, it spread its powers thin and so was weakened. Being weakened by this meant that when humanity started rising against it, it wasn't long before it had gotten to the same point as its rival. It was pushed back into the recesses of the minds it inhabited. This left people, in control of the abilities Necro possessed.

On Earth there are three sets of people. Necromancers, who have the abilities to control shadows and can be weakened by the light. Adams who have the abilities of earth, wind, fire, lightning, and water. Eves who have a weaker control of the elements but also have a slight telepathic ability and if powerful a control of temperature. Adams and Eves can be summarised under the term Edens as it is thought that their abilities created room for life to grow by carving through Necro.

Since then, history progressed pretty much the same with a noticeable difference. These gifts extend human life, the average life expectancy is one hundred and fifty years while the oldest can live to two hundred. Overpopulation is a more pressing problem, but luckily for humanity they don't age to look two hundred. They age properly until twenty, but can stay twenty until fifty, fifty until one thirty. Now, where do I begin?

Prologue Lynx

New student, David. Instantly popular. I watch from the corner of the field as shadows curl around me. He has only been here since Christmas and it doesn't matter David, Stephanie, Zoey, Ruby, Rick, and Jade. They look like age old friends, when the only ages they have seen are 1-16. I look away and doodle a little picture on my notebook.

It still smells new, like the day I got it. The pages aren't even creased and- There is a circle of ruby light on the skull of the reaper. I close my book and hear a sigh behind me.

"That was… Interesting" says Ruby. Her name isn't really Ruby, it is just what I call her. Rebecca Black. Her wings, made from shadows of ruby, curl behind her and promptly disappear.

"I am a professional, I know when I'm being watched." I declare as she crosses her legs and looks at me.

"Only because I gave you a clue." I raise my hand and shadows crush the ruby that is putting a light in the middle of her forehead. "Uncalled for dude, uncalled for." She frowns. "Why don't you join us? He won't bite!"

"I told you, I don't trust him."

She looks at me quizzically. "What don't you trust?"

"I don't know yet, just don't blame me if you see his face in the news."

I look at the group that hasn't even noticed that one of their own is missing.

"Just say hi, c'mon."

"I would prefer to stay in the shadows, I left my coat inside. You know how it affects me more." I look at the line of sunlight at the edge of the oak. Most necromancers get a slight itch but for me… It burns.

"Today we will be studying exactly the difference between Adams and Eves," The teacher drawls on as if we had no idea that we could control shadows or burn with a click of our fingers. "As many of you may know, Adams the male elementals, have stronger powers than Eves but have a shorter range of powers to their disposal." And why exactly would I care to hear about the biology of a different race?

I zone in to find that I have been asked a question. "Lynx, what did I just ask you as you are so confident to not need to listen?" asks the teacher condescendingly.

The whiteboard tells me everything I need to know and I quickly answer with" Telepathy, control of temperature and a healing ability." Mrs Smith looks away, defeated. As if I didn't learn what the lesser used (aka exclusive) powers of an Eve were in year four.

I put on my coat, a thick leather trench coat with a fabric hood, and leave the building in the wave of people racing to get home from a day of GCSEs and mind numbing lessons. I create a shade above me and curl darkness around me and take off into the sky, making sure to keep the sun blocked from sight. I land in my garden and walk inside, keeping all of the lights off. I flop onto the sofa and start browsing my phone by my side. I have become so strong recently that I can just create a layer of shadows over my phone and I can sense the light to the point that I can read but I can't see images, I am so close to ultimate lazy.

Of course there are the socials with their friend groups that would replace them in an instant, the internet superstar with sixteen followers, and David. He is everywhere. I decide to look at my phone for this one.

It is a video of him with a shot glass in his hand, he flexes his fingers. Is he going to crush it? No, it is slowly turning red and he steps away, leaving it floating and sending a constant stream of flames at the side of it. And slowly but surely drops of glass start to fall onto the grass beneath him. A few more seconds and the flames cease and the video ends.

The door opens and Mum walks in and turns on every light in sight. It must be easy being an Eve.

"Hi." I say through the darkness of the living room.

"LYNX?" Crash.

"Did I scare you?"

"I've come to expect it at this point."

"But you did get scared."

"Point Son. I'm going to need help picking up this shopping."

I wave my hand and everything on the floor rights itself and line up. "Good enough?"

"I swear you are getting stronger every day. That would have taken your father at least twenty seconds. Why don't you become an athlete? You would do well." Great, this again.

"It just isn't my thing, Mum. You know what I say, 'No point being proud in something you didn't do'. I am a natural and while I would do well the other athletes would hate me."

"You should try anyway, that Olympian everyone raves about is going to be at your school tomorrow, Harold something. why not test yourself?"

"Hades Hektor? He is a showboating idiot. Why would I care about whether I can best someone I have never met?"

Mum sighs "You are a weird child."

"The weirdest."

"If you would like to test your strength against Mr Hektor here then please make your way to the stage. If you are an Eden and would like to test yourself then step to the benches and Mrs Vitae will be happy to tell you the rules of Eden strength tests."

Sure Mr Howard. I would love to meaninglessly pit myself against-

"Lynx are you seriously not going to go up? If I could I would. Damn biology." Ruby pipes up from next to me.

"Really? What would I gain from this? Also I'm pretty sure you are allowed up. Technically you should be allowed against Hektor and Vitae considering."

"I don't think being an anomaly works like that. Just do it, for me." She pouts and I know that she won't stop moaning if I don't so I just sigh and stand up.

I see Hektor and some nameless student on stage facing off. The rules are that all necromancy has to be in a six by six foot area and that it must be at least two feet off the ground. Any necromancy that comes into contact with any objects or it is an instant disqualification. The winner is the one who is able to physically move the other person.

Hektor is just standing there with his right hand out and is looking at the camera. He has a large block of shadows that he is pushing while the student is physically struggling to push his block.

A few students with different techniques later and I am standing on stage. I look to the right and see Ruby looking at me expectantly. "Mr Messorem, would you like to begin?"

"Question, am I allowed to examine his technique?" I ask Mr Howard who is standing by the cameramen.

"Uh, sure go ahead."

I lightly press against the block in front of me with a sheet of necromancy and find that he is hiding 'Hard Spots' that create different levels to press against and pretty much make it hard to fight without concentrating on more than just strength. I hold out my right hand and I can hear Ruby sigh from across the room before she summons a ruby into my hand.

"Mr Messorem, you are aware that all strength is to be your own in this fight, yes?" Mr Howard questions.

"Yes I am, sir. I am not using Rebecca's strength, just using it as a template."

I cover it in shadows and remove the ruby, leaving just an empty shell of darkness. I focus on it and inside I can feel things branching off inside, creating intricate swirls and loops before I remove the coating and have it open to air. I copy this and form wings behind me before starting on my offense. I use hundreds of the shapes and create mountains of them where the hard spots are on my opponent's offense. At other places I create a sheet of them just three inches deep and attach strings leading to my right hand.

"Ready." I say and the countdown begins. Three. Two. One. All of a sudden a great weight is pressing against my structure and it is pushed towards me before I get it under control and stand my ground. When I had stabilised the playing field I let go of the strings with my left hand and start doing circles in the air with it. Due to lasting more than ten seconds against Hektor a crowd has formed around the stage full of people who never even noticed my existence before.

After thirty seconds of no movement the crowd is silent. Hanging on every move either of us makes. I finally look away from my left hand and towards the shape before me and laugh slightly. The crowd gasps and I can almost hear Ruby squealing. She leans to the person next to her, David, and whispers excitedly "Did you know Lynx is left handed?" My left had jabs forwards suddenly and my wings disappear. I channel the energy into the streams and all of a sudden the wall before me gives way. I almost stumble and I dissipate my necromancy which gives me a clear view of Hektor.

Hektor isn't on the stage. He isn't on the stairs. He is fifteen feet down the hall. Eyes turn towards me and no sound is uttered for a minute other than Hektor groaning slightly. I humph in surprise and bring up the shape I made and look at it for a moment. "Cool."

"Mr Messorem how do you feel that you just bested an Olympian?" The journalist asks while the cameraman is pointing the camera at me.

"To be honest I don't care." I say, truthfully.

"What was the shape you used to beat Hades Hektor?" Apparently he is just reading off a list of questions.

"Really? I used a shape that has literally existed for thousands of years." I summon another. "This is called a rune. It has been used by monks and such for all of necromancy."

"How does it work?"

"All it does is drain and store power. It is basically a battery for necromancy. It is actually used in engines for necromancy fields. It has two rotations, a drain and a deposit. In my offense I made them just drain energy from me but in my wings I made loops so when energy is drained it re-joins the stream. Then, I used my dominant hand to search for nodes to boost me as much as I could before I emptied the stream into my body which gave me a boost of strength. Apparently I waited too long though and gave Hektor some pretty bad carpet burn." I decide to get up from the seat as I see the journalist open his mouth with a look of confusion and I am not going to explain to him what a node is. Honestly, it wasn't difficult. I am just stronger than others.