I hate the world. Everything about it. Those who are good are corrupted hence 'Childlike innocence'. People despise change even when it benefits them. Terrorists. The bystander effect. And worst of all herd mentality. The documentary has been out for fortnight and already I am losing my favourite place. Of course I am still the poster boy for the Raps but I cannot get a good fight as newbies who are too big for their boots are taking up all the slots, so many in fact that I no longer have five slots, I have a single two hour slot where I fight from seven to twenty people depending on their skill level. Very rarely do I have a fight that lasts longer than five minutes. Not to mention that since people know about both my skills and my bullet wound, people are refusing me rest and quiet at school. Harassment of people you believe you know is never good. Necromancers being treated like vermin, people in power warmongering due to the belief that they won't be effected. Another thing I wish to fix.

I endure day after day at school. Harassed, there are less and less compliments. They are threatened by my power.

At the Raps I find him. He fights as I do but with different weapons, nobody can touch him. He wasn't even nervous on his first fight. I miss my slot for today.

Ruby has been pointedly ignoring me lately. She keeps glancing at my shoulder, where there is a crudely stitched hole in my coat. She'll snap out of it. She will. She must. I need her to.

Four new people at the Raps. I shoulder my way through the crowd but stop when I see the fifth new person. Pink hair, playing with the hem of her skirt. A shirt with wings on its back. I make to leave her behind, she picked the wrong day to want to see me. I grab Anima.

Walking darkened streets has become a new solace for me. I explore new, dingier parts of the town. I reach out with what little power I can grasp in the dampening field. I feel it, a knife drawn a few alleys down. I smile and reach into my duffle bag, grasping the steel.

I sense his evil in a way I can't tell, he reeks of it, this must be what it is like for the racists, I feel his power, like Ruby's but not. There is something foreign yet familiar about him.

I skip school more and more. I need to fix it. I need to fix everything. Every crime, every inequality, any inherent evil. A scheduled text from the Raps, he is climbing the ranks. I know how to change the world now, I won't miss school tomorrow.